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  1. The old bias Goodyear's were good tires. The bias Firestone's aren't worth buying. Probably nothing you can do about power hop on those other than add weight.
  2. Were the Goodyear's a bias ply tire?
  3. Did you have the cylinder off, or just disconnected from the auger?
  4. Something on the cable may be bound up. Seems I've ran into this issue before, and it was an issue in the valve, but it's been so long ago I don't remember. Check to see that the valve is moving in and out and go from there.
  5. The cover plates are for small cereal grain like wheat. You shouldn't have any issues adjusting the machine to soybeans.
  6. Yes, that is a big PITA! We have discussed that up at the farm before, snd think it might be what saves those transmissions though. Seems they last a very long time.
  7. If your tractor is power hopping, you either need to add weight, or reduce the load or speed. Can also be a tire problem. Firestone 23° will hop. The deep tread version does not do it as bad until you overload them and then the tractor will jump off the ground! We run a 9330. Great tractor for its size.
  8. J-Mech

    706 Throttle

    Something is amiss. Maybe someone replaced the counter spring mentioned above with a stiffer one. It shouldn't be able to overcome the governor spring. But it does sound like the friction needs tightened.
  9. I'm sorry. Totally my bad. I didn't look at the dates. Those are all sold, but in my defense the newest sold in June of this year.... still 3 on tractorhouse, and I doube checked, none of those are sold.
  10. What do you mean you can't find any for sale??? 3 on tractorhouse and 4 on auctiontime right now! One even has FWA! 7 choices in a 30 second search.
  11. All the wires can come out of the fuse block. You need a release tool. I wouldn't use a salvage block and butt connect the wires. Solder them all if that is what you are going to do. If the fuse block itself isn't melted, I would pull the wires that are loose and bend the connector so it holds tight again, or replace each end that is bad. Yes, this job sucks. Yes it is time consuming. Yes, I have done this to fuse blocks before. Unfortunately when this happens, you are left with few choices and none are an easy and fast repair.
  12. The D360 engine (from the 400 series diesels, 414,436,466) was used in the early 886's. It was later changed to the German D358 engine. Neither were turbocharged in the 886. I don't know if the D358 were all stamped as a DT or not. Never looked.
  13. I would say that the "T" in the line with nothing connected to it is causing the leak. Well.... let's look at what you are seeing. On the hole in the line that is leaking, is there what remains of a rubber hose with a clamp holding it on? Do you see anywhere close by that oil leak point that is an open hole or pipe with a similar hose clamp and what remains of a hose? You shouldn't have any trouble finding it....
  14. Unless you install it. If you wanted to buy the parts from salvage, or had your own parts tractor, it can all me added.
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