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  1. Have you checked the carburetor for contaminants ? The main jet may be plugging up , Sounds like you've done about everything electrical
  2. ksfarmdude


    Is extra weights really needed or just for looks ?
  3. like what ? An M&W dyno ?
  4. turn it by hand til a tooth is perpendicular with the transducer and adjust the transducer according and lock the nut its the flywheel ring gear teeth that it senses
  5. Not sure who your calling grumpy old guys but they have seen more odd things happen than greenhorns have and have been around the block a few times more , Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good and make your own judgement call concerning all the types of problems that can arise
  6. That's the worst case scenario , don't mean to scare you but it did indeed happen to me when I got a super M from a neighbor , I ended up getting another block and rebuliding a new motor
  7. The block can crack just as easy as the head , I know first hand been there done that , Usually the block cracks behind a sleeve
  8. Did you check compression ?
  9. Also take it out completely check the transducer pick-up end for damage or a coating of grease or oil on the end and the wiring you can also test it using a thin metal object and watching the tach to see if it displays momentary readings while brushing the screwdriver across the magnetic tip quickly
  10. I would be checking for a faulty engine speed transducer since that does both engine rpm and PTO speed functions
  11. Would be nice for a machinist , but redundant for the normal person fun to look at maybe
  12. If your from a cold climate better check the engine oil for water the block may be cracked takes all the fun out of it then
  13. I hated them, Just another thing to remove splitting the tractor for repairs
  14. I only time I use the brakes on my hydro is for turning, the hydro has positive braking action in itself when you pull the lever back it will throw you out of the seat if your not careful
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