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    Any of you guys have a long beard?

    Company building a Harvest Store silo locally, nasty tar that goes between the sheets had his impact wrench and socket covered with tar. Rested impact on his shoulder waiting for next sheet to be set, wind blew hair against socket. Continued waiting..................tapped the trigger on impact had it smack him upside the head. How do you get out of a problem??????? reverse how it happened of course, so throw impact in reverse....... man them things are quick unwrapped and wrapped back up smacking his in head again. Finally a coworker cut it loose for him.
  2. I would suggest draining the oil pan and then pressurizing cooling system while heating block with block heater. After draining the oil move drain pan and lay card board under tractor, the oil will absorb into card board and the water bead up on surface of card board if you have a leaker. With this confirmed you can then (a) pull valve cover and make sure it's not a welsh plug in top of head (b) pull your injectors and make sure it's not a leaking nozzle tube. After checking these points you will have to make the decision on pulling the oil pan, and yes the front bolster needs to be rolled away a bit for pan to drop. Leaving system pressurized roll under and see where it's leaking from (a) outside of a cylinder indicating liner o-ring (b) inside of a liner indicating cavitation erosion, head gasket, cracked head or bad nozzle tube.

    Ih 1066 question

    I would split that thing to quick to talk about if I was doing it......then you don't have to worry about dirty tank and etc above engine, you will be able to see better,

    1086 starting issues

    Does it have the safety start switch on park linkage?

    5240 starter

    Which starter does your tractor have? Bosch or Denso? Some guys think the Denso whips them over a little faster but I personally would rather have the Bosch. Make sure all connections are clean and tight and the solenoid to motor strap is in good condition.

    case ih 5140 hydraulic problem

    Welcome to the forum, Now on to the tractor.........Sounds like a possible suction screen problem. First thing I would recommend is draining the oil out and removing suction screen, you will find it behind the oval window directly under hydraulic pump (has a temperature sender in center of it) On the bottom of transmission case is a debris trap, if suction screen inspection shows a bunch of debris you will have to remove trap and clean it, while off you will be able to clean suction screen bore a whole lot better. If none of this changes your problem you will need to get several gauges in hydraulic system (a) charge pressure, (100 psi gauge) in top of filter base should read 20 to 30 psi @ idle and 50-70 @ high idle (b) in bottom of hydraulic pump right where large line leaves and goes to remote valve stack, just front of this adapter is a test port (pointing straight down) get a gauge (at least 4000 psi) in here. At 12-1500 rpm and no functions demanded you will be reading "low stand-by" should be 4-600, now holding steering to a lock should read 2400, release steering and dead head a remote valve, should be 300 higher than steering, so 2700. Does loader have it's own valve or is it ran from rear remotes??

    1086 weak hydraulics (pump, valves, o-rings, oh my!)

    You really need a flow / pressure tester, that way you can engage a remote then start loading it and see where it starts leaking from. Don't want to send you down the wrong road but recently had an 86 series with an internally cracked unloading valve housing. Testing with the proper equipment quite often pinpoints the problem.

    Temperature sending Unit 1086

    It indeed is in the cylinder head. Follow your top radiator hose down to engine, there it will connect to the thermostat housing. Directly behind thermostat housing will be the engine coolant sender, kinda in behind water filter bracket.

    5250 powershift slips in high range

    Thanks, for the update....many times you never hear the outcome.

    Why can't I find a job?

    Looks like universal 3 amp diodes stuck in his the BS will only flow one way.

    Part number help

    I just used some of the same part number for same application, my dealer had them in stock.........Messick's is showing them available also. I am sure you can measure your o-ring for size an order so back up rings from McMaster Carr if needed.

    1086 weak hydraulics (pump, valves, o-rings, oh my!)

    I would not use that pump. I would recommend a Hy-Cap or Ag Parts replacement pump. As far as it taking care of the problem, once new pump is installed correctly, new filter and good oil you can then dismiss the pump, pump mounting flange o-ring, jumper tube and filter. See what you have then and move forward as needed.

    1086 weak hydraulics (pump, valves, o-rings, oh my!)

    Does the bearing in pump housing look as bad as the shaft? Looks like shaft in scored pretty bad this would allow for gear to wear into housing, does housing have a wire edge at top? Almost looks like it does in picture. When installing a pump leave the jumper tube out and just install pump, then working thru filter housing pull back plate out to where you can install jumper tube. Looks like inlet port is somewhat damaged from a previous install.

    Blackstripe 966 ?

    Can't blow the pic up but it has the right axle housing casting (for cab mount) on right side and the beveled spot on hitch housing for the oil fill / dipstick location that was soon to be introduced on the 86 series. Should have serial number down by hydraulic filter on right side instead on left side of flywheel housing.

    Repairs needed...... :(

    Bitty, How many hours on this tractor? While you have it down are you going to take a peek at the master clutch and range clutches? The snap rings in your one pic come from the MFD shaft?