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  1. What area of the country do you live in ?
  2. You saw the 1086 on the round baler a couple days ago, now time to start hauling.... the truck is a ‘66 Loadstar 1700... have had it since 1976... these two old IH units work pretty well together ... I enjoy operating both .. the bales aren’t pretty I know, but the hay is good quality with no rain..
  3. Efforts to free stuck engines has been covered several times over on the IH Construction Board of this forum... a lot of good advice and good tips from some who have had success getting engines unseized... if you do a search I’m sure you will find some of those posts that relate directly to your question ... good luck ! And yes, more info please on your project engine ..
  4. This is for New Guy, who wanted me to post a pic of my ‘68 Charger awhile back, and any others who like Mopars and vintage vehicles... This is my very first car, that I bought in 1969 , and have had since.. my Mopar buddy who has a really nice ‘70 Challenger had the T shirt made for me ...
  5. Yes, it is a 430 baler... we always pulled a 10 bale stooker behind it as well, that someone had to ride on and stack the bales by hand.. that was when we did a lot of square bales... now I just do a few squares every year to keep the barn topped up... I like to pick them up with my team and wagon if rain isn’t threatening... this year it was ..
  6. Not shiny, but they sure work when I need them too ... The 560 and the square baler were my Dad’s .. he bought them both new, the 560 in 1963, the baler in the 70’s I believe..
  7. I won’t go that far and make that claim, but a 1086 in my mind is a good loader tractor with a 2350 loader ... have to keep your gear shifter in good condition and make slower & deliberate shifts...
  8. Yes, thx for sharing the great pictures.. novel idea for decorating the cupcakes 🙂
  9. Good advice !! Happy Birthday !!
  10. That seems like such a bad idea in so many ways... I’m ok with unique marriage proposals, but I think this one crosses the line..
  11. Have never seen one of those tractors... looks to be in good condition and well cared for.. what are your plans for it ?
  12. First off, I’m not familiar at all with magnetos... but as far as I know they have points .. Not just sure what you mean by a “dead short” .. but if your magneto points are in the closed position would the mag terminal not show as being grounded out on a continuity test ?
  13. Good to hear from you Chris ! How was your sugar season ? Hope you get to play with the TD6 soon... Had the TD9 fired up the other day to level out some spring ruts .. and installed a new winch csble with some help from the sweetness, running the clutch for me while I fed the new cable onto the drum 😁...
  14. I used 2 stones, but it was a short bolt, probably only 5/8” long..
  15. If you have been there, you know the sinking feeling that comes with breaking your Easy Out tool off inside the bolt you were trying to remove.. you know your problem bolt just became a much bigger problem... you can't really drill it, you may be able to weld a nut onto it if you're real fortunate.. This was my situation, trying to remove a twisted off 3/8” bolt from a brake caliper bracket on my lowboy.. was not able to get a nut welded to it... I saw where a guy had posted on the intenet about grinding the broken Easy Out with a Dremel tool and a chainsaw sharpening stone .. it worked for him, so thought why not give it try.. It worked ! It took some time, and I went through 2 sharpening stones, but I as able to resolve my problem.. once the Easy Out was ground away, I was able to drill and re-tap, which I probably should have done in the first place.. Passing this along in the event it can help someone else in this situation ...
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