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  1. Happy birthday Ed.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. It represents much time and $$. It’s happy hooked to a sled or going on a long tractor ride with others. It plays well with others!!
  3. You can see the tractor on you tube as IH 686 rolling smoke
  4. Send me your email address and I'll send photos and videos
  5. Tractor is essentially complete. It’s been hooked to sled a number of times this summer. We pull in a gear slightly slower than road gear. Horsepower is mild compared to many but that was by design. If I want to take it on a tractor ride it’s OK and will do it this weekend. Never enough HP. We think the final drive will sustain more HP so we may seek to increase it substantially. It’s been a lot of work with some missteps along the way but fun. And that’s why we did it!
  6. I have a IH 666 that I have shoehorned a DT 467 in frame. Engine has 13 mm head with BW S300 turbo, water system and more. Clutch is 3disk Leaman unit. Tranny has all new gear ratios except 1 st and reverse being the same. Diff has had the needle bearing treatment We are just a couple days from being complete and then off to the paint shop. First hook is a couple weeks away. Tell me what I missed.
  7. It’s on a pulling tractor that requires different ratios
  8. Looking for a company that can make gears for a 666. Also need to needle bearing diff assembly.
  9. Looking for a company that can make different gears for an IH 666.  Also like to have needle bearing installed on diff assembly.

  10. The engine I’m referring to came out of a 5288, hence black. That engine is reportedly stronger than earlier models. That would put the vintage at about 1982 or later.
  11. I’ve been told that a “black” 466 is stronger than a “red” 466. What’s the difference and where was it made stronger. Have a DT 466 in a 666 nearing completion. It’s been a tough assignment!
  12. I'm not that sophisticated, I'm still counting teeth on gears. But I'm learning.
  13. When twood described high gear as 19/1, what do those numbers represent?
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