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  1. 1952 Super C, been in the family since the late 50's.
  2. I believe some of their products are built in NY, some are imported with upgraded bearings and belts. Was in the city for a minute last week, but not in Miles.
  3. Haven't tried the snowblower, but I have a chipper and 2 flail mowers from them. No complaints, easy to deal with and any wear parts I've ordered are here in a few days.
  4.  My 2003 F250 6.0 6 speed, ran it until 2021 and it had 175k miles on it. Only issue it ever had was a FICM shorted out.
  5. If you're mowing 2-3 times a year 6' will probably be fine. I put a 5' flail behind my L2850 to mow what I didn't want to with the sickle, in brush and heavy grass I have to gear down pretty good or I'll stall it. I also went with hammers for the brush which also use a little more power I believe.
  6. I looked it up on jdparts.com, it showed 2 options RE58910 marked with # R67188 or AR97708 marked # R73604 Both take RE62658 rebuild kit.
  7. Elly my bluetick, also good at getting comfortable.
  8. I've always said I'm glad I work so hard so someone else doesn't have to 🤬
  9. Can speak specifically to the 590 but I like my 620 and have had good luck with echo products.
  10. I've run into a few of those mowers that were designed to run at 700 something RPM, older Kubota B series and I the Mitsubishi / Satoh had 3 speed PTO I think. Also some turned the PTO the wrong way 🤦‍♂️
  11. My BIL went there, seemed good. I planned on going to JC Stewart.... Not sure if it's true but I was told higher volume dealers get order priority??
  12. Ordered my F350 last summer around the 1st of September and it came in November 1st, I thought that was actually pretty good. Nothing crazy, crew cab 7.3 XLT w/ 4.30 axle.
  13. Way before my time... but whenever I've heard reference to babbitt bearings they were talking about poured in bearings.
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