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  1. Its alittle different model but my wide front 656 has a cover like that
  2. I keep the accumulator open even on my ridge header makes the header lower and lift more smoothly
  3. Must be in certain area's because I've never see one around here that didn't have an accumulator
  4. If you were in float position I highly doubt the disc mower had anything to do with it in float there's no pressure being applied Sounds like the problem was coming sooner of later regardless of mowing , I'd start out checking the pressure relief valve first then proceed to the pump for inspection sounds like maybe a blowed O-ring
  5. Sounds like accumulator either needs recharged or replaced its located directly under the cab near the reel drive pump
  6. Take the complete cab off intact even the floor console and lever control basically everything above the mounts much easier and less work
  7. Is the clutch disc in the right way? usually the cushion springs face backward
  8. Unless it was ordered that way or added later I have never seen any check valves on them they are a free flow straight from the hydraulic valve
  9. Did you try another remote valve ? if its slow on another valve try changing hydraulic tips, Also make sure the flow control cable is moving the lever on the flow control valve
  10. Plastic gets brittle and breaks easily fine for a vehicle I guess . I'd stay away from plastic for those lines
  11. get rid of the check valves
  12. This is what happens to the splines this one stripped out going down the road
  13. Everyone has their own ways of shifting T/A's if your split shifting the tractor from one gear to another like a two speed axle on a truck that is kind of un necessary then
  14. Surprised the slip clutch on the grain cart didn't slip first apparently you were at low rpm's I'd break over the auger remove all excessive drag and clear the auger I bet you'd be ok running it normally
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