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  1. Ok thanks. Yea that makes sense if one is wider than the other. I live 20 miles from the farm and was only glancing at it yesterday.
  2. Do you know when you set your crossbar measurement why it matters what category of hitch you have?. If I remember right, there was 3 inches of difference between a category 2 or 3 hitch
  3. Thank you. Yes he has that manual and that's how I'm gonna set it up. I have t heard a great reason why he sets it up the way he does. His neighbor does the same thing with the pins but has the cross bar lengthened all the way out to the right side. In a way I'm asking why they might do it that way. He makes it sound like that's just how they've always done it.
  4. Ok thanks. That sounds in line with what the manual says. I think when he set his three point hitch to compensate for the plow hitch being level that he may have set the wrong side higher. He was Messing with it a couple years ago trying to get it to work better in frost
  5. Yes I did t think of it. I'll take one when I'm out there again
  6. I get the right and left but said driver and passenger because I thought it may help with confusion about what people consider right and left side. Anyway, the pins being in different holes would make more sense if they were opposite of what they are so it levels the plow when right tire is in furrow instead of dropping it more
  7. I'm the very proud new owner of a 1969 1256. I bought it to add to the collection but also want to use it some. My dad has 5-18" and 4-18" 720 in furrow plows. I'm gonna plow with the 4-18" this fall. His plow hitches are set with the mounting pins in a way that doesn't make sense to me. On the plow hitch, He has the passenger side pin set in the higher hole and the drivers side pin set in the lower hole. Also the passenger side three point arm is 1/4" lower. If I understand the manual correctly it looks like the three point arms should be level and the pins set in the same hole on hitch, either upper or lower. Im thinking maybe in the past they may have ran the pins on the hitch opposite of what they are and adjusted the three point arms to level it. At least that's the only sense I can make of it
  8. So, if remember right an 806 has a 2 3/4" manifold pipe coming up. What would be the correct size straight pipe to put on there?
  9. If I remember what I read correctly, as well as being wider, the block of the V-8 wasn't strong enough to be structural like the inline engines so they had to build a different frame to support it.
  10. Thanks. Yes I'm sure I could use another anchor for it. I think I can angle one to where the steps bolt on. I looked up the shear strength of a 3/4" grade 8 bolt and it's much stronger than I thought. That's not factoring in bouncing though. Again more worried about the casting.
  11. I was wondering how much weight is safe to hang on my mid weight bracket for pulling. I have 1 grade 8 bolt on each side and belly bar is bolted to drawbar underneath to keep it from swinging. Can this bracket hold 1200 pounds (600 on each side) or is it too much risk that I may crack the housing? If it is I'll make a new one.
  12. That was me this last weekend installing new firming points on my dads planter! I had to grind on a 9/16" ratchet wrench to get to the bolt that loosens them. It went way better after I accepted how much I had to take off to change them and got a routine though
  13. I have a narrow front 806 that I bought instead of that 706 two years ago, except with flat tops. I'm glad I did because I'm having a lot of fun pulling with it now. 😎
  14. To be fair it only gets started once a year for quite a few years now so that could explain some of the smoke. It does seam to run fine once going. What would be a cant turn it down price if I gave him an offer?
  15. Thanks. That's why I passed on it two years ago and got an 806 instead. I don't know enough about them to take that chance. I sent a picture of Farmall Drs response to the guy and said call me if that fixes it. Otherwise not interested still
  16. I used to have a video of it but that was two years ago but I'd say a drip every 5 seconds when it was idling at about 1000 rpm. If I can get him to take another one I'll send it. There isn't a real abnormal amount of air pressure in my estimation
  17. Is there a breather coming out of the head that could be plugged and creating excessive pressure? Or it's pretty much engine wear
  18. I have a buddy that wants to sell his 706 with a 282D engine. He hasn't put it up for sale but keeps asking me about it like he wants me to buy it. When I looked at it two years ago it started hard but it had dead batteries and hadn't been ran in over a year at that time. He wants $5000 for it but I tell him that's too much because there is excessive steady oil dripping out of the breather. He says it runs good and just needs to be run hard a while to clear it up. Is there any other reason than engine wear that could cause this, and if so, what could it be? He asked what I'd give for it and I don't really want to make an offer or run away and never acknowledge it again. Keep in mind I don't have a huge budget and I really want a turbo 06/56 series tractor. It would come in handy on the farm since the Ts on the return lines on the Oliver keep cracking on us
  19. I thought the same thing but I do t believe there are any rules against it
  20. Thanks. The pictures are very helpful. I like what you did with your weight bracket in the 3point. I might have to copy that if my set up doesn't work!
  21. Is there anymore science to tire pressure as far as track type? In other words would you want more pressure for a harder track, is it pretty universal?
  22. Thank you. Yea I figured out the washers on top of the draw bar trick. I'm gonna experiment with weight brackets but currently I'm gonna hang half off of my wheelie bars and half off of the holes forward of the step bolt holes. The one that is inside the elbow of the trans brake linkage where it goes into the housing and the one opposite of it. I'm only gonna hand 200 pounds on each side so I'm thinking they should be strong enough. Let me know if you think that's too much weight or I can send you a pick if you're not sure where I'm talking about. I'll take any pictures you have of a better set up
  23. Any ideas for tire pressure for that particular tire?
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