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  1. Was hoping to be farther along by now but fenders were a problem had to settle for some in pretty rough shape .My son does my tig welding so had to repair on his schedule waiting now on the braces for the two post mounts that go on them .Did get to pull F-4 Phantom to the crane for our gate guard local airport !
  2. I agree about the sun .Other than the Letter series everything i actually use has at least a canopy .
  3. Hopefully someone here knows for sure ,but ive been told in the later 66,s IH changed and made them all wide? This particular one came off a Blackstripe766 that unfortunately was headed to be a puller .I tried to get it all but no sale so took what i could .Middle pic is a Leaman wide base that is on a 15 in the shop now .First pic is regular bottom from Leaman.This setup was headed to the 14 but the cab is just too nice to pull ac even still works one owner (till me)clean Indiana tractor,It will end up on either a 14 or Hydro 100.
  4. Finally found and aquired a original wide leg two post Rops and Canopy !Feel like a 12 year old at Christmas !!
  5. Pilot Knob Restorations will fix it for you .Like ksfarmdude says check shaft and the one brake pedal .
  6. Steering is stiff on this 1566 that,s under restoration .As usual some slop in front end so complete new front end Thrust bearings were a lot better than some .But while checking on mcv valve found spring 8 Flow Control Valve broke .Could this be a culprit to stiff steering ?While the tractor is apart was going to put new mcv kit in .But if this could affect the steering may replace spring and take a chance.Thank You !
  7. Here is a pic of an original .It has it,s own serial Tag .
  8. Change it all while you are there !!!old bushing with rods as guides to keep the new composits straight.Old retaining gland pull in the new ones
  9. Found a set that are still attached to an original two post and canopy .Got to get some shipping from Pa to Tenn
  10. Congrats on your find !That model still on my to find list !And Tony you are spot on about them taking over !!
  11. New Sneakers ! A couple sets weights inside .Still waiting on Head and looking for Fenders .
  12. Hopefully i have some located but thought that before what you looking to get for them and you willing to ship (maybe fastenal)to middle Tenn ?On my dime of course .Thank You

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    2. Vanstractors


      Maybe i misunderstood thought you had some fenders you might sell ?

    3. m.c.farmerboy


      yes I do , they came off a 1066 and are in good condition.

      can send photos if you want and can take to fastenall near me 

    4. Vanstractors


      Great what money you need from them ?Thanks Steve 

  13. Looking for a set of fenders to finish this restoration .My usual sources don,t have any that at least with my body work skills can make look nice .Thank You for any leads or help !
  14. First 15 was a little tough shafts come out opposite sides each other .I tacked a couple of nuts in the old bushings to drive them out .Then used retaining gland and old steel bushing with four guides to pull in the new composite ones .If the right wheel is in tight going to be tough .Like always i got a lot of help from this forum ! And Thank You !
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