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  1. ksfarmdude

    Bouncing tractor

    have you tried increasing tire pressure ?
  2. ksfarmdude

    656 Question

    Seems the High crops are very much sought after more so than the regulars depends on which model it is and how many were made condition and options but you'd have to ask someone that's more knowledgeable than i am
  3. ksfarmdude

    strange hydro incident with 1680

    was it leaking at the pump or motor down below ? the only problem i've ever had On my combine Hydro is stripping to splines off the hydro pump input shaft and hub
  4. ksfarmdude

    Hy tran

    Our John Deere sprayer uses Torque Guard 10w/30 its mostly an expected operating temp more than anything years ago the combines came from the factory with 10w engine oil in the Hydro and Hydraulic systems and then when you changed hydraulic system oil you switched to low vis hy-guard
  5. ksfarmdude

    Salesman gave me a set of these to try.

    Had them for years on all our Greats Plains planting and tillage equipment Case IH and John Deere is too Cheap to offer them even thou their equipment is high priced already
  6. ksfarmdude

    International 1586 Hydraulic breakdown

    never seen a time the three point hitch won't lower unless the linkage is not right the three point basically lowers with no hydraulic pressure needed try and get the three point down and see if it will raise again if it don't raise I'd suspect a pump O-ring again or plugged signal line assuming your tractor is the PFC Hydraulic system
  7. ksfarmdude

    What is this Tube strapped to the frame rail?

    its cheater pipe for the wegdelock wheel wrench since those wrenches were very short
  8. ksfarmdude

    Hy tran

    I always use Hy-tran in the later equipment because of the additives for wet clutches and brake linings as for older equipment with mechanical clutches and brakes any good quality Hydraulic oil is fine also I try not to mix oils I know sometimes that hard to control but I've had to use implements that had Deere Hy-guard and it has different additives than Hy-tran and it would makes the brakes chatter on our IH tractors that had wet brakes I think Hy-tran is better oil than Deeres Hydraulic oil anyway I do prefer the manufactures oil Our farm buys oil in bulk during winter time oil and filter discounts and prices vary from dealer to dealer because oil price flucuates more because of oil futures when the Equipment companies price the Base oil to produce their own blends
  9. ksfarmdude

    560D axle

    I'd clean it up file the groove and use it , those tractors are light unless your plowing and pulling the guts out of it alot , just don't weld on it
  10. ksfarmdude

    farmall 560 #372799R1

    seen some on Ebay
  11. ksfarmdude

    Results of the 986 vs Farmall 140a

    the late model tractors are nice the MFD I think is well worth it for not only more weight but a big boost in traction Only drawback I could tell you is the new style tractors are loaded with electronic's that can fail and be very costly to repair or replace there's several computer modules that control every aspect of the tractor operation
  12. ksfarmdude

    Best hay tractor?

    I use my small hydro 84 tractor on small square baler can't beat it but no on a round baler I prefer a cab tractor for that
  13. ksfarmdude

    Air Cleaner Indicator

    Can't say I've ever seen one work even they seem to be very unreliable
  14. ksfarmdude

    International 784 tractor with weak loader hydraulics

    Any Water in the brake pistons can be purged thru the bleed screws the entire hydraulic system drained and replaced with good hydraulic oil ( I only use Hytran ) after that you'll know what you got I good warm day of working the tractor after that is in order to get it throughly warmed up will help
  15. ksfarmdude

    Utility or Row

    Adjustable tread width for one with bar axles Most 884's were row crop until you got down to the smaller sizes then you seen more utility models