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  1. This guy used to live in my area and worked in the oilpatch...then moved back to Saskatchewan to farm... has many very funny videos out there, mostly about farm life events.. google Quick Dick McDick if you want to check them out ..
  2. X3 ... If you decide to go with a hatchet you won't go wrong with a Fiskars... high quality ..
  3. I remember those coffee cups, guess that must mean I'm old, lol.. My Mom made those cookies.. we called them unbaked instead of no bake.. have also heard them called chocolate macaroons ??
  4. You're right, it's not always going to be perfect... and I think I alluded to that to some extent... only saying how it was during my time.... made many friends outside the police world along the way, some who are still close friends today.. that helped to keep me grounded. My approach was to treat people the way I would like to be treated if I was in their circumstance.. can't go too far wrong doing that .
  5. FBI- don't think so Art at least for the snipers. I heard a former OPP commissioner talking about the snipers last week. Its a standard practice here for any protest or gathering that size, They are there for security and he claims equally as much for surveillance on roof tops ***************************** Yes Art, that is standard procedure, even in Canada, lol... Danny was one of those snipers before he resigned over the mandated vaccine policy for RCMP members... We have exchanged opinions before Art on our law enforcement views.. and we are at total opposite ends of the spectrum ... I have no idea what has happened in your life that has caused your total disdain and suspicion for law enforcement .. but I don't live in the US, so perhaps it's different there.. but my guess is there are thousands of quality law enforcement officers across the US as well.. I spent 35 years as a front line police officer in Canada.. I lived and breathed it, so I know of what I speak.. and have worked with hundreds and hundreds of police officers during that time.. in Canada, police protect life and property ... and do so day in and out in every community across the country... there are only a very few of those hundreds of officers that I worked with that I would not care to work with again.. almost all were very committed to keeping the streets and homes safe for average citizens..
  6. History will show I guess whether he is right or wrong, or partly both ... but we are proud of him for standing up so strongly for what he believes in ... at the expense of a career he loved and his livelihood .. As Aaron Tippen sings in one of his songs . .." you've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything "
  7. Just for clarity, my son Danny was not one of the speakers in the video posted by Rawleigh99 this morning.. he would have been there for sure, and works side by side with all those folks.. and has spoken on other releases, but not the one this morning.. This is him: "Heard today one of the RCMP officers let go from Trudeau's personal protection is one helping run/organize this little Ottawa gathering. Keeping his 15 year policingbackground in the forefront to help keepthings peaceful. "
  8. You can see the pride in his Mama's eyes....as she has a chance for a short visit with her boy at the site today 🙂
  9. I agree, and there likely would be, if mainstream media were not demonizing the legitimate convoy folks.. media are trying their very best to paint the worst possible picture of them.. and of course selectively finding people to interview that are going to speak negatively about it ..
  10. As far as I know, Go Fund Me themselves froze the funds.. I would suspect there was considerable pressure being applied from Ottawa ..
  11. That's what I'm hearing .. I told Danny this morning there was one of our Red Power guys there .. didn't tell him who .. The area they set up out at Embrun for the trucks to park, and the tents with all the donated food and other necessaries, is quite something ..
  12. Haven't checked the Chat Forum for a few days... didn't know this was being covered here.. My youngest son Danny is heavily involved with the Freedom Command Post in Ottawa.. he oversees snd helps organize site security for the truckers, and is the liaison with law enforcement at the event.. Danny recently resigned from the RCMP after many years of dedicated service over the mandated vaccine ... after being placed on leave without pay for refusing to get vaccinated He has spoken at various public events since, and has been interviewed several times.. some of you in Canada may have seen or heard those.. most are on the internet if you google Daniel Bulford.. He is not anti vaccination, but all for freedom of choice and protecting freedom for Canadians.. My wife flew from Alberta to Ottawa last week to help with the grandkids, as Danny and his wife very busy all day and evening with the convoy event.. she has been to the event site a few times.. and is literally blown away by the patriotism on display there.. the mainstream media are not covering anything but negative incidents ..
  13. As rustred has indicated, make sure your at top dead centre on the compression stroke when rotor is at 1 position.. is it possible it may be 180 degrees out, and the spark is generated when the piston is tdc on exhaust stroke ??
  14. That seems a bit harsh, unless they had been told specifically not to do it.... perhaps a "teaching opportunity" instead ??
  15. Hopefully it doesn't go to the scrap yard and someone will want it as is... looks like there could a lot of working hours still left in that unit ...
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