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  1. I still have the shifters out i will look for it Thank You !
  2. Looks good doing the same to 886
  3. Thank You Both, Mike I get with you in bit on Gauge Cover and Dash Decal
  4. I don,t unless there is a seal in there i need to replace while i,m at it .Otherwise i,m fine leaving it alone !
  5. 86 Series Clutch Booster Second picture as of yet don,t see how to remove stem from barrel ?Do i need in there anyway to replace anything ?The manual albeit off brand is very vauge .Thank You !
  6. TA back in shifters repaired ,Anybody have any luck in finding the skirt that goes around bottom of seat ?K and M doesn,t offer anything .Down to something local .Hate to leave it open with a new seat .
  7. Found where o lot of excess play in the HI-LO Shifter is .By the time it gets to the Lever it,s quite a bit .Wedge and socket have got to be tighter to keep lever from hitting the Range Cover before it,s in gear.
  8. Thank all of you i haven,t pulled the cover yet i will pull it and see what i find .
  9. Seems to be a multitude of kits with different parts on the market ,a first time repair for us .Anybody have any thoughts on one or the other ?Our Hi -Lo Shifter bottoms out up and down. low side is worst.Thank You !Have the TA Housing out and need to fix it while i can kinda get to it .Thank You !!.
  10. Thank you it was bought used and has been a great tractor.It,s just time to show it some attention it will get everything other than paint to be like new .We have done a couple of TA,S ,This one has the sloppy shifter syndrome is the kit available pretty much straight forward to install ?
  11. New TA, shift update ,new front end ,seat !Tach cover repair ,dash repair ,etc
  12. For kicks i checked my group two have pin and block (wheels straight )they have 5.5 inches of rod on the dead end .The tie rod ones have 7 inches of rod exposed on the dead end .Again wheels straight .
  13. Last 1066 i believe to be here in Tennessee still with original owner still working .
  14. Yes Star Speedometer or Bates .Have used them both and both were very nice .
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