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  1. Need Cummins 24v help PLEASE

    Get a fuel pressure gauge in supply side of system preferably after the filter, less than 10 psi supply to your Bosch VP injection pump is bad news. Key to run position 3 times within X number of seconds and it should give you error codes in odometer. My guess is bad electronic pump called injection pump home............
  2. Maxxum 5130 Wiring

    I think you have lost your ground, happens a lot on painted tractors. On right side should be a heavy ground wire that "jumps" around rear cab mount, then there is one under the platform on right rear corner also. On the plugs that are not used some are diodes that are sealed with silicone, others are for options that your tractor may or may not have. Sounds like you need a OEM manual, or go by your dealer and have some diagrams printed out.
  3. Valve adjustment on a 986

    You don't need timing marks, adjust them by firing order. 1-5-3-6-2-4. Turn engine in direction of rotation and watch #6 exh valve close and int just began to open (valve rock) then adjust #1, next watch #2 rock adjust #5, watch #4 adjust #3, watch #1 adjust #6, watch #5 adjust #2, watch #3 adjust #4. This method only requires knowing what the clearance needs to be.
  4. D310 question

    Rear main seal carrier bolts to the cross plate so yep it has to be split to drop rear main.
  5. National garbage collector

    WM told me I could not cancel my contract.....I gave my fax number and told them to please fax a copy where I signed. Waited a month and called them and told them they hadn't faxed me a copy of contract and they could come pick up their can anytime. This of course never happen, so I quit paying the bill. Interest an unpaid bill kept getting bigger by the month until they called, told them I was still waiting for them to send me a faxed copy of my contract. Bill continued to grow, they called again an I told them they still hadn't faxed a copy over and their can was in back corner of my lot, nothing in it but last 5-6 bills they sent me. Finally they came and got can and that was the end of it, no more bills or anything.
  6. National garbage collector

    Been there & done I can tell you who the company is.
  7. 5130 Maxxum Engine is Stuck Please HELP!!!!!!!

    Yes it is a sealed starter, certainly sounds like it needs to be rebuilt / resealed.
  8. 5130 Maxxum Engine is Stuck Please HELP!!!!!!!

    It is a wet housing, with only a torsional damper NO clutch, it is in the shuttle shaft in differential housing.
  9. 5130 Maxxum Engine is Stuck Please HELP!!!!!!!

    If engine turned over when thrust bearing was removed, makes me think that possibly you have an oversized bearing.........possibly packaged wrong or something. Those engines / tractors have no thrust on crankshaft from a clutch or transmission. Another possible thought is possibly something in torsional damper is wedged in flywheel baffle shield and when you had thrust bearing out it was enough relief that engine turned ok, put bearing back in an it is tight again. Keep us posted..........
  10. Newer 3.9 timing mark or pin.

    Remove starter, there will be a small hole (5/16 or 8mm drill bit works well for timing pin), roll engine over until pin falls in notch in flywheel. You now remove low pressure transfer pump from engine block to check cam (should be hash marks on both sides of pump drive lobe) if not pull timing pin and rotate 360 degrees. Lock injection pump shaft by loosening bolt, remove spacer plate then tighten bolt back up. Now you are ready to remove access cover and pull pump gear. If you are having the pump rebuilt go by the pump shops plunger lift spec not CNH lift spec as there are quite a few updates that should be done to pump that changes its lift spec. When you get pump back from pump shop it should be set to #1 and the correct lift spec. If not your engine is still set correctly so with pump on bench turn in direction of rotation and lock time pump to correct plunger lift spec (have to have the correct adapter and dial indicator). Gear bore and shaft should be clean and dry as there is no key and if oil residue is present you stand a chance of pump to engine timing slipping. Torque pump shaft nut to 72 Ft Lbs.
  11. Inter 454 Drive Problem

    High range shifter arm broken internally
  12. 5140 vs 5240

    5100 series had no "N" in the shuttle, lower regulated pressure setting, no rear fender 3PT controls, old style MFD clutch and PTO valve. Early 5200 tractor where pretty much the same as 5100's, at serial number JJF103XXXX pretty major updates where done to include "N" in shuttle higher regulated pressure, rear fender controls, wiring harness updates, MFD clutch update PTO control valve was moved from inside PTO unit to the shuttle valve. As far as the parking brake from factory all tractors have an alert circuit to include a beeper in behind instrument cluster, park switch under brake handle and warning light in instrument cluster. When park light is activated the large center warning light should also be illuminated. Most times the beeper is the culprit or on open station tractor the switch under park lever. The park does NOT in any way inhibit transmission from driving unless it in drawed tight enough it stalls engine. If it does somebody changed it to do so. The parking brake can be replaced thru side window on right side on 2WD's and tractor has to be split on 4WD models. Above poster was quoted 8K, that is ridiculous, 6 hours or less easily covers a MFD park job.
  13. Dt 407 overhaul kits

    Following....getting ready to rebuild a DT361. Ordered kit from RF Engine. Will tell you more later, after I get everything measured, and recorded.
  14. Info on Case IH 5240 50000th edition s

    Should be a tag on lower left rear fender, if it was burnt and that is missing seems like previous owner would have the numbers recorded. Would also think a person could take the serial number to there dealer and have them communicate the number to CaseIH to come up with the number.
  15. Farmall 706 Cummins swap

    Nice work, Ed's plate looks real good. It is always interesting to see jobs like this. Love it........well done. I am going to suggest getting exhaust manifold bolts from Cummins or CNH, have seen where the incorrect bolts break ears off of cylinder head. The OEM bolt allows for manifold expansion and contraction, #3 port has 10mm holes to position manifold on engine and the remaining holes are 11mm, proper torque is 32 ft lbs starting at #3 port and circling out to both ends.