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  1. That's impressive work Tad.. sounds like you really know what you're doing with the rebuilding and machining .. I can relate to the "free tractor" being a money pit... working on getting a D6B Cat back to operating condition.. didn't really need it, but it was "free", lol .. my TD9 does me just fine..
  2. You must have quite the IH library there Louie ! We can always count on you to provide the answers to these types of inquiries, and many other inquiries as well.. Appreciate your input and your continued interest in helping others with your vast knowledge !
  3. Thx guys... Snoshoe, for clarity, the tractor will hardly move in DD or TA mode... in DD the lube pressure is still within specs... as soon as lever is shifted to TA mode, lube pressure drops to zero.. all other pressure checks other than this that are suggested in the manual for TA were within specs, ie: lever halfway, steering to stops etc.
  4. Thx HydroTek.. also appreciate the knowledge and expertise you share on here 🙂
  5. So this means that the regulated flow going to the TA when in TA mode is being lost from a leak, so there is no extra flow left over to create lube flow pressure ?
  6. Thx snoshoe.. have always appreciated your knowledgeable and helpful input on this forum ! I split this tractor once before... several years ago for transmission repair.. but have not done a TA or had my hands on one
  7. Have a couple questions on 1086 TA... I've read many of the several posts on this and others forms.. a lot of good info out there, but some of the info does conflict.. My #1 1086 has pretty much stopped moving.. can still get some movement in lower gears, on good level ground .. I for sure suspect TA .. I worked it harder than I wanted to last fall doing some tough plowing.. and noticed it slip a couple times at the toughest spots in the field.. tried discing this spring, and it just got progressively worse.. Prepared to split it, but thought I would do the pressure tests first... so all TA pressure tests in the manual are decent except the lube pressure in TA mode, which is minimal..maybe 3 psi .. and manual says this would indicate an internal leak in the TA.. So my #1 question: Is it possible this leak could be outside the actual TA, as in a lube tube connection ? #2 There is an isolation spool sold by HyCapacity to eliminate or confirm TA leak.. is this worth purchasing/trying ? #3 This is where I find differing opinions.. when splitting for TA repair, where do most split.. I will be fabricating some stands.. Thx, Grant
  8. Don't know where you are located, but Brown International in Armstrong, British Columbia did have a local guy that was rebuilding these pumps for them... l had one done there a couple years ago.. so not sure if that option would still exist for you... Chris is a good contact there.. phone # is 250-546-7518 Grant
  9. I have some interest in your parts in the bin.. will wait for your photos.. I am in Western Canada, so getting the tracks here likely won't work .. Thx, Grant
  10. This guy used to live in my area and worked in the oilpatch...then moved back to Saskatchewan to farm... has many very funny videos out there, mostly about farm life events.. google Quick Dick McDick if you want to check them out ..
  11. As rustred has indicated, make sure your at top dead centre on the compression stroke when rotor is at 1 position.. is it possible it may be 180 degrees out, and the spark is generated when the piston is tdc on exhaust stroke ??
  12. I have the 2350 loader on my 1086….. plenty of lift with some to spare for the biggest round bales… the tractor handles it well and steers well when loaded .. works nicely for me..
  13. Wow… one more to the collection !! How far did you have to go for this one ?
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