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  1. That's true! There's 4 on our farm. 826DH, 2x 1026's, and recently added a 544GH (utility) foot controlled. That foot control was a really rare option. I was talking with Raleigh at Herr's the other day and he even said he had never seen one with the foot controls. Matter of fact, he said he had only seen a couple tractors with foot control and he couldn't recall ever rebuilding any.
  2. I can go look it up but I'm certain they are different.
  3. Well, we can just disagree then. I guess I've had to remove more of it than you, put on by guys who thought it was a good idea too.
  4. Bullsh** That stuff is nothing like body filler. They say it is machinable. That's bs too. That stuff has its place, but not where you are suggesting. Globbing silicone over it would do the same thing and at least you could get that off later.
  5. Yeah, JB weld isn't a tool I use often. I'll have something bored and sleeved, find used parts, whatever, before I'll use JB weld.
  6. What, so it's welded together for the next time you have to go in and work on it?? I don't see why farmers whow work on their own stuff wouldn't fix the problem. Couple bucks of gaskets and o-ring and your labor is free. Seems most guys always want to tackle jobs way out of their ability anyway, then come to beg for help. That one is time consuming, but not hard.
  7. What on earth made you think parts for a 60 year old piece of equipment would be easy to find? It's hard to find some parts for a 15 year old car!
  8. Oil, or unburned fuel? Yeah, I know it's black and wet. So is unburnt fuel condensing in the exhaust and mixing with the soot.
  9. Is it coming out with some force? How's the oil? Milky? Thin, like it has diesel mixed with it? Is it low on any other fluids? Hydraulic oil? Coolant? Using excessive fuel? I agree, that looks excessive. You need to find the source of the blowby and address it. Might be a fixable problem and you can save the engine. Might be the engine. Too many possibilities. While you have it down, fix the PTO brake too!
  10. If you keep the tractor in a warm building and take it outside to work in low temperatures an engine will have more noticeable vent steam. This is normal. Without seeing it, it's hard to know whether it is excessive or not. If you aren't burning oil, or having any power issues, it is likely ok. Keep an eye on coolant level as you may have a blown head gasket or other internal coolant leak.
  11. If it didn't work, you had a bad one. If you have found engines they didn't work with, either they weren't installed correctly, there were other problems, or they were bad out of the box. Yeah, if you put in a new distributor and go back to points it will fix a lot of problems, but that usually costs quite a bit more, and if the engine is getting tired won't always fix it either.
  12. If you use the Petronix kit, which is by far the most common and readily available, they have a coil. Matter of fact I'm pretty sure you can buy the complete kit with coil, module and wires. Don't worry about trying to figure it all out, Pertronix did it for you. I've put lots of those kits in over the years (for customers) and haven't had a coil failure as of yet that I am aware of. Worthwhile conversion. Those old distributors are getting wore out, so are the components that drive them. Hard to get good consistent ignition with points unless you overhaul the system. Usually going electric, it is more forgiving of worn components and gives much better ignition.
  13. No updates.... as I had just stated. I have the other 544 in the shop up on stands doing testing/diagnosis and repair on the hydro. It has several problems. Fixing the hydro on it first. I have yet to get to the front axle on it..... if the guy even wants to fix it. He doesn't know if he's going to fix this up for use, of get it working and sell it. I can get pictures of it if you want, but it is wore out in all the same ways, plus in the outer spindles or "knee".
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