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  1. One thing is or sure; no liberal could stay in the room with him in a debate. His facts were spot on as well as his history. Met his brother one time in Cape.
  2. Got a good friend in this area who built himself a small table with top about level where the bottom of housing is. Makes sliding it backwards onto a platform much easier on the back.
  3. 10 F here in Memphis. Now thats cold for us deep south boys. Another round coming late wed/thur.
  4. Do you split between the range and speed and roll the speed transmission out with the front end first?
  5. A good delta man he was. I was raised about 30 miles from his home town of Sledge. He and Conway Twitty were our local contributions to Country Music.
  6. Are you reffering to the cab solenoid in the fusebox compartment?
  7. tks Will check those out.
  8. Went to crank my 52's the other evening and when shutting down one of them the starter kept going. Engine was off; key switch was off. Jumped off and pulled the cables to shut it down. What are some of the common culprits?
  9. Side exhaust was common for many years in the south around gins. Saw a lot of M's and 806's used around gin yard to move cotton trailers. Side exhaust was used to keep sparks from jumping up into the cotton trailer.
  10. Wonder whats going to happen soon when most of the class of 21 has to take the ACT or SAT? I expect colleges to minimize it eventually as a requirement when they find out how much was missed since March.
  11. I still remember my days at farm credit in MS when the local black congressman was made sec of ag in the Clinton administration. Not a bad guy but overnight the status of the FSA and NRCS started changing. There were young GS 6 and 7 employees made county supervisors who barely new the programs they worked on. I had done enough 90/10 guaranteed loans by then to be an expert in the process and had to coach them thru the process. I felt embarassed for them and their total lack of knowledge.
  12. Getting buzzed is a regular thing down here in the mid south. We got more bugs. I use to scout cotton for an entomologist and things got fun when a farmer didnt spray when we told him and we had returned days later to check the fields; and here comes the plane. Got many a dose of methyl parathion or some type of pyrethroids when i was 20 or so.
  13. And don't forget the athletic field at the end of the game; "Everyone is a winner today; there are no losers and you all get a trophy"
  14. 21st Century progressive parenting and schooling is behind most of it.
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