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  1. That's the purpose to adjust drift for different situations and soil. I think I'll just build one. I've got the shank , all I need now its a spindle and hub that will work. That sort of thing is easily sourced. I found the blade but so far no original hub assy. I can spend hours and gas looking and I think its cheaper to just build one . I'll find one the day after I get one built anyway. That's the way it works most of the time ?
  2. That's what it looked like to me too. I think I'll wait till I rebuild the engine this winter. Thanks for the help. I need to fix some slop in the steering also. It belonged to my great grandad and has never been touched other than him getting it hot when I was a kid and cracking the block plowing. Had it welded, and it has worked great for light work up until now. I'ts time to bring the old girl back to life as it was. I still use it all the time. Gerry / Cortez ,Co
  3. Anyone have a suggestion on the best process for changing brake band on my 48 super a . Rt side works great lft side linkage moves but no braking action. I know oil could be the problem on linings. I just don't want to go to any unnesasary work to access the area. Thanks for the help Guys and Gals
  4. first two pics show where colter mounts (if colter is correct name for the part ). also if I find one ,how does it line up with outside disk ? Thanks for the help. I might have to build one
  5. It's a 3pt hitch disk , but it just throws soil one way. Its a disk not a disk plow . I have pictures I will try to post if I can figure out how. The first pictures are where the colter mounts ( if colter is even the correct name for the part ) And also if we are able to locate one , how wound it line up ( when mounted ) with the outside disk
  6. I found a one way 5ft disc( looks to have red paint) . Its missing the colter bolts on frame. Does anyone have an idea where I can start looking ?
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