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  1. The pleated ones aren't exactly the same as original. Travis
  2. Available in black and white vinyl, black vinyl, and black fabric... Travis
  3. It's listed on their web page under restoration seats in the 56/super deluxe seat cushions.... Travis
  4. It's pretty easy to put $1000 in the front axle pretty quick. I'd say he's probably not out of line. Travis
  5. Sparky

    PTO teflon seals

    You'll be fine....next time use plastic, like a cut up anti-freeze jug. Wrap it around once or twice, clamp, then put in the freezer for half an hour or so. Travis
  6. I agree, it would be hard to install the lines improperly....but I've seen it done. Never underestimate John Q. Public. Travis
  7. If it's a brand new injection pump, you'd probably better get ahold of the company you bought it off of.... Only other thing is if you don't have the lines hooked up correctly. Take a pic and post it.... Travis
  8. The upper seal kit comes with a thick brass washer that keeps the steering shaft in line. I'd imagine if that was wore through completely, you'd have way bigger problems. Travis
  9. FarmerFixemUp told you.... The seals for the top are in a kit. P/number 86585473. Travis
  10. Always have your pump and injectors rebuilt if possible. Reman parts are junk.... Travis
  11. Actually, no, that's not why it was in the shop. And no, the wheel wasn't moving on the axle as far as I could tell. Unfortunately, a broken wheel is never going to fix itself, and you know it's only going to get worse, so we replaced it. Travis
  12. In my experience, turning the power up and weighting the tractor down almost always finds the weakest link. Travis
  13. It's not as uncommon as you think. I've had two different tractors in the shop in the last year or two with cracked castings. This one was the least cracked. Travis
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