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  1. Yeah, that's usually the way. But there have been enough times recently, it'd be so nice to have a set that I think I may just buy one.
  2. I'm trying to think of where I've seen Gear Wrench down here. I'll have to do some searching. Thanks for the input. It really seems to be all in favor of GearWrench
  3. A significant number of the people I went to college with or were friends that graduated from college are now middle managers in retail or working in a factory. I'd say roughly half. Funny enough, more than a few of my friends in my field (design) switched to driving truck in the past few years, largely due to the lack of jobs/pay in our field.
  4. Most of it wasn't fit for repeating. I can't say I didn't learn anything, but they basically bled me for money, lied persistently and learned it was mainly about who you knew, not what you knew. They fed us load of nonsense and most of us were stupid enough to buy it. Eventually God picked me out of the mess I had gotten myself into and dusted me off. Also learned I wasn't nearly as good of a person as I had given myself credit for being. I still have very mixed feelings about college. Now my profession is dying and I make less now than I did 20 years ago. What I generally tell people now
  5. I've never spent the money on a good set of ratcheting flex head wrenches as many of the ones i've used had heads so large I couldn't get them where I needed them. But when they do fit, they are incredibly handy. Anyone have recommendations?
  6. You're kidding! Unfortunately it seems to be the way some on the left is right now. And media is fanning those flames. What a year. Did the news pick it up at all? Great pictures though!
  7. Yeah, I used to get knocked by a guy farming next to us about all my old equipment. We may be small, but I replaced my wife's part time income in 2 years. The ONLY way to make money at our size is to keep overhead down. The guy working the neighbors land bought new everything. Profited about 100 per acre. It's nice to have all new equipment but we wouldn't make any money. Unlike a lot of things, the bank account doesn't lie about what goes out and what comes in. For us it's all about keeping expenses down. I looked at buying a brand new square baler a few years ago and there was just no way to
  8. Yeah, my wife kept telling me she was holding up imaginary fingers while we were planting this past week. But she was still there. It can be dangerous and we usually have our kids with us. We keep our eyes on swivels. Still amazing to be outdoors though rather than behind my desk.
  9. Not much to go off of. Anyone recognize the logo on this ripper? Shot in the dark.
  10. Wow, you never hear much about the B23s. I was always fascinate with them after reading about the one that's still out in the boonies in Idaho.
  11. Funny, I was just wondering if anyone started making them again. I have one on my 560 but have had quite a few people ask me about it. The price wasn't terrible either.
  12. My parents flat told me they weren't and if I wanted one I'd have to buy it myself, so I started saving when I was 12. Did a lot of odd jobs... knocked down chimneys, tarred roofs, dry wall, etc.. Bought my first car just shy of 17 but I did get a deal on it from a guy my mom worked with. My dad did offer to cosign for me on a truck that he liked, but held off. Not easy, but it can be done.
  13. Yeah, you aren't kidding. We talked about buying a skid steer a few years ago. Of course I was wanting a small one I could get in an out anywhere. This would be a larger unit. A friend just got an old gehl but bought a bush hog attachment for the front and it's pretty sweet. Like you say... not cheap though.
  14. So, as I start cleaning up some of our rolling land and repairing roads, I've been considering getting a small dozer (nothing more than 10,000lbs). Pushing small trees, moving earth and rocks. A lot is on hillside. We had a case 310 which was a loader rather than a bulldozer, but overall it did well. But I also go to thinking about the usefulness of a skid steer. Could a skid steer realistically fill the role of a small dozer? I don't know how well a skid steer could handle being used like a dozer but figured someone would know.
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