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  1. Have similar problems with my 5288. Sparky is right; check your belt and make sure its not loose; also he said the RPM's need to turned up a bit. Mine runs best when I am up around 1600 rpm when its really pulling some air across the condenser. This is after the local dealer found out my leaks were due to over tightened fittings with compressed o rings.
  2. I use the IHC to Pioneer converters on a 5288; work fine but they do leak a bit.
  3. Delta88

    5488 hyd pump

    Did you check the hyd fluid level? If you have done work on the flow divider or anything else where you loosened a line go back and check the connections and make sure you got them tight. You could have some air in the lines. Is the sentry light kicking on?
  4. Delta88

    Gearbox lube

    Got a rhino fr 15 batwing. What is the recommended oil for gearbox oil change?
  5. I signed up for mine back in the winter. They also have special parking places in their parking lot for veterans here in Germantown TN. Really like Lowes.
  6. Put my 5288 in the shop with the local case ih dealer a few weeks ago. I had completely rebuilt the ac system myself a few years ago to include new compressor from Triple R and new lines; receiver dryer; expansion valve; etc. Would not hold a charge. What the dealer found was that I had over tightened the fittings too much; compressing the O rings too much and creating areas for the r 134 to escape. So check your fittings and o rings.
  7. I've done two of them and i'm not a professional mechanic. No leaks yet.
  8. Blooming out the top also means the crop is beginning to show a little drought stress.
  9. Everyone should have the right to vote provided they are citizens; just be wary when the overwhelming majority are non business owners. Particularly when your talking county supervisors. When I was growing up most of them were farmers and landowners; not the case anymore. Therefore there is no empathy in regards to how high land taxes can do.
  10. The majority of voters don't own anything; therefore be wary of what and who you are supporting. They will vote for the entitlement king/queen. A fellow board member told me today that the lower 2/3 of Illinois supports the top 1/3 to include Chicago. Soon the farm real estate taxes will go up like in parts of the MS Delta. That will choke off investment in that area finally bringing land prices down. Up to this point as long as the rents and net income stayed on par with the 10 year treasury things were ok. Now the tax man will only make it worse for that sector. Refuge will only be in states with no income taxes. Look for an area where there are more cows than humans.
  11. Just as I predicted the large amount of Prevented Planted acres is causing the Ag Retailers Association to request an extension of the dates. USDA has said no. Article is out on DTN. Somebody is getting scared.
  12. I did make it down to Filter about two weeks ago. Depressing.
  13. Good Post Anson. Your knowledge of the details is very good. I don't manage anything south of Hwy 82 except one small farm near Lake Washington; so my ear isn't s close to the ground as yours is. Most of my property management is in NE AR and the bootheel. We are having our Mid South Chapter meeting of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers in Greenwood this next week. Come on over. Rich Aust
  14. fuel taxes are much the same as social security taxes; your taxed for what you think its going for only to find out otherwise it was diverted.
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