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  1. Rich

    Thanks to Tripple Tractor

    That is me. More parts than time
  2. Rich

    Give and take word game

    Candy cane
  3. Rich

    Thanks to Tripple Tractor

    Just a Shout out to Mike at Triple Tractor. Thanks. Right Door Handle on 1086 Your advice was Right on.. it works it works. HIgh Low Up grade on 1086. My local understands what to do thanks to you. coming out Friday?? to replace. For all you guys new and old tractor guys. Mike at Triple Tractor is the go to guy for parts and service. I am a Hobby rancher with an old 1086. Mike has been a Great and reliable source for parts and help. Many other sources at red power great sight for the new be old be
  4. Rich

    Digital Data 1086

    Still working on my 1086. The Data center doesn't work. Research sais replace the 30 Amp inline fuse. Couldn't open it so installed a new fuse, cartridge with 30 amp fuse. Still doesn't work. any ideas???
  5. Rich

    South Texas 1086 Mechanic

    I bought the tool with the parts was going to do it myself but had surgery and don't want to wait
  6. Rich

    South Texas 1086 Mechanic

    Thanks Mike you got there attention. Finally have a mechanic that has done it before. Thanks for all the help!!
  7. Rich

    South Texas 1086 Mechanic

    That is what I am looking for.
  8. Rich

    South Texas 1086 Mechanic

    yea I have learned a lot hear and fixed a lot things. ordered parts from several online vendors. Currently need a High/Low upgrade kit installed. could probably do it myself but don't have the stamina. may just have to find me a young stud to supervise through it. My local dealer wants to split the tractor. Mike at triple tractor is trying to walk them through it but they are being a pain.
  9. Rich

    South Texas 1086 Mechanic

    I live About 50 Miles South of San Antonio. can any one recommend a good mechanic for my IH 1086. Having problem finding correct parts and mechanic locally. Local Case/IH dealer parts don't fit or mechanic has no clue. Any recommendations, suggestions. I am new to the 1086. Since retirement I have moved back to the country. clearing mesquites, planting pasture and raising long horns. guess you can say this is an expensive hobby. Getting to old for the heavy lifting, but making a lot of repairs and upgrades myself. Need a good mechanic when I get over my head.
  10. Rich


    I have brought this up several times. with now results. Every time I login I get the following message. I have gone through this reset password 3 times today alone. It tells me there is NO account with this login. or password. I can hit forgot password and get email to reset and wala back in. Why do I have to do this EVERY time. THANKS!! Richard The Display Name you entered does not belong to any account. Make sure that it is typed correctly. Display Name REQUIRED Password REQUIRED Remember meNot recommended on shared computers Sign in anonymously
  11. Rich

    1086 High Low Upgrade

    I am told that the high low gears lockup is routine and have to be manually released. The high low shift lever gets out of the notch the bar goes to the park position in effect it is in park and high or low. Appears the kit replaces the high low gears with improved parts that will eliminate the problem. Don't completely understand everything but is a big pain for me. Labor is the big cost.
  12. Rich

    1086 High Low Upgrade

    New to My 1086. I am installing a High low upgrade kit from Triple Tractor. Theory has it this will stop the gears from locking UP??. Since the top of the transmission has to be opened up and every thing above that has to be removed. Is there anything else I need to upgrade while everything is removed. Don't want to have to take it apart again.
  13. Rich

    My unpopular opinion.

    3500 1 Ton Dually 4 Wheel Drive. I don't know any one getting better and beeing trouthful
  14. Rich

    My unpopular opinion.

    Yea but I was getting 200,000 engine. and I could work on it myself. NO mecanic Fee. I currently get 10 MPG on my silverado. so not sure what the difference is other than $1,000 mecanic bills
  15. Rich

    My unpopular opinion.

    I like the old days. If you had problems with points. just lightly file and keep on going. cut my teeth on 47 GMC pickup, 49 Chevy, 67 Foat. 81 Jeep. when they got modern nothing worked. needed 100,000 dollars of equipment to fix any thing. all I needed was a gage, screwdriver, and file. booden booden. away we go. my grand father would align the front end with a Wood L man do I miss thoe days.