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  1. I wouldn’t say ANY brand older than a 1990 you couldn’t get undercarriage parts for. I know you can walk into a CAT dealer and buy just about anything you want if you can afford it. I buy parts for cat equipment weekly that were made in the 60’s and 70’s
  2. I found a site called avspare dot com I’ve been using. I was searching for some NLA parts for an IH 4500 field cultivator and found all the numbers on there I needed. It’ll show you every part number like a real site should unlike the new Case site.
  3. The combine is a 1440 with something around 4000 hours on it, we’ve had it since 93. It’s Been a good one
  4. You might also try Gap tractor parts, Cranfills Gap, tx. Or B &M tractor parts Taylor, Tx
  5. Thanks guys! They sure all earn their keep here but they are good and reliable. My grandad bought the 986 new so our family has put all of its 11,000 hours on. The rakes are a 960 and 970. They do a great job. It’s gets tricky running them in terraces though when they start pointing out in the middle. I’ll add more pics when I get the chance!-Ryan
  6. Going to try to post a few pics of some of our working IH collection
  7. Thank you very much for the pics Mike! That’s a good looking plow, I’ll see if I can fab up a similar hydraulic setup
  8. Does anyone know of any equipment salvage yards where I could look for brackets for a hydraulic wing setup on a 18.5’ 45 field cultivator? I’m looking to convert my manual fold one. Or if anyone had one in their scrap pile I’d sure be willing to buy one, or build one with some measurements. Thanks for any help!
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