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  1. Go to John deere I get mine there
  2. Forget 6 cylinder just isn't gonna happen ,Go with the same family of four cylinder engines unless you want to pull your hair out
  3. I'd take off the big one's No need to have that much weight for that old tractor unless your really pulling it just puts more rolling resistance on the transmission and brakes
  4. Go by Gauge manifold pressures taking ambient temp into consideration I usually charge the old systems (134a) according to lowside pressure readings and Duct air temp with fan on high
  5. I'd have an injection shop do it , but its your call
  6. Cut off a grade 8 bolt the right length and run a clamp around it if neccesary probably last time it will need repaired
  7. Sounds like a T/A issue pressure checks are in order either the sealing rings on the T/A unit are bad or sprag clutch is out also
  8. That brings back a memory I had as a yonger fellar I had a 54 yr chevy medium duty truck we used for hauling hay years ago I replaced all the bearings mains and rods and only used a breaker bar to tighten the cap bolts using my best guess for torquing them it ran forever til the truck itself wore out
  9. I would make sure bearings are correct and get all new rod bolts from another source
  10. I could buy them all day long at Abilene Machine and they are OEM to boot
  11. First what Ft Lb are you torquing them too ? we need all the information to get a clearer picture
  12. Just use high quality brake fluid and change it occasionally as suggested above I know very few change or even think about changing brake fluid but it does extend the life of things only other issue with them brakes is the linings getting oil on them or getting very hot they go away fast I take them apart to clean and lube the expander plates and adjust if you want the brake to last on them they got to be serviced I realize they maybe aren't as important as a tractors brakes but they do come in handy
  13. Sure looks like all cylinders are on the same line to me and anytime you have an additional cylinder its naturally going to lift slower because it displaces more oil but for the accumulator to work properly they all must be on the same line
  14. Must be on the later combines because 1400 series combines have all cylinders from the accumulator for header float Same on Deere's too
  15. Ahhhh Hydro well you didn't disclose that info its maybe the charge pressure light
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