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  1. Can someone please post or PM me a good close up photo of the winch brake set up on an Isaacson crawler winch... the entire brake mechanism, except the lever to apply it, is missing from my TD9... I am going to try to fabricate one that will work if I cannot find parts, as I have found that I have really needed a working winch brake on more than one occasion recently... Thx, Grant
  2. My TD9 has the big rams, and the pump I showed above works well ...
  3. This is the front mounted hydraulic pump on my ‘56 TD9 (91).... possible it may have replaced the original factory pump ? Commercial Shearing are still in the hydraulic pump business ..
  4. Does it have air brakes ? If so, it’s an air operated switch under the hood near the firewall, drivers side ..
  5. I think the 560 IHC diesel tractors have that engine ...
  6. Have posted some pics before, but thought I would share again... first car I bought, in 1969... back on the road last year after full restoration... waited many years for this, spent my kids inheritance, lol... have said from the beginning I was doing this to drive it, not leave it parked full time in a garage ....wishing spring would arrive soon, as I won’t drive it on our salty winter roads.... one thing I could do during lockdown is take it for a drive ... My buddy who owns a 1972 Challenger had the T shirt made for me..
  7. Very sad news 🙁....RIP Randy ...
  8. Guess I’m a slow learner... same old scenario... trying to remove a broken 3/8” manifold stud from cylinder head... “easy out” broke off flush with face....managed to get that out with some strategic punch work... so next logical (?) step was to drill out more of the stud and re-tap....well the tap broke off too, and I didn’t really think I was overdoing it with torque... again the dremel tool came to the rescue... I didn’t have another carbide bit handy, but found a conical shaped bit that came with the dremel that finally took out enough of the tap to loosen it... and I then managed to retap with a bit more drilling ..... 🙂
  9. Clearing the driveway with the TD9 after our last dump of snow ... and the artist has captured the theme, lol
  10. Among other smaller projects, finishing up rebuilding the engine in my old 1949 Massey Harris 55... hopefully have it up and running by the weekend....built a shed just in time for the start of calving...we are still very much in winter here.. had a couple feet of snow still on the ground, then this is in the last couple days 🤨...
  11. Reviewing your posts I’m still not sure if you have tried the 1086 on another application that only has one hydraulic hose, as your mower conditioner does... the other implements you mention all have 2 hoses... If it works fine on a two hose application it should be able to work on the single hose mower conditioner... you have changed some tips, does that include the one on the mower conditioner hose ? My old IH haybine only has the single hose to raise it as well, I assume when you push the lever for it to lower by gravity the hydraulic fluid must be forced back to the tractor ?? Hopefully someone can zero in on the likely problem, a real pain to have to raise it using jacks... been there and done it...
  12. This is funny... Hawaiian is my favourite pizza... but my wife always says pineapple does not belong on a pizza..
  13. Have and use my Dad’s 560D he bought new in 1963.....
  14. Cab inside looks good... does it run ? And x2 on saving it ...
  15. I called Gary’s Automotive last week as you suggested... very helpful... only ones he could find right off the hop were 40 oversize.... but he said he would check further and get back to me..... called back same day saying he had found a set of standard in the US that could be here in about 10 days .... great service ! This is my first tractor engine rebuild.... I need to get a bit further into the engine to see exactly what I need before I order.... I have two pistons and rods out... they have been out of the engine for a couple years.....both pistons are marked standard .....one rod bearing set is stamped FM20, which I assumed was 20 oversized, and would indicate a rebuild in the past ... however the other rod bearing set is marked FM56... so not just sure yet what those markings mean... don’t think there would be a 56 oversize ?? I will call Gary’s back, I wanted to measure my crank journals first and check the other two rods and bearing sets to see how they are marked... been working on the head lapping the valves... the tractor with engine still in it will go in the shop later today.. may or may not remove the engine... Thx for checking, and for the contact for Gary’s....
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