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  1. Yep I've seen the gear teeth broke off on the reverse idler gear from either shifting into reverse hard or getting locked in two gears at once
  2. Might have a tooth missing on a gear
  3. More gooder? that's just wrong lol
  4. If its a freeze plug type heater I've ran them all day before no prob but the circulating tank type heaters I'd only do 4 hours tops they are much faster than the block heater style I use the heavy duty amp rated Intermatic timers also they last
  5. they are always open online are you in a big toot to get a gasket? Case IH dealer will be open tomorrow I'm sure
  6. I call that a gasket then never seen to many of them leak but anything is possible I've never had to purchase one but those would be easy to make if you want too
  7. Are you referring to the outer axle shaft seals ? I was getting them from Case-IH parts still last I checked there's a felt seal and lip seal if its simliar to a super M
  8. Never ran into that issue on a PFC system I would check the unloader valve sounds like system pressure from the remotes is also sending pressure to the three point til it deadheads not sure what you meant by having damage to your cover unless some parts were missing Has there been any modifcations done to the hydraulic lines or hydraulic lines added ?
  9. Does that bypass valve have a snap-ring holding it together? if it does take it apart and see why its stuck maybe you can get it working again without waiting to replace it
  10. 2500 bucks ? wow someone will get a bargain then if they have mechanical skills looks like the 282 diesl motor so the head gasket being out is par for the course
  11. They were solid little tractors I used a 544 utility model mowing ditches for awhile they are built with alot of the same features the row crop versions were just a small package and turned much shorter of course great for small jobs requiring three point attachments
  12. You sure got a humongous muffler on that thing looks like a large truck muffler
  13. Well out in the field far from the shop that's a mute point you can see all the linkage and move it relatively easy from the right side of the tractor without jacking around taking up the floormat and removing that floor plate
  14. My 1086 has 20.8's too but also the lower fuel tank so its impossible to see the linkage from the left side and yes its tight under the cab but not impossible to reach in order to get things back in sych
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