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  1. The "In jail" scam.....

    Yes, wouldn't you really like to get your hands on someone that purposely sets out to scam the elderly... My older sister fell victim to this scam a couple years ago, and she knew better... but she went into panic mode thinking one of her grandkids was in jail and needed her help.. these scammers are about as low as you can go on the scale of decency ..
  2. Bringing home another one

    Looks decent... does it have a hoist ?
  3. prayers desperately needed

    Prayers from Northern Canada .. hoping for the very best outcome ..
  4. T6 and td6 roller seals and bushings

    Will this include for TD9 units ?
  5. Letter Series at Work

    Great pictures, so nice to see these old units still contributing ..
  6. TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Glad to hear it worked good for you when you had it running.. Wondering if you may have a battery cable or ground cable issue that's contributing to your starter problems .. IIRC you you mentioned something in the past about your battery cables and doing something with them ..
  7. Progress Pics TD 151 Rebuild

    Nice work ! What year is your unit ?
  8. Number 2 Progress TD 151Rebuild

    Impressive work !
  9. Frozen septic lines

    For frozen water lines I have had success many times with a garden hose or pex hose (which is preferable, stays rigid with hot water) and an electric kettle .. I boil the kettle and insert the hose into the line until you come against the ice... I keep the end of the hose right up against the ice at all times, and keep pouring the hot water into the hose, a bit at a time.. this way you always have boiling hot water up against the ice ... with a bit of forward pressure on the hose you can virtually feel the hose making a hole and moving through the ice.. If I'm doing this outside and have electricity close by I keep the kettle plugged in to keep the water as hot as possible .. You will want a funnel of some type attached to the hose, and wear a good thick glove or mitt if the hot water is getting on your hand as your pouring .. If your line is actually frozen this should work for you.. I've made funnels using plastic pop bottles and duct or electrical tape .. Good luck !
  10. Frozen septic lines

    Are there some sharp bends in the line, or could you feed a garden hose sized hose into it from the house end if it was not frozen ? If you can, I will let you know how I have thawed out some frozen lines, just may work for you ..
  11. Passing of Bill Cockshutt

    I don't own a Cockshutt, have driven a couple of the old style ones years ago... I think Southern Ontario must be the Cockshutt capital of the world.. went to a country fair there a couple years ago.. in the vintage tractor show there was 1 IH, 2 MF, and probably 25 + restored Cockshutts... I was told they once used the marketing slogan "the Cockshutt way makes farming pay"..
  12. Frozen septic lines

    What is the distance from your house to your tank ?
  13. Front hood emblem 1966 Loadstar

    My emblem only had mounting bolts on the very front, I've seen some with a third mounting bolt on the top part of the emblem ..
  14. Why you shouldn't use a tree to hold up a post pounder

    What is the old green dump truck in the background ? Looks like a project 🙂
  15. Front hood emblem 1966 Loadstar

    Thx Eason, would you be able to PM me a picture, and let me know what you would like to get for it.. Thx, Grant