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  1. Just looked at work order, we had 12 hrs in it. Couple other little things, adjusting shift cable, clutch cable and charged accumulators. Not a bad job thanks to over head crane. Customer started working on it and broke 3 bolts off we had to remove.
  2. Just done the same repair on a 7250 last week. New rad, clutch, fan and fan bearing.
  3. Poor strap.............going down the road. Loosen n tight, loose n tight, loose n tight. Round here we would hook it in the frame somewhere instead of the rim.......
  4. Excellent!! That's what I was talking about. Not that it's any better but I hold the band right out to front of clutch cup. Make sure your distribution hubs aren't wore on inside where shaft sealing rings run.

    5130 steering

    I would assume this is a 4WD steering cylinder? If so I have packed many of them over the years. I have always used the CaseIH kit, largely because I am doing other work to the tractor and need to order a bunch of parts away. I never measured but am quite sure they would be a metric seal. Please do not take this wrong but we have a very good cylinder shop locally, if I was to take my old seals and go to cylinder shop to match seals up, honestly counting my time I may as well order the one from CaseIH. The kit will include 2 rod wipers, 2 high pressure rod seals, end cap o-ring. pistons wear and pressure seals. Take your steering joints off cylinder and remove 4 bolts on left side, end cap, rod and piston out. The barrel will stay in place.
  6. I have a complete set of IH service manuals from a retired IH service manager. In the service manuals are multiple typed and / or hand written letters by Bud to sales / service managers on how to sell against the competition. Neat stuff to have. R.I.P. Bud


    I have thought about saying something before now but just couldn't make myself do so..................but 3 weeks ago we where in board meeting at fire dept., tones go off for ":farm accident" I knew the address as soon as it was toned out. We responded and call info started coming in, 4 year old male, tractor, bicycle and dad driving the tractor all started to form a picture as we where heading to scene. Next info was caller refuses to start CPR......got on scene to find dad was backing tractor and feed mixer into silo to fill TMR mixer. The little feller come around corner of barn on his bike, couldn't stop and ran right between mixer and tractor. Dad was looking over right shoulder as son came in from left side. We got a pulse and headed to Hospital knowing full well the outcome, so sad..............I have been back to see the family a couple times and I think they are doing better than I am. Nothing prepares a man for something like this..................
  8. Certainly hasn't been in the past. Wonder how many I have banded over the years.
  9. Man, now I wish I would have taken a picture of one I just fixed like that. Wrap an inch wide band of lite gage steel around it tack welding on every rib front and back. Once complete you will have to machine it down a bit to get everything to clear. I would suggest installing the piston (no seals on it) and sliding a tube of some type over shaft during the welding process. Then once assembled set both shafts in front bearing plate and make sure they rotate without any interference. The one I just done had a part of cup rolled out and broke about an inch & half.
  10. I went with Farm Credit years ago, they treated me very good. It was almost scary how easy it was to "get more money". Locally seems like they have tightened their belts somewhat and small banks are stepping in. However I would say Farm Credit would / should have a pretty good finger on the pulse of Ag lending. Locally they have done a lot of case studies on dairy and poultry, when they say you have to do this to make it cash flow I would have to believe them. I am afraid that this whole down turn is going to get some in trouble, matter of fact it already has. Running an independent repair shop brings up the question, how far can I extend credit? Have been really lucky so far but never know whats around the next turn.
  11. Serial number 1000187 (5140) is still around here an used everyday. Had a 50,000th edition # 268 thru shop last week serial 1062957
  12. It would have to be a unit from 5088 or early 71 series Magnums. 88 and up used the tractor hydraulic system as well as remote pto control valve
  13. I set up a road box using CaseIH hand tools a number of years ago. Don't use them real heavy but so far so good. My front line tools in shop are mainly Snap-on or Mac. I wonder how many Snap-on 3/8 drive 9/16- 6 point deep well sockets they have replaced for me over the years?
  14. Welcome to forum...........Not to sound callused but consider that your tractor model was made 40 couple years ago and you can still walk into a present day CaseIH dealer and buy parts for it, even after they have been bought out / mergered several times since it was built is pretty amazing. Consider what CaseIH has to have in place to make this happen. I run an independent repair shop and buy thousands of dollars in parts per month. One question I sometimes ask myself, "could I tool up and build it for that?" The quick answer is NO so I buy it and move on. The aftermarket offers fast moving parts for about half price and that is about (half) what you will get. Just worked on a 574 that customer ordered an ignition switch off Ebay or Amazon, couldn't get it to start. Brings tractor in and we test everything out, found poor internal contact in switch not transferring enough voltage thru to start circuit. So his ignition switch cost him twice + our labor.
  15. From angle brace in rear corner, forward to door post is 19,3/4 inches. The angle iron clip with 4 screws that holds upholstery down is 19" long.
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