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  1. I've always said I'm glad I work so hard so someone else doesn't have to 🤬
  2. Can speak specifically to the 590 but I like my 620 and have had good luck with echo products.
  3. I've run into a few of those mowers that were designed to run at 700 something RPM, older Kubota B series and I the Mitsubishi / Satoh had 3 speed PTO I think. Also some turned the PTO the wrong way 🤦‍♂️
  4. My BIL went there, seemed good. I planned on going to JC Stewart.... Not sure if it's true but I was told higher volume dealers get order priority??
  5. Ordered my F350 last summer around the 1st of September and it came in November 1st, I thought that was actually pretty good. Nothing crazy, crew cab 7.3 XLT w/ 4.30 axle.
  6. Way before my time... but whenever I've heard reference to babbitt bearings they were talking about poured in bearings.
  7. One of the biggest differences that I notice between the 17 6.2 I had and the 22 7.3 is that it doesn't have to scream. It also doesn't seem to have the tendency to downshift as quick, so it will lug. It does much better in the snow in 2wd because it doesn't usually shift down in the middle of a hill and break traction.
  8. I struggled with the 3.73 vs 4.30. Ordered a 2022 with 7.3 and 4.30, I'd do it again. 75 mph only turning about 2000 RPM, on a trip it'll get 14.5 mpg. Towing 15k more like 8-10 mpg, but pulls fine.
  9. Been a while since I've worked on one of those but they had a lot of issues with heat killing the injection pump driver. Aftermarket kits to relocate them off the side of the pump and to the firewall or grill area.
  10. 15w40 Rotella 55 gal delivered this week was $895 before tax....
  11. Lots of grey area.... In VT one day they were stopping all the local landscapers with trailers and writing tickets for no CDL with any trailer tagged over 10,000 lbs. They weren't weighing just reading the tag on the tounge, loaded or not.
  12. Umm.. think you brought in a flying squirrel. My guess from the loose skin in the middle, they can be fun to catch.
  13. Used to use Channel lock but switched to Knipex, haven't pinched my fingers since!
  14. Check with Maine Oxy, I think you'll find better pricing. I just bought a Lincoln from them. I switched to them for gas several years ago because they were way less than Airgas.
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