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  1. you may need to use the 1460 pivot arms
  2. Mine settles too I just live with it
  3. check for binding in all the pivots make sure everything is free
  4. I've heated the castings before and sprayed an inverted can of freon on the race so you get a double effect that's worked for me on blind hole bearing races if that doesn't do it then I go with a welder trick
  5. Wow never seen an auger break like that did it have a crack before you started ? those are usually pretty tough I'd look into welding a a steel band around it
  6. Mine has three straps that bolt around the edge underside
  7. ksfarmdude

    460 Brakes

    Yep I had a 560 that was terrible for the brakes locking up the left brake was worse than the right for some reason sounds like your on the right track thou trying to stop it I replaced the internal separator plates and balls it helped but still wasn't a cure-all always figured that even with new brake discs there was still too much clearance I'd try and keep mine adjusted as close as possible also good luck
  8. yea those are no fun at all I've done them both ways removing the hydrostat pump and main gear case to get at that seal to removing the engine I think removing the engine is almost as easy when I removed the hydrostat pump the first time I replaced the pump shaft and coupler that time so that was the preferred way , that main gear case seal is a cheap little seal that doesn't hold up well if the pilot bushing or shaft gets worn bad
  9. No fun whatsoever pretty much the whole grain unloading system has to be removed have you looked into liner repair segments ?
  10. yep thats a given will require brake removal any cab mounts and a good heavy lifting hoist the bull pinion won't come out until you remove the axle housing so watch that it doesn't fall out when you remove the final drive housing
  11. I can see those are heavier sockets another problem with sockets is having to use extentions and which handles to use I've snapped off the square drives on breaker bars and the ratchets too
  12. better be one stout 7/8 socket I've cracked quite a few using ordinary 12 point sockets til I got smart and bought a factory wedge bolt wrench for that purpose and it takes a cheater pipe very well
  13. The flywheel spinning produces a lot of enertia to help engine torque and smooth out fluctuations that's why they are so heavy basic engine knowledge 101
  14. This taken back at the end of wheat harvest 2019 , Soybeans still have to finish dropping leaves few weeks off
  15. Depending on where your mounting it you can't go wrong coming from a connection at the fuse panel
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