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  1. rcb

    D282 rebuild

    Would it be a similar price to go to studs?
  2. rcb

    D282 rebuild

    I don't know of any. I've been thinking about this myself. Since I've dumped a bunch of cash in the 560 recently, been thinking about rebuilding it before adding the turbo. seems a bit spendy... might even be cheaper to go dt360, but I'm not there yet. The 282 treats me pretty well.
  3. I dont have a system but I think i'd like to add one. At least to see who's outside before answering the door, more than what a peephole does.
  4. I only grumble when it happens multiple times. I am very thankful to be alive. Back then I was probably driving 60 with 4 bald tires, 2 bad wheel bearings, warped rotors and no defrost. Of course at that time I barely had enough to pay rent, utilities and school, let alone food. Safe vehicle?! I don't think it was on the list. Of course I ended up going to a motorcycle year round. Nothing like 2 wheels on snow and ice. I don't know how my mom slept at night, lol. Of course I only saw or talked to the family on Thanksgiving and Christmas for the most part. So what she didn't know wasn't hurting her.
  5. rcb

    High winds

    Reading that Iowa got wrecked by some sheer winds that came through. They came through Indiana in a hurry, but we didn't get it too bad. Saw some satellite photos that looked pretty rough. Everyone alright out there?
  6. I do it on the 560, but mostly 4th to 5th, but I can't seem to downshift like that, only upshift. It keeps my hands busy. I do double clutch.
  7. What I'm really curious about is how all the social distancing will affect the country this fall. We constantly are trading weakened viruses to build our immune systems. With the reduce events and social distancing, extreme cleaning regimens and all I wonder if we will see increased impact from weakened immune systems.
  8. One issue I'm having with the new site is discontinued parts aren't listed at all. So on a diagram, you can see the part called out, but no listing for what the old number was or what the part was even called. Anyone experiencing that?
  9. It's not anecdotal at all. This is what is going on that is verifiable. The numbers you are showing are anecdotal. Do you know why? Because they are not separating COVID deaths from other factors. How do we verify what they are reporting when there are numerous false positives and false negatives. The numbers they present certainly don't include the huge number of asymptomatic. The problem is there are people who are easily taken in by drama and enjoy the dopamine hit fear gives them. Those in government have shown their excitement at controlling the populace. They've also shown their blatant bias against the church and any gathering they don't approve of. Numerous doctors have come out in opposition to many of the numbers and even practices being implemented, but it's likely that you disregard those because it aligns with your view as much as you might critique others for endorsing news reflecting theirs. As you should be aware, Cancer is often not the cause of death, but an illness they acquire while dealing with cancer. But to say someone died of the flu, while they were dying from lung cancer would be intentionally fraudulent. So FACT, out of the 37 people I personally know that have had COVID, 0% have died. Also fact, a local factory that had 146 people test positive for COVID, 0% died. In fact all of the reported deaths in our county came from a single nursing home... where they were masked 100% of the time, with regular cleanings and gloves in use, no visitors and complete isolation. So, either the CDC is wrong about the virus, or not fully knowledgeable about their recommendations or the most probable explanation: those in nursing homes are often in the worst of health and COVID at most may have been a contributing factor. Also proved is PPE and social distancing is ineffective to stop the transmission, even among healthcare professionals in controlled environments. Proven, real world, real time, where everyone here can see. If healthy people where you are are dying randomly because of COVID, then the only conclusion is that it's a different ailment than what we have down here. If you want to trust the media who has repeatedly, over and over, lied and mislead over your own eyes and ears, then that is up to you. Again, if you have health issues, then yes... even the flu can be deadly. Take it seriously. But burning our country down so more can die in the wake of our devastated country isn't something I'm kosher with. And I'll hold you to the "No one is going to force you to get one!" statement. Remember "We're all in this together."? Our governor just tried to decree the lack of a mask as a misdemeanor. Fortunately he was smacked down quickly but he still tried. Hysteria is out of control and it's going to get people killed because they are now attacking other people that won't conform to their desires.
  10. If the compromised want a vaccine, then by all means. However, for the rest of us, no need. Literally everyone I know that has had... including the elderly and those with COPD and diabetes were fine. Some literally couldn't even tell they had it, except someone they worked with had it and so they had to be tested... and that's even if the testing can be trusted.
  11. This is very accurate. Most people, even in urban areas, are trying to make a living. You have a percentage that like to cause a rukus. Welfare is one of the most dangerous things to a human being, if not joined with expectation and limitations. I think welfare isn't bad, but it needs to make a pathway into sustainability. I've seen several people get stuck in the system because as soon as they hit the threshold, they loose everything. No tapering off to make working worthwhile. They just know if they make a certain amount per week, then they loose everything. So they are forever locked into the system.
  12. Here in Indiana we have a mandate, but at least where I am at, no one will stop you. They've got the signs out, but other than people freaking out, it's business as usual.
  13. If nothing else, black locust around here is highly prized for fence posts.
  14. Yeah, that's kinda where I am. I know the general operation. This has been new education for me. I was reading about A and B setups. I suppose an alternator may be wiser in the end anyhow as I have been thinking about adding hookups to run lights if I'm towing one of the trailers on the road. I usually don't but for the sake of argument. I even thought about adding a brake controller for some of the hills. All that extra electrical load would probably necessitate a alternator anyhow.
  15. I am familiar with how the old regulator works in so far as how it controls the field and how the output from the armature is controlled along with some other components. Charging at idle/low rpm is a problem that the solid state can help with, which is one of my desires. The resistor value was my main question. I can't find a value for it anywhere. I just like confirming the issue than buying parts in the hope it's the problem. 99% likely the regulator is bad, but I'd like to confirm it. Ultimately an alternator is likely the way I'll go, though I'm not fond of the appearance. Just thinking outside the box as I was aware of many older harley guys switching to solid state regulators on their older bikes. My father is a VW guy and they've got solid state to replace the old mechanical style... so it got me to thinking.
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