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  1. I believe that if you look in the service manual that you surely have, you'll see the "drive gear nut" is actually called the Camshaft nut..... Torque it to 50 ft. lbs. Don't think I've ever torqued one of those in my life with a torque wrench, and never had a problem doing so........ Travis
  2. Thank you! I didn't know anyone cared, lol. Travis
  3. It's not hard putting those teflon seals in.... But anyway....those teflon seals aren't the only seals that matter. The thick piston o-ring and the piston lip seal are both verrrry important.... Travis.
  4. Yep....at the very minimum the teflon rings on the basket, the thick oring on the piston, the piston lip seal should all be replaced. I replace everything when I'm in there if I don't know the last time it was done. No sense in wasting a set of clutches because of $50 worth of o-rings and seals. I rarely have to replace brakes, but I will replace the o-rings on the brakes...It's just common sense to do so, imo. Travis
  5. What else did you replace when you did it? Only the clutches? Travis
  6. I won't buy from sellers on ebay or amazon....I'll stick to Hy-Cap, Ag Parts, and maybe A&I.... Travis
  7. I find it funny that your dealer would consider this a "custom order". My local CaseIH dealer has all those parts in stock. But yeah, aftermarket parts will be just fine, as long as you don't look for the absolute cheapest China made junk. Travis
  8. True, but the parts books have been updated throughout the years. The 1206 didn't come from the factory with wedgelock wheels, either...but they are listed in the 1206 parts book. Travis
  9. I never have seen an 86 series with a two-piece drawbar...and I've never seen a '74 or newer 66 series with a factory two-piece, either, no matter the model or size. Travis
  10. The only way to know for sure is to pressurize the cooling system and look for where the coolant is leaking. Travis
  11. Some tractors use the two-piece drawbar with the tube and drawbar extension that slides into the tube. Some tractors use a one piece drawbar. Sounds like you have a one-piece drawbar. Measure it. Length, width and height...and hole position. There are a few different ones. Travis
  12. Good thing for you is that Messicks (and I'm sure other dealers, too) will ship pretty damn quick. Travis
  13. Yep...around the big 1000 shaft. I've used one of those in my life, lol Travis
  14. Lol...tell us how many times you've measured a piston recently, please.... Travis
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