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  1. If you pass on it I might take a look at it. I'm over east of you near memphis
  2. We use to "scrap" cotton ; which was a second picking. If the first picking yielded 7-800 lbs then scrapping would bring 150-200 lbs at best. Producers stopped scapping when the picker costs surged and cotton genetics improved to where first picking yielded the majority of the expected yield.
  3. Never seen led's for dash and inside cab. Can you provide details?
  4. One of my 5288s didn't have visors. Was this an option in that day? Found a good set at salvage yard last week and now have to figure out backing for mounting.
  5. Memphis area had less than an inch in all of June. Irrigated stuff is holding its own; dryland burning up. Even rice is suffering. Nighttime Temps not going down enough.
  6. Does anyone know if ag express can improve the display on 86/88 series tachs when you send one in for repair? Mine are getting a little faint.
  7. The cab and ac makes the overkill discussion non relevant.
  8. Went in a walgreens today which always has a good supply of batteries and Sim cards. I needed a new card for a game camera I use for security around the shop. The entire section of the store was wiped out
  9. I've been told you d not want it too tight since it puts stress on bearing in the clutch. Check and make sure you have the lock nut on the inside of the adjustment screw.
  10. I have heard that they are the last rebuildable tractor
  11. Made my own on one tractor by buying strap and sheet metal of same gauge. On another 5288 I cut and grinded out the old sheet metal and tacked in new. Only problem is you may have a problem getting shields to fit correctly
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