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  1. Used 466 pistons

    You sure about that? Nothing wrong with good pistons and sleeves.... It's done a lot... I have a complete set of 360 sleeves and pistons that were taken out because of a leaking sleeve o-ring...still in good shape with about 4k hours on them. Travis
  2. Ipto shaft

    Once in awhile....even if you are certain that you have the correct pitch on the IPTO gear, I have seen them whine for awhile.. It's a new gear riding on an old gear. It can happen, in my experience... Travis
  3. 10.00-16 on 16x10 rim

    I've been going to run that for years, but just haven't been able to find the 16x10's with the right offset (and in my price range). I think it looks good, but the one bad thing I can think of is that it will make the sidewalls pretty stiff... Travis
  4. K&M door cylinder

    $105 is what they ask for them, now. Travis
  5. K&M door cylinder

    Those are fine, but will pinch your hand where they are mounted, and the screws are always coming loose. The K&M is better and wayyy more solid. Travis
  6. Replace water pump on 1566

    No kidding! lol Hoods and hoses take longer than 5 minutes.... Travis
  7. water getting in hydraulic fluid of my 856

    Your "yellow bucket wonder fluid" will turn that color.....If you're going to use that stuff, don't worry about the color. Travis
  8. Need a new spindle , 1066, where to buy a correct one

    There's plenty of aftermarket spindles out there that are just's not rocket surgery, ffs. If your your dealer cant sell you the correct one, there are plenty more dealers waiting to sell you or ship you the correct one for way less money.... A heavy duty spindle from Hy-Capacity is $167 and it will work every bit as well as the Case IH one.... Travis
  9. Question about the DV-800

    NO. Travis
  10. 1486 Hard Start when cold

    If it's 20 degrees, you'd better be plugging it in and not running straight 30 weight oil......good Lord. It aint a pickup with glow plugs or a grid heater. Travis
  11. 1066 oil drain plug w/pics

    Since none of us can see your oil pan, you're going to have to figure it out. Is the pan cracked? How tight is "pretty tight"? Travis
  12. 1586 water pump removal

    Yes... Travis
  13. Oh, boy..... Travis
  14. 1586 aftermarket drawbar

    Don't go can always have holes drilled to be able to move the drawbar in... Travis
  15. Clutch Lever height adjment

    I have never needed to adjust the fingers on a pressure plate........ Travis