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  1. With the amount of reman injectors out there now, the letter on the injector tube doesn't make a difference if they aren't original injectors. Any reman injectors that I've put in are a mix 'n match of letters on the tube. The nozzle tip is the part that makes the difference. Travis
  2. There's a couple of them around this area with that early frame rail. One's a 1066 the other is a 966. Travis
  3. So many people take advantage of this program it's not even funny. I know of at least one person that has went through a salvage yard and wrote down serial #'s to get free gas caps. Travis
  4. The biggest block heater I've ever seen available for a 361-407 was 650 watt. Still not big enough. Most people put two in. On these engines your best best is to install a tank heater if you really need it to start when it's cold. Travis
  5. Sparky

    1086 3 pt

    Remove your centerlink cover and inspect your draft control linkage. I'd suspect that the linkage has slipped around to the wrong side. Travis
  6. I already answered this on your facebook post...Anyway, since everything except the RPM works on the data center, trace the wires between the data center and rpm transducer. Test your RPM transducer if you can't find a problem in the wiring. Should be pretty easy... Also, once you get the RPM's to show, your pto speed will work, too. 😉 Travis
  7. Those digital hour meters are accurate.... Cable driven hour meters are only accurate at PTO speed... Travis
  8. It's pretty damn easy to change from a 3-pt to 2-pt and just change the position of the rockshaft arms.... and cheaper to do than replace all of your 2-pt equipment with 3-point equipment.... I love it when someone says a 66 series cannot have 86 series 3-point lift links...many of those were changed when someone traded their 66 series in on a 86 series. Neighbor of mine bought a new 986 and had his fast hitch from his 66 series that he traded in switched out with his new tractor... A lot of stuff has been changed around since these tractors were new 40-50 years ago. Trav
  9. My advice? Don't try to flush mount them....just use steel conduit and steel boxes. They aint going to get in the way. Make it easy on yourself. I tried what you're trying to do when I first built my shop back in '03....I've pulled all of it out and have redone it more than once.... Travis
  10. As stated before, make certain that you check for all the powers and especially the grounds to you data center....then if you are certain those are good and you still can't get your data center to operate...instead of throwing money at new parts, send it to Ag Express and have it repaired... Travis
  11. The steering arms are Left and Right....the spindles are universal, as far as the newer ones with splines. Buy a good aftermarket,(I prefer Hy-Capacity). As far as I know, there aren't any different spline counts. Travis
  12. I've never seen an oil bath wobble box on an IH balanced head sickle mower...If they would have been oil bath from the beginning, they'd last a lot longer. Travis
  13. My Dad bought a $6200 disc mower last year, mowed less than 50 acres with it, main gearbox bearing went out. $840 in parts later it was good to go. Been an awesome mower and I'm looking for one like it. 😉 Travis
  14. The biggest problem with using any kind of penetrating oil in this particular situation is that it's not even rust that needs broken loose. It's simply dirt. Throw it in a tank of water for a while and they'll come loose. Travis
  15. Meaning he leaves the parts in the electrolysis tub at least a week or more. Travis
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