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  1. ksfarmdude

    Machine shed estimate

    I have two Morton buildings one a 48 x 75 the other a 42 x 63 both on '9.0 ft centers both concrete floors and aprons one is the energy performer package that i really love I know a lot of the guys on here don't like the extra cost of Morton's vs other building manufactures and I am open to ideas from others However I have a very good Morton building group here and they are very aggressive at selling and taking pride in doing a nice job and when you can have equipment protected from the elements and also do off season maintience plus depreciate the cost of buildings It makes the decission much easier also I live in a very bad area for high wind and tornado's afew yrs ago we had a 100 mph + wind come thru here a lot of buildings in my area were destroyed and I had damage to my house but my larger building the 48 x 75 here at that time took it in stride doors and all I was very pleased it was intact when i got home that bad stormy day
  2. ksfarmdude

    Machine shed estimate

    Are you wanting to erected it yourself?
  3. ksfarmdude

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    Only thing i use spinner knobs on is mechanical linkage steering equipment My lawn mower and 560 tractor never used them on newer tractors because they don't stay in the same position most of the time I like them in the 8 to 9 O' clock position when i use one
  4. ksfarmdude

    Red power showdown '86 tractors

    mine is too and I believe that when the closed center PFC Hydraulics were introduced too
  5. ksfarmdude

    Red power showdown '86 tractors

    Mechanical , the T/A was cable shifted
  6. ksfarmdude

    Nice COE

    I didn't see the truck lol
  7. ksfarmdude

    986 heater fan speeds

    the motor controls speeds internally
  8. ksfarmdude

    Mystery Part topic

    Those look like anchors for a wooden sided grain bed they look identical to the ones on a ton international truck we use around here
  9. ksfarmdude

    856 question on a brake job

    I use petroleum jelly helps keep the O-ring in place and provides a super slick fit
  10. ksfarmdude

    another wedge question thanks

    sweet , now knock it out of the park lol
  11. ksfarmdude

    IH 684 Serial Number DeCode Help

    According to my source its a 1981 yr , they were made from 1978 to 1984
  12. ksfarmdude

    water getting in hydraulic fluid of my 856

    How would water get in thru that ? there's a seal in the pto nut that seals the push rod the boot is just a dust cover anyway
  13. ksfarmdude

    another wedge question thanks

    Oh My well yea that would do it axles are case hardened inside is softer steel and any welding done on the outer surface is curtains once you melt through the hardened part its ruined
  14. ksfarmdude

    another wedge question thanks

    I believe your correct sounds like a matter of getting the wedge bolt loose However heating the wedge won't bother the axle if it comes to that I have used that method and it works when other things fail I have seen the time I've rounded the head of the wedge bolt (not good) and had to torch the head off all kinds of fun stuff Haven't had a hard one in yrs now so maybe the worst is behind me
  15. ksfarmdude

    656 hydraulics

    both pumps on 656's are intergral I eliminated the check valve manifolds on my tractor yrs ago I had that return hose blow inside my tractor once also that's no fun replacing thru the back end of the tractor either