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  1. Correct Bitty, right on top of hitch housing left side. Disconnect 2 lines and a couple bolts to remove housing. New one is fixed length, original was adjustable as yours is, new is also steel ball joints ahead of plastic.
  2. Sounds like #3 pressure switch stuck closed. That would be the top one part number 410438A1
  3. Handle for an old iron. Set one on stove an attach handle to next one. Always one ready to use. Mom had a set of them
  4. Yes on the canister seating against the square cut sealing ring. I like to use an air pressure regulator which I have a gauge on so I can monitor pressure. A simple way is use a blow gun in the oil fill port, wrap a rag or something around blow gun to aid in sealing.
  5. Filter canister a lot of times doesn't get in groove correctly. Filter is between reservoir and pump, top of filter canister is higher than oil level. Take a bit of grease and go all the way around filter canister (make sure its seated correctly first) see if the grease creates a seal for you. You can also lightly pressurize the transmission to "push" oil into filter / pump. Be very careful doing this as you can invert the lip of a seal if you apply to much pressure. Good luck!!
  6. Just get a complete rebuild kit from any Ag Parts or Hy-Capacity dealer. Kit will have everything you need. Either one will supply a complete rebuild or re-seal kit, if your clutch plates and brake pistons are good just go for re-seal kit.
  7. Seen this too late tractor is home as of mid morning. If get by that farm I will check for you.
  8. 7120 Magnum here in shop has an Armstrong radial on left side, BKT on right side. Both tires are very near new 18/42's. The right side measures over 3.5 inches shorter. From floor to center of axle is 1-1/2 inches difference, with BKT being the short one. Spiders gears in differential are working overtime for no reason.
  9. Sounds like you pretty well have it covered, I am sure I don't need to tell ya this but........make sure your bearing is good as well as the splines in pressure plate. If splines are worn it will cause IPTO shaft to oscillate when under load. Another thing I have found is it pretty important to center your pressure plate in the flywheel as most times the pressure plate doesn't pilot in the flywheel only pilots by the pressure plate bolts.

    1066 pto

    Original clutch stack was 2 separators 1 friction disc. Most people now stack them 1 separator, 1 friction disc until clutch is full. Just make sure it's not too full that or it will over ride brake, most times end up with 9 separators and 7 friction disc.


    Did they test bad? Using a meter they should test 7-9 ohm's. See if this helps you diagnose the actual problem.............the pressure switches monitor power shift clutch pressure. When you command a shift, example.... from 1st to 2nd the pressure has to drop on 1st (switch close) and raise on 2nd (switch open) if there is too great of pressure over lap between switches closing & opening the transmission control module will disengage transmission and "set" a flash code. The flash code is not stored and will be reset after cycling the clutch pedal to the floor. Holding the clutch pedal on floor will put module in diagnostic mode once check trans light quits flashing and you let up on pedal module is reset. Gear you are shifting from is "off going" and gear your shift to is "on coming" 51-5200 SERIES POWERSHIFT FAULT LAMP DIAGNOSTIC CODES 1 FLASH – INDICATES MODULE IS RECEIVING NONE OR MULTIPLE SIGNALS 2 FLASHES – INDICATES AN OFF GOING SWITCH FAILURE 3 FLASHES – INDICATES TEMP SENSOR IS OPEN OR SHORTED 4 FLASHES – INDICATES 1 OR MORE SHIFT SOLENOIDS SHORTED OUT 5 FLASHES – INDICATES AN ON COMING SWITCH FAILURE 6 FLASHES – INDICATES NONE OR MULTIPLE SIGNALS DETECTED MORE THAN 6 FLASHES - AND TRACTOR DRIVES, CLUTCH SWITCH FAILURE NOTE; LAMP ON STEADY TRACTOR DRIVES - INDICATES MODULE HAS RECEIVED NONE OR MULTIPLE SIGNALS, LAMP SHOULD FLASH 1 TIME WITH CLUTCH PEDAL HELD ON FLOOR. NOTE; IF TRACTOR IS GIVING 6 FLASHES USING AN OHM METER MEASURE ALL 4 PRESSURE SWITCHES, THE ONE WITH EXTREME HI OR LOW READING IS THE CAUSE NOTE; THE MOST COMMON IS 2 OR 5 FLASHES NOTE; ORDER OF CIRCUITS TOP TO BOTTOM IS 3-1-2-4 NOTE; TO READ CODES HOLD CLUTCH PEDAL ON THE FLOOR UNTIL CHECK TRANS LIGHT QUITS FLASHING NOTE; PRESSURE SWITCHES OPEN ON RAISING PRESSURE _______________________________________________________________________
  12. 2005 Dodge machine 238000, 91 Dodge machine (daily driver) 160830 stopped counting back in the late 90's. Just change oil twice a year an every time I call on it it's ready to go. Neither one owes me a dime, nor do I owe a dime on them.
  13. Cap the lines at rear corner of cab, if pedals are solid then you have a problem with the o-rings on brake pistons.
  14. Little belt driven cooler circuit pump mounted on engine can cause cooling problems. People tension belt too tight wearing pump out, due to it being mounted high it will pull air in around pump shaft. Later tractors (which may be your case) have a gereoller style cooler pump mounted in transmission case that Vicker pump piggy backs on it.

    Who did it?

    Thanks for all you do BJ..........while I enjoy the joke thread as much as the next guy, I will acknowledge it gets out of hand. All ya have to do is think before you "speak"
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