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  1. north of 60

    Muscle Cars

    The 1963 Impala’s, especially the hardtops and convertibles, were some sharp looking cars.. one of my favourites for sure..
  2. north of 60

    One piece at a time...

    Nice work on the tractor.. sounds like a son to be very proud of.. the world needs more just like him !!
  3. north of 60


    That's a lot that you have had to deal with and are currently dealing with.... I sure hope there are better days ahead for you and your family.. it’s really important that you let people close to you know how this is affecting you... talking to someone, and even sharing your feelings with others on this forum, is so much better than suffering in silence... Please don’t hestitate to speak to a professional therapist, they can often help you understand your feelings and provide some guidance... and don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and neighbours if you need a hand with something, like moving your corn to market... rural communities tend to pull together to help someone in need.. Grant
  4. north of 60

    Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    So glad to hear of your positive news.. you have had to deal with a lot .. hoping that 2019 and the years ahead are good to you.. Grant
  5. north of 60

    Mystery dozer in OK

    A pre 1956 model... TD9(91) came out in 1956, and the air cleaner was moved from the area right in front of the driver to the left side of the engine, behind the injection pump.. You can push over some decent size trees with a TD9.... especially if you install a side “horn” on the top edge of the blade ... you are then pushing 2-3 feet higher on the tree, which makes quite a difference .. I’m not familiar with a “tree bar”.... is it used for piling brush or pushing trees over ?
  6. north of 60

    Good things come to those who wait

    Impressive work !!
  7. north of 60

    Repainting metal 101?

    Chris (Sugarmaker) on the IH Construction Board has used electrolysis with good success on some fairly big pieces of his old crawler .... I used it to refurbish an old sword bayonet, and it worked very well for that ...
  8. north of 60

    Front hood emblem 1966 Loadstar

    Seems most on this Forum like pictures, so I’m posting a couple more pics of my 1966 Loadstar earning its keep on the farm... Spent a fair bit of time the last couple months getting it back to being “highway” legal... lights, speedometer, mirrors, etc.. air brakes were still good... also installed a Petronix electronic ignition and a carb kit ... runs pretty well... The highboy lights were in need of some work, so I upgraded to all LED lights ... Was fortunate enough to get a “donor” 1962 Loadstar 1800 given to me... so have already used some of the parts... the tachometer, front and side IHC hood emblems.. I typically haul 20 of the round bales, with another single row on top, but these are heavy bales, and as I was travelling the highway I wanted to keep my speed up on the hills... Adding a picture of the donor truck as well... it hadn’t been run for awhile, but started right up and I drove it up to the trailer..brakes not working, so I winched it on... engine was reportedly smoking when they stopped using it during harvest, and they thought maybe a broken ring or rings.. didn’t notice that when I started and ran it, no unusual engine noise... has the 345 gas engine like mine... transmission also has a PTO... I’ve thought of adding a winch to my tractor unit, so I might use that..
  9. north of 60

    1941 TD 14

    X2.... I would definitely want to see and hear it running and working well to even venture into that price range ...
  10. north of 60

    1941 TD 14

    I don’t think $1000.00 is unreasonable, knowing the u/c is good, and the engine turns freely... but I would ask him what he wants for it ... he might say $500.00 ...
  11. north of 60

    7130 Case IH tractor Heater

    Another good example of why this Forum is valuable for problem solving... someone usually has the right solution !!
  12. north of 60

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    I didn’t go back through your posts Chris to see what you eventually did for a thermostat ... but if your thermostat is functioning properly, the coolant temp should get into the “run” zone fairly quickly, like in a few minutes ... Possible it is reaching “run” temps, but your sending unit or temp gauge are not working quite right ??? I have a 180 degree thermostat in the TD9, and it is up to that temp in a few minutes from startup..
  13. north of 60

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Good to hear from you SM, always enjoy your posts ... Nice deer... had a couple nice Whitetail bucks on my place this fall... only got out hunting a couple days, so didn’t get one ... they might be bigger next year 🤞🏻... I’m mostly a meat rather than trophy hunter anymore, but wouldn’t pass up a real nice trophy for a head mount ... Glad you got to run the TD6 and it worked well for you... had my TD9 fired up the other day to clean up some blow down on trails for sledding and for the team and sleigh... I just can’t get enough of that, any excuse to use it will do ! I told my wife I think there are only a couple things a grown boy would enjoy more than that, lol..
  14. north of 60

    Delco 12v. Generator identification

    Starter Generator - Delco Style (9193), New, Delco Remy, 1101432
  15. north of 60

    1200C fuel sending unit

    X2.... typically older sending units only had 1 wire, which had voltage... and the ground was the tank itself ... but as indicated, a ground wire could be used as well... a poor ground is so often the culprit with electrical system problems ...