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  1. ksfarmdude

    Golden Demonstrator plow

    We pulled one behind our 560 but it was red and blue in color those plows were fence post killers lol if you didn't have enough room to turn they'd swing around and take a post out in nothing flat they were definitely made for an experienced operator
  2. ksfarmdude

    Jd 6620 combine

    I'd run it manually also for just 37 acres the dial a matic is a nice feature on those I have a 7720 that I use a 220f header on and the ahc works great I cut around 150 acres a yr with it
  3. ksfarmdude

    1951 farmall m cuts out under load

    I think you may have found your own problem a worn shaft that can change point gap would cause poor spark or no spark conditions I'd get that fixed and try it again
  4. ksfarmdude

    2018 Rosholt threshing show pictures

    Wow great pics interesting equipment of all types
  5. ksfarmdude

    It's green and yellow....... let me explain.

    My dad has one he uses to check fields and we use with a propane burner if we want to burn a wheat field sometimes only issue he's had is with the fuel injection metering valve it will start idling poorly and run very rich he's had it replaced twice once under warranty and once on his dime other than that good outfit My dads gator came with the black bed coating new from deere
  6. ksfarmdude

    Suggestions on prepping a 656 for paint

    after the cast is washed and dries its paint ready
  7. ksfarmdude

    gooseneck trailer floor

    Linseed oil works good
  8. ksfarmdude

    Suggestions on prepping a 656 for paint

    I used a hot water high pressure washer worked great
  9. ksfarmdude

    560 hydraulic filter

    Yes they are identical in our tractors
  10. ksfarmdude

    560 hydraulic filter

    your old one looks like one you can clean and reuse again more or less a mesh screen filter the replacement is a paper filter is a finer micron filter which will filter out finer particles we use the paper filter all the time in our 560 and 656 they do a good job you will how ever need the bypass screen for the new filter when instaling it
  11. ksfarmdude

    dairy herd sales ?

    This is so heart breaking to read about the dairy price situation in my county 30 years ago there was dozens of small dariy herds now there's two left One is large the other a small dariy that actually milks a hundred or so cows and bottles and markets their own products to local grocers but the real cost is losing a lifestyle and something a family has put their whole lives into its a terrible dog eat dog world out there Our government is useless and inept in keeping the US markets open and giving these hard working people a better chance for prosperity
  12. ksfarmdude

    1660 Repairs

    I've always replaced the shaft Myself by disassembling the hydro unit its not hard to replace CIH sells the shaft with a new bearing on i and I replace the cup also then theres a smaller bearing that turns in the piston motor that's very easy to replace the most important thing is cleanliness and being very careful not to nick or ding the bearing plate when reassembling also a new seal did it three times with no problems in my opinion the worst part of that whole repair is taking off all the sheet metal and hydraulic lines all that stuff is a major pain in the rear end
  13. ksfarmdude

    D-282 oil pressure port in block

    Use a tee fitting so both can be connected as the same point
  14. ksfarmdude

    Valve rocker arm Breakage 1460 combine

    I compared the valve guides and spring height to all the others and everything appears the same , I manually opened the valve and it snaps shut the only other thing I could do would do a compression test on that cylinder to see it the valve is shutting tight
  15. ksfarmdude

    656 Hydro at local auction

    yep see if it will stall