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  1. What ksfarmdude said rear seal retainer bolts need to be removed to remove crossbar
  2. Where are you located? Attempted to send a PM......... Do you have a good local dealer that will let you "borrow" a schematic manual? I have several reflashed controllers that are ready to use however not convinced that it is a controller issue. When you turn on pto, you are simply asking the controller to engage pto, controller will but ONLY after certain conditions are met as in seat switch, engine rpms, pto output rpms, an even senses whether you have 540 or 1000 rpm shaft and changes operating pressure accordingly. In my 29 years I have only replaced 1 controller in that series tractors. I ended up with several controllers from my CaseIH field service manager when he retired, bought them and flashed them, then stashed on the shelf thinking someday I will be glad to have them around.
  3. If your hitch control solenoids are energizing yet hitch doesn't respond to command, I would check that link ref #2 isn't broken. https://partstore.caseih.com/us/HooberCH/parts-search.html#epc::mr65113ar1108394
  4. Couple other thoughts, with ignition in run position unhook wire to solenoid. Touch it back to connector do you hear a positive click? If you take solenoid out put it back in without plunger and little spring and see if it runs. Note you will have to kill with brakes if it runs
  5. How many hours? Sounds like it certainly isn't a supply problem. Pull the fuel solenoid that wire attaches to on back top of head. See if you have any debris on ribber tip of shut-off plunger.
  6. Is your 12V transfer pump running? Turn ignition key to run and open bleeder on filter base it should be a good spray of fuel there. If not I would start back toward tank checking the supply line. Remember supply line will be under vacuum.
  7. Wrong thread, sorry guys was perking to CX100 hitch thread. BJ move it if ya can.
  8. Also meant to add that you can take a little o ring pick and manually operate them by pushing in little hole on outer end. Course the raise one may be stuck in already.
  9. If they are the same swap them. Check them at CaseIH online parts
  10. Ref #2 https://partstore.caseih.com/us/HooberCH/parts-search.html#epc::mr61951ar341542
  11. Surely it's still available from CNH. Just got one a couple weeks back. But if not try a McCormick dealer
  12. I also like Gearclashes advice, on clutch cable. My thoughts are possibly worn clutches also. It is hard to give armchair repair advice, a test drive and couple pressure gauges goes a long ways.
  13. Get a pressure gauge in forward port on shuttle valve, see if pressure follows command of clutch pedal travel. Would be good to have a gauge in regulated circuit also. If pressure raises and lowers following clutch command then you possibly have an internal problem, if it doesn't then external problem valving an etc..... Does tractor do this on forward and reverse both?

    CX 100 problem.

    I agree that no codes displayed indicates something disconnected or badly in need of calibration.


    8 little 6mm X 16 flange head bolts. Torqued to 84 inch pounds. Bolts aren't held by any thread locker from factory. First phase is normally "hey we put a pan gasket in and still leaking" would like for you to do it this time. I clean it up and monitor where it's coming from, most times it does appear like pan gasket but checking closer you can find oil running down from above pan.
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