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  1. oldihdsl

    T340 possible?

    If interested, I have a rear mounted SCARIFIER off of a TD 340 that has it's own frame to bolt up to a 340 rear frame. Has one cylinder for up/down and 4 or 5 shanks but you would need to tie into hydraulics to activate.
  2. oldihdsl

    Hydro 84 lost power steering

    Will need to walk you thru this. My e-mail below. Send your phone number and I will call you. scl1erl@aol.com
  3. oldihdsl

    Hydro 84 lost power steering

    Do you lose other functions when the steering quits? An example would be the remote valves. The steering circuit has priority over the remotes so if it acts up you would lose remotes and hitch first before steering. There are things that would affect steering before affecting other things in the loop but the fact that steering the tractor causes the trans. light to come on sounds like priority flow divider which is accessed externally. Engine at idle, place loader remotes hitch (one of them) on demand and see if they move, If they do not, hold the steering and see if one of the three aforementioned start to move and stop when you let up on steering it could be a pump. Run some of these tests and see what directions it leads us.
  4. oldihdsl

    IH 454 1971 ?'

    The PTO has a feature that starts it turning in a feather mode so you don't shear driveline things. It starts in a low pressure and ramps up to full pressure which is fully engaged. Both shafts turn when lever is engaged I will look it up and give you the possibilities . The starter sounds like a tractor that has done a lot of sitting, So it could be a solenoid but could be nothing more than a bad connection which can be traced with a cheap volt meter. Check each connection for 12 volts or just clean every connection in the starter circuit.
  5. oldihdsl

    3616 transmission cross reference

    I 504 has same trans. Don't know where you are from but a int'l 504 used as a cotton picker has the shuttle trans already in it. Happy hunting.
  6. oldihdsl

    Made a little progress finally!

    IH started putting pump specs timing etc. in the service manual so no matter what you worked on one book took care of all of it. Pump removal, timing, installation. I might have the pump manual have to look over what's left.
  7. oldihdsl


    Yes, I have a factory manual. You can send me a PM or use my e-mail for details. scl1erl@aol.com
  8. oldihdsl

    2050 Loader Control Valve Re-Seal?

    Yes, the internal O-rings can cause an external leak. You will see why when taking one apart. The West Pulman valve comes apart easy enough as parts unload from the rear end and the spool slips out from same location, but at that point you will want to fish the o-ring out with a pick dental tool etc. You may want to measure the spool O D as there were 2 different sizes used. The o-rings should be nothing exotic.
  9. oldihdsl

    special tools for 800 cyclo

    Have brand new tool, $75.00 freight included.
  10. oldihdsl

    Power steering ih 354

    Mahindra has been around for a long time. They were licensed by IH to build their tractor for their part of the world that is why you can get parts for them today. They marketed their tractor line after IH folded. I have used their brake acuaters on 3414 industrial tractors long after Case said they were no longer avail.
  11. oldihdsl

    Brake damage - B414 i'm stuck

    That housing has been chucking back and forth on those loose bolts for god knows how long so you had best make a proper repair of it. Get your self some Heli Coils and a Heli coil tap and a bottle of Loctite retaining compound and bring the threads back to a good fit and use it without worrying over it.
  12. oldihdsl

    IH 574 pto problem

    Can be a number of things. Does the power steering work well. If yes You should find the return from steering line at the MCV (multiple control valve) and remove the fitting that it connects to being careful not to lose parts that are behind the fitting. There should be 3 pc's behind the fitting those being a spring, a plastic poppet, and a c age to keep the parts in proper relationship to each other. If these parts are missing , installed wrong you will have no pto. There are other things but depending on your knowledge of the tractor it can cause a lot of typing. Why don't you send me a PM with your phone number and I will call you.
  13. oldihdsl

    282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Just a quick note on sleeves being pushed out. Normal. Make a set of short bolts and flat washers that will trap the sleeve only and tighten to 15 inch pounds as you do not want to damage the sleeve. If someone fooled with the trimmer screw you will get an erratic running hard starting engine.
  14. oldihdsl,

    Can you look at my post and point me in the right direction?


    282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall


    1. oldihdsl


      Will take a look and respond.

  15. oldihdsl

    problems with my 3pt lift

    Refer to last page of last transmittal. _ The last page shows the spring,p lunger, and an excellent side view cutawav of your sensor. the top inspection cover under the seat gives some view, Caution! don't mess with any valves. I suspect the spring is either broken or dislodged or the spool is stuck. Get a manual before proceeding.