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  1. growing up dad would tell people that he paid me twenty one fifty a week, then he would tell them that is 21 meals and 50 cents, then i would say well im still waiting for the 50 cents. like you said MTO, good times growing up on the farm, wouldnt trade it for a million dollars. no better life, dont want my kids growing up in town or sitting in front of the tv especially with the garbage thats on tv now.
  2. My great uncle ran allis charmers and the neighbor ran John Deere, neighbor would give him grief about running allis, then he would tell them he would rather ride allis than john
  3. Rubber band, tried grease once won’t do it again
  4. man wrapped in saran wrap walks into a psychiatrists office and says doc whats wrong with me, doctor takes one look at him and says i can clearly see your nuts
  5. i overhauled the 282 in my 706 a couple years ago, sent the head to the machine shop, cleaned the head up and tried removing the precups had 2 that were stuck, called me up and asked what i thought i told him go ahead and get them out even if you wreck them ill just call and get 2 new ones and if they arent too expensive ill get all 6. checked on the messicks website $400 a piece! i called him back promptly and said try to not wreck them when you take them out! ended up getting 2 used ones from the salvage yard. some of these prices are getting way out of hand
  6. My brother is into archery hunting he has a compound bow that he uses, not sure what he has it turned up to wanna say it’s like 80 pounds but not sure, I tried drawing it back and couldn’t pull it figured he had the safety on😜. I think archery hunting would be fun if I had the time, seldom ever get out to go deer hunting.
  7. Seen one episode, kinda funny but didn’t think I needed to waste my time listening to all the f bombs, get tired of hearing it, I know a couple guys that can’t say one sentence without using the f bomb at least once.
  8. Are you wondering why the #4 line cracks? Mine has done it twice in the 80k miles I’ve put on it, sounds like it’s somewhat of a common problem. I’ve done a little research and haven’t found an answer yet
  9. Sorry for your loss, sounds like you have a lot of good memories to make you stop and smile or laugh about. Always helps to remember the good times.
  10. And diagramming sentences, yet to figure out when or where that will be used, absolutely hated that crap, biggest waste of time, bunch of nonsense garbage
  11. Dad said don’t marry for money, it’s cheaper to borrow
  12. Grandpa told me to marry later in life that way if you get a good one your last years will be good and if you get a bad one you won’t have long to live
  13. Looks like he would be safer hauling stuff in the trailer than in the box of the pickup, couple bumps and the box is going to be on the ground😬
  14. OTC stands for overpriced tool company, they are good tools but expensive
  15. wise old indian once said man who fight with woman all day get no peace at night
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