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  1. I believe there are 2 different fan clutches available for the 6.0, look for the one that came with the plow package.
  2. The Home Depot one definitely looks a lot like the Gear Wrench sets. Napa was having a sale on the 114 piece Gear Wrench set for about $200, I bought one recently. Seems good so far.
  3. The other one looks like a 165 maybe.
  4. Should be similar to this pump, you'll probably find the return check valve plugged with rubber bits. You can knock the ball out of the check valve to get it moving but ultimately the pump needs repair.
  5. I believe that emergency vehicles can be programmed not to derate if it has an emissions issue so that you won't be stuck in a bad situation. All the bells and lights will still go off but the truck will still function. You'll still have to fix it, but not in the middle of a fire scene. Run them hard and don't leave them idling a lot and they don't seem to have a lot of issues.
  6. 2 different variations with all the part numbers.
  7. I have to go do some counting, I've got a perfectly good 500c sitting in the shed because I've been unable to find bottom rolls.
  8. I'm not saying it's the right way.... but if it's a small hole fill the tank, rub a bar of soap in to the hole / crack to stop the leak temporarily then weld a patch over it.
  9. If I can't get seals I usually pull them out and send the seals to the hydraulic shop and have them match them up, way cheaper too if your not in a hurry.
  10. Air filter # crosses to a Napa 2669
  11. I have one that looks like that, seems to work good. Sometimes hard to get the reflective tape to stick to the crank pulley.
  12. I'd recommend one of the hydraulic cable crimpers. I've had one of the off brand for 10 years and never had an issue and it fits in tighter places than the long handled ones.
  13. I use the 9.0 in my 1/2" gun, a little heavy but definitely more power. I use 5.0 in most everything else.
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