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  1. Sounds like to me a tire dealer that someone tried to sue in the past for a final drive failure after they replaced only 1 drive tire lol.
  2. Found this receipt awhile back in my grandpas belongings From when he bought a 986 new. Still have it and run it often. Just baled hay with it last week with a little over 12000 hours on it. I think we’ve got our money’s worth.
  3. I completely agree with searcyfarms and he hit the nail on the head. I would shut that deal down real quick and if I had to put something up so that they couldn’t come across without permission. Will save you many troubles/a legal battle later.
  4. Thanks very much for the information. Glad to know I have the majority of the stuff, bet I can build whatever I don’t have that I need in the future. Have a 986 I need to pull the rear end out of. I found these scanning through an auction in the TX panhandle online. The auction company didn’t know what they really were and just had them listed as transmission stands. They should come in pretty handy. I’m working on getting the wheels lubed up so that they are free now.
  5. I bought some international splitting stands at an auction a few weeks ago. I found pics of some of them in my 986 service manual but have questions on a few of the smaller pieces I couldn’t find. I know the four wheeled one is for clutch jobs and things like that and I got the brackets to attach to the frame rails. And the 3 wheeled triangular one supports the rear end so it can be removed. And the pipe with the big J bolts is used to lift the cab. How about some of the smaller brackets in the last pic? I have the piece of square tubing with the pipe off the side of it and the extendable tube with the brace angled off it I’m not sure what they are used for. Thanks!
  6. If texas wasn’t too far away I have a project IH 200 I’d give you.
  7. Here’s a couple pics of mine. It doesn’t hinge twice but the angle where it attaches does throw the weight over onto the pickup more and it does stand a bale up vertical when raised all the way.
  8. You’re sure welcome, if you need anything else let me know. We do use this loader frequently but don’t abuse it. My dad bought it new and put it on this tractor when it was pretty new itself. We unload and stack a lot of hay with it. It has unloaded many bales that the hydraulics on the tractor won’t lift. It will tilt them back but not lift them. We use it for a little dirt and material moving and loading and carrying gates and things that are to heavy to lug around by hand. In my opinion the bracket setup is plenty stout and will stand anything the loader itself will. I have seen some of these loaders that have cracked around the cross piece that goes between the arms at the front but around here that is usually caused by people trying to push over cedar trees and/or backing off and making a run at things.
  9. Let me know if you need more pics or measurements of anything!
  10. I have a 2250 on a 686, if I can remember will get you some pics in the next couple days so you have a starting point at least
  11. The spindle on my drill press is a MT. But right now it has a Jacobs 1/2” chuck on it. Right now my belt is on 1 speed above as slow as it will go. Maybe that will be a good starting point. I will definitely mount the VFD up out of the way of shavings and in the dry. I’ve read they need plenty of airflow if you mount them in a box. Thank you very much for the info on where to set the hz to start out and what to limit it at. I don’t think I will ever need it sped up from factory just would be nice to get it slower. It appears I have the slow speed pulleys on the press which might be nice. I’ve been reading all I can on VFDs to try to learn as much as possible about them. It will be a learning process getting everything set up.I sure appreciate all the comments and help.
  12. Thank you all very much for the help and replies! I believe my 3 phase motor is good. But that is just going off what the previous owner told me when I bought it. It does roll smooth just turning it. I don’t really plan on having any more 3 phase equipment in the future besides this press. I believe I’ll get a VFD on the way and give it a try. I’ll let everyone know how it turns out and I might have some more questions. Thanks again!
  13. Thanks very much for the replies! The drill press will be in my insulated but not heated shop. Although here in west Texas it would rarely if ever get below freezing in there. So far here is what I have found. Do these look like they would work or Does one look like it’d be preferable? They range from about $180-200 for the 2HP to $240 for the 3HP one. Thanks!
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