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    I finally found one and currently waiting for it to arrive.Thanks, for the replies

    Fuel consumption between MX 110 & 120

    Don't believe tractor or baler must have a problem with it. Is "uses twice as much fuel" a figure of speech, did he measure actual fuel consumption? How do they compare HP wise, something is fishy about this. Both tractors configured the same way?

    Rebuilding D246 engine in 784

    I made mine and just use my dial indicator. Slide indicator in an tighten screw "zero" it on precision straight edge and ready to roll.

    Mx110 powershift

    M14 x 1.5


    Needing a lead on a good used main hood.........I have about exhausted my search with "0" luck at this point. Anybody have any good ideas? To fit MX100-135

    Mx110 powershift

    Right in behind battery box on right side of transmission housing is the power shift manifold. It will have 2 shift solenoids on it and 4 test ports. Test ports #s should be embossed in the casting. 280-310 psi

    Case IH 2096 Good, Bad, & Ugly

    With power shift lever in 1st gear NOT reverse.

    7220 Magnum Low Voltage to AC Compressor.

    The relay would be the quick fix, I would back probe the wire for compressor clutch at the cab fire wall connector and keep moving forward from there (everything connected) to find your voltage drop. Would need to review a schematic, but does the wire to CC go thru a pressure switch? Could be a voltage drop at switch.

    MX230 lower RH A post display-anyone repair these?

    Have one in shop for exact same thing will be interesting to see what the replies are. Finishing up some other repairs on it so would be digging into that for a day or two.

    3230 PTO rebuild

    Sorry... should have included that 220-250

    IH 830 Silage Chopper Opinions?

    Ran the New Idea version of this harvester for years, was a good & simple machine. Problem we ran into was parts availability & price. Traded up to a NH 900 3 row with KP. It has been a great machine, wore the floor out under the cutter head. Rebuilt floor along with rest of harvester... i.e drive sprockets and chains a couple of times. It owes us nothing and will go to the field again (soon as Florence passes) we run for our 2 farms plus several neighbors. Parts availability is good thru CNH or after market sources.

    3230 PTO rebuild

    Pretty simple setup, first of on the back side of MCV you will see a short line going to a TEE fitting put a gauge on bottom side of TEE and check your pressure. Then remove line and gauge it right off the MCV, compare your readings. To remove PTO clutch drain oil and remove plate or MFD drop box on bottom of rear housing. The PTO clutch has a roll pin that needs to be driven out, then remove 3 cornered cap around lower PTO shaft on back of tractor. Pulling the shaft back will drop PTO clutch out.

    Problem TA out on bench......old school guys, testing with air?

    In my experience yes you should hear it lock up. Position the TA on bench and fill your ports up with oil then air test on top of the oil or use a pressure can with oil. I have my shop compressor set at 150, and use that for testing pretty much any clutch pack or hydraulic cylinder before installing back into whatever. I have never had a problem doing this, as we assemble a TA job or PTO, powershift or basically any clutch we air test as we go together. You certainly will see a higher leak rate using compressed air versus oil, at 20 psi I don't think you have applied enough pressure to set the sealing rings into a sealing position. Pressure has to get down under sealing ring and move it outward. A floating seal ring will simply push to one side and leak "over" instead of setting and creating a seal.


    Use a small engine ring compressor. Works great!