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  1. Little Red

    Farmall 806 (908)

    no help here but if you do find it please post pictures i would like to see it, sounds like it would be something to see, good luck!
  2. Little Red

    If I were the devil...

    maybe the church did adopt the egg to get the pagans to celebrate easter but they are celebrating it for other reasons other than the death, burial and resurrection of jesus. im not saying the egg is evil but the real symbol for easter should be the cross. good day
  3. Little Red

    If I were the devil...

    paul harvey hit the nail on the head, i dont understand what the easter egg has to do with easter and the christmas tree has to do with christmas, other than cover up the real meaning of both easter and christmas!
  4. Little Red

    Switch from 540 to 1000 pto.

    drawbar should be set so that there is 14" from end of 540 shaft to center of drawbar hole and 16" for 1000 shaft, on the older tractors that had both shafts the 1000 shaft was 2" shorter than the 540 so the drawbar wouldnt have to be moved once set to the proper length
  5. Little Red

    Are we this dumb these days

    alot of people trying to figure out how to win the lawsuit lottery
  6. Little Red


    x2 on breather tube being plugged
  7. Little Red

    1460 at auction,

    looks to be an early one
  8. Little Red

    EPD for intelligence

    i would say it would be a negative number, but hoping hes got a high docility score when you go to get his head out, cattle can do the dumbest things sometimes. good thing they taste good or no one would have them!
  9. Little Red

    New joke

    wise old indian said man fight with woman all day get no peace/piece at night
  10. Little Red

    Change PTO or use adapter

    if you want to go to a small 1000, check with a salvage yard they might have whole pto assembly with small 1000 shaft you could buy fairly cheap because not many people want the single pto assemblies. dad snapped the 1000 shaft off his 5288 that is when we switched his over to dual speed, the dual speed through the salvage yards was $2500, the guy i worked for at the time found one for $1250.
  11. Little Red

    Gooseneck hitch?

  12. Little Red

    806 auxiliary valve

    should take a regular round o-ring, grease works well for holding o-rings in place
  13. Little Red

    Bird identification

    horned lark? or american pipit
  14. Little Red

    clutch disc

    the side with the dampener springs protruding out goes against the pressure plate.
  15. Little Red

    540 manure spreader

    just went on messicks website, looks like all the parts are available. $1655 for the complete gearbox (ouch) or you can the individual parts you need. there might be some salvage yards around that have IH spreaders. its the same gearbox used on the 530, 540 and 550. good luck