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  1. I recently did a 1586 with a Fehr kit and preformed headliner. Quality was good on all of it. I'll be doing a 3588 soon and I will use them again. I used the "factory style" replacement cushions from K&M that pretty much all the parts places sell. I will NOT be using them again. If you are doing a restoration for a show and/or parade tractor, then go ahead with them. They do look very nice and somewhat original but not exact. If you are going to farm with the tractor at all, get the original cushions reupholstered or put a complete aftermarket seat in it. The factory style replacements are not comfortable at all. There are two different styles of seats. Mine was the one with the pull-tabs on the backside holding the cushions in place. The replacements just get screwed on instead. I don't have experience with the other style.
  2. Has anyone on here ever polished out a headlight mounting panel or maybe had one chrome plated? I took one to a local chrome shop and got a ballpark quote of $600-$700. I decided to give polishing a try first. I honestly wasn't even sure if it was aluminum or just a pot-metal. Either way, I knew it was die cast and that can cause some discoloration and other imperfections so I wasn't sure if it would work. I think I got lucky and got a good one. It went fairly well and I thought I would share by results. I will say it is far from perfect and it is a lot of work. There are definitely some places that just won't shine very well but overall, I think it is good enough to work. The whole idea of this is not for restoration, but for a custom touch on a pulling tractor. The owner of the tractor really likes his aftermarket chrome grille. This has always bothered me because the upper grille doesn't match and my OCD can't handle it! On top of that, we have been using the cheap aftermarket plastic headlight mounting panels and they cannot handle the heat from the turbos. The horizontal bars that the emblem attaches too keep melting and changing shape. I put a new one in it last year and it melted on the very first run down the track at the Louisville farm show. After that, I decided we are going back to the factory "aluminum" one, so here it is. By the way, as I alluded to, it is not my tractor but I've been the painter from the start. Kent and Sandy Payne are great friends and awesome tractor pullers. They have done very well and I do my best to keep it looking good. The pics of the tractor below are from a fresh paint job this time last year. I am currently finishing up a few parts that got trashed during last season and getting ready for Louisville again in a few weeks.
  3. I just got the loadstar. It just needs a carb rebuild and a brake master and should be ready to use around the farm. I have had the Travelette for over ten years. It runs and drives but I don't use it much and have always wanted to restore it. Right after buying it, I bought a DT360 to put in it. I recently bought an F450 chassis that I plan to drop the DT in and set the Travelette body on with a flatbed. I'm sure this wouldn't be the choice for everyone but it fits my needs and allows me to get a lot more use out of it. It will be a fun project.
  4. Here are my 4x4 projects. 78 Loadstar 1700 and 73 Travelette 1210
  5. Like TeachersPet1066 said above, "turbo blanket". When I restored my 1466, I just found a super cheap one on ebay that was advertised as a generic "T3" size and it fit perfectly. I also got some matching header wrap to wrap the exhaust elbow. I run it with the pump turned up most of the way and haven't had any problems out of it.
  6. On my 1466, I used a cheap turbo blanket I found online plus some header wrap material to wrap the exhaust elbow. I still work this tractor pretty hard from time to time and the pump is turned up pretty far. I painted it in 2018 and this set-up has worked out really well for me. If I remember correctly, the size of turbo blanket I chose was just labeled "T3".
  7. I was lucky enough to see this in person at the roundup too. I was very impressed!
  8. The owner just got a really awesome trade for the 3288. Unfortunately he got a New Holland out of the deal but its a really nice, late model, low hour, MFWD, etc.. So, I guess we won't be taking it to the Red Power Round Up this year like I was hoping. Maybe the new owner will take it. Also, the new owner was so happy with the paint, he wants me to paint his 7130 Magnum too. I'll post pics of it on here when I get it done.
  9. Yeah that looks really good! Can't wait to see it back together.
  10. The owner just posted it on FB Marketplace for $33k. What do you guys think?
  11. That's an interesting observation. I've been meaning to do a thread on that myself. Unfortunately most boxcar Magnums look like yours with red paint missing. If there is still paint left, it really does work. I bought a MX240 an an auction looking horrible and several hours later it looked like new.
  12. The owner of this tractor is now ready to sell it. With the market the way it is and seeing crazy auction prices, I have no idea what it is worth. Any ideas out there what the asking price should be?
  13. No problem. I'm using there regular universal clear, not the 2.1 The PPG code is 932993 for the Ram truck code P61 which is their "Case IH Red" for their special order color option. The PPG basecoat was extremely close to the SPI dark red, side by side. You couldn't tell the difference. I have not compared it to actual Case IH paint from the dealership because that only comes in single stage as far as I know. It really is unbelievable how much better the price is for SPI and I've been using it a while now with no problems. I mentioned above using a PPG basecoat on a 3288. That one specifically was not the P61 red, it was a Chevy color that the owner of the 3288 picked out. I didn't get to choose. I forget the number on it but it looked good too. I am going to stick with SPI but for anyone nervous about it and wanting to stick with a big name, I would use the Ram color. Since Case IH and Ram are owned by the same company, I would expect the color to be correct for the late model tractors.
  14. Yes I've been using SPI for a while now. I started by using their clear and epoxy primer and then moved on to using a lot of their other stuff too. Both the Magnum and the F350 have "Dark Red basecoat" and "Universal Clearcoat". I also just finished a 3288 with a PPG basecoat and SPI Universal clear. It works with any basecoat manufacturer.
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