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  1. I've never seen one with a muffler.
  2. Jeez, your going to out there forever at what, 10' maybe 12'? Why does it have to be rolled? Do you have a rolling harrow? Neighbor have a rolling harrow you could borrow?
  3. A bearing like that would be fine yes. I would likely use a different style of pillow block so it would be easier to change them. All depends on the frame design you choose. This style:
  4. J-Mech


    Yes No "might" about it, you won't be able to use that pump, it will have to go. As I recall they still had the gear pump on the MCV servicing brakes, TA and then all the rest went to lube. 2+2 had more lube oil that most and fed more through the cooler as well. I'd have to go get a book and read up, but I'm about 95% sure this is correct.
  5. PVC would wear out in minutes. Nylatron would be better, and if greased would last a while, but you won't mold it. You won't easily mold PVC either for that matter. Patina means nothing to me. Save the old frame if you want. I'm assuming you want to actually use this, not look at it, lol. As far as that shaft, 1-7/8" cold rolled is what I would use. At least until it bent or broke, but as large as that is, I'd think it would be fine if fairly tight. I doubt it needs a hardened axle shaft. Online says a 12' piece of 1-7/8" cold rolled is about $30.
  6. Actually the old IH caps and rotors were made really well. I remember not all that many years ago I reluctantly changed one out on a customers tractor because it was worn out I kept it. Seems like the rotor had IH on it as well.
  7. My dad bought an old wore out 400, 6-30" when he started out on his own in the early 80's. It too had a squeeze pump and liquid fertilizer. He put new Yetter units with insecticide boxes when he bought it, before ever using it. The Yetter units made a planter out of it! Grandad had a 400 he used at the same time. Dry fertilizer, no insecticide and IH units. I never thought it was nearly as good.
  8. From the looks of that frame, I would just build a new one and put a modern bearing on the outer end. Due to the taper of the worn arbor, you may have to either deal with a bearing being loose on the shaft, or replace the arbor. Me, I'd make a new arbor shaft. I think you're going to spend more time to fix the old wood bearing holder and make a new bearing than you would just building a new frame. Just my opinion.
  9. Well, they don't beat around as much if they touch. I think they were designed to roll as a unit like a disk gang. Arbor bolt tight. That one looks very old. Never seen a wheel combination like that before.
  10. Hydro 86 could have either engine depending on what year it was made. If you have brackets for an 84 series, maybe someone would be interested in a trade.
  11. Ok, we'll you are kind of mixing up a lot of things. You were making interjections in this thread comparing what you know about an 885XL to a 766 with no reference to what you were talking about. Makes it all confusing. If you are going to shift the topic to a different series of tractor, then say so. Preferably start a different thread. Also, if you aren't familiar with a 766, maybe giving suggestions isn't best, as in your above suggestion to add a check valve to a fuel system with an overhead tank to prevent drain back.... that is kind of silly, don't you agree?? As far as adjus
  12. J-Mech


    The 6588 would only be rare in it still being a non junked 2+2. They made quite a lot of them.
  13. J-Mech


    2+2 transmissions have a progressive gear set unlike the other tractors. In other words, on a speed chart, the gear and matching speeds is literally L1T, L1DD, L2T, L2DD all the way to the top. The regular tractors had some overlap around low and high. H1T is lower than L4DD on a 2wd tractor, but not on a 2+2. I don't know that a 6588 R&P is different, but the speed trans and maybe TA ratio is. A 37 and 6788 had a R&P unique to it, I do know that for certain, and those two were even different part numbers as I recall.
  14. No, it won't. There is a #1 on a Chevy Vortec just like every distributor ignition. Original distributor caps had an IH emblem embossed on them. Finding a tractor with an IH embossed cap would be very unlikely unless it hasn't ran for 30 years.
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