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    5220 Low Power

    If gauge is good and boost is actually 4 psi at idle, I will meekly suggest pulling intake plate off and visually inspecting the intake ports. I would think that at an idle you would not read any boost. Where are you tapping into engine for boost psi reading? Cap or rag or a restriction of some type somewhere, wish I could watch / listen to it run..........

    5140 Maxxum will not start

    The short answer is NO, however if determined enough you an possibly get the 3 Torx head screws out. I would just go ahead and pull starter. Starter is mounted using a gasket, I wouldn't try to salvage gasket just a small bead of sealer around pilot of starter nose during assy. This is probably a good time to just have your starter gone thru completely. There were 2 starters used on that series tractors, most widely used was a Bosch and then a couple ran Denso. I prefer the Bosch over Denso. ***note that flywheel housing is "wet" and starter is a sealed unit*** The solenoid is available after market using # 245-24008 or Bosch 2-239-402-112 or CNH 1983365C1

    Hydraulics issue

    To get spool out I have made a tool out of a bolt. Let tractor set overnight with priority flow control plug out...let oil drain out good.Measure id of spool with snap gauge, turned bolt down .003 smaller than id. Next a shot of brake cleaner in id of spool, red loctite on turned down bolt prop something under bolt to hold it up in place. Work on something else till lunch time, now you have a hex to rotate spool as you work it out of bore. Leave bolt and spool married together so you can hone bore and spool as one, a little bit of Clover White lapping compound works good for me. After you are satisfied with fit lightly heat spool to melt loctite.

    7120 inching pedal issue

    I had one a number of years ago basically same symptoms you describe, if I remember correctly range blocker spool was sticking.

    Tom's a hero

    I would have to go back an check the facts on this but I think a feller should be covered by the "Good Samaritan Duty To Act" been a long time since I took my EMT.

    Dreaded starter button thunk.

    A 6 cylinder always stops at the same 3 places, so make sure you mark ring gear and then turn it over to inspect the remaining teeth. Like wise a 4 cylinder engine stops at 2 places. I second the Dremel tool


    If you still have it out on bench I always air test them....even before installing rear support / pump housing. Just use rubber tip blow gun at pressure port and pull up on linkage. When I bench test them I already have test port installed and like to see it equalize with shop air pressure (175 psi) Did you miss installing o-ring on shaft that seals lower end of clutch drum or possible cut a teflon seal on clutch basket?? Suction screen clean? What was cause of original failure?

    MX120 Air Cleaner

    Couple around here..........not bad under light to moderate load but if I had to listen to it all day working the tractor it would soon have a muffler back on it. Makes kinda of a drone noise in cab. Take your exhaust off and plug the aspirator, grab a piece of pipe and give it a test run before you commit to ordering a stack.

    MX120 Air Cleaner

    Pretty common for the venturi (sp) in muffler to burn out over time. Thomure Mfg has a fix for you, give Dave a call. Your choice a stack or a muffler.
  10. CIHTech,


    i had a thread awhile back about our 5250 Maxxum having problems and unfortunately we still can’t find a solution. Was a wondering if I could call you and run some of the problems last you and get your expert opinion. Thanks! My cell is 712 540 1258

    1. Mark Nelson

      Mark Nelson

      712 540 1259! So sorry I messed up the last digit 

    2. CIHTECH


      Feel free to give me a call 540-810-5148


    1086 fuel sending unit Try this link...........

    prayer request

    My nephew at (6wks) had an open heart surgery. Today at 5 years old he is wide open, my best little friend. Loves tractors and farming. Yesterday he came to shop by himself, his mother called shop and wondered if he was here (me yep......she said well send him home in 15 minutes) little feller kept wondering how long has it been since mom called? So somewhere around 10 minutes he hopped on his bicycle and pedaled down the road 1/4 mile to home. His reason was I he knew I was going to finish working on a tractor and we wanted to "ride" in it.

    5250 power shift problem

    When I bring a tractor like that in the shop some of the first things I do is install pressure gauge in said circuit, back probe solenoid connector and back probe pressure switch connector (1) drive around parking lot will normally tell ya where you need to go to fix problem. You can remove starter and (a) air test clutches at test ports (b) using mirror or camera see clutches. Reason for removing starter is the hear clutches actuate and listen for leakage. snoshoe, the pressure switches open at 88 psi according to CIH but in testing them over the years I think you would find them to be slightly off from that. Morril, get a flow tester in remotes and set to know flow, shift thru regulated circuit. At each command you will see the flow drop and quickly recover back to preset flow.

    m&w turbo for a 966

    If you are going to push it..... change the water pump, non-turbo 4 fin impeller, turbo 8 fin iirc........

    5240 maxxum hydraulic issues

    Have you installed a charge pressure gauge and checked suction screen?