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  1. What rod are you referring to . my main shift rod will come out of cowl about 2” found out tractor was parked because it quit moving . Only thing I know yet thanks
  2. Our new to us 544 appears to be stuck in neutral i got the rods unhooked and they won’t move Nor will the shifter pivot in its slot . it’s really an odd set up compared to other tractors , first one I have been around . It got dark and the shift rails are covered in 50 years of dirt and grease . is there a specific place these stick ? tractor set unused outside for 15 years .
  3. What does a 706 with 263 diesel weigh . also can it be towed non running without hurting diff ? thanks
  4. What does a d-282 706 weigh , 16.9 tires Schwartz wide front , no weights . aprox weight ?
  5. Have a 16 , 6.7 . really like it 14 is about average for farm/ highway . yes they will flat pull .
  6. Try JP Tractor salvage . 2nd generation IH guys . Good folks too
  7. tommyw-5088


    Way too much for a pickup. there is a site that puts cummins in fords think it’s ford cummins.com
  8. Not on mine . led lights is all im doing . 4366 , previous owner made it side exhaust and it actually looks like it’s supposed to be there .
  9. Mine was a 1290 hay cutter . Would not run half day without breaking . gave it to scrap man to cut up :)
  10. You really need to drive one first . we had a bunch of them , I’d put it in the category of a very cheap , low quality , difficult to work on truck . With hardly no leg room .
  11. Make sure park pawl is pulling up all the way . 886 did that and it was just park pawl not pulling out of gear fully .
  12. It’s just another scam , to steal money . r-22 is going away too . What a bunch of crap . Organized crime at its finest . with the help of the biggest criminals , the Government.
  13. tommyw-5088

    5100 drill

    Not a no till drill by any measure . Mines a 21-7 16 feet wide , end wheel drills are a pain to move . It does a good job in worked ground .
  14. Not too bad once you are used to it we have a 4010 and a 2630.
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