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  1. Check for bent or misadjusted linkage before going ballistic
  2. let it run fast idle and depress the brake pedals to help pressurize the lines since steering and brakes use the same pressure lines the steering should start to return
  3. those are finger height adjustment screws for the throw-out bearing release fingers they have lock nuts threaded onto them also that keeps them in adjustment
  4. No capacity stay away from the gasser's I rate the 715 in the same catagory as a 95 john deere very crude controls alot better combines out there for not much more money
  5. ksfarmdude

    735 Plow

    they work great I had a 755 that was variable width and loved it
  6. hope its not another twister movie lol
  7. My 1086 was a late 80 model I took that foam piece out shortly after I got it it was falling apart coming loose and starting to hang down they were a poor choice of material for being near a hot engine
  8. ksfarmdude


    not on a 986 no parts listing unless it was added later
  9. assuming your installing a new compressor it should state if it has the correct amount of pag oil already I always drain a new compressor in a measuring cup to double check to make sure its got enough and them I pour 2 oz's into the drier
  10. ksfarmdude


    So am I 986's didn't have cam style sway blocks and it looks like catagory III in the pic I think its a 1086 also only thing that baffels me the serial number doesn't jibe with late redstripe 1086's Also if it has a turbo its a 1086
  11. ksfarmdude


    I would see if you can get more pics serial number might tell but i don't have that info at the moment maybe someone see's something I don't too
  12. ksfarmdude


    Hard to tell with that pic thats a later model tractor thou has the cam swayblock three point never seen a 986 with that setup also 9 's are not factory turboed
  13. I've had good luck replacing the rear seals on 400 series engines without the special tool never had one leak yet Old bearing races and cones work great installing large seals and using a large plate as a guide its not as speedy as the real tool but gets the job done
  14. I use Abilene machine but also helps when you only live 6 miles away too
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