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  1. I washed and waxed the 1256 today! I'll submit a before and after pick.
  2. There was an old saying that I heard back in the late 80s that comes to mind when I see that tractor. "That's tits"
  3. It's a 2255 and the engine is a recently overhauled 3208 NA CAT from what I've gathered. Just having a little fun with it
  4. I think that might actually be a young girl. Which would certainly be insult to injury
  5. I can't say with 100% certainty that the 6030 had a turbo. But it was pointed out in their conversation that the Oliver didn't so I'm assuming it did I guess. I don't think there was much more than a handful of NA 6030s and most of the ones that were either had one added or have been repowered by now.
  6. That's fair. So what do you think is happening with these guys then? Was the White sick in 85? Is the 6030 sick now? The way the story goes the guy was pretty proud of his 6030 so I can't believe it was junk.
  7. That's easily the best field cultivator we've had btw. I guess if you really want to get down to the meat and potatoes of it. Other than 2 cylinder JDs I don't dislike any equipment just some people. And I've never said a 6030 is a POS but more than likely overrated
  8. I'm not calling the guy a liar. I'm saying it's possible that maybe being so young that maybe his perspective might've been skewed a little bit. I'd seriously have to see something like that to believe it. I dont dislike people who have run Deere or Deere equipment just the smug ones that act like everything else is junk. When it comes to the 6030 that happens to be a fun one to tear down because that's the Joker you guys think you have in your hand. When in fact it's just another tractor. I've never heard Oliver guys talk about the 2-180 in the way JD guys do the 6030.
  9. I can say with very high confidence is everybody on this forum out ran their dad in the field or wanted to run faster or a higher gear than dad did. From the time I was 10 until now at 43 he says I'm going too fast.
  10. Sure didn't. Hurt some feelings showing pictures and sharing a story of a guy who showed one up in a field day. Even heard another tall tale beyond what I've even thought I'd hear. Half of the reason I do this is for fun and half is to not give in to the consensus that is happening in the world that JD is and always was dominant.
  11. Well the 6030 could've been turned up but I'd have to see that. Sounds like another tall tale to me. We're talking about a 25,000 pound articulated 4wd tractor here
  12. I'll just add that this guy said the 5-18" was all that 6030 can handle and judging by the smoke rolling out of it I believe him. Just seams like a pretty poor showing for this legendary power house of a tractor that they'd like you to believe.
  13. For people who like to spread propaganda on here that the big JDs are unstoppable. Again I have nothing against these tractors I just like to make these guys a little less boastful on here. Also the 3208 is confirmed NA so even if it is turned up he could have only gained a few hp. Said the guy in the 6030 was pretty surprised what the Oliver had. He's running 5-18s I didn't catch what the Oliver was pulling but it's obviously bigger
  14. With this cold wet spring we're having in SE MN I had some help trying to get the crops in today.
  15. The drive gear was also replaced since it had some wear on it.
  16. I am no where near as qualified as these guys to give advice on this but I had the same problem when I had an mcv pump installed in my 806. It sounded like if you took a radio controlled toy car and running it with it off of the ground but a little higher pitched and much louder. I brought it back, the mechanic put a thicker shim in and it's much better now.
  17. You hear about people saying that JD sold 180,000 4020s to 40,000 806s and I was just making the case that there's more to the story.
  18. I think when you look at tractor sales over all it's not gonna look as lopsided as it looks when you see how many 4020s were sold. You gotta consider the 756s with the 706. Then you have the 656s and the 8/1026. The 12s and 14s doubled the sales of the 5020. The 45/4620 were in the mix but they along with the 40/3020 went all the way into the 66 series which were very good sellers. Then there were a variety of 4wd sold in that period if a person really wanted to get into that
  19. I was happy to see an article on the 856! I would like to see more about specific tractor models.
  20. I'd also like to add that I like this neighbor who happens to like JD. Our family's have both had our farms for 100 years now and have been good to best friends through the years. My grandparents and his parents used to go out dancing, played cards and even took care of each other's animals when they wanted to go on vacation.
  21. What did you like about the 1586? They mostly get slammed for the three speed and are about the highest hp/$ tractor a guy can find today
  22. Right. This guy is very brand oriented though. He's the same way with GM vehicles. He could get a half a dozen junk Chevy pickups in a row and still stick with them. There's a guy at work who's the same way. He'll blame CaseIH for a leaky roof where the shop drilled a hole for a radio antenna but the fwa goes out on a JD and that's a "fluke deal"
  23. It makes me sick. There are more guys on who's family's bought 4020s than 806s new, to compare pricing. I think a lot of IH guys on here take the high road because they've been in enough petty pissing matches with JD guys armed with TA and company survival jabs. The important thing is we were lucky enough to grow up with and run red now. My dads neighbor has more bad than good to say about his 4020 and 4430 and it really makes me wonder why he stuck with them.
  24. I've come across a story about a guy whose dad had a price range he wanted to stay within so he demoed a 4020 and 756 which cost around the same. Even though the performance was similar his dad was hung up on the hp rating and chose the 4020. Years later, the consensus was they wished they'd have spent the extra money to get an 856.
  25. I don't know what sale costs ended up being but I've seen list prices of new 806s around $9000. I've read that the 361 was considered a "premium" engine and costly to produce. Even if I was an IH guy at the time it'd be hard to turn down that kind of savings. I've read that a big reason they made the 826 is because the German diesels were cheaper to mass produce.
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