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  1. What were you using to try to remove them ? I welded a short piece of the correct size key stock to an old 1/2” drive socket, and that works well for me... but I didn’t have any that were difficult to loosen ..
  2. We have been hovering around -40 for the past week or so 😬...another day or so of this, then it starts to warm up ... so far no watering bowls have frozen... and thankfully I’m not calving yet... but others I know are .. you have to be on the top of your game to save all your calves at these temps ..
  3. Is your generator not working ? I know the tendency seems to be to change them out for alternators... but if it was mine I wouldn’t change it out if it’s working ... these units don’t have a big demand for electrical power... and generators are pretty simple to work on... just my 2 cents ..
  4. Where exactly are you ? A few of us here on the Forum from Northern Alberta...
  5. Brown International Services, Armstrong, British Columbia ... if you google them they have a website .. they pretty much deal with construction equipment, which thankfully share some parts with the older agricultural equipment ..
  6. There are horse drawn round bale movers out there... most probably designed and built by the users... if you search “ horse drawn bale movers” or any version of that, you will get to see some of them in use..
  7. Getting some great days so far this winter for sleighing... just enough snow and some nice temps.. the team don’t show up that well in this pic, but it gives you a bit of an idea of what I was experiencing on this trip ...
  8. north of 60


    I’m not a gun nut, but I sure do like those that I have ... I am a bush hunter, so most of my shots are at fairly close range and at standing targets... my favourite bush rifle is a 30-30 with open sights... have two Winchester lever actions with the buckhorn type sights, and a Marlin lever action with a peep site ... I prefer the Marlin a bit over the Winchesters, especially when it is snowing or there is lot of snow on the trees.. less exposed moving parts on top to get wet and freeze up... I find them nicely balanced and can carry them all day with little effort ... have taken moose, elk
  9. Great idea to do that Z ... you sure seem like the type of guy I would be glad to call a friend ...
  10. Enjoyed watching that..., thx for sharing !
  11. Good and simple explanation of this hardtail ! Well done !
  12. Good deal.....His wife ought to be considered for “wife of the year” award 🥇 ...
  13. Like Sledgehammer, I don’t like the situation your facing Mike, and I sure hope it turns out differently than you dread..... but I sure do like your collection of carbines... I only have a few, but they are treasures to me ..
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