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  1. north of 60

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris, I bought a right size thermostat at a local auto parts store and installed it in the TD9 ... it overheated pretty much right away.. I then ordered the correct TD9 thermostat from Steiners, and it works well .. I don’t think the other one was letting the coolant through to the radiator fast enough or in enough volume .. I’m pretty sure I installed it with the spring end towards the engine.. As you see in the photo of your thermostat housing, some coolant can and will bypass the thermostat even when it is closed... so if you are looking in the radiator, there will some movement right at start up, but much more movement when the thermostat opens up.. I did a real good flush as well, using a coolant flush additive ... I was concerned about scale build up, as I had found the lower hose on the circulating heater almost completely blocked by scale.. I believe the cooling systems on the TD’s were designed to be pressurized, with a sealing radiator cap... I’ve attached a picture of mine, obviously not the same as yours, as you have no bolt holes for the cast piece, but I think yours maybe should have a similar insert to receive the twist on rad cap ??
  2. north of 60

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Glad you got to spend some time with the TD6 and it started and ran well for you .... any excuse is a good excuse ! That bigger part in the KoO picture does have to come off, to access the thermostat... the thermostat sits just under the bottom of it... only the 1 gasket to deal with there where it bolts to the engine.. I didn’t take the other smaller part off, there was enough flex in the hose to get it off and back may be easier to take it off, but not necessary unless you want to replace the gasket where it bolts to the radiator .. Good luck ! Grant
  3. north of 60

    TD9 track roller question

    Yes, Brown International are very good... very knowledgeable on the old crawlers, can often find the parts you need, and are always very helpful ..
  4. Wanting to replace a track roller on my TD9 (91) with this one that I bought through Brown International... sold and also marked as a TD9 roller... It is different from my other rollers, looks to take a lip type seal rather than a face type seal that my others take.. I don't think the track roller mounting brackets that I have (one in the picture with the roller), will work for this style of roller... there is not enough room between the track guides for it to fit using these brackets.. Anyone familiar with this style of roller, and the mounting brackets used ? And maybe have the part # for the seals I require ? I can always modify a couple old mounting brackets to make it work if there is not a different bracket available... Any and all help/advice is appreciated... Thx, Grant
  5. north of 60

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Good to hear from you Chris ! So many projects, so little time... that AC will keep you busy for awhile... Just got back from a trip up the Alaska Highway, saw some potential projects on the way... a WD9 in particular caught my eye... and an early 1960’s Mack truck... My wife groans every time I spot one of those potential projects and just have to stop to check it out ..
  6. north of 60

    Truck show

    Great work, and I really like the red and black color combo !
  7. north of 60

    TD6 head gasket

    Great news, glad you persisted !! She will probably run a little better each time ... a decent workout for her won't hurt either..
  8. north of 60

    Look at this nicely restored 1586

    Did that grab bar by the steps come on some of the 86 models ? I've never seen one before.. maybe an add on ?
  9. north of 60

    Look at this nicely restored 1586

    Nice !!
  10. north of 60

    TD6 head gasket

    So glad to hear you got it running on diesel.... When you get it running on diesel again, I would let it run for a awhile before you try to move it... you could try adding some Seafoam or other fuel enhancer to your diesel tank first... maybe it just has to run on diesel for awhile for the injectors to get fully lubricated and moving like they should... they have to open a precise amount to deliver the proper spray into the cylinders... I usually let my TD9 run on gas until I can hear the engine "smooth out"...that seems to occur right around 130 degrees engine temperature for me ... before I switch it over to diesel... It would sure be nice for you to have that starter working properly, it would start right up on gas, saving you all that added effort of having to tow start it each time. Looking at the picture you posted of the bendix gear, it looks too small to mesh with the ring gear when it moves forward, unless the picture is taken at an angle, rather than from directly ahead of the bendix gear. If the bendix gear is moving forward to the end of the starter and just spinning, without meshing with the ring gear, you know for sure it is too small. Someone on here with a TD6 must have an old bendix or a starter off their TD6 that can give you the actual diameter of the bendix gear you need, and a proper tooth count... Keep us posted !
  11. north of 60

    TD6 head gasket

    I wish you would have had a better outcome... guess you can only try so long... as far as not enough compression, if it runs good on gas, my thought is there should be enough compression to start on diesel, but I'm just a farmyard mechanic .. When you had the valve cover off, were you able to see the starting valves actually closing when you switched to diesel mode .. could be a linkage problem preventing them from fully closing ?? The bubbles you describe in the diesel at the bleeders has me wondering if you are maybe getting air entering the fuel system somewhere ahead of that .. I know from experience that can keep a diesel from starting and running.. Just hate to see it go to scrap ... if the engine does have decent compression the fix has to be something fairly strait forward .. like air getting into diesel supply to engine, injectors, starting valves not fully closing, or butterfly valves in intake manifold ..
  12. north of 60

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Chris, maybe your thermostat is stuck open or it may have been removed... these old girls seem to run a lot smoother when you can keep the temperature above 150 degrees... I have a 180 degree thermostat in the TD9, that I ordered from Steiners, and it works well .. Grant
  13. north of 60

    TD6 head gasket

    Well I think you are close to getting it to run on diesel... as soon as you free up those stuck starting valves I bet it will fire when you switch over to diesel mode... Like MCC says, use a brass punch or a sturdy piece of wood dowel to make the contact with the starting valve cap, and tap on that with a hammer ... not too forcefully... soak them good first with a good penetrating oil or the ATF/acetone mix... they should release unless there is a mechanical issue preventing it.. I didn't take the caps off my TD9, I managed to free them as described above... Keep us posted ! Grant
  14. north of 60

    Carb problems

    Is that an easy exchange as far as linkage connections and such ?
  15. north of 60

    Equine Dental visit today

    Looks like Roy is getting his teeth "floated".... how old is he ?