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  1. Like I said, not saying it isn't oil, but it runs like fuel. When the fuel hits the soot in the exhaust, it gets oily looking. Lots of soot in that pipe.... hard to tell from the pics if it's oil or not, but the brownish smoke says it's fuel smoke. It's got issues for sure..... Take the boost pipe between the turbo and intake off and see how much oil is in it. Check pump timing and phase out the injectors and see if one is worse, or the smoke stops. Better figure on spending some money..... Oh, and cover the exhaust if it sits out. Good way to lock up a motor.
  2. Looks like multiple problems to me. Way too much smoke, lots of condensation and it sounds like I hear a fuel knock from a bad injector or poor timing. From the pics it looks like fuel not oil.... but the compressor side of the turbo looks like it may be leaking too. I'd say it needs a new turbo, injectors, maybe the pump turned down, timed and go from there. Might just be all around tired too. How does it start? It's "wet stacking" alright, but she ain't going to come out of it. I wouldn't run it anymore than you had to.....
  3. J-Mech

    574 Hydraulics

    Unfamiliar with a particular model of tractor is irrelevant: diagnostic procedure is the same. Start with looking at the oil and filter, then pressure check just like you would any other model. "Noise under the seat" is a pretty good indicator of the problem. ...
  4. J-Mech

    706 turbo recommendation

    None at all. If you need a "touch more power" get an 806, or better yet a turbo tractor. I don't understand what you would be running putting up hay that a 706 diesel would be underpowered. We do hay with a 826 hydro diesel. No power complaints on it at all.
  5. J-Mech

    574 problems

    You would have to overfill it by a lot to be an issue. I'm sure it's fine.
  6. J-Mech

    574 problems

    Ok, so if the oil is on the dipstick, what is the issue? Sounds full to me. You run it, and the level is the same..... that is how it should be. What is the problem?
  7. J-Mech

    Official front end repair thread

    They did, but when the e-lift quits you can put a manual lift on them.
  8. J-Mech

    856 T/A

    That's disappointing. 407 is a much better engine in my opinion. I think the 407 was one of IH's best engines!
  9. J-Mech

    856 T/A

    Hope it was cheap.... Diesel?
  10. J-Mech

    856 T/A

    I would guess it has been locked into direct.... but that's only a guess. I see the dump valve linkage has also been eliminated. Is it ever hard to get out of gear? If not, I would say the T/A has been removed.
  11. J-Mech

    Special Assembly Tool

    That's nothing special. Just a pair of 90° snap ring pliers. Yes, good brands of snap ring pliers are more expensive than cheap ones. How much is "expensive"???
  12. J-Mech

    troubleshooting an 806 that just "gave up"

    Yeah, that sounds right. To be honest, I've been around IH all my life. I've known for as long as I can remember that you can't pull a hydraulic T/A tractor in gear, so I've never done it. But as a mechanic who has worked on them.... sounds about right to me.
  13. J-Mech

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    Agreed. Manufacturing mistakes happen. A good tech will catch them. I AM NOT saying that a good tech doesn't also make mistakes. But I've seen good techs be quick to blame parts when there was a different issue. I've only had one or maybe two engines I built fail. (That come to mind.) After careful teardown and inspection, they were either mistakes on my part, or circumstances beyond my control. One failure that comes to mind was a block that had metal stuck in an oil galley. Ruined a bearing. Block was properly cleaned, but sometimes you do your best and things still happen. I've caught manufacturing and even workmanship errors by machine shops... and I've made errors.... it happens. But to say a company as large as Reliance makes bad parts is just hard for me to swallow. Deere guys swear by them, as stated, and this is the first time I've heard anyone cuss their parts. Just my opinion, and I'm not passing judgement on anyone. Just questioning the root cause of the failures mentioned.
  14. J-Mech

    troubleshooting an 806 that just "gave up"

    I had a thought yesterday after we talked about the oil and I just wanted to say it. Oil does transfer to the axle housing through the bearing. It just won't drain, and it fills slowly if not filled through the fill holes. We had an early 856, so I am familiar with that style. I just couldn't remember. Things you forget over the years if you don't work on those old birds often.
  15. J-Mech

    Does the 291 and 301 block have anything in common?

    I thought everyone knew you have to hone fit pistons to dry sleeve engines.... while that us being discussed, you have to use a rigid, bar style locking hone. Any kind of spring loaded flex hone only compounds the distortion in the sleeves. Danny, thanks for the reply. I've still not heard anything that would scare me from Reliance. I'm not big on overpriced OEM. Maybe one of these days CNH will learn what GM learned a long time ago.... bring parts to a competitive price and you sell a lot more parts!