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  1. Gotta make a trip to the local salvage yard for a few parts for one of my 5288's. One has the old IH couplers. If one of the parts machines has the newer ISO couplers will they swap without issues?
  2. Zach has said he will make the parts list available for his homemade module as soon as he gets caught up with lot of farm chores.
  3. They both use the weatherpack 6 prong plugs. Take the test harness all the way out and install the sentry for normal operation. As others say; don't run the test harness. Your asking for trouble.
  4. Lots of producers went back into cotton this year due to a favorable price in the mid '70s. That has changed in the last few weeks. Lets hope we see higher prices or the uptick in acres will go the other way.
  5. Taxes are the issue here; but I know they are the issue in Illinois as well. The lower 2/3 supports the upper 1/3 in that state. Show me a democrat led city and I will show you an urban ghetto supported by taxpayers on the outskirts. Problem here is we have a county mayor and a city mayor. The county mayor controls the assessor and collector. Where do the majority of the taxes go? You got it -the city. And with out new socialist county mayor there is no limit to how high taxes can go. Voice any opposition to their growing "budget" and you are opposed to "supporting the children" and a closet racist if you are white. They know nothing of financial accountability. Only solution is to leave high tax areas and let them deal with the tax base that is left. I figure I will be called a racist even if I call for any type of accountability.
  6. I would be willing to bet some of mike links wiring updates have helped a lot of people with reliabilty and longevity of the units.
  7. Zach has said he will post the parts list when he gets time. His previous posts stated he has put over 100 hours on it with no glitches. With the parts list and wiring diagrams and we can keep these great tractors going. Who knows; what he has made might actually be better than the original and easier to replace individual relays and other components.
  8. AllStates Tractor Parts also lists one for $750.
  9. The builder of the sentry module was Zach Grant. The original posting was 10-10-2017.
  10. Have similar problems with my 5288. Sparky is right; check your belt and make sure its not loose; also he said the RPM's need to turned up a bit. Mine runs best when I am up around 1600 rpm when its really pulling some air across the condenser. This is after the local dealer found out my leaks were due to over tightened fittings with compressed o rings.
  11. I use the IHC to Pioneer converters on a 5288; work fine but they do leak a bit.
  12. Delta88

    5488 hyd pump

    Did you check the hyd fluid level? If you have done work on the flow divider or anything else where you loosened a line go back and check the connections and make sure you got them tight. You could have some air in the lines. Is the sentry light kicking on?
  13. Delta88

    Gearbox lube

    Got a rhino fr 15 batwing. What is the recommended oil for gearbox oil change?
  14. I signed up for mine back in the winter. They also have special parking places in their parking lot for veterans here in Germantown TN. Really like Lowes.
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