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  1. I never would have thought a hitch could rust out to that extent.... I always take mine out, mostly because I don’t want to walk into it like I have done a few times .: perfect height to get you right on the shin .. 😬
  2. I can believe that would pop them out... I was working on my TD9 engine and had an injector out... I turned the engine over, and the compression blew the pre-combustion cup out of the head with unbelievable force... I was turning the engine over using a remote start button, and was standing very near where it exited the engine... wouldn’t have been pretty if it had hit me ... 😬
  3. Mergansers are cavity nesters, as are some other types of ducks....they most often nest in old woodpecker holes in trees, but have been known to nest in chimneys as well ... your Dad may want to check his chimney if it’s hanging around there....if it is nesting in there, it could get plugged off, creating a potential carbon monoxide issue....
  4. Looks great !! Exactly what my ‘63 560D needs... It has never been shedded nor painted.. it has earned a paint job like yours ...
  5. I agree.. for most part everything looks like TD9(91)....but as Louie says the gearshift is in a different location and also a different shape ?
  6. My TD9 is a 91 series as well... the levers look identical to mine ... so yes, pictures of the other working parts of the winch brake including the brake itself would be very helpful ... thx !
  7. Thx ! Captain Crunch says Carco is the same winch .. so the diagram is helpful ...and thanks for the info on the place at Acheson... have driven past that place but never stopped in..
  8. No, both rod bearings that were on the same rod ... I ended up installing them again after sending photos to Gary at Gary’s Automotive.. with a recommendation from him to use 30 weight oil ... engine is back together and running good so far... thx for checking !!
  9. Can someone please post or PM me a good close up photo of the winch brake set up on an Isaacson crawler winch... the entire brake mechanism, except the lever to apply it, is missing from my TD9... I am going to try to fabricate one that will work if I cannot find parts, as I have found that I have really needed a working winch brake on more than one occasion recently... Thx, Grant
  10. My TD9 has the big rams, and the pump I showed above works well ...
  11. This is the front mounted hydraulic pump on my ‘56 TD9 (91).... possible it may have replaced the original factory pump ? Commercial Shearing are still in the hydraulic pump business ..
  12. Does it have air brakes ? If so, it’s an air operated switch under the hood near the firewall, drivers side ..
  13. I think the 560 IHC diesel tractors have that engine ...
  14. Have posted some pics before, but thought I would share again... first car I bought, in 1969... back on the road last year after full restoration... waited many years for this, spent my kids inheritance, lol... have said from the beginning I was doing this to drive it, not leave it parked full time in a garage ....wishing spring would arrive soon, as I won’t drive it on our salty winter roads.... one thing I could do during lockdown is take it for a drive ... My buddy who owns a 1972 Challenger had the T shirt made for me..
  15. Very sad news 🙁....RIP Randy ...
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