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  1. I just noticed they changed all the old SAE sizings to metric for some reason. Is there a preference that can be set to display them in their original format? While the conversions aren't terribly hard, this is just one more inconvenience. What amazes me is they actually spent the time to convert them to metric, which absolutely have to be converted back. But maybe a drop down to toggle between settings?
  2. The people may be, but their government is another story... of course we have quite a few cesspools ourselves.
  3. On the flip side, 99% of the time it's an easy fix. There have been a few times I had to take one of my "old" vehicles because the new ones all had something wrong. I had the clutch linkage come apart on my 66 F100 one time in rush hour traffic. Turned it off, put it in gear and started it in gear so I could make it to the shoulder. Fished around the truck and found a package of finish nails and then crawled under the truck, put it back together with the finish nails and made it home. Too many times I've been stranded in a new car due to a failed sensor of one type or another. AC is nice though.
  4. All original... don't see that very often! I always marvel at the unrestored cars.
  5. Very cool! You don't see many of those Buicks. Not nearly as nice, but my wife just bought her family's 29 A Tudor. Plain Jane of course. Her grandfather and uncle bought it in the late 50s for $50, $25 dollars each, lol. About the same time frame to get it running (It's been in the same garage for 25 years). But it's going to take my 56 S160's spot in the shed, so I've got to build more roof now. hopefully get it home this weekend.
  6. I think it's all been covered, but for naval aircraft it was part of landing protocol for escape, obviously at one time. I imagine there was a relief of the confines of the cockpit with a window open wherever possible, but as speeds increased, it was increasingly difficult to do so. The buffeting at high speeds would be enough to make anyone close it up.
  7. I'm wanting to stroke a BD264, and was wondering if the C263 crank would fit in a BD block. Probably a question no one knows the answer to, but figured I'd ask.
  8. We've never done any masking requirements, though we did shut down for a few weeks in March last year. Been open since May of 2020. I do think this accelerated the exodus from church. Many who have left weren't overly interested anyhow. The continued decline of this and other countries will see additional churches close as everything swirls down the drain. But for those who have had enough, grace persists and is still there. Will things change? they always do, but usually in ways we don't like.
  9. Prayers for all. It's a sad state indeed. For all the trillions thrown at cancer, there are still a remarkable number dying even with early detection. There is only one true healing in the end.
  10. It's pretty impressive, even for adults. I worked there many years ago. I don't think it's as fun as it used to be, but still a fun day. They have a massive collection of vintage toys, but most is in the archives. The Lilly family is who founded it, more or less and unsurprisingly, some of their oldest pieces came from them. Their carousel there is their center piece.
  11. I need another tractor like I need another hole in my head, but there's a Farmall 450 with a Perkins diesel in it. I believe there was a company that made kits to do that in Ms and such back then, wasn't there? I've been very reluctant to go look at it because I know what the outcome would be. But it does peak my curiosity.
  12. I see many people getting back into limited farming as side income in my area, but you definitely can't buy new and make money on small acreage. We make money every year, but only because my equipment is as old as the hills. I don't know about everyone else, but over the past 3 years I've begun seeing a completely separate economy forming. Lots of people starting to skip walmart and go straight to the producers. COOPs, multi family buys, even produce buys. It's definitely been a benefit around here on both selling and buying. One of my friends who does long horns actually partnered with a local butcher and opened a store in town. Many of the BTOs have left our area because the fields aren't big enough to allow them to operate efficiently and the local government doesn't have enough money to replace dozens of bridges and roads to make room for large equipment. And then you have the effect of printing money. I think all these things in concert are driving high prices.
  13. Same here. That's a good looking one too
  14. In Indiana, if you come down 69, do yourself a favor and stop by the ACD museum in Auburn. Very close to it is the NATMUS which I actually like better and is in another old Auburn, Cord Duesenberg building. The NATMUS is more casual but either one is a multi hour affair. There are a lot of neat little towns along the way, but off the interstate by a bit. Aside from its location, the Children's Museum in Indianapolis is pretty cool but basically an all day stop. In Kentucky, the Cumberland Gap is interesting. Lots of parks and such in the general area. Also while in KY, you might check out Claudia Sanders' Dinner House, which is the only place to get the original Kentucky Fried chicken and gravy. You can read up on it, but interesting part of American history. Jellico as you come into Tennessee is a nice/brief stop. Again, so many cool little towns and areas. I'm at a loss as you get into South Carolina. I can't recall ever going there.
  15. Yeah, that flat ground is always nice! Nice country in the last ones, even with all the rocks. I could live in a place like that.
  16. A guy I was talking to just sold a gas 560 for 4500. Ran/stopped. A little rough around the edges, but I was a bit surprised. I've seen some nice ones go for less.
  17. It's not harvested yet. Still a few weeks out.
  18. Might have pulled a disc mower in similar condition as the tractor, missing guards and such.
  19. Some call it Dinkle Wheat. Primitive form of wheat, about the size of oats. Popular among the Amish, Ohio and in Germany.
  20. I'm not 100% if I get your question correctly, but the standard fast hitch would be equivalent to a category 2. The small points on the 200s, 230s (I think that's right... someone can correct me I'm sure) would be equivalent to a category 1. the single point fast hitch would be like a category 0.
  21. I suppose it could have been a family thing. I wouldn't have given 5k for that pile. But all the better for the seller and as long as the buyer was happy then all is good.
  22. I am thinking of setting up a gravity wagon to dry about 200 bushel of spelt. But is there another way I should consider? I found an article about drying grain in a modified gravity wagon in an old farm magazine which is my plan right now. But maybe someone has a better/easier idea?
  23. Always wanted to, but took a year too long to get sorted on it. I'd still like to get a setup, but like everything else it's hard to find everything. I guess I've got `12ga reloading stuff, but still.
  24. rcb

    $11 per hundred

    Yeah, bad timing. Right before the Holidays. She had insurance fortunately, but they're still crammed in a couple hotel rooms so it's less than comfortable. The only bad part was she had most of our family photos. All gone now. Tried to get her to scan them in, but let it slide. But no one was hurt.
  25. I've got one, but it's pretty sloppy and rusty. It'd need a complete rebuild. I'm near Bedford, Indiana. You can have it if you want to drive up here. Guessing you're down near Evansville?
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