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  1. I removed the muffler out from under the hood on my 1086 years ago smartest thing I did cramming that bulky hot muffler under them hoods was a mistake I was always fixing leaks brake valve steering hand pump after I went with the eliminator it lowed my exhaust gas temp 100 degrees even
  2. ksfarmdude

    1680 Milo

    Also ground speed and crop conditions grain moisture Milo hybred white or red those are major factors to consider White milo is always trashier than red and the more moisture and how much stalk your taking in makes alot of difference
  3. A pic is required to make a good estimate assuming you mean front end loader ? I'm guessing 4-5 thousand without seeing it
  4. What did you expect a miniskirt and tube top ? LOL
  5. I thought the pulley tightens against the shoulder on the shaft ?
  6. ksfarmdude

    1680 Milo

    Is the bottom sheet metal plate under the fan still there also? Mine has extended metal shields on both sides of the fan housing I never get leaves anywhere near it when cutting
  7. Unverferth are the best aftermarket rims I've used
  8. Are you sure you didn't damage an O-ring on a brake piston? Did you pressure check them before assembly ?
  9. ksfarmdude

    1680 Milo

    Whats your fan speed running ? Do you have the operators manual still ? I find its pretty close on crop settings I don't have mine handy at the moment but my 1460 does a nice job cleaning in 120 bushel milo
  10. Hardest part will be unscrewing the pulley since its threaded on the shaft other than that its pretty simple
  11. Not judging others ideas but those are the worst IH engines to put turbo's on in my opinion
  12. I'd lift the fuel tank up enough also to get it off I've done that on other models that size and worked well
  13. If your wiring and battery is good its a waste of time changing it over to 12 volt
  14. Word of advise take both sides apart check for worn parts replace anything that's bad and pay special attention to the actuator plates and shims adjust them as needed
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