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  1. The cab and ac makes the overkill discussion non relevant.
  2. Went in a walgreens today which always has a good supply of batteries and Sim cards. I needed a new card for a game camera I use for security around the shop. The entire section of the store was wiped out
  3. I've been told you d not want it too tight since it puts stress on bearing in the clutch. Check and make sure you have the lock nut on the inside of the adjustment screw.
  4. I have heard that they are the last rebuildable tractor
  5. Made my own on one tractor by buying strap and sheet metal of same gauge. On another 5288 I cut and grinded out the old sheet metal and tacked in new. Only problem is you may have a problem getting shields to fit correctly
  6. It will better than when it came off the factory line back when
  7. Wow That really shows us novices how it all goes back together.
  8. Glyphosate is in short supply
  9. We're setting up for a mini disaster again. Not as bad as the 80s but something like it. Land prices in the delta continue to climb with 2.5% cap rates as the max est return. I see it on appraisal reports that come across my desk. Been ratcheting downwa rd for years now. US.10 year treasury at 2 %. Once they equalize there's no real reason to invest in land from an investment perspective unless it's only due to love of the dirt. I still remember people rolling over cds in 80 and 81 for 16-17%. They never regretted no buying land
  10. The spillover effect will be immense. This one will tilt the world on its axis somewhat.
  11. Yeh it will be costly but what is the alternative; buying overpriced stuff at auction with unknown issues or putting in an order at a dealer for something that might not arrive to who knows when. Interesting times. Crude just hit $95 a barrel.
  12. Got to split a 52 myself at some point. Keep the pics coming . Very informative.
  13. 'Like that photo of the 54. Looks like someone made a good buddy seat. Mike, can we get a closeup?
  14. Would like to see a picture of the updated upper clutch arm if anyone has it.
  15. I believe it's Ag Express. Several locations in the midwest.
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