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    cold cut saws?

    Yes, dewalt makes a 14" cold cut chop saw.
  2. mjcolemn

    NH Oil Undercoating

    I've had similar results with the fluid film. I know a town that was using the NH stuff, it seems to stick a little better. I've been experimenting with Corrosion Free, it's odor free and a little bit heavier than the fluid film. I'm still not sure it's better than the oil undercoating, guess time will tell.
  3. mjcolemn

    What IH Sickle Bar Mower Mounts to Farmall C ,SC❓

    The one on my Super C is a C-21-M, manual says 5, 6 and 7 foot available.
  4. mjcolemn

    Farmall M water in oil

    If it's an earlier M there are freeze plugs behind the front and rear covers. My 43' had one rust out and leak into the pan. I pulled the pan and pressure tested it, it took a while before it leaked down through.