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  1. Brillman Company makes some pretty nice replacement harness, or maybe Porch electric
  2. As Ed mentioned earlier I had one pull out with the injector, the injector is stuck tight in the sleeve. 4 other injectors pulled out very hard from there sleeves and I cant be too sure that maybe the sleeves didn't move too and break the seal with the cylinder head itself when I pulled them. I had one injector that came right out no problem. So to be on the safe side I have decided to replace the injector sleeves.
  3. Hey Guys I'm going to be replacing the injector sleeves in my D-310 German, I see these are available after market through a few different sources at about half the cost of the case IH factory ones. Has anybody used the aftermarket ones, is the quality and fit good? Any tips/tricks on removal and replacement? I do have the factory service manual that I have read through and plan on swinging by the dealership today to see if they have the removal and installation tools for these. Thanks
  4. Probably best just to send the pump off to a reputable shop and have it gone through might be some governor issues too. I know its not cheap to have one done, but its no fun removing a pump multiple times chasing problems.
  5. Had a chance to work on the exhaust some yesterday. I used 2 mandrel bent 45's and connected them in the center and had to open up the hole in the hood to 3.5 inches.
  6. Pulled the 560 yesterday, It ran out great, but spun out at 242 feet. So I need to work on a different hitch set up, weight brackets for the rear, and possibly some different tires.
  7. Its alive! Had it running yesterday evening, but ran into a couple problems, the injection pump is weeping fuel between the main body and the distributor head and out of the throttle lever shaft, and the alternator that I switched over to a 1 wire set up isn't charging, but everything else seems to be fine. The hydraulic steering works great and no leaks! Still have a few things I need to get finished, exhaust, steel lines bent for the fuel lines, and get some of the wiring straightened up a bit.
  8. Got the fuel tank cut and sectioned back together last night. I had to take 3 inches out of the front lower section to clear the engine and heat shield.
  9. Thanks for the compliments guys, This has been a big project (bigger than anticipated) hopefully it all works good. I still have the fuel tank and lines to modify and then on to the wiring witch should be pretty straight forward.
  10. A little more progress got the air intake and filter set up done and started working on the hydraulic lines for the steering system.
  11. Good to know, I will do that, Thank You!
  12. some more progress, got the combine engine switched over and is now in its new home.
  13. Not a lot of progress lately, been busy with work and some home repair projects but did get a chance to get one of the engines off of one of the combines today and cleaned up ready to start swapping it over to the tractor style oiling system
  14. Starting to work on the power steering and have a question for the hydraulics' experts, can the port shown in the picture be capped off or does it need to have a supply of oil running to it to lube the bearings? Thanks
  15. Here's a few more pictures, its kind of a tight squeeze but I think it can be done, little cutting, little welding
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