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  1. Possibly but in yesteryear they were often one in the same. Engineers signing off on everything is a product of today's insurance liability culture, not one of necessity. You had craftsmen/craftswomen that knew their trade. It was common for methods to be developed and passed on by the artisans. All skilled trades (including brick layers) know the tolerances on the materials they use. In fact, unique styles as pictured were often employed as a matter of pride and display of craftsmanship. Even today there are, speaking of bricks and chimneys, such structures standing that can identify who built them by their design as only certain people used particular methods or designs. Same for carpentry. There are even welders today I've listened to that know who performed a job by the type of weld, gussets or even methods used.
  2. Baltimore is famous for those. I would assume they still stand. Impressively cool.
  3. rcb

    His name was Bill

    That is hard to hear. It's been a rough couple of years for this type of stuff. Just a reminder to do what we can today. I'm real bad about just working all the time, while life moves past me. I've been doing my best to really get out and visit my family, my friends and neighbors. What good is the rest of it anyhow? Got to work to eat but there is a lot of times I could be spending with people instead of another project.
  4. I always thought these were cool but even I heard about poor performance from them from people who owned them. Not sure if it was really poor performance or if they were just used to the reliability of an inline 6.
  5. They want this new regulation to open up the doors for commercial drones. If people hate drones now, if this new regulation will see massive commercial drones dot the sky. This is their pathway. And as Alexa has shown, Google will use their drones as additional ears and eyes for their data mining.
  6. Yep, check it all out here: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/12/31/2019-28100/remote-identification-of-unmanned-aircraft-systems They wrapped it up under the guise of "safety" but to say it's onerous is an understatement and won't provide any more safety than gun control. This is Patriot Act nonsense. The proposals are expensive and simply not realistic with RC aircraft. I wish they'd delineate between autonomous aircraft and RC aircraft. That would solve my issues. The FAA is a barely controlled agency. Unfortunately since it impacts so few relatively, it's not even a blip on the radar.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if this is to push support for the FAA's most recent overreaching proposal. I fly RC airplanes. Keep in mind we build these things with our bare hands... anyone can. But now they want everyone, even us RC plane guys to have GPS transponders linked to a federal system that they can interrupt if they want to. They don't distinguish between drones or planes. Of course any drug runners or terrorists will abide by such regulations I'm sure. But whoever is running them wants them to be seen and wants to create a panic. Large drones have a fairly limited fight time. 20 minutes is about as good as you get. If there are large numbers then almost certainly it's at least a corporate entity or group. They aren't hard to bring down if they are tree top level. I'm surprised someone hasn't shot one yet. Reading the article, they mention watching one in the same place for over an hour. That would have to be something else. The BEST flight time of ANY drone commercial or hobby is around 30 minutes in calm conditions, no payload and rather small. Now if they are using some fashion of fuel its possible but still an hour is an extremely long time to be airborne in a drone. They are not energy efficient since they can't convert distance to lift. There are long distance drones with 1 hour flight time but they aren't capable of hovering.and are fixed wing.
  8. rcb

    Another "What is it"

    Wow, got me on that one. I don't even have a vague clue.
  9. What's the tank on the front? While not white, I had seen some grey internationals for the military, though I don't know if it was factory mil spec or done somewhere after procurement.
  10. Thanks. I hoped I wasn't hallucinating
  11. rcb

    Hytran price

    I had never seen one until last week. Not sure if it came with them or they were added though.
  12. Ouch! They just can't keep their hands out of our pockets.
  13. Something else I was discussing with my wife last night that could also help on this very subject. At least right now one challenge is every factory wants to run 80+ hours a week. That's a LOT of money to be made, but it's hard on bodies and worse, hard on families. while 60 hours isn't the end of the world and a few 80ish hour weeks a year aren't too bad, doing so every week is hard for anyone with a spouse or kids. No doubt however, many kids are being lead into thinking their only hope for "success" is college. I'm a designer by day, but I can say the kids coming out of 4 year institutions aren't nearly as prepared as the ones coming out of 2 year community colleges for the same position. Too much fluff and indoctrination at the college level instead of focusing on producing capable workers.
  14. Fast hitch could certainly be brought back. Hands down I prefer it over a 3pt. Just so much faster. Obviously once you get to a certain size, 3 pt is your only option, but for utility sized tractors, if they brought a fast hitch out for them, it'd be very popular. You can't get a decent price on fast hitch anything at an auction. While there are collectors, most are just looking to use it. I see someone mentioned Cases' eagle claw, but I have never seen it or used it. Not quite a hitch system, when going through letter series literature there was some type of implement set advertised that was supposed to be quick change. It wasn't IH, but some other company. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I want to say one of the attachments was a seeder. Another may have been a sickle bar... but it's been several years ago. I may have even read it on here (but no guarantees). I "think" there was a piece bolted to the draw bar that the implements could be attached to with a pin or similar mechanism. It was fixed however.
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