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  1. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    The 88 series. Set the stage for the success of the Magnums; and even in the difficult times of the '80's.
  2. 1086 Dash Gauges

    if you have the auxillary tank it is the most likely culprit when it comes to the sender. I have 5288's and removed the lower tank. The sender is extremely expensive for that bottom tank. The main tank is around 70 gallons; if that's all you need remove the bottom and get a new sender for the top if it doesn't work. A little re-wiring is needed but its simple. Makes life simpler.
  3. 5288/466 Fuel Pump

  4. 5288/466 Fuel Pump

    Thanks DirtBoyz07; I thought about the water issue also. Had previously dropped the aux tank and need to drain the first filter. What is Pop testing of the injectors?
  5. 5288/466 Fuel Pump

    Book says 17 degrees; would the one degree aggect anything?
  6. 5288/466 Fuel Pump

    Injectors were not done; set it to what the book says.
  7. 5288/466 Fuel Pump

    Had my 5288 fuel pump rebuilt back in the fall. Got it installed and firing off well. Seems like the old girl is pumping out a lot of excessive smoke, though. Would setting the timing back a 1/2 degree or so (or forward) help it. Is there such a thing as a diesel running too rich?
  8. Memphis Belle

    Those of us who live in Memphis especially cant wait!!
  9. Cold start 5088

    I don't know if ether will even help
  10. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    Petey: I saw the Mississippi tractor at the drew auction; although he never got it to the auction site. Its about 2 miles north. He tried to put in an auction at Senatobia but again couldnt get it there. I left him a note in the cab after the Drew auction offering to help diagnose the problems but no response. Was going to give him Mike Links contact info for parts and wiring updates but no answer. Some people dont want help. Was down there last week and it still sits.
  11. 5x88 test harnesses gets another one

    When will they learn; know of a 5288 down in Mississippi that a guy has tried to put in two auctions; His problem is that he cant get it to either one!! Looked at it and it has the test harness. Probably want move to load.
  12. 5288 clutch acting up

    Make sure your Hdy fluid is up to correct level also.
  13. Land rent contracts

    A few years back ($13 beans/$6 corn) producers down here would pay the high rent as long as they had some owned land with a lot of equity or some low rental units to create a weighted average of total rents that kept them profitable. Now I think the key is knowing your costs of production on each commodity you produce. Once you know that you can then determine what you can pay for a piece of ground. Gone are the days of renting something first and then trying to figure out how you can make it work. Enterprise budgeting is as important as overall cash flow. A place has to pay for itself; and each commodity unit on that parcel has to pay for itself. Staying in an unprofitable rental unit just to say your farming is insane.
  14. Building a Sentry Module

    Looks like this project is going to be a success. Anybody care to speculate what it might do to the values of the 88's?
  15. Land rent contracts

    I manage land for a living and have farmed as well. The best lease is the one that everyone makes money. Multi year leases benefit the producer primarily in the area of fertilization programs and management of debt service. The fertility program also benefits the landowner. Multi year leases look good on paper but are always in favor of a tenant. They can walk away any time for any reason particularly not getting financed. Never seen a landlord sue anyone for failing to farm a place. Flex leases are popular around here where a minimum cash is used with a rider based on anything above a certain yield. In regards to cash rents more and more landlords are moving to splitting the rent; 1/2 in the spring and 1/2 in the fall ; or all up front. Another factor is the term left on the farm bill. Most landlords and their agents are not leasing through (past) the expiration of the farm bill - which is the end of next year. Although there want likely be any major changes most people in the industry want to see what is going to be available in the risk management arena. All depends on what you can live with. From what I have been seeing rents have adjusted accordingly to the economic climate we're in. Some high rent landlords are still out of touch but most are reasonable in their expectations; especially if they have farmed before. I tell people its not the rent that is the problem; its the high costs of production coming from the inputs and other direct expenses.