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  1. Always wanted to, but took a year too long to get sorted on it. I'd still like to get a setup, but like everything else it's hard to find everything. I guess I've got `12ga reloading stuff, but still.
  2. rcb

    $11 per hundred

    Yeah, bad timing. Right before the Holidays. She had insurance fortunately, but they're still crammed in a couple hotel rooms so it's less than comfortable. The only bad part was she had most of our family photos. All gone now. Tried to get her to scan them in, but let it slide. But no one was hurt.
  3. rcb

    Seat for a 560

    I've got one, but it's pretty sloppy and rusty. It'd need a complete rebuild. I'm near Bedford, Indiana. You can have it if you want to drive up here. Guessing you're down near Evansville?
  4. rcb

    $11 per hundred

    Yeah, my sister's place burned a couple months ago. Took all their tin (it was a polebarn style house) to scrap and did pretty well. In march of 2020 I had taken in a trailer load and got $18 dollars. What a different a year makes. Now I've got to start watching all our equipment again.
  5. Just what I'm looking for. I went through there several years ago and always stuck in my mind since then.
  6. I'm looking to buy some land in Northern Texas. How is areas about McLean? Definitely want to avoid any liberal cesspools. Looking to buy just a little land, maybe 10-20 acres. Open to other ideas. I don't want to get too far south nor am I wanting to buy prime land at 10k or more an acre.
  7. And now the largest study on masks and COVID from Denmark has proven masks don't make a difference on contraction, as we've known from the start. It's all about control. 2021 is going to be worse than 2020.
  8. Yeah that was my first stop. They have the tires, but don't have appropriate rims. Not go on the deluxe seat either. I can fab that easy enough. Going to add levers too. I'm a little surprised at how UNdetailed it is.
  9. You do know he paid taxes right? You know he actually prepaid taxes, right? But if that's your only litmus for presidential office than I'd recommend not looking at anyone who pays taxes. Particularly anyone who makes more than 100k a year. Taxation is theft by default. Someone not getting taxed as much as you think they should isn't stealing from anyone, but rather the government stealing from them less. But if you're looking at the $750 dollar tax bill, then you need to take into account the millions he prepaid to get down to $750. Anyone can do the same thing. I actually pay extra through t
  10. He proved to be. I had my doubts, but he has done what people have been asking for, for ages. Common sense things. FINALLY putting some heat to China, removing regulations, reducing taxes (I don't make much but I did 2,000 better under him), removed the Obamacare penalty, refused unconstitutional mask mandates, limited an unconstitutional lock down, improved our energy production, called out news for being the liars they are, fought nauseating Democrat corruption and the whole Washington swamp. Bush can take the Patriot Act back. I was not and am not a Bush fan and don't want to see another on
  11. Well, at lest Trump has fought. We've followed the course of law as far as it will take us and will have turned over every stone before the tyranny of 2021 begs for resolution the courts refuse to provide. Everything at this point is a lose/lose, but I refuse communism even if voted for and we have done our best. From here, chips fall where they may.
  12. Yep, watched 4 75# weights go for 160 a weight last fall. Too much for my blood. I'll find them cheaper eventually. I know people with pallets of them, hoarding them like gold. Don't ever use them, but they know what they have, lol. Ah well. Crazy.
  13. I bought one of the FFA 560s last year for my 5 year old. He likes it, but keeps asking about getting one like mine. So I picked up a diesel wide front use. Dakota has the front wheel and they also have the 18.4-38 tires, but not rims. I've considered cutting the plastic rims on the tractor and adding a spacer or buying the plastic clamp on rims, completely remove the old rims and glue in the new ones. I'm sure he will play with this, but I also remember how I was at his age. I wanted exactly what my family was using in the field and he has an eye for detail. Any opinions are welcome. Als
  14. Yeah, I've been looking for some myself. I've been meaning to browse through Red Power and see if there are an ads for them. I'd imagine someone is repopping them.
  15. May is a good month for those. Two of my children, my wife and myself are all May models.
  16. I converted to the powerstroke glow plugs. Starts in 30 seconds or less. @Cdfarabaugh How much did it cost to have the block and heads decked? I'd like to do it before adding the turbo. Of course I loathe pulling the motor if I don't have to.
  17. Meanwhile, the death rate continues to decline.
  18. Just nothing to haul I assume? Or no one to run them?
  19. It's going to be a fight for many years still yet. though I think 2020 proved the necessity of self defense.
  20. As I get closer to putting on the turbo on my 560, I've got to thinking about a pyrometer. Did IH have a pyrometer on their turbo 282s in their dozers or on the kit for the 560?
  21. Someone I spoke to is stuck in Kingston New York with an RV bus conversion. Trying to find someone to do a swap. Motor sprung a large oil leak and ate the motor as I understand it. I believe she found an engine, just looking to get it installed. Anyone have a recommendation?
  22. Cool idea! We have tractors that have been in the family for 50 years, but none were bought new. It was rare for any of us to even buy a new appliance. Heck, even now we only have 1 appliance bought new I think it would be really cool, particularly with photos and receipts, etc..
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