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  1. north of 60

    1st Td9 general info needed

    Welcome to the forum !! Really hope this works out for you and your Dad.. a great father/son project.. There is so much invaluable knowledge and experience accessible to you from members on this Forum.. you just need to ask.. The best advice I think I can give you right now is when you get to the point where you can start thinking about starting the engine, work on the gas side first, to make sure it’s complete and functional .. if you get it starting on the gas side, getting it running on diesel is just so much easier than trying to start it in diesel mode.. Good luck !! Keep us posted ..
  2. north of 60

    WD9 help needed

    You can try Coca Cola in your gas tank ... fairly inexpensive and it does have the ability to remove rust from metal .. (there are several articles on the internet about how it can be effective for that) ... I used it in the crudded up small gas tank on my TD9, and it sure seemed to help ... I tested it first on a rusty nail to convince myself it was worth a try... I used regular name brand Coke, and would change it out every few hours for some fresh.. it really fizzes when you add the fresh, as it begins reacting with the rust .. I also installed a fuel filter between the tank and the carburetor, and have had no issues at all with the gas supply since ..
  3. north of 60

    Ether....where to buy?

    My 1086 has the same can of ether in the holder that was in it when I bought it over 20 years ago... I have never had to use ether to start it.... if I need to use the tractor, and it’s below freezing temps, which is most of the winter in Northern Canada, I plug in the block heater for a few hours and it will fire right up... pretty sure it would start at much colder temps without being plugged in, but i believe it’s just so much easier on the engine to have that block warmed up some ..
  4. north of 60

    TD 9 cylinder order

    Pictures of both would be nice !
  5. north of 60

    International T6 project

    Great pictures ... maybe you can enter a couple of them in the next Steiner’s photo contest ...
  6. north of 60

    TD-9 Specs and Evolution

    An option on the 91 series was 2 reverse speeds... 3rd gear forward could be replaced with the second and higher speed reverse gear ..
  7. north of 60

    TD-9 Specs and Evolution

    And for the TD9 (91) series ...
  8. north of 60

    TD-9 Specs and Evolution

    Here are some specs for the TD9... photos aren’t great, hope you can read them ..
  9. north of 60

    TD-9 Specs and Evolution

    A couple noticeable changes in external appearance when they went to the TD-9 (91) series in 1956.. -the air cleaner was moved to the left side of the engine from the drivers compartment ... the oil bath for the air cleaner went from being round to a square shape.. and sits in the area between the fuel filters and the injection pump..this necessitated another opening in the engine hood .. Mike’s unit looks like it may have had the dozer blade mounted after factory ? I believe ?? those that came with the dozer had the extra heavy duty grill to better protect the radiator.. -the throttle control changed from the full hand grip lever to to a lever with just a knob... - engine size and HP also increased There are good pictures of the TD9, TD9 (91), and I’m sure others, with specs, on “”... you may have already been to that site.. Good luck with your project ..
  10. north of 60


    Do you have the old radiator.... is it completely missing from the unit or badly damaged ? Radiator shops can do a lot to repair old radiators, sometimes at rather reasonable cost ... they would likely give you an estimate ..
  11. Yes, pictures please... have always been interested in checking out these old combines when I see them... have even thought about restoring one to working condition just to be able to run it... Does this one have an engine on it to power it, or is it PTO driven ?
  12. north of 60

    TD9 selling at Auction, heads up!

    If it would have been a bit closer to me I think I would have been bidding on it... if the engine wasn’t stuck, maybe not much wrong with it... hopefully it didn’t go to salvage ..
  13. north of 60

    TD9 selling at Auction, heads up!

    It sold for $975.00...
  14. north of 60


    Welcome to the forum ! As mentioned, there are a lot of people willing to help you out that have considerable experience with these old crawlers.. The negative vs positive ground has been covered in some detail in this forum in the past... some very good posts from Bob M and M Diesel in Feb 2009, you should be able to find them with a google search.. I can’t help with the magneto, I am only familiar with the distributor ignition system .. but what I can tell you is to persevere with your repair of this.. sounds like it has to be something quite minor that is preventing your spark from getting to the plugs.. and once you get it starting in gas mode, you will be surprised at how easy it is to switch over to diesel .. so much easier than starting it in diesel mode !
  15. north of 60

    International T6 project

    Looks awesome !! Great work !