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  1. Looking at the parts breakdown it shows these 2 options for hand pumps. Does one of these look like yours? And do you see what number on the pic you are needing?
  2. I ran across this baby chupacabra here in Tx a few years ago. ok it was also a coyote. Must have been trying to make a living on its own.
  3. Thank you guys very much, I will give those guys a try tomorrow. I sure wouldn’t mind a trip to CO or NE. I have been by the place at Rockyford several years ago but forgot about it. Thanks again!
  4. Does anyone know of a salvage yard that has equipment that might have rollers for an IH 315 cultipacker? I’m in texas, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any very close to here. But I think shipping on some or a road trip to pick them up would still be cheaper than what new rollers cost. I’m looking for the solid rollers. Thanks for any help!-Ryan
  5. Thank you guys very much for the tips and advice. I will try all those things out in the next couple days and see what I can get done. As many cylinders as it has I’m sure hoping to find a way to get it done myself. it is an odd little machine. I believe it’s a 89 model, and has a 6 cylinder Mercedes diesel. It has a 4 speed trans with a 2 speed auxiliary and then has a air shift to split each one of those gears. I dont think the loader will be very practical but I can see me getting some use out of the backhoe part once I get it fixed up.
  6. So I recently bought a Unimog FLU419 at a local city auction. It had been sitting about 15 years. I got it running, put 4 tires on it and got it to drive up on the trailer to bring it home. It has a loader on the front and a case backhoe attachment on the rear. It’s supposed to be the same as I believe a 580e backhoe. I got all the hydraulic functions to work but need to rebuild all the cylinders on it. I bought a special tool to remove the glands off the cylinders but even with a 3/4 drive ratchet it wouldn’t attempt to budge them. I even welded the adjustable part up and welded a handle on it to hit with a sledge and couldn’t get it to move. I also tried an air hammer to break them loose. I did remove the little locking screw. What are some better tools or techniques to use to break these down? I’ll include pics of the machine and cylinders. Thanks for any help!
  7. I have a HF press, have put many bushings in combine shaker arms with it. Haven’t had any problems for my occasional use
  8. Nice grader! I have one just a shade newer and smaller, a 112f. I haven’t got real good at operating it yet but I do better than I would with a tractor and a blade. I need a couple more arms and a lot of flat open space to run mine lol. They are tough old things and you don’t have to worry about a lot of electrical problems though.
  9. I haven’t done any business with them so I can’t speak of what kind of company the carb dr website is. Hope that is some help and good luck!
  10. From a little research that may be a zenith 68, 13056. Check out this and see if it looks right.
  11. I’ve been known to hang about 4 suitcase weights on my 480 when the ground is hard. Helps more than you might think.
  12. Well here’s a pic of all the help I could find to rake hay for me lol. She’s good about showing up and putting in the effort but her windrows are not the straightest…….
  13. I bid on the rock rake but was only willing to give about half of what it sold for
  14. I’m pretty sure I took a set of 86 series boxes that were good, cut the straps off them, and then cut the mounting straps off my rusted out 88 series boxes and moved them over. At that time several years ago I wasn’t aware of anyone making new ones. If they are available that would be much easier.
  15. We’ve sold a few the end of last year for $3 a pound hanging weight. I deliver them to the locker plant live and the customer pays all butchering/kill and wrapping fees.
  16. Looks like a neat project and always good to have a helper to fit into tight spots. I recently bought a 95 dodge Cummins, 5 speed, 4x4 out of my neighbors junk pile. He used it for years to feed cows with. It had been sitting for 7 years. I put a battery in it, checked all the fluids and the air filter, primed the lift pump and bled the injector lines and it started up and drove. It has no bed and the cab, front end and frame are so cracked up they are about to fall apart but boy it fires right up and sounds good. They are good old motors.
  17. Thank you very much for the reply, no need to measure if you’ve hauled yours like that before with no problems. I’ll take my tools to take the hitch off and see if I can get it bought. Thanks again!
  18. Does anyone happen to know if a 315 packer mulcher will sit on a 8’ wide trailer? I found a 15 ft one coming up at an auction I was thinking about trying to buy. It looks like the hitch would come off of it without too much trouble. Thanks!-Ryan
  19. I would try to get it if it was reasonable. I’ve been looking for a similar one for farm use. The sitting 5 years wouldn’t bother me much. If it was possible I’d try to go by on the preview day with a ratchet and socket to make sure the motor would turn over if you can get to it easy. I would hope the auctioneer wouldn’t mess with trying to get it started so it would be cheaper and you could check it over good before you try to start it. Might take some money in seals and hoses and fluids to get it going but you should be able to get whatever you need for it. It’s hard to kill an old caterpillar.
  20. Does anyone have any recommendations on a brand or company to get some LED lights from? I’m needing to put some on a 24volt system on a D6 Cat dozer just to be prepared if I need to cut some firebreaks after dark someday. I don’t really want anything too expensive as they will prob get broke off by a tree someday. Was hoping for like a 4x4 or 5x6 light or something similar. I will have to build brackets anyway so I can work with anything. Searching the web there is everything from dirt cheap to crazy expensive so just wondered if there is a brand that’s well known and has a good reputation. Thanks!-Ryan
  21. Very good trucks in my opinion. We have a 1983 S1900 with a 20ft grain bed. Has the 466 and 5 speed with 2 speed rear end. Good old trucks that don’t need much wiring or electrical stuff to stay running. I’d estimate it at around $4-5k in my area if as clean as it looks in the pic.
  22. Pic of our 986 Red power, original paint
  23. Got the loader fixed today! Took the control valve back apart and found this little plugged orifice. Cleaned it up put it back together and it moved back and forth good. Put my gauge on the pump pressure port and after a couple seconds it pegged 280 psi just like it’s supposed to. Even backed it up on my trailer which it would’ve never done before. I believe it’s ready to go back to work. I appreciate all the help and ideas of things to look at to get this loader back up and going. Thankful for this forum!
  24. Been working on the loader more today. Took the neutralizer valve off and took it apart, everything looked ok inside it and everything moved like it should. For information I tested the port for primarily clutch pressure. It’s supposed to have 60 psi at full throttle and that checks out good. It says that is controlled by the modulating relief valve, so maybe that is good. That’s exactly the same pressure reading I get from the pump pressure port. That should mean something but I’m not smart enough to know what. Possibly the load piston is not getting pressure to move? After looking at that pic of oil flow it seems maybe the oil is supposed to be coming out that hole at the top like it’s doing. The pic labels that return oil. So maybe that is not a problem either. I put an arrow to that in this pic. Art- this loader has done a lot of work in its life, the plates could sure be warped. Instead of a paper type filter it just has a real fine mesh screen on the suction tube. Prob could put a magnet in that housing but really couldn’t seen any metal on or around the screen, it was surprisingly clean except for those disk particles and a few paint chips. thanks in advance for any more ideas! edit- I took the hoses loose and I do have oil going to the neutralizer and when I push the left pedal down I have oil returning to the trans case.
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