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  1. Vanstractors

    Helicopters :Moving Eastbound along Lake Erie

    All the Blackbirds are parked .Satelites made them obsolete .Very expensive to operate and had thousands of feet of film to deal with taking hours to process when they got back.Nobody ever shot it down !Kelly Johnson hit a home run with that one !Not positive but I do not think they have anything that can outrun it even today .
  2. Vanstractors

    Tractor Show Today

    Agree with sledgehammer those 21,s just look like a heavy SOB !
  3. Vanstractors

    706 Project Finishing

    Nice job looks great !
  4. Vanstractors

    IH, July 4th and 1976

    Didn't get them in 76 but I too am very enamored with the Blackstripes.Here is the 7 and 10 got a 14 to do yet.
  5. Vanstractors

    What would you do?

    Should be a signed ticket for each and every load and type of rock and also the job it went too .Your excavator should have given you the tickets from the trucks they will not dump without a signature .I would be asking for the load sheets .It will have truck number time of loading .surprised they sent 26 loads without some sort deposit !
  6. Vanstractors

    Red power trip progress

    I live about 10 miles South of Ky Tenn line leaving Wed morning
  7. Vanstractors

    New Holland 1431 mower

    I drop the cutterbar on mine .Since it will still turn I think you are going to find at least one or more twisted shafts between the modules .Good transmission jack is very helpful to handle that big cutterbar.A 1466 infront of a 1412 and uneven ground have had mine out a couple of times !
  8. I have an IH 110 silage box good working condition if you have a need still .Box only using the gear .



  9. Vanstractors

    Spark plug wire boots

    Has been a little bit but Brillman used to have them .I have several sets from him .I would call him and make sure .
  10. Vanstractors

    Silage wagons

    I have a IH 110 Box only I will give him .Bought for the gear only it is ready to go and in the dry in Nashville Tenn .Not a rear unload but priced right !
  11. Vanstractors

    RPRU meet and greet

    Headed down from middle Tenn empty.If anybody needs anything from this area ?
  12. Vanstractors

    Summer Project: IH 1066

    Nice tractor ,but really nice truck !!!!
  13. Vanstractors

    5488 Planting Pics

    Very nice collection there !
  14. Vanstractors

    Rescue Mission !

    Saw a church sign a LONG time ago that said you measure a mans wealth not by bank account but by the number of friends he has .This forum is proof of that !Many of us have been helped by people we have never met .I for one are very grateful.
  15. Vanstractors

    Peace of mind

    I was inside looking online before going back to the shop ,Door was not locked .Sure tough to just watch him go down the driveway with the police telling me not to follow him they would get him !(They didn,t).As soon as he saw I had a gun his back was toward me didn,t see any way I could shoot and get by with it .