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  1. I didn’t even know IH had a shuttle shift until about 4years ago, went to an auction and there was a 504 that didn’t run with a shuttle clutch, first and only one I’ve ever seen. Too bad IH didn’t have that available on some of the bigger tractors, that would be handy. Hopefully someone like pete23 steps in here and sheds some light on this for people like us that live under a rock
  2. It ain’t that bad yet. Back when I was a little shaver I wanted to know how far I could pee, so I gave it all I had and then got the tape measure, 14 feet! I turned 40 a couple years ago and just about dribble on my boots
  3. If your hose is short and your pressure is weak do like a woman and sit on the seat
  4. Wowsers, I can just about buy 4 pair of the cheap Justin boots that only last about a year for that kind of money. Mud and manure are the killers of my boots, I wouldn’t want to step off the sidewalk after dropping that kind of coin 😳
  5. You will have to get extensions for the concaves though or get different concaves
  6. what is the length of the spear, i like the spears to go in about 2/3 of bale width, if the spear is too short the bale will droop
  7. we would just make sure as much chaff is cleaned out as possible and then use the torch to cut heads off of bolts, we had some source of water handy to put out any flames or smoldering chaff. good luck
  8. ill probably get scolded for saying this but dont overlook a 966, ive got 2 of them, wouldnt mind a 10 or a 1466 but these two tractors do what i need them to do. a 966 doesnt have a turbo so you are stuck with about 100hp, the 10 and 14 have turbos and can be easily cranked up to way more hp than some people should have possibly doing damage to any number of things. the 66 and 86 series are the same basic tractor, 86 has a nicer cab and the shift levers are on your left side vs being on the rh side of steering wheel. the cabs on 66 are noisy but i have a set of ear plugs that stay with the tractor. good luck
  9. Sorry for your loss and congratulations on your new sidekick
  10. Here is a couple pictures, one is the old cable mover and the other is a mover with a chain bed for moving loose hay or bales
  11. my 706 was the same way until i sprayed penetrating oil in the steering pedestal where the shift shafts are, i can get pictures tomorrow if you need
  12. Them f25 farmhand loaders go a long way up, In the summer of 2012 a bunch of relatives came out to help my father in law paint the hip roof barn. He put the bucker bucket on the loader and ran the push off out almost to the end of the bucker teeth and then laid a plank on the ends of bucker teeth for people to stand on. If I remember correctly we could paint the peak of the wall standing on the bucker bucket.
  13. i looked at a bottle of molasses the other day and got to wondering what do they do with the rest of the mole?
  14. I’d be the guy wearing a life jacket while mowing hay, neighbors would drive by and wonder what kind of a short bus riding window licker do we have here?🤓
  15. 🤣 nothing is too big when dealing with certain critters, I’d us a 50 cal on rats if that’s all I had, I hate rats, not scared of them just hate them with a passion
  16. Tell me about these floating meadows, I’ve heard of them but don’t know anything about them
  17. i cant personally guarantee anything in someone elses area, you might have lower quality fuel. when i got my diesel pickup i started having problems with it in cold weather. when i changed the fuel filter it had a bunch of white slime on it, i called dk diesel and asked them what the slime was and they told me it was animal fat they used to cheapen the fuel up, i started buying my fuel at the truck stop and no more problems with the pickup if i ran a blend. i havent had a problem with the 966, knock on wood, the tractor sits in an unheated building, it doesnt have a cab so i have a comfort cover on it. it is plugged into a timer and depending on how cold it gets determines when i set the timer to come on. it runs a small mixer wagon a few hours a day. it does get kinda cold here, jan 2019 it got down to 35 below zero here, that morning the tractor batteries gave up. by the time i got to town and back with the new batteries it had warmed up a bit and i did put in a little #1 fuel to be on the safe side after being so cold.
  18. And the ones with inline filter right next to the fan are even worse, cousin has a 4455 and he had a terrible time gelling up until he poked a screwdriver through the filter, now it doesn’t gel as easy. Love my 966, run #2 all winter long, if I can get it out of the barrel.
  19. Dad would run a chain from one three point arm down under drawbar and up to other three point arm when running grain cart, I’m sure the drawbar would have been fine without it but it was cheap insurance. Just make sure to adjust the chain length so it just lifts the drawbar slightly when three point is all the way up
  20. I looked up our avg rainfall here and it ranges from 15 to 28 inches in the state, I thought I was told once that the avg was 14, after your reply I got to questioning what I was told and checked it out. I got to adding up the rainfall we’ve had since beginning of may and it is under 5 inches so far, sorry for misleading you.
  21. It is a drier climate, I’m in hand county, next county east of sdman, South Dakota’s average rain fall I believe is 14 inches but here I would say we are closer to half of that. The wind doesn’t seem to bother the stacks, I think the hay is so tangled together that it can’t blow.
  22. Here is a picture my wife took, pretty sure this was last year he did loose hay. He’s using an 86 hydro.
  23. My father in law put up his last loose hay in 2008, it was either the spring of 15 or 16 he started feeding from that stack, the hay inside the stack looked like the day he put it up. There is an art to it to get the water to shed off of it. He said he would like to make loose hay again some day, I would like to see it done just to experience it.
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