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  1. Devon,s has done a few for me total rebuilt decals and all
  2. Thats what i,m seeing .If you are wrong i,m with you .Website is tough got a parts and repair manuals coming.I get along way better with a book !
  3. Another option The Brillman Corp Both are good!
  4. Looks like the yellow block has to slip off it,s shaft first .Then pull it,s small shaft out to get thelower link holder off .Waiting on manuals see what they say hope somebody has done one recently .The upper bolt in the yellow block will not clear the housing enough to come out either .
  5. Yes it is a blind hole .The block will not come off until lower arm is out and then it,s going to be very close because of the planetary,s!
  6. Have a 15 Specific maual coming .Got left side out still working on right will the ends come off wihout removing axle housing.Main shaft gotta slide right to let left side drop off .The end on the small shaft the top bolt too long to drop out !Anybody put bushings in a 15 ?
  7. Got IT Thank You so much ! I should have known better i was looking at wrong style hitch.Should have paid more attention .
  8. Thank You Very Much !!Realized was different just figured they changed .Thank You again for your help i will weld a piece of strap on the end a twist them out hopefully!! Where are you looking ?I,m looking at the wrong diagram?
  9. That,s Way Better !!! I was looking at Number 27 on the Schematic on the drawing ?
  10. Here,s where i came up with 400.00 Part #70461C2 ? But more looking i did find the new style 30 and 45 dollars .I take that !Maybe a miscue on the website ?
  11. Thank You welding the nut was my next option just hated to be welding on a 400.00 part !!! I believe i can get a local machine shop beat that price !After i saw the price i found a lot more patience !
  12. Any words of wisdom of wisdom to get these lift arm pins out of a 1566 ?Some heat and Kroiloil and a week of patience haven,t worked yet!
  13. Thank you !Forgot to say i did change the filter and vacum the housing before running it .Any suggestions who would have a MCV kit Like to replace gasket springs and pump ?Maybe help my steering issue.You can visably see see the oil cooler hoses go limp as you idle the tractor down .
  14. No sir not sure here are pics it has very minor end play zero side to side play but is certainly oilly.Entire block under exhaust manifold is very black like its been slobbering for a while.I ran a couple of hours on a batwing today never showed a drop of oil anywhere of course! Tractor was bought from pics out of state so i have no history on it. Pull the exhaust manifold and look for oily exhaust ports ?.Seal in turbo ?
  15. Getting started on 1566 restoration Have a good leak on the TA piston in pics .Also as i understand the book the lock ring should be seated when in high side of ta ?This tractors steering is firm especially low rpm. .Got a kit a while back local independant shop( since closed) for a 966 pump springs etc .Would like the same for this 15 (suggestions )?Also an inframe is possible for this tractor pumping some oil through exhaust manifold and quite a bit of blowby when hot.Have a Reliance kit in a 766 with no problems so far but yet all of our Black Stripes see very little work other than play
  16. Hopefully someone has good advice im starting same thing on a 1566 watching closely !!!
  17. Success ,Finally took awhile but pressure washer, heat,kroil oil ,constant pull ,large hammer ,several bad words ,and lots of determination got em !Now get them off tractor (1566)to replace bushings and seals !
  18. Getting started new bushings bearings ends usual wear items on 66 front ends .Got get mobile to get pressure washed and into heated shop !!!Too old for unheated shop anymore !
  19. We have been collecting a few the older 330,s have a flat stock with a hole in it on the spindle .We drill them out and put a bushing in those 35or 40 with 110 bales hay (fast enough)The newer models have a bolt and threaded hole much better !And a grease fitting !
  20. Don,t haul any corn but use them for small squares 330 waiting on lumber for new bed
  21. Thank You !Thats what we will do Thanks again !
  22. Spins but not freely Rebuild ,Just buy new ?Who do you prefer ?Bought as a restoration project no history on it at all ?Thank You !!
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