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  1. ksfarmdude

    9270 will not move

    if its a power shift transmission I would suspect a hydraulic pressure problem to engage clutch packs
  2. ksfarmdude

    grammer right hand arm rest

    Alot of grammar seat parts are discontinuned I've found armrests take a beating finding good used ones are hard to come by too you might have to retro fit some from a newer seat
  3. ksfarmdude

    9270 will not move

    sounds like the engine coupling let go need to figure out a way to see if its turning the transmission power shaft when the engine is running can you hear usual grrinding noises ? not familar with that model does it have a engine to transmission powershaft coupling? need to see whats turning and what is not
  4. ksfarmdude

    1440 expansion valve

    none of the headliner has to be disturbed the expansion valve is above a panel that folds down in the very front of the cab
  5. ksfarmdude

    Piston pump to gear pump?

    the piston pumps PFC otherwise referred as are not as reliable as the gear pumps but they have more flow and advantages than the gear pump likes supposedly requiring less power when no hydraulic functions are being used the PFC is closed center system also where as the gear pump will be open center I prefer the PFC pump myself yes then are noisey and whine and sounds like air in the lines but after they are being used things get quieter Also the PFC pumps are very easy to work on
  6. ksfarmdude

    Ignition Coil Bench Test

    no more then a coil costs get a new one heat is a major reason they go bad
  7. ksfarmdude

    656 running bad

    Sounds like you did all the right things my first thought would be are the precombustion cups that go beneath the injector nozzle installed in the correct position ? Not saying thats making it run badly I've just never had one run bad when all that type of work being done as for timing as long as your timing it off #1 cyclinder TDC you should be good to go
  8. ksfarmdude

    656 engine

    Bad Idea the naturally aspirated 282 had plenty of power in the 656's unless your going to be using it for tractor pulls then go for it
  9. ksfarmdude

    Charging a/c

    Wow its not rocket science Dude, your overthinking the subject just add freon til the pressures look right and the low side pipe is frosty or very cold there's alot of factors involved when charging A/C's there's no magic formula to go by there's no 100% spot on either, you don't take into account different Expansion valve settings or possible leaks in the system when it comes to charging a system
  10. ksfarmdude

    Charging a/c

    Sub cooling system? if your talking about the air discharge temp flow thru the vents it all depends on ambient temp is too many factors come into play type of freon like R-12 or 134 also evaporator condition I've seen systems converted over to 134 that will freeze meat after everything is redone I'm so glad R-12 is history I'd never use it again
  11. ksfarmdude

    1466 governor problem

    Sounds like governor failure in the pump the remedy will be to remove and have a diesel injection shop put it on the test stand I had a 1086 do that once it also oversped and didn't have any lugging power either
  12. ksfarmdude

    Got it home.

    I awlays remove the tires and set it down solid on trailers the tires tend to loosen the chains and bounce to much the blocking you used works ok too
  13. ksfarmdude

    How do I know what refrigerant?

    the low pressure line is always the biggest plus on top the compressor if its the original york style compressor it will say suction or discharge if its the old style manifold fittings that are still R-12 chances are its still R-12 Unless someone jury rigged the 134 gauges to charge the R-12 system the receiver dryer is under the front headlight cover and has a sight glass to see any bubbles
  14. ksfarmdude

    white mesh grill farmall 656 hitch problem

    Yep been there done that