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  1. Thanks to all of you who responded. Just to button this up, the Hydro 86 has a hydraulic/transmission temperature sensor switch that is 1/2" NPT. Any switch with proper threads that will fit in the limited space will work with the OEM light in the dash. If you would rather have a gauge to monitor temps and or pressures then make sure your gauge matches the sender/sensor being either full sweep or short sweep otherwise your readings will be considerably incorrect.
  2. I guess I'm simple, I don't see sender size at all. I see length but not thread size.
  3. The problem here is that there is no indication of the sender's thread size or pitch. I'd rather not have to hack a steel line to install it.
  4. Hydro 86 Hydraulic Oil Temp Sensor Switch, 539280R1. Has anyone found a substitute for this US$104 part? Additional part numbers: 84160157, L301527, 242656A1, 72186024, 539280R1, D70163, H439301, D132280. OR alternatively, has anyone found a temp sender with matching threads to send data to a gauge instead of an idiot light.
  5. Ryan, Do you use the loader a lot? There are stories of metal fatigue and frame failure from this loader on this machine. I don't see either in your pics. Have you found or do you have any reason to believe that this design needs "upgrading"?
  6. Huge help for me. Thank you. My frame rails definitely do not have holes that far back. Drill baby, drill. lol
  7. My serial number matches to 1977 but a D310 none the less.
  8. It came off a 584 so I have brackets-a-plenty for that.
  9. That would be welcomed. It seems that my D312 was replaced with a D310 and the last holes in the rails, where I think the brackets go, are directly adjacent to the oil pan. It does not look like the cross member that joins the two rear brackets has a clear path.
  10. "Mock it up." That's like a fish telling a bird, "What do you mean, 'How do I breath under water? you just do it.'" You presume too much.
  11. I'm looking for a Mounting Bracket to put an International 2250 loader on my Hydro 86 and/or to talk to someone who has the 2250 on a 666 686 or Hydro 86.
  12. I might take you up on that offer if I have to fabricate one. I'm still hopeful that someone has one sitting unused.
  13. Damn. I need your rear mounting bracket for my 2250. lol
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