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  1. I'm sure that Kentucky Bluegrass will look a little better knowing its being cut by an '88 with a new sentry.
  2. So would you still cut the end off the single wire and ground it to the box/frame as with the old sentry units?
  3. On either the 86's and maybe the 88's there seemed to be a special socket with a notch in it that was needed to remove the bolts behind the knobs.
  4. Thanks to Mike. He comes thru again. The 88's will be the DC 3 and B52's of the tractor world.
  5. Got a good friend in this area who built himself a small table with top about level where the bottom of housing is. Makes sliding it backwards onto a platform much easier on the back.
  6. Do you split between the range and speed and roll the speed transmission out with the front end first?
  7. Are you reffering to the cab solenoid in the fusebox compartment?
  8. tks Will check those out.
  9. Went to crank my 52's the other evening and when shutting down one of them the starter kept going. Engine was off; key switch was off. Jumped off and pulled the cables to shut it down. What are some of the common culprits?
  10. Side exhaust was common for many years in the south around gins. Saw a lot of M's and 806's used around gin yard to move cotton trailers. Side exhaust was used to keep sparks from jumping up into the cotton trailer.
  11. Delta88


    Has anyone flushed a radiator with this stuff; especially in the 436 and 466 engines. Wondering how it does.
  12. Mike has told me about his client in KY. My wife has family in Lexington, I would luv to come by and see those machines on the next trip up.
  13. Those look good. Do you restore them yourself?
  14. Yep; I want to see pictures of an operation running all '88's
  15. When you added power to the low side solenoid ( causing the sentry to come alive) did you have it unplugged and were using a jumper wire off a battery? With a jumper also to a good ground location? My sentry is getting power from both sides of the harness; Plug A on the male side with power going to the sentry light via plug C; and plug E has power going to the switch. The female side of the harness has power on the A plug. So power going into the sentry isn't the problem.
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