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  1. I'm sure some do but can't tell you how many times I've had to pick broken keys out on them or someone just taking the key out its a personnel choice but It wouldn't interest me
  2. Doesn't make sense to use a keyed switch on those tractors the push pull switch is bullet proof a keyed switch is trouble if its in the elements the keys get lost or broke off if its for security or tampering I simply unplug the connector a the push button start switch on my super M and it won't start maybe your H uses one of the other methods of engaging the starter
  3. My hydro 84 has a parking brake warning light on the dash also
  4. I always used lift straps that went directly to the lower cab supports that's the strongest part of the cab
  5. gotta be careful overfilling those tractors because the T/A is dry clutch driven if the rear seal on the T/A is weak it will let Hytran into that area and cause the T/A clutch to slip
  6. Been there done that many times in my younger days tons of stuff to unhook and take lose too I made a sling that took the cabs off and used a 560 with highlift farmhand loader to take cabs off I didn't think they were too heavy because it lifted it off very easy but if your doing both front and rear trans housings its a must
  7. PTO will work its self contained pump he can check it by engaging the mower again that will tell if its the splines
  8. I'm sure you can improvise some chains to restrict movement
  9. I make mine up from bulk Hose stock from Napa unless its a moulded hose then I go to the dealer
  10. Had the split weights on my 560 when it was new
  11. the diff locks on IH seemed to be an after thought many problems I hate to be judgemental but the diff locks on the Deere's hardly ever gave trouble
  12. Oh I agree when it comes to large buses to move the masses for public transportation or other very big vehicles diesel is the only way to go I was mainly referring to pickup's that aren't pulling trailers everyday either
  13. The added cost of diesel doesn't justify owning one unless you pull trailers alot , you pay more for the diesel option when its new plus more cost per gallon of fuel oil changes and filters are extremely expensive then you have freezing cold temps to worry about and provided there's no major problems then after your done you can't recoup the money spent on diesel engines to begin with as the used diesel resale is flat I'd never own another one because I it wouldn't get used enough
  14. thats just the risk that goes along with gas fuel its not a deal breaker diesels are losing ground now to much expense
  15. yes they are tiny and then you got to reset the unlatching pressure after your done
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