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  1. I like lever actions as well, and this one you showed is nice.... have 3 lever action rifles, but my 410 is pump action... a good calibre choice for upland game birds...
  2. Pretty amazing recovery !! Hope to see a video of it running again one day ...
  3. Could be heavier than 30 lbs, a bit hard to tell the real length as it is a bit forward towards the camera... a very nice fish in any event !
  4. I would estimate weight at around 30 lbs ..
  5. Actually pretty amazing ....
  6. I’ve explained or tried to explain to my wife a few times over the years about the special bond you can establish with your horse, and the feeling you can experience when riding on a nice day in a nice location on a favourite horse.. so she saw this sign and thought it captured what I was trying to explain ....
  7. Thx... yes, Percherons... one is part Canadian, but other than having a smaller head, they match up decently and “walk up” nicely together... This is my fancy harness, it is leather, and seems to get heavier to get up on their backs each year, lol.... I have a utility harness I use for regular chores .... also leather, but not near as heavy..
  8. My team, Mae & Belle ... on a sleigh ride with friends New Years Eve day.. nice mid winter temps for northern Alberta made it an enjoyable afternoon..
  9. Looking at that set up I would say retracting (shortening) the cylinders would raise the front edge..
  10. Is the fuel getting into the engine oil or just the oil in your injector pump ?
  11. Second picture I believe the side mounted crane is for laying in sections of pipe when constructing pipelines..
  12. I experienced this on a full moon ocean kayak trip in Mexico ... every paddle stroke resulted in the bioluminescent glow in the water as the paddle disturbed it....pretty amazing !
  13. That’s certainly one solution that many have used... your threaded rod looks to be in pretty decent condition.. and the lock nut would have kept a lot of moisture/crud from entering the inside threads ... I’m sure if you decide to adjust it in the future you could break the seized rod loose with some penetrating fluid, some applied heat, and some good torque....
  14. X2 on checking the spark arrestor screen in the muffler.. Have a Stihl weed eater.... it was doing exactly what your MS170 is doing... would just bog down when trying to power up... finally checked the muffler screen and it was virtually plugged off completely with carbon deposits... burned the carbon deposits off with a small torch until screen was clear... that completely fixed it, runs good as new again..
  15. Will be following this with much interest...,still haven’t decided which lights to install in my shop... also have the white metal interior and a 14’ high ceiling...
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