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  1. On my 1466, I used a cheap turbo blanket I found online plus some header wrap material to wrap the exhaust elbow. I still work this tractor pretty hard from time to time and the pump is turned up pretty far. I painted it in 2018 and this set-up has worked out really well for me. If I remember correctly, the size of turbo blanket I chose was just labeled "T3".
  2. I was lucky enough to see this in person at the roundup too. I was very impressed!
  3. The owner just got a really awesome trade for the 3288. Unfortunately he got a New Holland out of the deal but its a really nice, late model, low hour, MFWD, etc.. So, I guess we won't be taking it to the Red Power Round Up this year like I was hoping. Maybe the new owner will take it. Also, the new owner was so happy with the paint, he wants me to paint his 7130 Magnum too. I'll post pics of it on here when I get it done.
  4. Yeah that looks really good! Can't wait to see it back together.
  5. The owner just posted it on FB Marketplace for $33k. What do you guys think?
  6. That's an interesting observation. I've been meaning to do a thread on that myself. Unfortunately most boxcar Magnums look like yours with red paint missing. If there is still paint left, it really does work. I bought a MX240 an an auction looking horrible and several hours later it looked like new.
  7. The owner of this tractor is now ready to sell it. With the market the way it is and seeing crazy auction prices, I have no idea what it is worth. Any ideas out there what the asking price should be?
  8. No problem. I'm using there regular universal clear, not the 2.1 The PPG code is 932993 for the Ram truck code P61 which is their "Case IH Red" for their special order color option. The PPG basecoat was extremely close to the SPI dark red, side by side. You couldn't tell the difference. I have not compared it to actual Case IH paint from the dealership because that only comes in single stage as far as I know. It really is unbelievable how much better the price is for SPI and I've been using it a while now with no problems. I mentioned above using a PPG basecoat on a 3288. That one specifically was not the P61 red, it was a Chevy color that the owner of the 3288 picked out. I didn't get to choose. I forget the number on it but it looked good too. I am going to stick with SPI but for anyone nervous about it and wanting to stick with a big name, I would use the Ram color. Since Case IH and Ram are owned by the same company, I would expect the color to be correct for the late model tractors.
  9. Yes I've been using SPI for a while now. I started by using their clear and epoxy primer and then moved on to using a lot of their other stuff too. Both the Magnum and the F350 have "Dark Red basecoat" and "Universal Clearcoat". I also just finished a 3288 with a PPG basecoat and SPI Universal clear. It works with any basecoat manufacturer.
  10. Here is a pic of the truck my cab came off of. You would never guess there is an F550 under there unless you happen to recognize the Ford mirrors.
  11. Thanks! That cab could have been repaired but I replaced it instead. I found a place that buys brand new F550s, removes the entire body and builds armored vehicles for the military. The cab, doors, and hood on my truck were all removed from the same F550 with only 20 miles on it. The bed and bumpers are brand new take-offs from a local place that puts flat beds and utility beds on for dealerships. The left fender and very few other items were bought new from Ford. Its nearly a new truck! Finding deals like that is the real trick to building wrecks efficiently. Having a lift and all the tools is how you do it quickly!
  12. Here are the "before" pics: It was a really light roll and didn't even blow any air bags. Not sure how that happened. It came from Montana and I don't know any other details. I've been rebuilding wrecks for several years now. I even worked full time for a little while for a guy that does nothing but rebuild wrecked trucks for a living. Like most businesses, you win some and lose some but at the end of the year, it normally all works out. Since I do them myself, I can do it in my spare time and not worry about labor all that much. For anyone buying one that has been rebuilt, its a great way to get a nice late model, low mile truck for a price a good bit less than a clean title. I will warn you though, there are some shady shops out there that cut corners and give a bad wrap to the rest of us that do not. I suggest buying from a shop that you know does good work and ask around a lot before buying from someone you've never heard of.
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments. It really was a fun project. 1256pickett....I really like yours too. That's a nice color combo and good to see another guy on here with a similar truck. I've always been a huge fan of red and white. After all, we are a bunch of IH guys on here! But I like a lot of the other colors too. I already have a cab and other parts accumulating to do another one just to sell. Just need to find another wreck. It is a lot of extra work to do a two-tone but it is worth it.
  14. Thanks! and yeah there are actually several dealerships doing Fords and Chevys in the retro scheme. I think most or maybe all of them are wraps so you could easily change it later if you wanted. There was one kinda famous Ford at the Sema show in 17 or 18 that was red and white just like mine. I loved it and don't mind copying since it really was a factory scheme for a lot of years anyway. None of the others I have seen had custom interiors to match. One did have old-school horse blanket looking seat covers that really fit the theme. That was a nice touch.
  15. I went crazy on the interior too. Some like it and some don't but I love red interiors and wanted to do it like it would have been back in the day. All the plastic got coated with a plastic dye and I reupholstered the seats in red leather with seat heaters too. The steering wheel is from a Ford Raptor and the paddle shifters are functional. I think the interior took me longer than the exterior did. That was quite a project.
  16. The red paint is even CaseIH red....kinda. I used Southern Polyurethane Inc. (SPI) basecoat. I've used it on other projects and their "dark red" is a perfect match in my opinion. I did a Raptor Liner color-match spray in bed liner that requires mixing basecoat in but special mixed without the binder. SPI isn't able to do that but any local autobody paint shop can. I went to the local place and used the paint code from the Ram trucks that you can special order in Case IH red. The code is P61 in case anyone needs it. I did a test panel and it was a perfect match so in the bed liner it went. I'm really happy how it turned out and how it looks with the factor Ford white.
  17. Got some interest in this after posting in another thread so I though I would start a thread by itself. The truck is a 2019 with only a little over 6k miles. It was rolled over and I bought it at a salvage sale. Got it home and started swapping out parts. Every body panel is new except for the right fender. That and the right mirror were about the only pieces that made it through with no damage. None of it was really all that bad, just minor damage everywhere. No frame or suspension damage. I really miss the old two-tone paint jobs and color matched interiors. Seems like every new truck is just a single color and grey interior. There are exceptions of course but that's what is mostly on the road. In 1976 my dad bought a brand new F250 that was red and white with red interior. Over the years my family had that, a 1990 F250 just like it, a 1997 F350 the same, and even a 1980 Bronco. Those were all between my dad, mom, and brother but I never had one. Now its my turn.
  18. I may look into getting new guage lenses for the 3288 too. I have a really small buffer for detail work that I used on the original lenses. They cleaned up well enough that you can read the gauges now but they are still very brown looking.
  19. Thanks for all the great complements! I really enjoy doing this kind of work. I built this truck to be my personal truck/daily driver/farm truck/etc.. The red interior was all done with a plastic dye and then I reupholstered the seats with a kit from leatherseats. com.
  20. I love seeing attention to detail. I bet there aren't many guys that have polished the steps on their Magnums. I took mine off and cleaned them up really well when I painted mine but I sure didn't polish them. Nice touch!
  21. No, my day job is a mechanical engineer at a company that builds factory automation equipment. Then I'm a farmer and the growing farming operation is nearing the point of needing to quit my day job. I do restorations on tractors and cars/trucks as a hobby. I used to work at a body shop that does nothing but rebuild late model salvage vehicles so that's where I learned to do paint and body work. My dad is a tractor mechanic specializing in the 06-66 era IH tractors and that's where I learned to turn wrenches. I keep thinking about quitting my day job and starting a restoration shop to keep me busy in the winter and summer. It is hard to pull that trigger when you have a good job to begin with. Here's the other project I worked on over the winter: 2019 F350 with only 6k miles that was rolled over. Had to change every body panel on it except for the right fender.
  22. Its a 1982 model. I can't say exactly but I think this guy bought it around 1992. He does not own a barn with a big enough door to pull a "cab" tractor in. Its a very small farm. It has literally sat outside for 30 years. His son (the current owner) does have a big tool shed now though.
  23. All the red and silver is basecoat with SPI (Southern Polyurethane) clearcoat. The black is SPI single satin black which is unfortunately no longer available. I really hope they bring it back. I painted my Magnum with it a couple years ago and it is amazing how tough and durable it is. Perfect for tractor chassis. The red is a GM paint code that I haven't used before. I didn't have a choice here because some of the sheet metal was already done. The color looks really good though. It is extremely close to the correct color. The stripes are OEM from the dealership but oddly enough, they could get me the stripes but not the numbers. I had to get the numbers from Maple Hunter Decals. They really look great but I was surprised CaseIH doesn't have them any more. This one turned out great and the current plans are just to sell it since the market is so good right now and the owner really doesn't have much use for it. If anyone is interested I can help make a connection. I think he is planning on listing it on marketplace. I am going to try to convince him to keep it around at least long enough to take it to Red Power Roundup this year. We are lucky enough to only be about an hour and a half away from it this year!
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