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  1. Will be following this with much interest...,still haven’t decided which lights to install in my shop... also have the white metal interior and a 14’ high ceiling...
  2. Sounds like a keeper ...... the vet world could use more like him !
  3. That’s impressive ! One vet arming 800+ cows in 4 1/2 hours...
  4. I still run the 560 my Dad bought new in ‘63.... starts good with just the glow plugs if you have a good battery ... I use one 12 volt .. don’t believe it ever had rear end issues.. Have to hold the PTO lever forward to stop PTO from turning when nothing attached to it.., probably just needs the linkage adjusted... don’t recall the lever disengaging as Mark describes..
  5. I mentioned to my wife it was the anniversary of JFK’s assassination ... didn’t see any mention of it in news here either... I remember that day very well, as a young kid in Northern Canada... it was a cold day in Northern Alberta, and we were sent home from school early because the roads were getting drifted in... a very sad day ...
  6. I’ve done that too... just don’t get too carried away with the amount of pull you put on it...
  7. The music you get enjoyment from is such an individual thing..... I tell others who don’t enjoy my kind of music “ if you enjoy your music as much as I enjoy mine, then I am happy for you”...
  8. That’s what I have for my shop too, but haven’t got it hooked up yet... the wood heater has been doing the job, so I haven’t made it a priority.... hoping it works when I install it.. One advantage of the high efficiency power vent unit is you can exhaust out the side wall without a chimney ... if you already have a chimney that isn’t a cost consideration to factor in.. boilers would be ideal but pricey ..
  9. Was he spinning at all, or just sink down and power out ? Is that a 1086 pulling him ?
  10. Good work getting that sorted out for him.... those are big machines ! 92 and still working his crawlers... that’s awesome !!
  11. I have it in my head that I want to build a bandsaw mill this winter... have most of the parts already, hoping to do it for under $500.00...
  12. Do you have a ripping chain on it, or just use a regular chain ?
  13. Was typing when you added that... is white oak readily available where you are ? Should be a strong beam...and sorry, but don’t recognize the make of the saw on your mill.. I see another orange one in one pic... a Husky ?
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