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  1. My wife and I re worked our backyard last summer. I had 4 blueberry bushes she told me to get rid of to make room for the new landscaping. I dug them up and put them in 5 gallon buckets with a generous amount of soil around the roots. Transplanted them to my farm which is over 45 miles away and a completely different type of soil. I put a ring of triple 13 around them and they are doing fine. Just picked a bucket of berries yesterday.
  2. As Lorenzo said the taxes are never enough. WHy? Because more and more of the ad valorem taxes we pay go to something else. The forefathers of this county meant for taxes to go to basic services like police, fire, water and sewage; and public schools which were held accountable. Infrastructure has been kicked down the road for years because it can be, and also due to only a near term vision (which is based on a two or four year election cycle). Our priorities are way too distorted.
  3. We have two bridges; one built pre WW2 (1937) and what we call the new bridge (1973) . It has a main beam that is split in two. Barge Traffic was suspended for a while but its flowing again as of friday. Local engineers at state and private level saying even if they can fix it quickly stress points are going to show up elsewhere prompting a longer shutdown. Really hurting local businesses at this point. Our world famous local BBQ contest just cranked up.
  4. Most likely barge traffic suspended for fear of a runaway tow hitting it and making things worse.
  5. Just a warning in case any forum members are trucking and traveling through Memphis or West Memphis. Our main 40/I 240 bridge is closed. Only the south bridge is open. Considering West Memphis is one of the busiest trucking routes in the County things are getting chaotic here. Major structural crack found; TDOT and ARDOT saying it could be closed for over a month.
  6. Yep Producers in the Delta area already complaining about how all of the inputs and anything related to irrigation is going up.
  7. One thing is or sure; no liberal could stay in the room with him in a debate. His facts were spot on as well as his history. Met his brother one time in Cape.
  8. Got a good friend in this area who built himself a small table with top about level where the bottom of housing is. Makes sliding it backwards onto a platform much easier on the back.
  9. 10 F here in Memphis. Now thats cold for us deep south boys. Another round coming late wed/thur.
  10. Do you split between the range and speed and roll the speed transmission out with the front end first?
  11. A good delta man he was. I was raised about 30 miles from his home town of Sledge. He and Conway Twitty were our local contributions to Country Music.
  12. Are you reffering to the cab solenoid in the fusebox compartment?
  13. tks Will check those out.
  14. Went to crank my 52's the other evening and when shutting down one of them the starter kept going. Engine was off; key switch was off. Jumped off and pulled the cables to shut it down. What are some of the common culprits?
  15. Side exhaust was common for many years in the south around gins. Saw a lot of M's and 806's used around gin yard to move cotton trailers. Side exhaust was used to keep sparks from jumping up into the cotton trailer.
  16. Wonder whats going to happen soon when most of the class of 21 has to take the ACT or SAT? I expect colleges to minimize it eventually as a requirement when they find out how much was missed since March.
  17. I still remember my days at farm credit in MS when the local black congressman was made sec of ag in the Clinton administration. Not a bad guy but overnight the status of the FSA and NRCS started changing. There were young GS 6 and 7 employees made county supervisors who barely new the programs they worked on. I had done enough 90/10 guaranteed loans by then to be an expert in the process and had to coach them thru the process. I felt embarassed for them and their total lack of knowledge.
  18. Getting buzzed is a regular thing down here in the mid south. We got more bugs. I use to scout cotton for an entomologist and things got fun when a farmer didnt spray when we told him and we had returned days later to check the fields; and here comes the plane. Got many a dose of methyl parathion or some type of pyrethroids when i was 20 or so.
  19. And don't forget the athletic field at the end of the game; "Everyone is a winner today; there are no losers and you all get a trophy"
  20. 21st Century progressive parenting and schooling is behind most of it.
  21. I worked for Farm Credit in the mid 1980's till the mid 90's. Tough times; put a lot of guys out but they had no equity left or working capital. FC is still alive and well here in the Delta area with most of the associations paying a good patronage refund at year end. Most small banks are trying to diversity out of ag unless the directors are mostly famers. And those are selective with who they lend to. The balance are left to the swamp of retail dealers who are pretty usurious in their policies.
  22. 'And once the Union Army came south it was an invasion of the lands worked by subsistence farmers. Prior to the war Natchez, MS was one of the richest cities in the then US. However a majority of the planters were from the NE part of the country who came south to make their fortune.
  23. last time I saw a chain gang it was while riding by Cummins. Parchman in MS was self sufficient for many years; even had a cattle unit.
  24. I figure its going to bleed over into college football this fall; even the SEC. The two Mississippi schools had marches and protests this past week. Being orchestrated from outsiders. Attendance will fall in the fall!
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