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  1. Hi all does anyone have a wiring schematic for a case ih 885xl 4wd 1990 model? I have looked at the one that’s been posted on here several years ago, however some of the colours vary from what’s on the schematic to actually on the tractor. With wires going to different places or different colours etc etc Mostly at the fuse box end. i am attempting to get all the dials and gauges working as they should. However looks like someone has had a go before me over the tractors life. regards and thanks in advance Luke
  2. Ahhhh that might explain it then. As the original stuff was perished so I just replaced it with standard fuel line from an agricultural parts store. As they are fully reconditioned injectors I expect the pressure is just blowing it of.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I’m thinking the internal diameter on the return hose is to small and the pressure is to much. Regards luke
  4. Hi all. So today I got my injectors back after they have all been totally rebuilt. I have re fitted them and tourqued them up correctly etc. Now on restarting the tractor for the first time they are blowing diesel from the banjo bolts that connect the leak of hose to the injectors I have double checked they are tight. Two questions. The bloke at the injector shop said the leak of hose should be closest to the rocker cover. Is this correct? Secondly why is it blowing fuel from the leak of hose banjo bolts? I did replace the flexible leak hose . Is the internal diameter to small? Any help greatly appreciated regards luke
  5. Many thanks. Luckily they all came out fine leaving the sleeve in place
  6. Hi all. ive just pulled the injectors from my case 885 to be tested and potentially reconditioned. When pulling them out I noticed only one injector had a copper sealing washers. My question is should there be 4 copper sealing washers or none at all? I’ve refered to the caseih parts store no mention of a copper sealing washer. The manual also has no mention of this. Only replacing the rubber O ring. All advice appreciated
  7. Will do. I’ve replaced the fuel line from the tank to the primer. I even bypassed the whole lot to see if that was the problem and put the fuel line straight into the fuel tank via the filler cap. Still the same problem. I read somewhere about leaky fuel primer I.e taking air in.
  8. Interesting I can’t rember if it is a BR or CR I will check and let you know the outcome. Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I have thought about the timing and that was my next step as I’m baffled what else it could be. A friend of mine has done the overhaul and I have helped out on the majority.
  10. Hi all. I have a case international 885xl 1990 model. The engine has recently been rebuilt and for whatever reason it struggles to start but will turn over after about half a miniute or so then it losses power straight away and will not respond to the throttle or reach the rated rpm. When turning over it produces a lot of white smoke which does clear. I have drained the fuel tank and cleaned the banjo bolts, replaced all the fuel pipe all the way to the primer pump. Replaced the fuel filters, bleed the system, the injector pump has been reconditioned and all the injectors have had new nozzles. I removed the air filters and will replace them as soon as. However I tried starting it without the air filters and the problem still persists. The only other symptom is at idle it produces a light grey/white smoke and smells of unburnt fuel. The oil is as should be and not milky in anyway and the coolant level doesn't drop at all. All help and advice greatly appreciated Regards Luke
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