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  1. I’ve done it…. ran out of diesel just before I was going to load after finishing a job … will depend somewhat on how well it’s running in gas mode ..
  2. Happy Birthday Dale ! I had my old Mopar out for a rip today..?
  3. It wasn’t a no fuel issue, it was an ignition issue ... and it had NGK plugs that I replaced with new NGK plugs.. I’m still not sure what was causing the lack of spark in both plugs... the wiring harness had been chewed up badly by a dog before the riding mower and engine came to me... I had somewhat of a wiring schematic for it, and kept working at identifying and connecting wires.. and finally got spark in one plug...so got the engine started with that cylinder firing ... after a short time the in line tester showed the second plug was being energized ... so still not sure what the problem was... I’ve rebuilt small engines, but this one had me going for a bit..
  4. Thx to all who responded .. I now have it running ... my hope is to have this engine power a bandsaw mill I plan to build this year...
  5. You sure could be right mmi... I’m not familiar with what an air gap tester is or how it works ?
  6. Well I tried new plugs, still no spark... but both coils are still causing the light in the plug tester to flash when I ground it to the engine block or battery ....but will not flash when I attach it to a plug that is inserted in the head.. The resistance in the secondary coils is within specs, but the primary coils are showing no resistance when it says there should be at least some .. If anyone has one of these engines, a photo of the wiring to the coils would be most helpful ..
  7. I don’t believe this one does.... I haven’t seen anything that looks like it would be that....and there is no mention of it in the literature I have ..
  8. I believe on this engine, from what I’ve found online, it’s just the kill diode for the engine... to shut it down when you turn the key off .. just picked up my new plugs in town, so will try them here soon..
  9. Sorry, I should have mentioned that I checked the plugs for continuity, and have also tried other plugs to see if I could get spark with no success..... I will pick up new plugs today... if that is the issue I will be surprised... and pleased ... The plug tester I have is just your basic inexpensive Princess Auto/Harbour Freight in line tester that flashes if you have energy from the coil ...
  10. Hoping someone familiar with small engine ignition systems can help me out.. Working on a Honda GXV530 two cylinder engine .. I have cleaned everything, set the coil air gaps to spec... have no spark at plug... the tester shows the coils are generating spark, but it only shows on the tester when you put it to ground.. there is no spark at all when you attach it to the spark plug ... Anyone have an idea what the issue could be here.. the engine shut off diode is disconnected, so it’s not that.. Engine was running when last used a couple years ago.., could it be that both coils are now too weak to push the spark through the resistance in plugs to create a spark ? Thx, Grant
  11. Haven’t gone back through all your posts, but you mention checking the fuel filters .. trying the simple things first is always a good idea... and a dirty fuel filter or an improper filter could cause the fuel starvation issues that you describe...
  12. Well I took some heat after installing a comfy office type chair on my TD9 (that has a canopy).. but it sure has been more comfy than what I had before .. and I use it often ..
  13. Thx Hector..... that was supposed to be a PM just to you ...?
  14. Sorry Hector... just found your Oct message now... I don’t need any discs or plates right now, steering clutches are working.. was thinking about external brake bands ... I’m hoping I can fabricate some type of winch brake for my TD9 Isaacson winch... thinking maybe a TD9 brake band from Steiners just might work ... Would you happen to have an Isaacson winch in your parts collection ?
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