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  1. Do NOT put stop leak in that engine....good lord... Put a pressure tester on it. You'll find it. Travis
  2. Sparky

    For Tp

    Looks like a good honest one, too. Gonna bring plenty it looks like, too.... Love that style of Chevy. My first pickup was a '68 2wd 3/4 ton I put together when I was 15-16 years old. Travis
  3. Twist the tube. Don't beat, heat, or pry until you've tried to twist. Even if you have to heat, beat, or anything else, always twist. Make the outer part (the knee) twist clear around before even trying to pull it out. Put a 6 ft long bar in between the knee and the tie rod and twist. Travis
  4. Sparky

    1066 PTO

    Sounds like you've taken the time to understand it. Good job. Too many people don't. Travis
  5. Sparky

    1066 PTO

    I'm not sure if it will, or even if it could make a difference in your pressure, but I'm definitely curious if it does. Have seen a few come through the shop with that cup installed upside down. Travis
  6. Sparky

    1066 PTO

    Spring does NOT sit inside of the cup. Assemble as in this pic... Hope this helps. Travis
  7. My fenders don't, but I attached them to more than just the plates on the ROPS. Genuine ROPS fenders have an extra brace on them and I wonder if that doesn't help with the vibration. Travis
  8. Sparky

    1066 PTO

    You can still buy a new control spool for those so that you don't have to make one, btw. Also, set your operating pressure at 275. Travis
  9. That's the way I understood it....Basically, the Viscosity Hy-Tran you can buy now is the last formulation they made before Shell took over with the new stuff. Travis
  10. That's fine. I doubt there's that much $$ in material in the Snappy handle, too. Travis
  11. Lol...less than $10. Lets see how much the pistol grip handles cost. Travis
  12. This is the only throttle lever I approve of. I actually prefer the old original hard black Snappy handle, but this one was bought about the time they went to this style. Travis
  13. So who is it that is actually manufacturing these? Travis
  14. You have the stupidest problems with that mower and have since you've started using way back whenever.... You do what you want, but you'd be rid of a lot of headaches, repairs, and probably save a lot of money selling that cluster of a mower and buying a good Bush Hog or Schuldte, or whatever fits everyones fancy. Travis
  15. Sparky

    1066 decal set

    Not sure, but that Turbo decal is still available from CaseIH and still looks the same last I knew. P/N 2753675R1 Travis
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