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  1. Check with Maine Oxy, I think you'll find better pricing. I just bought a Lincoln from them. I switched to them for gas several years ago because they were way less than Airgas.
  2. This is a page from Napa's exhaust catalog.
  3. I used to replace quite a few of those when I worked at a garage, I always assumed it was a case of under engineered.
  4. From everything I've read there's no real cure, just management. Most of mine have them and I keep the "brooms" clipped out and the bushes fertilized and they keep producing. It's been 10 years or so.
  5. If your looking at the Fords I'd look at the 7.3 gas. 6.2 isn't a bad motor but the extra power for about $1800 would be nice.
  6. The guy passed away and I'm not sure where they ended up, I know they're not around here anymore.
  7. East Hill Bison in Townshend used to be in restaurants, supposed to be a pretty lean meat. He had a pretty extensive and hot fence to keep them in.
  8. That may be true because most of them are turned down. I think lack of maintenance killed a lot of them in trucks. I always thought that vintage International had more wiring issues than I'd like.
  9. The Maxxforce name was applied to all their engines I belive, in a bus I wouldn't be surprised if it was a Maxxforce 7. Which is International's name for the 6.4L
  10. https://www.shieldsolutionsllc.com/aluminum-and-metal-cleaner-brightener.html
  11. Probably not, I'm just familiar with our fire radios. I have a CM300 in my pickup with a fender mount and a CM300d with a permanent mount on the roof in my utility truck. I don't notice any difference in reception between the 2.
  12. I'm by no means a expert. It appears that both radios have the same wattage output, so I'd assume it may be the difference in antennas. I know that the more metal mass under the antenna the better and that they clip the antenna to length depending on the frequency range.
  13. Personally if the tanks are good I'd put a new core in the original one, the aftermarket ones usually aren't as good.
  14. I believe there are 2 different fan clutches available for the 6.0, look for the one that came with the plow package.
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