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  1. 1086 Dash Gauges

    "appears all grounds are grounded" Where did you send the unit to be rebuilt?? THANKS!!
  2. 1086 Dash Gauges

    Have read all the threads on the 2 fuel sending units. non of the fixes seem to apply to me but what do I know??. The 4 gages don't make any since, to me. I am including pictures of the Tractor running and the Key in Run and Off position First Key in Run position Sedond Key in Off Position Any suggestions other than dust the dash off.
  3. 1086 will not start

    Yep. Was the Park switch. or as listed in the parts manuel on the dash page as "Neutral" switch. took hour to get it off week to order the part and 10 minutes to put a new one on. works great now. Just have to get it put back to gather. now don't know if I can lift that seat back in place. Tried a Red Neck fix for high low sticking. used a hose clamp with a rope running to the rear left and right front (out of the way of all other gears). pull on it and will change gear. Hoping that will get it unstuck without all the hassle.
  4. 1086 will not start

    guess my past city is showing. the wife uses gas I use Diesel
  5. 1086 will not start

    New to Red Power and New to my IH 1086 SN 54,xxx. Of course my first problem was to get the transmission stuck in high and park. knowing nothing paid 500.00 to get it unlocked. that lasted 3 days. so have to learn it for myself. since I didn't know where anything was and could not make out anything with my flashlight or the (service manual NO help) Have Chassis Only Service manual, parts manual and operator's manual. I have taken the seat out, the seat support and the platform sub panel out. now have a clear view. what a dirty mess. Linkage really stiff, clean all the linkage oiled all the connectors, took pictures so I will not have to remember all of this. Now I can work through all the gears with ease. One catch it will Not start. Yes it is in park, yes I have raised the governor control, full of gas, batteries fully charted, turn the key on and NOTHING. have plenty of other questions but will start here and take them one at a time
  6. 1086 will not start

    New to Red Power and New to my IH 1086 SN 54,xxx. Sorry for the double post. don't know how to delete it.