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  1. I’m not sure drawing a bit of air on a gasser would cause the issues it does on a diesel engine .. would it even draw air or enough air to cause problems ? I’m thinking not, but I’m not the expert ...
  2. Two types were available for the TD9 ... The longer ones were for the Superior pipe boom crawlers and cranes that had some IHC TD9 parts (ie: the engines)...
  3. Sure sounds like not getting enough fuel flowing to keep it running... will it start up again fairly quickly after it dies out ? If fuel flow to carb is not restricted, I agree with WaynefromWi... a float problem or debris in carb..
  4. Nice find ! That will keep you busy for awhile... looking forward to your progress pics !
  5. Nice work.... Did you modify your front brackets to wrap around to the front ? I don’t have that on mine, but saw the post on this thread from Missouri Mule in 2017... although probably not totally necessary in most applications, it’s one way to make your front brackets even stronger.. Depending on what you plan to use the loader for, you might want to consider fabricating a grill guard to protect your grill ... nice to have if you're getting your grill close to anything that could damage it when your loader is up..
  6. Thx for sharing ... I like watching these too ...
  7. There are, as with most everything, different opinions on that.... the more prevalent thought seems to be ...why take a chance when the phosgene produced can be so deadly in such small amounts... Many use acetone for cleaning metal that is going to have heat applied to it... I would encourage anyone who wants to know more about this to google it...
  8. Can you post a picture of your pump, someone will most likely know what you have there ..:
  9. Will do... have removed the old pump, it came off quite easily... the round coupler on the end of the shaft did not come out with the old pump, had to reach in with needle nose pliers and pull it out... the small pin that should secure it to the pump shaft was missing... hoping if it’s in the injection pump it’s laying in the bottom of the sump.. tried a bit of fishing with a small telescoping magnet, no luck... injection pump has been working fine... Have the new pump painted red now, and all the old gasket material removed, so ready to do the install tomorrow..
  10. This is probably a good Forum to let it be known, for those that don’t know about it.. a quick internet search will show that it’s for real.... including others just like us who are always cutting and welding, and who had close calls, telling their stories.. Maybe I should create a new topic in Coffee Shop Board with a couple links ??
  11. x3.... I have also brazed these with good success... Just be aware that if you use brake cleaner for any cleaning and then apply heat to the area such as you would brazing, welding, or just heating with a torch, you can create a toxic and deadly gas called phosgene ... probably most are aware of this , but not everyone is... anyone using brake cleaner and then applying heat over 315 degrees needs to be aware of it... There are many articles on the internet that cover this.. Good luck with your repair ! Grant
  12. Great news ! TD6 runs well... they are so much fun to drive !! I found this in my repair manual.... if this is the starter you have in the picture, there is some adjustment that can be made to obtain the specified clearance between the pinion face and the inside nose of the drive housing (23/64” with a 1/32” tolerance either way).. Only sending this in the event you may need it down the road.. sounds like you have it fixed..
  13. I plan to repaint it red before it goes on..... my engine was yellow at one time, a bit of the yellow shows through here and there... probably never will be a restoration project, she’s a working girl, lol... The first pump they were going to send me was painted red... I could tell from the pics it was for an “A” pump with the scavenging valve ...
  14. north of 60

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    Wow... when toys were built to last !!
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