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  1. Thank You !My youngest son (28) has taken a real interest in the Black Stripes We have several MTA,S AND 54 SUPER H,S That we showed and had fun when they were younger .Our goal is to have one of all the Black stripes.(Someday) !!!!!! You Tube Nathan V Square Baling We were fortunate to get to be a part of new gate guard for our local airport gave us a chance to pull a F-4 Phantom to it,s perch
  2. Thank You keeping it slow and fun .Have a couple of part orders be here in a few days ,like a kid waiting for christmas !Meantime clean a few small parts paint them get them ready to go back on.
  3. Thank You !Finally did find in the book where they changed design .Thanks again for your help .
  4. Got to looking mains are not the same i get the wrong ones or they change them ?Max Force Kit .Thank You !
  5. Valve cover seems to be only thing decent so far !Oil Pan has half inch or better sludge.I wasn,t prepared for the amount of fine powder in the filter housing would have been the pic to get .Just proof either do PM or end up at 3800 ish HRs looking like this !My son and i were wanting to do a easy restore after doing a 966 that needed Everything (not as bad as this but bad )But is what it is as they say .It will never do any real work other than plow day player or so .
  6. Thank You men for your help it worked great cannot thank you enough!Came out fairly easy.Moved on to engine (This is 436 that had extremely dirty air filter posted earlier pics )3839 hrs ! Thank Yall again for everbodys help and patience .
  7. Very Nice ! Looks Great, Glad to see the old girls being taken care of !!
  8. That number three where i got the roll pin notion .Have a replacement Torsion Bar and Block coming .Go with the long bar and sledge first .Then cut one or the other replace the bushings and move on !The 7 and 9 i just did were cakewalks compared to this one ! Thank You for your help men !
  9. Heated cherry red, porta power plus hammer and punch ,about ready to cut it off and replace !!
  10. Manual says this is a roll pin .Any suggestions how to get it out (melt it) ?Has to be only thing holding block in middle pic to the Torsion Bar !Thank You !
  11. Trying to remove Torsion Bar out of 1566 .Manual says Rail Pin must be sheared off ?Is this it in second pic ?If not i can,t seem to locate it let alone shear it off .Porta power sledge and heat haven,t done a thing .Any help surely appreciated .Thank You !
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