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  1. As stated before, make certain that you check for all the powers and especially the grounds to you data center....then if you are certain those are good and you still can't get your data center to operate...instead of throwing money at new parts, send it to Ag Express and have it repaired... Travis
  2. The steering arms are Left and Right....the spindles are universal, as far as the newer ones with splines. Buy a good aftermarket,(I prefer Hy-Capacity). As far as I know, there aren't any different spline counts. Travis
  3. I've never seen an oil bath wobble box on an IH balanced head sickle mower...If they would have been oil bath from the beginning, they'd last a lot longer. Travis
  4. My Dad bought a $6200 disc mower last year, mowed less than 50 acres with it, main gearbox bearing went out. $840 in parts later it was good to go. Been an awesome mower and I'm looking for one like it. 😉 Travis
  5. The biggest problem with using any kind of penetrating oil in this particular situation is that it's not even rust that needs broken loose. It's simply dirt. Throw it in a tank of water for a while and they'll come loose. Travis
  6. Meaning he leaves the parts in the electrolysis tub at least a week or more. Travis
  7. Not sure what tractor they're on, but if they are on a 706-1586 or comparable tractor, take them off and throw them in a tank of water. It's just years of dirt holding them together. Travis
  8. I've never needed a tool to install them. Never had any trouble, either. I suppose a tool would be nice... Travis
  9. Better have a pretty good flaring tool to flare that line. It can be done, but that line *is* still available....I'd just put a new line on. Travis
  10. Change your Hy-Tran every 1000 hours. Change your filter every 250 hours. (I change the coolant filter at the same time, to help keep track). Travis
  11. Seven gallons low? Good Lord...would love to help you out with a good answer, but some guys are just their own worst enemy. I'm not a fan of overfilling like a lot of guys think to do, but in your case, it wouldn't hurt. Before doing that, remove and inspect and possibly change your hydraulic filter.... Travis
  12. Sparky

    1466 water pump

    I've been installing Hy-Capacity pumps for 17+ years and they've been good to me. Go aftermarket, you'll be fine.... Travis
  13. I highly doubt that.... Travis
  14. Yep, got a 966 and a 756 that will do it...and I don't even run them five gallon over like all the armchair mechanics tell you to do. O-rings are fine, the steel 'baffle' is still on the dipsticks...I'm not sure what it is. Can't just plug the hole, either, as that is also your breather... Travis
  15. Here in Iowa, I was always taught it's a big fine if a shop is caught using compression fittings on brake lines, but I see them come into my shop all the time, and I know the shop that is doing it. Heck, even Oreilly Auto Parts sells compression fittings for brake lines....I don't get it. It's not that difficult to cut and flare brake lines.... I was also taught that Copper is a no-no on brake lines, and was banned from being used sometime in the 60's...and now they've came out with nickle/copper line.... Travis
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