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  1. Good to hear from you Chris ! How was your sugar season ? Hope you get to play with the TD6 soon... Had the TD9 fired up the other day to level out some spring ruts .. and installed a new winch csble with some help from the sweetness, running the clutch for me while I fed the new cable onto the drum 😁...
  2. I used 2 stones, but it was a short bolt, probably only 5/8” long..
  3. If you have been there, you know the sinking feeling that comes with breaking your Easy Out tool off inside the bolt you were trying to remove.. you know your problem bolt just became a much bigger problem... you can't really drill it, you may be able to weld a nut onto it if you're real fortunate.. This was my situation, trying to remove a twisted off 3/8” bolt from a brake caliper bracket on my lowboy.. was not able to get a nut welded to it... I saw where a guy had posted on the intenet about grinding the broken Easy Out with a Dremel tool and a chainsaw sharpening stone .. it worked for him, so thought why not give it try.. It worked ! It took some time, and I went through 2 sharpening stones, but I as able to resolve my problem.. once the Easy Out was ground away, I was able to drill and re-tap, which I probably should have done in the first place.. Passing this along in the event it can help someone else in this situation ...
  4. Mt, I would do this before you take your generator off for further testing.. ( if you haven’t done this or already have it off the tractor) Get your tractor running again, with a boost or different battery ... then put your voltmeter (on DC setting) leads on the posts of your battery.. if your generator and charging sytem is working correctly you should be getting a reading of over 12 volts, like around 14 .. I know that you got a 3 volt reading on your generator terminals, but not sure how you had them connected ? If you are not getting the good voltage readings on your voltmeter, as others have mentioned, it could be the generator or the regulator that is faulty.... could be as simple as brushes being worn or a broken brush spring in the generator.. there may be a covered inspection opening on the brush end of the generator to check this.. Regulator could have contact points that have arced and became fused together or just need cleaned ... some regulators have adjustable settings.. (Alternatively. a place like Harbour Freight will have a combination battery, charging system and starter checking device for well under $50.00.. easy to use, clamps just attach to battery cable ends... you will for sure have a need for it again down the road, so probably a good investment)..
  5. This can be true !! I retired from full time paid employment 7 years ago... stay very busy, but doing things that I like and want to do... including volunteering for a few different causes.. have a few cows, too many horses, and several hobbies ... plus helping out my kids and grandkids when they need it.. still have my health, which I don’t take for granted and am grateful for every day..
  6. Make sure you look out for #1 there MTO... do you take any vacations ? Sounds like you could sure use one about now ... most of your customers should understand that you need a break now and then... sure hope things get brighter for you..
  7. That’s true Ian, I’m sure you are cutting much harder wood than I am.. It was mentioned he should or would have to change the sprocket along with the chain.. not sure that would ever be necessary each time, no matter what you are cutting .. I would think not ..
  8. I have shortened chains that were still in decent condition, other than being stretched too much, as yours is ... you can buy connector links to repair it, once you have removed a few links to make it the right size..... new chains aren’t that costly, so costwise maybe not worth your time to do this.. I just personally don’t like throwing anything away that still has some usefulness if repaired... I use a grinder to remove the old links, the new connector links rivet easily with a small hammer.. just have to be sure you have the correct size repair links for your chain.. just another option for you to consider.. Oregon chains are decent quality if you are able to find them in your area .. If you are thinking about a new saw now, or down the road, you cannot go wrong with a Stihl, Husqvarna or Jonserud (made by Husqvarna).. all top quality saws.. I have ran all 3, Stihl is my preference.. all will last for years with proper fuel mixture and basic maintenance... I have never replaced a sprocket that I can recall... there may be a need to at times, but certainly not often, and definitely not each time you put a new chain on..
  9. I should have known that too !! .. 🤨
  10. That’s a nice Charger Rusty..:can’t see the grill good enpugh to know if it’s a ‘68 or ‘69.. I still have the ‘68 Charger that was my first car, that I bought in 1969....it will be back on the road in a week or so after a full restoration... have to say I’m pretty excited ..
  11. Sorry to hear that 88... been in your situation more times than I want to recall.... dogs are truly meant to be human companions, and most are fortunate to have owners like you that care for them immensely... They ask so little and give so much
  12. Post some pictures if you can please.. Most likely the engine will be seized because the exhaust is open .. which would most likely require a tear down.. the top end at least... but the bottom end could still be in decent condition... check the fluids, is there just oil in the crankcase or do you have water/antifreeze present too ?? Any chance the coolant was weak and could have frozen and damaged (burst) the block, head, or radiator ?? Undercarriage doesn’t have to be 100%, but anything really worn will be hard to replace... very little OEM out there.. very fortunate if you can find any OEM parts for these older units...usually they are obtained from a similar machine being parted out.. Steering clutch parts should still be available, and full restorations are possible with basic mechanical skills.. Certainly a lot of help available to you here if you decide to take it on as a project.. a few really good recent TD6 restoration projects covered in detail with photos on the Construction Board of this Forum.. Grant
  13. We feed the smaller birds that are brave enough to stay and endure our cold northern winters.. chickadees, purple finches, jays, grosbeaks, nuthatches, woodpeckers and a few others.. They can make quite a mess.. we have gone to feeding strait shelled sunflower seeds instead of the whole ones, maybe a bit more expensive, but much less mess.. sold in big bags at our local farm supply store..
  14. PTO shafts and augers have taken so many lives, and changed forever many others... guards help but shutting it down to work around it is the only real guarantee.. Another thing is never be directly under a raised front end loader ... I have seen what happens when a hose breaks... the drop is instantaneous, so fast you wouldn't even know what happened.. As others have said, be careful, stay focused, and stay safe !
  15. Or when the wind is blowing in a direction that will help you, lol... Hope that goes good for you.., the pressure from the excavator is a good idea and will really help too ..
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