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  1. Wow, we go through a gallon every two days easy! Of course that's with 3 boys. So I guess that averages out to 36.5 gallons per individual in the house. Of course we cook a lot too so we use a lot. Still 17 gallons per year seems like not much.
  2. I realize the black diamonds are a development of the blue diamond. Most websites list the 264 as a blue diamond, but the literature for the S160 calls it a black diamond 264. Is there a different other than nomenclature?
  3. I was aware of the 282 parent bore motors. But I happened to read about a 308 that was a Black Diamond, but I can't find much info on them. What's the story with those? Only produce a few years?
  4. Nice to hear! I'll keep them in mind as I've got some hard to find stuff. Like you said, the local Navistar joint doesn't know anything about the IH products, or very little.
  5. What a cool truck! I'm guessing it's going to see a full resto?
  6. Looking good. I've been getting the carpentry itch for a while but all these tractors and trucks keep me busy. Looks good!
  7. Oh yeah, it's an easy swap, but buying the parts piece mail is expensive, so I was hoping there might be some combo out there that'd have what i need. The 6609 is only 400ish pounds. I could do a 5spd and a brownie, but a 9 speed by itself would do the same but light overall and less space... though I'd have to add air, but I wanted air for tools and tires anyhow, so not too big an issue.
  8. Sadly my uncle pays for a premium policy so they can only put new parts back in. Insurance is the same as any casino. The house always wins. They don't produce anything but they sure have nice headquarters.
  9. rcb

    Alexa, It's me!

    Actually the video wasn't a hoax. There were other videos of people at the time that also asked the same questions and got the same answers. Amazon received a lot of feedback about it and made corrections. But yes, total spy boxes. But a lot of people just don't care or they haven't considered the implications that all that is being saved.
  10. I'm looking for a dt360 rather than the 7.3. I've found several 466s with 9 speeds (6609). Perhaps dt360s simply weren't available the same.
  11. I'm looking for a DT360 and a 9 speed for a project. It's likely going to be cheaper to buy a whole truck, but not sure which type of trucks likely to have that setup. Anyone know a particular style of truck I ought to look for? Like a box trucks, service, truck, etc? I know a lot of dumps had 9 speeds but with 466s. Unfortunately I don't have room for a 466 so the dt360 is what I'm going to need.
  12. rcb


    I'd believe it.
  13. rcb


    My k3500 had significant rust from the bed back on the frame. Noticeably right where the space is between the cab and the bed, there were holes in the top of the frame. Went through, cleaned everything up, welded/repaired what I could get to and painted it to protect from rust. In the 90s I think all the manufacturers were using cheap metal in their frames. Possibly a supply issue, not sure.
  14. rcb


    Weren't those the ultra economy pickups IH had? I remember seeing an ad sometime back about a truck that was less than a half ton. Some super economy package if I recall.
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