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  1. I wish you the best in future parts searches for your tractor I was only indicating that some parts are scarce on some of those models and I was stating facts on seeing those tractors in my area iH's parts are laughable at best for Old stuff I
  2. I don't understand your rude response either the locality also matters and there's none in my area and I live near a large tractor salvage yard and never see any of those tractors here
  3. I was saying parts are not as plentiful for those as normal tractors which goes to reason since they were not sold for many years if all you wanting is servicable parts you'll probably be ok but cosmetic parts will be much harder to find
  4. excuse me? all I was saying is there's not many of those tractors around anymore I believe I have just as much right to express my opinion as you do fella
  5. ksfarmdude

    cab arm

    got any salvage yards nearby?
  6. Looking at the pic it looks like the tires are very low profile or worn out My 1086 came out new with 10.00-16's and it had 20.8.38's on the rear and its looked fine using firestone 4 ribs 11.00-16 is the next jump in size but will take large rims also
  7. Ok a pic of it would be very helpful also for seeing the valve
  8. Did you replace all the o-rings ? there's to larger ones in the valve body and then there's very small ones inside the spool valve itself
  9. I removed all delco's thru the years on things I had they are always trouble always replaced them with Nippon Denso they last But never fried any the delco's would always quit never got hot
  10. Wow that's really strange,I've had several tractors different makes some with Delco's Nippon Denso's motorrola Never ever had one burn up only wear out from dirt or high hours
  11. That wouldn't matter on the regulator connector , Make sure your polarity on your batteries is correct that's a negative ground tractor
  12. Delco alternators ? what does the volt meter say when using the tractor ? even bad batteries shouldn't affect the alternator what part of the alternator burns up?
  13. Very sorry to inform you but the pistons will only come out topside for rings I would do a compression check first depending on how much oil it actually uses you maybe could get by if it still starts a runs you may be ok for awhile
  14. if your tractor has a cab you should be ok also using a good suitable puller I've usually had very good luck getting them off
  15. Probably top shaft seal leaking out from under the dust cover those are simple to renew after the steering wheel is removed there's a snap ring that holds the seal in the top housing usually after the snap ring is out you can turn the shaft vigorously and the seal should be forced out from the oil pressure have some towels ready because it can get messy been awhile since I did one I always got my parts from Case IH but I'm sure there's other places as well seems to me the last one I did was trw seal kits I'm seeing a seal kit listed on CaseIH parts # 86585473 for around 30.00 8865854736585473
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