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  1. I would be getting a gauge in regulated circuit and make sure it's up to snuff before touching the fuel screw. Takes me a days labor to set one up, test and set all pressures as needed to include fuel inlet. Then make sure throttle linkage an engine rpm is right.
  2. I would suggest removing the seat assy so you can watch the inching cable and linkage operate. Cable attaches to a bell crank and many times have seen it seize up to where it doesn't pivot in a fluid motion. Bell crank in turn attaches to inching spool. Also suggest installing a pressure gauge in forward port of shuttle valve, see if pressure follows command.
  3. No phones.............. wrote letters week ahead of time.
  4. 50 by 80 with 18 ft ceiling.......
  5. Our winters usually have 2-3 really cold snaps like sub-zero for a couple days. Most times we see teens at night and mid 40's thru the day. I have a 500 gallon tank indoors, start burning early because its full then till end of season it is about empty so easy takes 600 gallon a season as we are constantly adding to it thru winter. Yes they have a boiler available.
  6. Clean Burn waste oil furnace here.........turn it on when it starts getting cold and leave it set on 68. Never turn it up or down, just stays at 68. This is where I make my living and I am going to be comfortable doing it. Clean Burn was one of my best buys, over 20,000 hours on it. I have the company come in each summer and go over it to the tune of 150-300 bucks each year. When I bought it they offered a 50% tax credit if you posted that you was a used oil collection site, I chose to just pay full amount and glad I did. What little oil I allow farmers to bring in is always full of water or debris of some type, can't imagine what it would be like to be a collection center.
  7. Check your seat switch. You can do this by not pulling hand brake and getting off seat alarm should sound. Lot of trouble with wires behind seat where junk get stored
  8. It is however here is a short version of the same thing. SDman is correct there is a lot of info regarding these pto's in CNH's Dealer Portal. Wonder if you could get your dealer to print it off for you? The controllers can be "bench loaded" meaning you can just send controller only in for reflashing.
  9. IIRC.......... leeave96 on here grows Teff grass
  10. Assuming you have read / recorded the error codes and worked with them as needed. Have you sync'ed the eng. rpm to pto controller? I would suspect solenoid problem as the solenoid creates a magnetic field around it attracting metalic debris scoring the solenoid spool. When pto is turned on controller aborts if both pto & eng rpms don't match after a set delay. There is also a bulletin on the pto speed sensor not engaging far enough, bulletin states to remove o-ring on sensor an use teflon tape for sealing.
  11. Sorry to hear, never easy. Something about mothers just makes them a special part of life. Thank God everyday that I was allowed the time I had with her (34 years) June 5th 2009, birthday Dec 12th...... think about mom everyday. All that she did to keep us all fed, cooking & canning all summer, clean clothes an etc............
  12. Touch over 500 per cylinder

    Bolt 22LR

    Been there.........didn't dawn on me what was happening till after the fact and we started cleaning up.
  14. Its always a good idea to check your injectors, I never take one out that doesn't get ran thru tests before reinstalling back in engine. A lot of times I end up shimming the pressure up to specs and that is all they need. Injectors in the Boxcars are super simple, last 4 digits of Cummins part number and opening pressure (in bar) are stamped into injector body. I have a Cummins injection pump an injector book that then breaks the injector number down by part numbers. Speaking of injectors just installed a set in a T6.155 New Holland today, expensive.............boogers WOW !
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