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  1. Dads feeding tractor had a block heater in it and when it failed it would be the coldest day of the year so dad put a tank heater on it so that if it failed he would pinch the hoses off and take the old one off and put the new one on and be back in business in short order. My feeding tractor I put two block heaters in so if one goes bad I have the other one to use and can change the bad one on a warmer day.
  2. The Facebook fact-checker will be along here shortly and let us know this is all tinfoil hat wearing right wing conspiracy theory, don’t believe your lying eyes! The good book says perilous times will come.
  3. Heard of one shop that had two railroad rails in the concrete upside down right next to each other so there was a small gap in between them to drop a chain in the slot or whatever for tying down.
  4. yeah i think its british something something, real pain in the butt, not every place that makes hoses has these ends either
  5. Poor man’s lock nuts
  6. Blow the top of the brake valve off like sdman said to do. I had a 7250 do the exact same thing as you’ve got going on, blew the top of the valve off and everything was fine
  7. I sure miss pete23’s input, he probably forgot more about ih tractors than jmech ever will know. I think jmech knew a lot of stuff but he came off as a real jerk and chased a lot of people away
  8. it was a steffes auction, they arent interested in selling small items, they like selling high dollar stuff.
  9. I will be moving a building pretty soon too except this one is not going to the burn pile it is getting saved from the burn pile. Just have to figure out how I’m going to get it moved. I’ll have to start a thread on it when I get to it
  10. Not worth a lot sitting there where it’s at, if it was running/driving it would be a different story. I would say as is 1000-1500 bucks not knowing what kind of surprises you might find. Looks like with a little elbow grease it could be a nice tractor
  11. I thought the 250 mile range was in between charges but I guess it’s drive it 250 miles and then bring it back to the dealer. The future looks great from here
  12. Sure hope you don’t need any help from here in the future, might have a little trouble getting help after that rant
  13. Someone should buy it and replace the old screaming jimmy with an electric motor to run the generator, that way you could have an electric generator. 🤓
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