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  1. Couple shop notes.... TRACTOR WILL NOT DRIVE AND SHUTTLE PRESSURE IS 40 PSI, BELOW SER# JJF1030000 REGULATED PSI IS OK (280-310 PSI) #1 CLUTCH CABLE ADJUSTMENT #2 INCHING SPOOL SPRINGS AND WASHER OR FEATHERING SPOOL #3 MODULATION SOLENOID STICKING OR NOT ENERGIZED * #4 TEMPERATURE COMPENSATOR IN SHUTTLE VALVE MALFUNCTION NOTE; MODULATION SOLENOID IS THE TOP ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF SHUTTLE VALVE The modulation solenoid should be energized with key on. Seems as tractors age, and resistance builds in wiring harnesses the more trouble we see with this. Also see corrosion between solenoid coil and cartridge. Modulation solenoid is the same part number as Diff Lock right below it. Swap them and test run it, trouble with problems like this is it's hard to tell if it's fixed. Here at shop we have no way to get them warm enough to duplicate problem. The little thermostat that compensates the shuttle modulation can also cause issue. Service parts haven't been available for thermostat for many years. Service bulletin released on setting it for 120-130* degrees by using shims. Shuttle can be a bit more aggressive at cooler temps but at normal operating temps its about right.
  2. That series have a switch at the clutch pedal that "dumps" the pressure to TA. I would suspect it is sticking?? They also have a switch on Forward and Reverse linkage that keeps the TA from shifting in reverse, TA only works in forward.
  3. It's a long story. #1 I have nothing in it. It was sold at a sale in Pa (Ed Leaman) The guy who bought it is from Nebraska, he contacted our local Agco dealer to rebuild it for him. (Agco dealer had rebuilt a 4-270 for a guy in Mn before he held Agco contract) The Agco dealer didn't have time or space to do so. He contacted my brother who is a White tractor freak. At that point I had leased my business out to CaseIH dealer and was working for them. My facility here was in idle mode, so brother agreed to do the rebuild. Promptly brought it in my shop and completely disassembled it. Stacking parts on pallets, his plan was rebuild each section one at a time and then when complete put her all together. Can't say which final but one had a bad ring & pinion that owner was going to have custom built. To move the tractor they took keys out of axle hubs and greased axles allowing wheels to slowly turn on axle shafts. Seems that in powershift portion of tractor a gear was also seized to shaft (maybe even the pinion shaft) I can't remember all the details. Fast forward 10 years and I had quit at CaseIH dealer to come back to my shop. We worked around it here for several years, most parts where upstairs on pallets, heavy items setting in corners in shop. I got tired of farming around all the components and lowered the boom. Now it is stored in my brothers shop, and multiple other buildings around his farm. When we purchased the fuel injection shop this spring I needed the upstairs to store all our pump cores and etc...so it had to go. The owner in Ne has been slow (like 10 years slow) to get R&P built as well as repair the gear bore that seized to shaft. I think right now that brother has everything to assembly it this winter maybe. What a massive job....as parts have gathered dust and I am sure some bolts an small items were lost in shuffling it around. Had everything worked like it was planned it would be running today.
  4. Good practice to replace rod bolts. Use your originals to build the engine, then install your new ones before installing pan.
  5. That's the very one that's here. What a beefcake...
  6. I know them well, have bought lots of parts from him & Warren over the year. Most times I just run my part number out on locator and call who ever pops up with the part.
  7. Let me know if he has one, otherwise I am going to blacksmith a new one in place.
  8. Yep, I still have a complete 4-325 laying around here at multiple places. Did have it upstairs on pallets until I bought the local fuel shop, now have moved most of it to brothers shop.
  9. Yep....826 & 1026 Hydro, I think even one for a 21026 would work and be easier to find...😛
  10. Looking for an oil cooler for 1026 hydro. Rebuilding hydro an oil cooler keeps on shedding debris as we flush it, hit up several of my scrap yard buddies and none found yet.... Would love to find another one that hopefully would be in better condition. Only problem most of them probably hit the scrap yard because of hydro failure.
  11. Do you have a loader, yet have it removed? If so the hoses that supply loader valve HAVE to be connected to complete open center circuit, or system will set at relief pressure.
  12. MX series MFD output shaft in front of transmission case?
  13. Move to the ole "shine-ah-door valley" (Shenandoah Valley of Va.) beautiful place, lots of dairy, poultry, gnats, fleas and few snakes here and there. Lots of infrastructure to support dairy and poultry operations. Couple 1000+ head dairies here in valley.
  14. Whatever route you take just remember starter needs to be sealed for a "wet" housing
  15. TD, it's only the dairy guys that can do it, 😁 have you seen the price on moo juice at the store lately?
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