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  1. north of 60

    TD9 selling at Auction, heads up!

    If it would have been a bit closer to me I think I would have been bidding on it... if the engine wasn’t stuck, maybe not much wrong with it... hopefully it didn’t go to salvage ..
  2. north of 60

    TD9 selling at Auction, heads up!

    It sold for $975.00...
  3. north of 60


    Welcome to the forum ! As mentioned, there are a lot of people willing to help you out that have considerable experience with these old crawlers.. The negative vs positive ground has been covered in some detail in this forum in the past... some very good posts from Bob M and M Diesel in Feb 2009, you should be able to find them with a google search.. I can’t help with the magneto, I am only familiar with the distributor ignition system .. but what I can tell you is to persevere with your repair of this.. sounds like it has to be something quite minor that is preventing your spark from getting to the plugs.. and once you get it starting in gas mode, you will be surprised at how easy it is to switch over to diesel .. so much easier than starting it in diesel mode !
  4. north of 60

    International T6 project

    Looks awesome !! Great work !
  5. north of 60

    Installing a circulating water heater in 1066

    I use both, and am happy with each... my 1086 has the block heater, and I have the circulating heaters on my TD9 and 560 ... and an MH55..
  6. Came across this old gem today while travelling through Saskatchewan on my way to Minot, North Dakota... didn’t talk to the owner, but talked to a friend of his... apparently it runs well and he uses it occasionally... the friend didn’t think it was for sale..
  7. My TD9 only has the dash mounted gauge ... it has no numbers on it, just a “low pressure” range and an “operating range” ..
  8. I have a couple part #’s for a TD9, the TD15 may have used the same parts.. *************** Fuel pressure gauge (pump mounted) IH Part # 263 791 R91 *************** Dash light assembly & shield IH Part # 257 671 R92 or # 59 175 D
  9. According to my Operators Manual, the dash mounted gauge measures the pressure of the fuel from the primary pump through the final fuel filter to the injection pump... so maybe the pump mounted gauge monitors a different pressure ?? Someone on here will know .. It’s nice to be able to see the pressure from the driver’s compartment .. some pumps had them, as yours does, other units just had the dash gauge .. You should be able to find a used gauge with good glass, or if OEM is not important, an aftermarket pressure gauge that will work for you.. There are places that restore/refurbish vehicle gauges, they may do these as well... a google search will find them .. Grant
  10. north of 60


    Watching from afar in Northern Canada as Florence heads for land... Wishing for the best possible outcome for all those in the path ... (We woke up to 5” of fresh snow this morning, and more to come... this is very early for this much snow... it should go, and hopefully we will get some more nice fall weather..)
  11. north of 60

    Educate me about corn head grease

    I use it in my TD9 rollers and idlers..
  12. north of 60

    TD6 Dozer/Loader

    Hi Chris, Enjoy reading your posts ... and watching and hearing about your progress on your TD6... Replaced a bottom roller on my TD9 yesterday... I managed to find a couple decent rollers at Brown International for $100.00 apiece.. Would like to see pics of the tractors you took to the fair.. Grant
  13. north of 60

    TD6 Crawler Adventure

    Great job !! Hope you can find a blade for it... then the fun begins after all your hard work !!
  14. north of 60

    TD6 head gasket

    Not just sure what you mean by the “stock transfer pump” ... Does your electric fuel pump supply the injection pump ? These old IH crawlers don’t achieve high rpm, I think 1800 rpm is the rated governed speed for your TD6...
  15. north of 60

    TD6 head gasket

    Do you have a fuel pressure gauge on the injection pump or elsewhere on the unit ? If not, maybe you can find a spot to insert a pressure gauge into the system, on the outlet side of the pump, to see what fuel pressure you have going to the injectors... I haven’t gone back over all your posts, but it could also be a fuel restriction between your tank and the pump ?? Tank outlet partially plugged, dirty fuel filters or the screen in the sediment bowl ? The electric fuel pump should not really be required if your gravity fuel flow is clear through to the injection pump, and the pump is working as it should .. I’m not sure what your output fuel pressure from the pump should be... someone on here will know for sure... I read one post that was suggesting 50-60 PSI ??