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  1. 756 won't move or steer in very cold weather

    x2 on bad mcv pump, dads 966 and my 706 did the same thing until we put a new mcv pump in, warm weather it was never a problem, got below 20 and then there was no steering
  2. 756 final drive/trans housing

    you can remove the soft plugs so that it is like the later style, just have to remove the third link cover and work through there. i did this to my 706, its not real easy but can be done
  3. High Hours - Low Hours - How Many Hours...

    i have a 966 that dad bought in the 80s and was his loader tractor for 20+ years, the clock shows 9200 hrs, pretty sure its turned over once already and the tach might not have worked for a while too. now its my main tractor, runs mixer wagon all winter, makes hay in the summer, packs silage in the fall and does other jobs throughout the year. its been a pretty reliable tractor.
  4. Block heater question

    Nice thing about a tank heater is that if it ever goes bad you can pinch off hoses and r&r heater without having to drain coolant, usually goes bad on the coldest day of the year.
  5. D360 Camshaft regrind/replace options

    i just got on hy-caps site, looks like you can get a cam and lifters thru them
  6. 5488 fuel gauge

    if you take the center wire off both the sending units and touch them to ground the fuel gauge should read full. im guessing that you replaced the upper sending unit the bottom one can be a bit of a project to get out. as far as checking sending units with ohmmeter, hook your ohmmeter up to it and move the arm slowly and watch your meter, ohm reading should change gradually and smoothly with no jumping around.
  7. WVWrangler

    did previous owner take upper 3 point arms off and reinstall them wrong or put them on the splined shaft so that 3 point would only come up that high?
  8. Lets see some steps

    finally got some pictures and some help from my wife to get pictures posted. like i said they arent fancy but are functional
  9. Lets see some steps

    dads 856 has a step/toolbox just like that, ill have to ask him if that toolbox came with the tractor when grandpa bought it new in 68 or 69. i made a battery box/step for my 706 after i got it, it had an f25 farmhand loader and a rear entry cab on it when i got it which i removed, so i needed a step and battery box. ill have to get pictures and have my wife post them on here for me. the steps i made arent fancy but they are functional, just used some iron that i had laying around.
  10. Another simple 986 question

    sounds to me like its the starter drive. i dont know if you can get at the starter from under the cab very easily, thru the floor of the cab is the only way i have done it or seen anyone else do it. kind of a poor place for a starter to be but you dont have to work on the starter very often. a long extension and a 9/16 socket is what you need to get to your mounting bolts. after you get it out take it to a shop that specializes in starters and alternators and have them test and rebuild it.

    never had a problem with hycap stuff
  12. Down Corn

    see if any neighbors that have cattle would want to turn cows on it
  13. 2188 eating rotor belts?

    when the old belt broke did it bend the support for the tower that the chopper gearbox sits on, throwing the belt alignment off or when he was replacing the broken belt did he loosen the bolts for the chopper gearbox. if he did he might want to have someone realign the pulleys, alignment is very critical for the rotor belt
  14. Case IH 1640 electrical

    could be a cab feed relay
  15. IH 856 rear end fluid change

    you can knock the plugs out from the three point top link hole, its not the easiest but doable