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  1. im going to wish you good luck for this ordeal and then in a few years when me and my wife get to clean up her dads farm you can wish us good luck in return. i think he is a professional hoarder. id say if you swapped houses and the place is yours keep what you and your wife want and have a bonfire with the rest. best of luck!
  2. ive used the tow hooks on the front of the pickup to hook trailer to and pushed trailer in to a building that way, worked pretty good, it was a 4 wheel wiggle wagon
  3. need one for an alarm clock for my wife, doubt it would wake her up though
  4. Wished I would’ve found that map,that would’ve been neat to see which towns had dealerships, I can’t expand the picture enough on my phone. My wife’s great grandpa had a dealership in Rockham, I’ll have to ask my father in law about it again see what kinda details he can give me
  5. Nice meeting you also, did you figure out where the secret meeting place was at for meeting other forum members?
  6. if they really cared about life why arent they standing in front of an abortion clinic?
  7. Pretty sure you can’t sell it, we had a dry year in 2017 so they opened up the crp ground for haying, I offered one land owner something after I put the hay up and she said she couldn’t take any money.
  8. i will be there, im only 65 miles away.
  9. load them protesters on a plane and dump them off at the communist country of their choice, save the taxpayers alot of money
  10. instead of a gasket they use #11 which is a gasket maker, put a bead of that on axle housing and make sure to get it around the bolt holes, i smear it around with my finger so i have nice even layer on the whole face of the housing. you do not need any thread sealant, the bolt holes should be blind, meaning they dont go all the way through
  11. Little Red

    5130 steering

    i would take seals and orings to a hydraulic repair shop and have them matched up. caseih and others are way overpriced on their parts
  12. it is possible that the switch is getting bad and not kicking in/out properly, there is two little adjustment screws on them switches to adjust cut in and cut out temps but you need a thermometer to stick in your vents to know what temps the switch cuts in/out at. like r190 said probably a dirty evaporator core
  13. wouldnt surprise me, soros is pure evil
  14. My thoughts exactly. Makes me wonder what kind of disorders people have to cause them to do that to themselves 🙄
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