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  1. I think when the head is worn it will cold start ok; once it heats up and you shut it off the expansion from the heat will make a hot start more difficult. Time to rebuild the head. MIght be part of your problem.
  2. Even if you spend the money you quote you will still be able to work on it yourself when other issues come up; cant say that about the modern stuff.
  3. Is there a way to test the speed micro switch on an 88 series? Maybe with a meter? Tks
  4. Did you put a cab kit in it as well? Looks great.
  5. Like someone posted earlier its a shame what the makers of guidance systems have made off the technology.
  6. Delta88

    83 5088

    Is that a truax drill you are pulling in those pictures? How do you like it? Do you use it for both grains and forages?
  7. THe IH dealership in the town I grew up in was a company store. It was where the cotton picker was demonstrated and supported out of the Memphis Plant. I can remember the local guys bringing the new 1206 out to demonstrate to my dad (mid 60's timeframe). Lots of hunters in our area also drove scouts.
  8. Make your self a template of the floor from cardboard ; helps to get the cut correct.
  9. stall mats from Tractor Supply make good mats for tractors.
  10. you can get the grommets at most diesel pump repair shops.
  11. If under a cash rent; yes. If one is working under a share rent in the future put it in the lease that you get your appropriate share of the insurance proceeds or as others have said buy your own policy. Don't restrict yourself on a share lease to just the crop; wrap it up with language that includes a lien on all usda payments; rebates, crop insurance; etc. Also consider a minimum cash - share lease. If a short crop occurs you still get a minimum cash amount which puts a floor under your income as a landlord.
  12. Delta88

    Prevent Plant

    Unfortunately the prevented planted dates are not as much in sync with projected losses as they once were thought to be. There are too many variety options out there now that mitigate a lot of the risk of planting past the pp date in many areas.
  13. Gotta make a trip to the local salvage yard for a few parts for one of my 5288's. One has the old IH couplers. If one of the parts machines has the newer ISO couplers will they swap without issues?
  14. Zach has said he will make the parts list available for his homemade module as soon as he gets caught up with lot of farm chores.
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