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  1. @Irvman358 I have several jobs to do in the shop today. Saturday is the day I do side job work. I'm going to be busy probably all day, but wanted to get some things out there first. I'd really like to see this get fixed, and I know snoshoe would too. These types of problems are tough to fix when you can lay your hands on the machine, let alone trying to troubleshoot based on pictures and someone else doing the work as they can get to it. As a diagnostician, I get my mind all wrapped around it, then it might be a day or two before you can finish your testing and get back to us. In th
  2. As with all engine tuning, one "bolt on" part alone doesn't make that much difference. Just go with the gasoline manifold.
  3. Ok. That confirms what I thought. You lost all flow through the main pump circuit for some reason. Here are the possible new problems: You did not correctly assemble something this last time. The machinist reamed it (spool valve bore) too much. The spool isn't centered. The main pump quit. If you disconnected the supply hose to the loader valve from the power beyond port on the tractor and have zero flow with the engine running, it is likely in the tractor spool valve. Most likely it is not centered. I'm betting you did not correctly assemble the deten
  4. Yes, it is a bit unusual for a kit not to include bearings, but it's not unheard of.
  5. No, but it was suggested as a replacement motor. 686 did.
  6. I agree 100%. But personally, I'd rather have a gas motor than a D282. Not a big fan of the Neuss engines either. Good engine, nothing necessarily wrong with them other than hard to find parts for. Just not a fan of them. I'd do a Cummins swap myself. Isn't anything on a B series you can't get unless something recently has become NLA.
  7. 756 good: Made by IH. Nothing else need be said. Has to be all good. 756 bad: it is an old tractor and you might have to spend as much or more to make it a good reliable tractor. I said *might*. It is guaranteed to need work.
  8. It might not come apart. Yes spring can break or just get weak. Could have a bad pintle, but I doubt anything is stuck in it. It would have flushed it out by now.
  9. I would be looking at the relief valve you pulled out of the loader valve stack then. It would also affect the backhoe as it is downstream of the loader.
  10. Why would you replace a 6 cyl for a 4 cylinder Cummins? Yeah, yeah same hp. Skip the 4bt and just put a 6B in. That is the swap I would shoot for. The Cummins is still easy to get parts for, unlike any of the "direct swap" IH engines. I know that the only engine that was called a "factory replacement" for any diesel was a DT466. That is the engine listed as the replacement engine for the 560 diesel (actually any diesel 6 cyl tractor from the 560 onward) according to CIH.
  11. Ok... so, totally unrelated.... Why do you "roll" rice? Also, I'd really like you to bring that over and roll my ridiculously rough yard!
  12. Really? I find that kind of hard to believe. We called Porch a couple years ago to see about a harness, or multiple harnesses for a 4586 4 wheel drive. He said they had never made one. Asked if we could send him the old harness, we did. Built us I think 3 different ones. Basically everything in the frame of the tractor. If they can do that, I'm sure they can figure out a 484 diesel.... not much to a harness for one of those.
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