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  1. To my knowledge they will NOT rebuild the small frame 84 series hydro's. However they will assist with parts that cross from other hydro's & tech support. That said they will do the small frame H70 & 656 sized ones. Not sure of their reason for this.
  2. How did you get a picture of my low budget start up excavation company?
  3. Only place I've bought clutches from for 25+ years.
  4. Local guy just bought an ole run down place. Setting out by shed has been a tractor trailer for as long as I can remember, they opened trailer to find it full of 3/4 plywood. Easily been setting 35+ years. Haven't heard if its any good, but if it is he may have just got a free place. Trailer is still hooked up to an IH COE, looks like they just pulled in and shut it off. Set of batteries and fresh fuel it would probably fire up. Claim its Detroit powered
  5. Surplus Center for good liquid filled gauges
  6. Ok, The one pictured is SN# 2610175U049573 was in from the Shenandoah Valley for injection pump repairs. Another one SN# 2610172U29918 also from Shenandoah Valley for engine rebuild, and yet another from south western VA Giles County for hydraulic work 2610159U007830
  7. Absolutely amazing.........good work!!!! Nobody knows the commitment it takes to follow thru on something like this.
  8. You can remove your by-pass valve and make a plug using the measurements from by-pass. CIH part # for plug is CAS 2009-10. You are only testing free flow of the charge pump...it should be 27 - 32 GPM at 2200 RPM's and yes rest of system is still intact & function. Service manual states flow meter restrictor must remain fully open and "DO NOT operate remote valves" I have had problems with the cooler circuit relief valve behind filter housing, quickly diagnosed it by seeing if I had flow to brake reservoir supply. Brakes are supplied by return of cooler circuit. Found a chunk of silicone stuck in valve. Had another one once that I had supply to brakes but found trans lube circuit flat. Pulled pto unit and found lube relief valve laying in bottom of diff housing. Keep us posted.....good luck!
  9. Very rare Black Stripe, matter of fact one of the only ones I've seen.
  10. Talked to neighbor about the carved turtle last night. They found it in 2011 and date in bottom was 1911 so 100 year old and still going.
  11. Local guy found a paint turtle that an ole timer had carved his initials and date in bottom of turtle. IIRC it was almost 50 years later and ole turtle was still alive and well !!!
  12. PM me your email address an I can send you a bulletin regarding this.
  13. Local guy drove a pre-cast delivery truck, they claimed he was better at backing into spot with new septic tanks as he could watch both mirrors at same time. Drove that truck for many years.
  14. Time to break out the gauges...... you need one in the charge, and main pump to start with. Charge test port is in top of hydraulic filter housing, should be a 20-40ish at 900 rpm's and 50-70 at 2200. Main pump gauge should read low stand-by 4-600 with NO function demand. Then 2750-2800 with a rear remote dead headed, steering to lock and you should read 300 less than remote.
  15. Sneak in your mom's kitchen and throw a pan of antifreeze on the stove top, stick thermo-couple of gauge in antifreeze and sneak her candy thermometer in the pan. Bring temp up a little and let it stabilize, see what temps you have at different settings. I took an old oven burner and made a "hot plate" that we use for this type of testing as well as heating bearings an etc...you will need to use antifreeze, as straight water will boil before you get good readings.
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