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  1. Is It Really Winter?

    I just got back from Minneapolis. Foot and a half of snow on the ground and it below zero several mornings. I'm back in Indiana. Ice and snow and highs in the 20s. Feel free to send those 60s our way.
  2. Old rail passenger cars going through town

    That is cool. The Hiawatha!
  3. Truss repair with the 1256

    We use our bucket on teh 480 case for that type of stuff a lot, but it only gets us up to about 14ft arms reach. Been a few times we put a ladder in the bucket to reach higher. Not a good feeling but as we don't have our own boom lift...
  4. Who ordered the snow

    I've got to head for Minnesota on Wednesday. Hoping it will be cleared by then. All our snow has pretty much melted. We've got 12" here, but that's 12" of mud.
  5. Grain bin collapse in Ohio

    Just saw this online. It's a miracle no one was killed. In a situation like that, what happens to the corn? Most of it should be fine, but that's still a lot that I imagine crushed chemicals not safe for feed/food/etc... Link to the article I saw http://www.heraldonline.com/news/business/article196006519.html
  6. State Senator From Rural Nebraska Wants This

    It's a problem everywhere. Every road here in Indiana is under construction. I see loads of equipment sitting around for months unused. That isn't sitting there without cost. They just added an additional gas tax this past year. They "capped" our property taxes, but all the counties did was value the land and a higher price. We saw a tax cut for about 3 years. I agree. This is a spending problem. They keep consolidating schools, then building brand new massive buildings that now need full time security staff, surveillance contractors and all things that go along with massive buildings... and then busing all the kids there. Sadly, about the only thing that will change behavior is a complete collapse where there just isn't the money any more. Nothing wrong with assistance programs, but we need real jobs with decent wages to return. THEN you can get more taxes from better wages and more spending... which again makes better tax revenue. I enjoy having paved roads, but it used to be gravel. As dirty as it was, it was a reality of living in the sticks. May be a more cost effective option moving into the future. We still have a few creek crossing, but many were replaced by bridges. Also nice to have, but they just took 3 years to replace the last one at more than 180k for a rarely traveled road. Nice for me, but not necessary. But, it will have to get to the point of no other choice to come to those budget decisions.
  7. Will The Revival Of This Aircraft Be Realized?

    I would love to see an Arrow revival, but that's a LOT of cash (or credit). The F-35 from those I know say it is a bit of a maintenance queen. But beyond that many of the new "reports" are looking at different needs. In skirmish fighting which is most of current engagements, longer loiter times and small runway/unimproved runway access is critical. As I understand it, those are features the F-35 doesn't have amply. I believe I read that is what has given the A-10 longer life. I know the Marines and Army were quite adamant about bringing the A-10s onboard when the USAF was pushing to retire them. Dollar for dollar they are a great investment for their particular needs. Though external armaments can be added to the F-35, they start losing all their advantages according to military review. I don't know but I think to a degree some roles, such as close air support don't need elaborate electronic suites and stealth capability seems quick to be defeated. Time will tell I suppose. B-1s are still operational and those went through all sorts of financial and political hurdles.
  8. Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    Is it just the twin light style that's that high? I had set of the 66 series fenders that I wanted to trade for some 560 fenders. It took a couple years to find someone willing to trade.
  9. Went to the dark side

    Sometimes under the seats you can find them. Also look under the hood. On my 70s Dodge trucks they are on a printed label on the underside of the hood. Sometimes there is also a tag on the radiator. I'll have to look at the ramcharger and see what it has on it. Is it a crew cab by chance?
  10. Possibility of a 51st state

    I know the northern parts started the paperwork for the State of Jefferson. But I know that stuff happens semi frequently. Six California's had enough support to go on the ballot, but they wouldn't put it on the ballot (probably because it had support from both sides). I wish them luck on the endeavour. That's got to be a rough row to hoe.
  11. That is a tough combo. We will keep you in our prayers for your family. Since you have faith, lean into that. Also remember that everything else aside, we are not promised tomorrow so be there today. One day at a time.
  12. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    I've only done one permitted oversized load (an actual shed... not a barn lol) but it went pretty smooth. The most important part is the 13.5 ft clearance. We got pretty close on a few lines, but we were clear. Here the permit process was pretty easy. Based on the size load they also had a department to help you plot your route (bridge widths and the like). We ran two vehicles, one ahead and one behind, placarded. Went smooth. There was one bridge I squeezed onto. We would have the forward vehicle go ahead and block traffic when needed. Still had a few who would ignore them and go around only to find out they had to double back when they met me.
  13. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    While a pure battery truck isn't what I'd first pursue, but I always thought a gen set arrangement with electric motors could be fantastic. Just like locomotives.
  14. Grumpy...

    I've been so grumpy recently. Not sure if I'm just getting older but dang. Maybe just the world going insane. Maybe I need a new hobby... or fewer. I am beginning to understand how some people can live in a shack in the middle of nowhere. Maybe I need to warm up my egg nog a little more this holiday season.

    On the other hand, you won't be let go to pay for your boss' daughters horse (true story) or let go after 20 years of dedicate service because your body doesn't work as well as it did, leaving you to work at walmart or the fine fast food establishments. For the past several years many of my family in factories have been mandated seven days a week. They have one day off a month. Keeping in mind their kids can't stop by and say hi and they can't run out to pick up their kids from school. Failure to abide means dismissal along with their vacation time and seniority. Their heads are always on the chopping block if things don't work out. No equipment to sell, they can't even limp by. Their families suffer since they are never together. Doesn't seem very profitable to me. I know the other types too, always ready to walk out the door but employers in this area are quick to boot someone out the door, even when they've had decades of dedicated service. Everyone has different risk levels they are comfortable with of course but it's a fool's game betting on a company that almost by definition isn't concerned with the employees best interest. Nothing wrong with that, but a lot of people forget that most companies aren't concerned with the long term prosperity of their employees.