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  1. I grew up driving a F-340. Was probably 10 or so when I first raked hay with it. I was maybe 60lbs. Had to stand up to step on the clutch and brake if I needed both. I never remember steering being anything but easy. I think you probably just need to find why the manual steering is hard and fix it. Lack of lube, bearing bad... too little air in the front tires. Should steer easy. Later on we got a 340 Utility with power steering. Really wasn't much difference between the two.
  2. Nah. They're called v-bar chains. Other people make them too. You can get them on Amazon. But they are a lot more expensive than a twisted link chain, which is what I use. I don't have traction problems. But on my main snow Cub, I have loaded tires, ww's, and a Cozy Cab. Plenty of added weight for the chains to work. Winter sucks.
  3. I was thinking the same thing, that they had a fast hitch that bolted to the slotted holes. X2 on fast hitch prongs that bolt to the diamond toolbar. I know they had those.
  4. I really think that is something someone mixed parts together and made. The 185 row units were stand alone units. IH did offer them as multi row planter's on a toolbar, but not like that. I'll gladly back off my claim if someone has evidence to the contrary, but I'm pretty sure that's a homemade set up.
  5. I too had to Google them. Don't see anything specific about that brand. Plenty of different chains available for GT's out there. You can get all styles and types for $100 a set or less. They do make a big difference when running on snow/ice. I have several sets. Just bought a new set last year for one of my tractors. You want at least 2 link chains. Don't get 4 link.
  6. J-Mech

    Color change

    The JD and Cub Cadet tractors used different crankshafts. He can install it, but it won't do anything but drive the tractor. JD PTO won't go on the CC crank. It's worth whatever you can sucker out of it. KT engine parts are nearly non existent, and we're never meant to be rebuilt. Worth only their weight in scrap.
  7. J-Mech


    With the OEM set up, they won't start real good in the cold. Heck, they don't start great when warm. But you can do a lot of upgrading on the electrical system and get the to start a lot easier. The OEM design was very poor, and placed too much load on the ignition switch.
  8. J-Mech

    Color change

    For those interested in the facts: The switch to an aluminum rear end and the painting black of the rear, front axle, and dash tower happened 100% by serial number 720,000, which was mid 1982. Some dash towers, front and rear axles may have been painted black prior to that, but in very limited numbers, as the "official" end of the cast rear end was the SN listed.
  9. IH used the rear end section from a 66/86 series tractor for the axles and differential. Diff is the same as the tractors. Pinion shaft is different, but only in that it hooks to a driveshaft yoke and not another trans shaft. So, it unfortunately is specific to the IH 4wd tractors, and NLA from CIH. If you are ever in Illinois between Effingham and the Indiana line, send me a PM. We are south of US 70, south of Casey, IL. I'm sure everyone would be glad to have you stop in to see it.
  10. Sounds like a good idea! This cab doesn't have any whine in it. Maybe due to the different valve mounting. Maybe due to the added insulation. Don't know, but I'm happy with the noise level in the cab! With a decibel meter app on my phone, it says between 75 and 78 decibels. I'd say that's about right. (It's an app, so I'm sure it isn't totally accurate, but that's a good ballpark.) After putting about 150 hours on this 4586 this year, here are some things I would have done differently: *I would have made the controls a little farther forward, even if it blocked the door. We never use it anyway. This tractor has a swivel seat, and when turned left, the controls are a bit too far back and hard to reach. *I wish the valve stack had been mounted center of cab, and not on the right side. Hoses flex too much and have to be too long mounted on the right of the cab. If you're doing a cable valve, I strongly suggest moving the valve to the center of the cab. *I would have made the valve stack cable operated. The linkage works fine, but it would have been better on cable. *I wish I would have moved the throttle to the right hand console like I originally wanted to do. When running it, it's too far away. The decel pedal would be fine to use, but it's in a horrible spot too, and you can't hardly reach it. I may make a different pedal set up on it this winter. Make sure to show us what you come up with @bitty I want to see it. Good luck!
  11. Which carb does it have? Does it not have an adjustable main jet? Should have. I doubt the venturi is loose. If it was, it shouldn't affect the fuel mix, but might affect performance.
  12. I've done it before...... about 25 years ago. Made my own brackets. Must not have been too difficult to do. I was only about 15 or 16 when I did it. Tractor went to the scrap yard about 8 or 9 years ago. Never took any pictures of it. Only thing I remember, is that it worked fine. Used a GM style, single wire, self exciting alternator.
  13. J-Mech

    Cub Cadet 782

    Your dreaming at $1300. Even an IH built 782 with 500 hours would struggle to bring that kind of cash even from a collector with money. A 4000hr 782 is a $500 tractor on a good day, if it's even worth that. I've not seen many Cub Cadets with hours like that. I'd say you are way off on hours along with that price. And like the doc said, can't sell here anyway.
  14. J-Mech


    For a comparable machine? Or the same machine? If the same machines, nooooo. If you had one to sell and found the right idiot you might get $3,000. Average cost is between $1800 and $2500. You will see a lot listed online for more, but they don't sell. They sit.
  15. Good luck in your search. Our 3588 also has 4 remotes. "Dad" (not my dad) bought it new.
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