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  1. Found the Hitch drop rate adjustment in the users manual on page 51. Can not locate it in the Chassis manual or parts manual. have traced the linkage to the 3 point but have no idea where the Pressure Flow hydraulic system is. Where is this turkey located?? THANKS!! Needless to say I have NO idea what I am doing, But learning!
  2. Yes have the chassis repair manual and the parts book
  3. The TA handle on my 1086 is disconnected just inside the firewall. It has been that way since I bought it. If I reconnect the rod to test it. What am I looking for and will I break anything????
  4. New song same dance. Working my 1086. primarily using for root plowing and box blade stump ripping. Seems like every time I start there will find a new problem of some sort big or little. learning how to fix a bunch of them my self. First. Hydraulic filter is NEW, Fluid is FULL, Fluid is clear and fresh (I keep bursting steel hydraulic lines). (Minor leaks (as with all original older tractors) but nothing major. This one is intermittent (started before filter change). when I start the day the 3 point lifts and drops at the flick of the lever. As the day progresses the lift works great but the drop will take from 15 to 20 count to drop, often missing my intended target. Can work around it but a pain in the &($%$$#. Any ideas???
  5. Rich

    1086 won't Turn off

    Hay guys thanks. No bent cable. Adjusted the cable on the left side of the engine which altered the lever pull. tried it but didn't work. since it rained last night bounced it around a stubborn stump and returned. wala after bouncing on the stump. the lever came all the way down and worked like a charm. Seems like bouncing the 1086 is part of the process. LOL Unfortunately stump still there
  6. been fixing many things on my 1086. Still don't know what I am doing but learning. Current Problem. Came in yesterday from Root Stump plowing Turned key off (I know it doesn't do any thing) Pulled the Governor , Shut-off control leaver down all the way to turn to engine off and nothing happened. Traced the lever to where could manually accelerate the engine but see nothing that stops the engine. Where does stopping the engine happen. Finally closed the fuel cut off into the fuel filters to stop it. Can't find anything in the manuals that address this. THANKS in advance.
  7. Sure you are correct. Origional john deer plow blade lasted 100 feet. Had to buy antique blade and larger harder bolts. What will a used unit like this cost. I am still a newbe. This is my retirement hobby.
  8. I have a kuboto 3240. It is totaly unreluable and down more than it is up. Also will only sink the plow 3" at times. Dont need 1086 but is runs and quick hitch and 3 point setting is heavy enough to sink the plow.
  9. Welding is my current Learning challenge. guess this could be a good project to learn on. Are you suggesting to widen the cat 1 plow?? THANKS!!
  10. Just put a quick hitch on my 1086. Is a cat 2 with 36" span for the pins. I use a middle buster or potato plow to lay pipe in texas. My cat 1 plow wont fit with 30" span. Having problems finding 3 point plow that fits. Any ideas?
  11. House voted for a good Fix. Requires 60 votes in the Senate. we did/do not have that from republicans. so NO republicans have not controlled the senate. if you believed the mexico will pay for the wall I have a scrap pile to sell you and call it an new IH. that was campaigning. and I think the new Trade agreement with mexico will actually pay for a wall
  12. If He backs down now the same thing will happen as with Reagan. we will all be screwed. "WE" elected him to make waves and fix problems. And yes the wall will help but is not the total answer. So get behind America!!!!
  13. Both sides get to much money from outsiders. needs to stop!!
  14. Join the Convention of States movement. it is our only hope!!
  15. Can you imagine a date with that??
  16. Think the ride starts tonight when Trump speaks from OO.
  17. Rich

    1086 Gages

    This one is complicated. at least for me. Engine running in both pictures. Key Off Above The Coolant Temp and Fuel gauge will not work with the key ON but the fuel gauge works with key OFF. Temp gauge only worked for 2 days. have another posting on the issue Fuel Gauge is Correct. main tank almost empty auxiliary full Key On Below Any Thoughts will be appreciated.
  18. Where is the temperature sending unit. My IH dealer says it is in the head? They have been wrong on every thing I have done with them. gage kept pegged to the left. put a new gauge and it is pegged to the right. Have several questions so will past them separately.
  19. Some one gave me the name of a young man in SOUTH Texas that loved working on tractors. he was highly recommended. I put his contact information in my computer and phone to secure it. You got it. I can't locate the Red power posting or my saved information. even saved the Red power message. I would greately appreciate a repeat. I live approx 20 miles South of Floresville. and/or Pleasanton. THANKS.
  20. NAPA Tested them at 5 amps. test free. but it still cost me 80 miles of travel time and so far 3 weeks down time. and New batteries. Optima will take a month to warrenty if then
  21. You got it correct. even my local NAPA store that had to test the batteries said they were Junk.
  22. Well Sparkie was correct. the Optima Batteries are Junk. after 3 months in my 1086 750 CC amps equates to 5 amps. What a deal. Now no one at Optima will be available to discuss warranty for another week. I have been getting the run around for 3 weeks now. I will NEVER send these folks any more business Customer service is a JOKE no one can help you or they lie and say the can and just send a email to the one that may, O'she is "still on vacation" My diesel mechanic showed me a pile of yellow top batteries he replaced that were not warrantied. Gerrrrrr!!
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