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  1. Vanstractors

    IH Wagons

    Around here IH wagons are not ist choice at sales except to me !The 335 was a silage gear that sat in a barn for years I finally sent the 110 box to Indiana ,man had another one and liked them .
  2. Vanstractors

    IH Wagons

    Putting them up for the winter ! And one new one .All been through tie rod ends bushed and greasable now .They are good for about 40 fast enough loaded !
  3. Vanstractors

    1466 Blackstripe

    Looking great !
  4. Vanstractors

    Verizon 3G cell phones

    I, am a member of the old flip phone club .I will hang to the bitter end !
  5. Vanstractors

    Fall 2018, show your pics

    All the pics are great but love all the old iron just plain cool
  6. Vanstractors

    Blackstripe 966 ?

    Thanks we do have a 14 blackstripe it has a cab thats just to nice ditch .
  7. Vanstractors

    Blackstripe 966 ?

    Thanks guys she go back black stripe !The 7 and 10 get a friend .
  8. Vanstractors

    Ih 50 back blade thoughts

    Think you need at least a 966 pull mine with a 1466 its heavy
  9. Vanstractors

    Blackstripe 966 ?

    Still confused Serial number 31635 But it is on bell housing ? Any ideas on what I got ?Do not want to restore as a Blackstripe unless sure it is one .Story is a family tractor untouched , been on a small horse farm last 26 years on manure spreader Rowcropped until then same family.Whatcha think ?
  10. Vanstractors

    Blackstripe 966 ?

    As always Thank You ! Bought it have it home in a few days .
  11. Vanstractors

    Blackstripe 966 ?

    Serial 31635 Has a chrome TA handle and round leveling rods still a Blackstripe ?Suppose to be original paint .I was under the impression they had square leveling rods .But my 766 has round ?
  12. Vanstractors

    Not what i had planned for the day !

    10 and 1466 later got it out
  13. Vanstractors

    How Many Former Cub Scouts do we have ❓

    Scout here Still have a uniform hanging in the closet !Had a great time !
  14. Vanstractors

    This little guy has great parents

    Very creative !Lot of thought and hard work went into that .Hope he has a blast !
  15. Vanstractors

    The missing articulated Magnum 😎

    Danny Thank you for sharing this tractor and its history !I as well as many others appreciate your insight to IH and their products on this forum !