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    5240 PTO Issue

    Lower hitch, drain transmission, drain pto housing, remove drawbar & hitch carrier, remove remote valve group, disconnect hydraulic lines & electrical. Remove left lift arm completely to include lower arm bracket, (bracket has an extremely fine threaded bolt used for draft sensing adjustment) to remove bolt first remove 6mm bolt that holds a seal over main bolt head, then between bracket an axle housing loosen nut and remove bolt. Remove all perimeter bolts and remove pto unit. I have a "C" shaped lift bracket that allows for overhead hoist to not interfere with cab intake filter and then chain up to the upper lift arms. Once pto unit is free of tractor and on the bench removed oil baffle and pto clutch. Remove rear seal and big snap ring, now drive hollow shaft rearward this allows for gap between 540 & 1000 rpm gear, locate the little dowel pins an using a 10/24 threaded screw in dowel pins jack them up out of shift collar. Or my method is a heavy shaft (machined to fit) big hammer and about 2 good solid hits the pins shatter and out it comes. (gone to replace them anyway) hollow shaft can now be removed as shown in Gearclashes picture. This job is a little difficult to explain by typing it up especially if you don't have a service manual to clarify the steps. Good luck...........

    5240 Maxxum: Name that ungodly noise.

    Matt, is that with the gauge in bottom of pump? If so what does it read with no demand on the system? Should be 4-600 closer to 600 the better but most times somewhere around 500 is normal. Steering against lock should be 300 less than remotes.

    585 International Brakes

    If you have good supply to brake reservoir under battery box you are more than likely faced with pulling rear axles and replacing the o-rings on brake pistons. There are 3 o-rings per side 2 on the actual brake piston and one behind the differential bearing carrier, make sure you replace them all. The 85 series have a serial number break at 18000 and quite using gaskets between top cover and range housing, do NOT add a gasket if it is above serial number. Pretty quickly we can assume you have a good supply as you bleed them everyday indicating a good supply.

    MX 135 help

    You need to read the error codes..........staying free of seat, turn pto on then turn key on this will put it in diagnostic mode. Seat switch has to be open to put it in diagnostic mode so if it doesn't have original seat and somebody put a jumper in place you will need to remove jumper. Count flashes of light at pto switch, example 6 flashes 2 second pause 2 flashes would be error code "62" after 4 second pause it will repeat same error code again, turn pto lever off then back on to move to next code. Read & record them all then clear them. To clear code your switch will be in the on position, cycling the switch from on to off 3 times ending in on within 5 seconds clears codes. Now try engaging pto again and we will know what active code you are working with. Hope this helps.........good luck!!

    886 low hydraulic pressure

    I have a test plate to bolt on top of housing covering the port shown, then hook flow tester to test plate and start loading pump. Found the steel tube cast into housing split and blowing oil out about right where you are talking about. To fix it I tapped bottom of rear frame cover and installed a pipe plug, then drilled straight into side of cover to connect to the port above plug. Removed the hitch pump and plugged rear frame the same way, then drilled / tapped into pump mounting plate and ran a external hose between pump mounting plate and rear cover. *****Caution**** with rear cover removed you have no relief valve in the system, do NOT draw flow tested down over 2500 psi. The one I done it would hold up to about 1700 psi then start spraying oil.

    5240 Maxxum: Name that ungodly noise.

    Yeah that compensator is somewhat complicated, as it has the hitch valve sandwiched between the pump and compensator, then all priority, flow, regulator and pressure limiter valves built in it. To rebuild it best to remove, clean then totally disassembled checking all spools for fit and make sure all orifices are open.

    5240 PTO Issue

    As Gearclash stated it is not if it is when, time to remove pto unit and rebuild the shifting mechanism. The shifting piston inside the hollow shaft, you need to pay special attention to the grooves that shifting pins engage into along with the end cap. If grooves are hammered out any at all replace it, if grooves are good and end cap has threaded loose you can reseal it and then drill and pin it. The current service part is pinned. You will need to replace the 2 shift pins and the shift collar, when installing the pins make sure you use a drop or two of blue Loc-Tite on new pins. When installing new pins tap them in tight, then using the 10-24 screw raise them up a tiny bit so the end is not setting tight against shifting piston. Make sure your output shaft is ok, the 540 end is hollow while the 1000 end is flat. If 1000 end is worn simply spot weld it and surface back smooth. As the 1000 end wears and the dowel inside shifting piston wears you loose engagement depth of the shift collar. The most important an over looked thing is setting your implement drive line up correctly to keep corning chatter to a minimum, those little shift pins are 5/16 dia with a 10-24 thread inside of them (for removal) so a bit of drive line chatter the pins shatter. Shaft seal A175136, shift collar 1341176C1, shift pins 137710A1, o-ring on piston 272219, piston 111696A4 Good luck..........

    5240 Maxxum: Name that ungodly noise.

    If he took it to field and cut more hay after this took place, it certainly is not a bearing failure in the drive line. Get some gauges in it as described earlier and see what pressures (charge, standby and system) are doing. After hearing it I believe you will end up removing the pump compensator and going thru it thoroughly. If you do remove compensator make sure you lower rear hitch before starting to disconnect any lines. If I was doing the repair and draining oil to remove compensator I would go ahead and pull the pump, at the very least freshen it up (surface components) and reseal it as the seal kit is only 70ish bucks. When you have hydraulic filter off make sure the filter by-pass valve is in good condition, if bad you are feeding pump unfiltered oil.

    5240 Maxxum: Name that ungodly noise.

    Jeff brings up a good point, does the pto run? If you put pto under a moderate load does it make the noise? Do you hear it more on right or left side? I have seen where the driveline would run the hydraulics with bearing out but additional load of implement on pto would flex shaft enough to loose tooth contact. Will be interesting to see what failure is.

    5240 Maxxum: Name that ungodly noise.

    If indeed the oil pump / pto driveline front bearing has failed yes it will need to be split. The test ports are 7/16 X 20 o-ring boss in filter housing & 9/16 X18 o-ring boss in bottom of pump. As far as the pump I always rebuild them, I seriously doubt it would get past the 500 dollar mark to rebuild what you have.

    5240 Maxxum: Name that ungodly noise.

    Sounds like oil pump / pto drive bearing failure in right rear corner of speed transmission case. You can remove transmission side cover above & behind battery box, reach inside and right along lower right side you will feel the IPTO drive shaft, follow it forward to the bearings. You can also see them if you drain oil down, mirror helps to see bearings good. The drive shaft goes to the back of tractor to drive the charge pump sandwiched in the front cover of range transmission, from there to the pto unit. Possible main pump failure, get some gauges in charge port (top of filter housing) and on bottom of hydraulic pump. The charge pressure should be around 30-50 psi @ idle. The gauge in bottom of main pump should read low standby pressure 400-600 psi with no function demanded, then with steering to lock 2400 +/- 50, dead head a remote valve and it should be 300 psi higher than steering 2700 +/- 50. Good luck....

    Is global warming for real?

    In my bible it states "seed time & harvest, day & night, cold & heat, shall not cease until the end of time" so I have turned a blind eye to any an all global warming hype period. When I walk outside in the morning and hear the earth waking up for another day, see the morning stars, birds going about their day with a song, I have to pause and realize that man is nothing compared to our creator, who has everything in control.

    5130 Breakout box

    First I need to make a correction the breakout box is CAS2110 or CAS2110A not CAS2100 If your mechanic has a service manual that is great, disconnect connector "J" then on the tractor side of the connector you can ohm out the entire control circuit from connector just follow manual an ohm from pin to pin. An example would be to test shift solenoid #1 ohm from chassis ground to pin "N" reading should be 7-10 ohm, another example would be to test circuit for pressure switch #1 ohm from pin "V" to pin "F" in connector "J". By testing this way you are not only testing the device but also the circuit, you have to add a little resistance to your reading because you are also measuring the resistance of the wire too. Next disconnect firewall connector "C" and ohm remaining wires to connector "J" Where the harness runs across top of transmission from connector "C" to connector "J" I have seen rats / mice damage this section quite a few times, also have seen harness damaged from contact across hydraulic lines under cab. As time continues on and cab mounts sag, harnesses can be trapped and damaged. I have replaced a lot of cab mounts due to this. I have seen the control module in console fail a couple times and have been able to source used ones from salvage yards as needed.

    5130 Breakout box

    I have a CAS2100 & a CAS2100A the revised version of CAS2100 that I never use as it takes longer to hook up / set up than it does to just test the system using a schematic. Both are brand new and stored in blow molded cases.

    5130 Breakout box

    Not saying you don't need one, but have worked on hundreds of that series from headlight to drawbar and have never used a break-out box. What problem are you having with your tractor? Serial number would be nice to help in troubleshooting.