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  1. It has been covered since the guy tore it down. He put the oil pan back on and had a rag lying in the top of the block with the hood back on and it was under a shelter. I think the sleeves will hone out good there agin once I get into it if I find major problems I will reevaluate my direction
  2. The story with the tractor is it was parked under a shelter when they stopped farming years ago It sat there until the guys nephew bought it when the family was selling what was left on the farm When he purchased it the engine was stuck where it had sat for all those years He took the head and oil pan off and removed the pistons I’d like to get the tractor running to use on our farm. The most it will do is pull trailers and maybe a hay rake and Tedder. Those pistons don’t look bad on the sides I though I would polish those marks out with my die grinder using a scotch brite wheel. I’d use new rings and may even get a machine shop to check the pistons to be sure they will be ok before putting back together.
  3. What’s the opinion are these pistons salvageable or not I’m taking about the dings in the top where the guy before me used something medal to knock them out
  4. This is my new to me IH I-4 How hard is it to find the rear pintle for it Are the pintle’s on the I4,I6 and I9 the same
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