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  1. Good deal.....His wife ought to be considered for “wife of the year” award 🥇 ...
  2. Like Sledgehammer, I don’t like the situation your facing Mike, and I sure hope it turns out differently than you dread..... but I sure do like your collection of carbines... I only have a few, but they are treasures to me ..
  3. So fortunate you weren’t hurt more than you are.. could have been so much worse ...
  4. Looks pretty good.... I can see why you went for it .....nice that it has been shedded for all those years .... is that #41 tractor and counting for you, lol ..🙂...
  5. Well I feel for you Art... in 38 years I worked with hundreds of good cops... and very few that I would put in the bad category ... unless you walk a mile in the shoes, you don’t really know ..
  6. That may be the primary purpose of law enforcement in Texas, but I highly doubt it... where I live, the primary purpose of law enforcement is to protect life and property, and I know that happens regularly on a daily basis, if not hourly, across our country...
  7. Great work !! Looks like it just rolled off the line !!
  8. Very nice Chris... you will enjoy working in there !!
  9. It has the IH “A” style injection pump with the fuel pressure gauge right on the pump... I believe that part of the system is all correct... It appears to me the small shaft arm that receives the pin from the carb linkage (the linkage that shuts off the gas when you flip the lever) has been installed backwards by a previous owner .. and will not connect to the carb linkage unless reversed ..
  10. I’m helping out an 86 year old friend/neighbour with a WD6 that he has pretty much ready to start up ... this man has several vintage IH tractors in running condition on his farm, and is a very interesting and handy guy... The gas/diesel system is a bit different than what I’m familiar with, different levers to switch back and forth and such... and a magneto rather than a distributor.. he has manuals that cover some gas/diesel systems, but not for this specific tractor.. I may have other questions, but firstly would like a picture or a parts diagram for the linkage on the back side
  11. Would you be able to share a few pictures of your project and your progress.... for those of us who have not been into these cylinders yet, but may have to or should ?
  12. I’m no expert on this, and stand to be corrected...but I believe you have the “A” style pump... with the fuel return outlet as part the primary pump you have removed... The “B” style pump has the fuel return coming out on the top of the main pump assembly, near the plunger... If your repair should not succeed, I have a newly reconditioned “A” style primary pump here from Brown International that I am planning to return to them (I have the “B” style pump, and they sent me the wrong one).... I ended up putting my old one back in with a new bearing cage gasket and housing gasket, and it
  13. Hoping someone can provide me with the outside diameter/circumference of a TD9 steering clutch drum .. from the area where the brake pad makes contact... Thx, Grant
  14. If you can post a picture of your pump we should be able to determine which one you have ... Grant
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