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  1. Ok I know but since no pics we are shooting in the dark here as to the condition and missing information
  2. Crown gear ? you lost me it would have to be almost all water and -20 below zero before it wouldn't move plus it would pull the engine down like it was locked in two gears Surely the own was smart enough to check transmission oil quality
  3. That's normal mine has always frosted up like that even in the summer no biggie
  4. temps shouldn't affect a 656 on that account since its all mechanical driven
  5. X2 on the injector removeable , I've fought them things on many engines they can be almost impossible to get out after they are seized into the bored the preheat cups are terrible also When I put them back in they always get a good coat of never seize compound on them
  6. The 282's were a great mid sized engine for what they were designed for ,Many went high hours without much trouble My 656 is 10,000 plus hours and overhauled just once,Still starts well The injectors are very finicky in them engines and glow plugs have to be in good shape also to fire them off
  7. I'm sure there were afew that slipped thru the cracks, I believe they marked the serial number plate with a special character mark on the ones that was updated
  8. I also thought those engines were the best sounding and lugging power was awesome I remember plowing with the 560's and 656's running 4-14's They'd run ciircles around a 3020 deere all day long
  9. IH replaced early 560 rear differentials in a company recall many years ago for free because they wouldn't last, The one we had was near the end of production and we never had problems with the transmission the brakes were another story they would always lock up and you'd have to back up to get them released
  10. I've only had trouble with the sleeves in them coming loose
  11. My 560 was a diesel also don't have it anymore but I loved the tractor it was my Dads he bought new but it was a powerhouse it was a very late('63) 560 with the working 3rd gear we fed cattle with it for years
  12. According to an earlier post the gas engine had more I would have to check my sources to make sure
  13. Heads are totally different pistons would have to be also , the 560's used 263 cu in gas and 282 Diesel engine the stroke on both is the same but the bore is different, Only thing I've ever interchanged between the two engines on them tractors was the oil pan
  14. You'd have to remove the sleeves the standout prevents doing that unless you have it out and torn down already
  15. Sure wouldn't be a bad idea the have the head surfaced to true it up I agree , Not much you can do on the block though except clean it very well
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