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  1. Surely you can see where its leaking from if its on top the floor , Just run it get it warmed up good and watch it
  2. You can get about any type lug bolt or nut there is from NAPA they sell dorman hardware
  3. Check the rotor over for any missing hardware including the impeller bolts , Not sure how much wear you have on rasp bars and impellers but over time that will cause a vibration
  4. We've had choppers rotors all sorts of rotating things balanced by him
  5. Ok I didn't see you mention that in your first post
  6. Does it matter?
  7. Nope just pour the hydraulic oil in , I usually pump it in myself alot easier I do leave the dipstick out for air bleed
  8. Hate to say but its seen better days
  9. Take a pic of yours My 656 never leaks thru the dipstick
  10. Spindles and hubs are both different from 560's to 450 fronts
  11. I never seen as injector pump will create a knock , I miss yes , but not a knock you have something else going on
  12. You can usually blame it on greedy company execs pulling in hundreds of thousand dollar salaries not to mention all their glorified bonuses and other perks While the workers get screwed over
  13. Sounds like a brake valve issue if both sides need bleeding sounds like air entering the system
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