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  1. Those seals are usually a carbon or ceramic face seal preloaded by a spring. They will tolerate a fair amount of movement before they leak. On my 806 the balls had come out of the front bearing and it was just starting to drip. antiseize should help for future removal and save grazed knuckles!
  2. Oh no!! Whatever next in this crazy world! friend went to a site to repair a generator. Guy said how did you know which generator needed fixing? He said the young lady in the office told me where it was. He got reprimanded for that comment. They said “she” might not identify as a young lady. where is this all going to lead to?
  3. Our 248 industrial has a VA pump. one day it refused to start. Tank was full. Checked throttle /cold start. All ok. Changed filter. Bled it. Still no start. Not even a hjnt of smoke ftt try on exhaust. Spoke to a couple of pump shops. After a lot of no parts available. You need a new pump etc. I thought I may as well remove it and take a look. Was pretty dirty inside and a bit rusty looking but nothing obvious wrong. Gave it a thorough clean. Replaced seals and o rings put it back on and now runs fine. I have no idea what the problem was but when it was off I did flush tank and lines pretty thoroughly. Our 856xXL would show bizarre symptoms when there was a fuel restriction. if we ever get what appear to be pump problems first job is always be 100% sure fuel to the pump is correct. That usually solves 98% of the problems. the other 2% are usually much more if a headache and a lot more expensive!
  4. Give the pump a thorough clean and check all the clearances. Bushes may be worn allowing gears to move away from the housing. You could get new bushes fitted. Not had a cih reman but have had mixed results with other aftermarket pumps. Was going to fit a new pump in our Massey 50hx backhoe after an engine overhaul. Thought I’d check the clearances in the new pump before fitting. It was worse than the old one. Refitted the old one after reducing end clearance for the gears. Has hood oil pressure cold or hot. 1000hrs or more on it now and still good.
  5. Friend was trying to start his 2290. I told him to sort out the starting problems but he just used to bridge the solenoid. One day he had parked it tight between other machinery. Had to climb over to get to the starter. Power shift was in 1st so was gearshift. It started and went forward. He had no way out. He was pretty lucky there was a big tree in front that stopped it. He said it just sat there with front and rear wheels digging holes. I’m surprised it didn’t stall but it was at part throttle. He managed to climb over the hood somehow to get to the other side to shut the engine off. He was very lucky. He did fix the starting problem after that!
  6. I agree. I use an old 10ft cut 3 rotor swire (french made) mower on my 806. Only has an 8mm shear bolt. Holes are worn a little but it doesn’t shear the bolt very often. Mowed a lot of brambles last year and only had one bolt break. I did consider going to a 10mm bolt but so far it hasn’t really been necessary.
  7. Definitely worth saving. Once you have it all working you won’t regret it. ive sold or scrapped things over the years and wished I hadn’t. dealer I know used to break a lot of tractors for parts. Now he has people buying what’s left of the skid units to restore back into tractors again.
  8. My 806 was plagued with bio diesel snot and rust in the tank. I cut an access hole in the top of the tank so I could clean it really thoroughly with a grinder. Welded a flange around the hole and made a bolt on access lid. Then used POR15 tank seal. Was about 15 years ago. Removed the lid last year and found a bit of snot but no rust. Sealer was as good as new. Be worth trying on your tank (probably don’t need to cut a hole if your tank isn’t too bad inside)
  9. If it is a Teflon seal install dry. I made the mistake of applying lube to a couple of rear main seals both leaked. After replacement and dry install both were fine.
  10. I fitted some mid priced Italian made nozzles to our Ford tw20 and some cheap unbranded injectors to our D6 cat. So far both have been fine. The Ford has done a fair few hours on them and runs nicely. Cat runs much better but too early to judge how good they will be long term. Some of the unbranded stuff is junk some ok. You pay your money and take a chance I’m afraid.
  11. What a tragedy for you all. Prayers sent for a full recovery!
  12. Prayers sent. Hope he makes a full and speedy recovery!
  13. As it’s been sat a long time check nothing has seized on the steering system. If you jack up the front end dies it steer easier?
  14. One of the problems pulling heavy loads at low speeds is that the oil film on the gears isn’t sufficient to carry the load. You will gut much more rapid wear. a friend has run a lot of those old case tractors over the years. He’s mainly had good luck. But he said he found out early on that you needed to maintain them. Clean oil and filters. And don’t run them if there is a problem. One of his 2290 was slipping and he carried on using it for a couple of days. Heat from slipping ruined the clutch carrier and a few other parts. Worst but was as the friction lining had worn away metal particles were everywhere. There were no obvious noises. It just quit moving after a while. He was lucky he had several parts tractors so he got away fairly cheap. I bought a 2294 MFD from him. One day it suddenly decided to downshift at random on the highway from 3rd ps to 2nd. I didn’t take the chance of driving any further. Got it back to my yard. Bit of sludge on the trans inlet screen and filters were a little dirty cut them open found a few tiny metal particles but mainly general sludge from use and condensation. new oil and filters and been fine since. I could have carried on driving but I didn’t want to pay later. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  15. A friend used to run a lot of those 70. 90. And 94 series. He said if a problem develops investigate immediately. He said he learned the expensive way at first. If he bought another case tractor first thing he did was drain trans. Remove Hyd inlet screen and cut filters open to check for metal.
  16. Congratulations! Now all your projects will have to take a back seat. But when she is older you may have an extra pair of helping hands.
  17. My 806 MCV pump would not prime if the tractor was on flat ground or facing uphill. Fine if it was downhill on a steep slope. The shaft seal on the pump was bad. Replaced the seal and that solved the problem for quite a few years. Although the pump was pretty worn out anyway. I’m not very familiar with the 86 series but it might be worth checking.
  18. Wondered what had happened to you! Missed your posts and humour!
  19. Looks very similar to this Marelli on my Landrover also the same as our Massey 50hx. Two options on rear terminals. Some have the same plug as yours others are bolt on cable eyes.
  20. Merry Christmas to all on RP!
  21. I always enjoy your pictures and stories Mike. merry Christmas to you and your family!
  22. Prayers for you and your family. wishing her a speedy recovery.
  23. If the oil looks very silvery and metallic Check the hitch pump as I’ve had a couple of new hydraulic pumps with swarf in them. If the bearing is really bad I suppose pump drive gear could have come out of mesh and chewed teeth.
  24. Not easy to deal with. Wishing you all the best
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