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Found 6 results

  1. Can't say how much I appreciate the knowledge located on this board... thank you all for sharing. I have a TD-9 that has been sitting for a very long time (something like 10+ years). It was given to me by my neighbor that wanted to scrap it, but I couldn't let that happen and besides, I can use it on my 5 acres in southern Oregon. Anyway, I did get it started on gas and had fun driving it around a bit... (yes, cheap thrills for a new guy...). It would not switch over no matter what I DID. There was fuel coming out of the bleeders from the injectors but what I noticed was that although it squirted, it was not very strong. Short story, I figured it was the fuel pump, so I took it off... Damn is that thing heavy!!! So thanks to previous posts I have been able to dig into it cautiously and sure enough the rack was jammed and there was a lot of gum in it. One thing is that I found fuel in the oil section of the pump and I really don't know what causes it... any comments or ideas on that? I did find a partial rebuild gasket kit but they wanted $270.00 which I don't have... so I am building/cutting my own gaskets. Thanks all...
  2. peter


    Hi which is the best group to put on when I've got a problem with the injector pump it is weeping diesel at the injector when the engines running on gas
  3. Bosch leaky Injector Pump I am sure it will need to be removed and rebuilt... but what might cause these to leak right where my little yellow arrow is? I have two tractors (786, and Hydro 84) both started leaking this week.... -Steve
  4. Had the Roosa Master injector pump rebuilt on my 806. (I know absolutely NOTHING about injector pumps, except that they send fuel to the injectors!!) The guy that rebuilt it is a jam up injector pump master. He’s been doing this his entire life and is in his late 80’s, so he knows these systems like the back of his hand. The pump works great. He told me when I picked it up from him that there may be more smoke from the exhaust then when I brought it in. This is DEFINITELY the case. As I said, the pump is working fine, plenty of power, very responsive, no leaks. But it is DEFINITELY very smoky. A LOT more exhaust smoke then before it was rebuilt. He he was explaining to me that there’s an adjustment nut on the bottom of the pump that can be adjusted to clear up some of the smoke. Anyone familiar with this? I could call him and ask him, but, he’s an 85 year old man with a very difficult voice to understand. I can’t make heads or tails of what he says.
  5. Hello, Recently purchased a 1949 TD9 i plan to go broke rebuilding with my boy. Tons of great information about the IH pumps on here. I need to know if the injector pump upper cam shaft is in time with the lower governor shaft? I suspect it was. Rust was holding the governor when we started it up and drove it on the trailer, I didn't think to mark it when torching it apart on the press Thanks for any help, Scott
  6. Hello all, I have a 73 IH 354 diesel cav type injector pump. I was mowing and the engine revved up a few times and the engine died. I went through the fuel system, cleaned all the lines, put a new filter, cleaned the bowl,and put a new pump on the motor. I bled the lines to remove air and it still won't start. Took a little gas a and poured it on a towel and stuck it in the intake and it started, but won't keep running. Could it be a bad pump? no smoke, no missing, no banging or any type of engine noise. Any help or ideas would be helpful as i am stumped. Thanks in advance.
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