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  1. Tractor Supply Co.

    When I get discouraged at TSC I remember how nice of a corporate friend to the FFA they have been .They have been super corporate sponsors to many FFA chapters including alumni fundraising efforts .But I get aggravated as well !!!!. My two cents !
  2. New Red Power is out!!

    Way back I got excited when the new Sears catalog came .Now it,s Red Power !Glad to prove boys never really grow up .
  3. JX 75

    Looking at a JX 75 to replace an 885 that has been a good loader tractor but we have broken second PS cylinder replacing bottom plate and bushings this time as well .Really confusing with so many models same horsepower ? How close is this to what I have now ?
  4. 766 Update

    Thanks guys .Do my own paint which takes me a while !Fenders had several holes drilled over time that takes me a while to make nice . Real painter do in a couple hours take me two days !I still end up with a 10 foot paint job !Ten feet away looks good !!Hopefully down to the fun part of bolting on the goodies !
  5. 766 Update

    Paint is done .Fenders mounted ,dash going back in new gauges etc .Sheet metal is ready .
  6. Stu's show IH equipment

    Very nice looking bunch of Tractors and Trucks !
  7. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    When you are big enough to really help you won,t want to help !
  8. Roller Finished

    Just a couple local tractor pulls .Weighs 4400# empty Have 4000# of concrete to put in it.
  9. Roller Finished

    Blasted, painted ,bearings checked 13 new tires .Ended up plain old truck radials !2 or 3 times a year just can,t justify the slicks !
  10. Amber Flashing Lights

    Later 66 Round
  11. Amber Flashing Lights

    Anybody found a source for the rear amber flashing lights on the 66 series ? Think they were on 140,s too.
  12. 1966 706 German Restoration

    Looks Great !Memories will make this tractor priceless .
  13. Blakbird sped check

    Several countries shot at it many times but nobody ever hit it .Lost a few due to mechanical problems ,but never enemy fire.
  14. Blakbird sped check

    Kelly Johnson designed the U-2 to be flown higher than he thought the missles could reach .When they shot down Gary Powers he fixed that with the 71 .Can,t get above them just outrun them !And he did !As far as I know still the fastest girl on the block !
  15. tankless hot water heater propane fired

    Heres my two cents worth .Retired Gas Supervisor for local Gas Utility forget about payback it wont happen !Tank type are self policed (run out of hot water you get out )Tankless people tend to stay longer and enjoy it .Kids will stay until made to get out ! More often than not the gas bill and water went up a little never down ! But they loved not running out .Kinda like using a 40 horsepower tractor and a 200 horsepower tractor to run an auger both get it done but one just going to cost more to do same job .If you want it get it don't count on a savings be excited if you do .