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  1. Sorry about that accidentally hit the quote button and then tried to unquote it
  2. That’s the one about governor Noem giving George stephonomomomlopis the what for. Didn’t bother posting anything on it knew it would go go poof
  3. Do they mean 50% of their normal commission perhaps? To drum up some business
  4. Little Red


    Have heard “it” sometimes creates children
  5. I’m sure if Biden wins his administration will tell the media to stop reporting about COVID and people will start dying from heart attacks, cancer, car accidents etc again. 🙄
  6. As far as the the Mx series is concerned as long as you stay away from the mx240, 255,270 and 285 you won’t have to deal with the caps system, all the other Mx magnums in those series has the regular injection pumps, after them series they went to common rail
  7. the top big post is hooked to your battery, the bottom big post goes to your starter motor, the little wire is your signal wire from your start button. when you push the button power goes to the signal terminal and energizes the solenoid causing a washer to make contact between the two big posts.
  8. according to tractordata it is 37 gallon tank but im not sure tractordata is always accurate, next time i have to fill one of my 966's up with fuel i will try to figure out if its 37 or 42 gallons, i think its 37 but its been a while since ive had to fill the tank up completely, try to run it using the top half of the fuel tank not the bottom, dont feel like doing the walk of shame back to the fuel barrel
  9. 966 has 414 which would be 6.8, 856 has 407 which is 6.7. according to tractor data engine hp on 966 is 91hp doesnt give engine hp for 856, in my experience the 856 will eat a 966 for lunch. filling silo dad usually had the 966 on the blower and if you plugged the blower it would kill the tractor, there was a few times we had the 856 on the blower and when the blower got plugged the 856 would bog down a little and shear the shear pins. both are great tractors
  10. if it wasnt for this site i wouldnt know anything about whats going on in the world of sports, never was interested in sports, got way better things to do anyhow. figured sports was a waste of time and money, wish someone would pay me to watch me do what i enjoy doing (farming/ranching). bunch of overpaid cry babies is exactly right. i will watch rodeo, true sportsmen there
  11. i dont think things are going to get any better after the election no matter who wins, if trump wins these lunatics are going to get worse and if forgetful joe wins the law will be on the criminals side and the law abiding people will be the criminals. pray for our country, our president and for each other, im afraid civil war is the only thing that is going to settle this
  12. Little Red

    1680 Milo

    i would try a kill check to see whats happening where, in the ops manual it tells how to kill combine so that you can diagnose your threshing problems and adjust accordingly, maybe youve already done this idk
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