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  1. This will be just a farm use truck. Mostly just moving my junk around lol. And we have an old dozer and road grader we use a little, so it might come in handy working on them.
  2. Thanks! I’ll see if I can get a video of it working when I find something to pick up!
  3. I had some delivered today as well, $2.65 here in Tx
  4. Thought I’d post an update, got my winch on and all the rigging on. Still need to get some big cable and hard wire in the winch but couldn’t help raising the poles and testing it out with a battery and jumper cables.
  5. Beautiful work, from the pic it looks like it could’ve came from the factory that way
  6. Checked urea today here-central texas, $800 a ton
  7. It’s a pretty handy place, I’ve bought 5 beds from there lol. The one on that white Ford in the last picture came from there too
  8. Awesome photos and story to go along with them. Love those old cats, they just keep on going
  9. Thanks for the replies and encouragement! I’m anxious to try it out. I’ll include a few pics of the bed in the shape it was in when I brought it home. And I picked up the truck off purplewave after living it’s life as a local county water truck.
  10. So here is what I’ve been working on the past few days. Several months ago I bought a winch bed out of a junkyard that had been wrecked. After a lot of torching and work I got it looking pretty good. Now I was down to straightening out the bent gin poles. They were 14’ long made of 2-7/8 sch 80 pipe with a sleeve inside the whole length of sch 80 2-3/8”. They either fell on the headache or the truck rolled over on them. I wanted to be able to lower them into the troughs so 11-1/2’ was plenty long. So I cut them at the bend to start with, and cut about 2-1/2’ out of them. I then cut the outer layer back 14” from the main cut on both sides. Slid a 50” long pipe inside and plug welded it in to the middle layer. Then I split a piece of the outer layer that I had cut out and sandwiched it back over so all the joints were staggered and welded everything up. Now I know I’m no certified welder and this probably wouldn’t pass any X-rays but hopefully it will work good for occasional use around the farm!i
  11. Found these pics from an upcoming auction at Stamford, tx. Hopefully they will help you a little. That plow may be a Dearborn brand. And I think anything you could get rigged up would do the job on that disc. Not really a colter but can’t think of the correct term for it right now. I think that would be used mostly for keeping the plow located for example if you were plowing dirt up on the side of a terrace that would help keep the plow from wanting to head down the side of the terrace.
  12. Thank you to everyone for the replies, And for that service bulletin. This tractor is a 1990 model. It’s actually nearly the newest tractor we have. We still run 86’s and 88’s for most things. I checked my accumulator psi this morning first thing. It was 82 degrees out and one had 62 psi and the other had 65 psi. So that sure could be a problem. I am going to pull them off and get them charged this week and see what kind of difference that makes. Thanks to everyone for the help.
  13. Thank you guys very much for the replies. I do tend to run in 1 gear nearly all the time so that sure might be the problem 756puller. I do need to check the accumulator pressures as well just because it has been a couple years since they were filled. I plowed another 40 acres with it today. Plowed all day in 9th again and As I was leaving went to shift into 10th and i couldn’t feel the detents in 10th so it went to 11th. After a second I pulled it back into 10th though and it worked fine. And it shifted up and down through the gears on the way home with no problems. Hopefully it is just sticky after running in 1 gear all day. Here is the old girl. Has 4300 hours, I’ve had it for about the last 1500 hours.
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