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  1. Injpumped, I was able to find a used pump and used the idle screw from it to replace the one in our pump. It was just as you said, the xx86 pump doesn't use this screw and I was able to remove the E clip and use a magnet to retrieve the clip. I replaced the screw from the other pump and the 986 is back to work. Thanks for your advise. Do you also repair rosa master/standyne pumps? If so let me know.
  2. How long of a bolt would I need? I can't tell if the screw threads are at the end of the pump housing or a bit more inside the pump. Also, how tight should the bolt be? I don't want to strip the threads.
  3. Thanks farmall fixer, I'll try them as well.
  4. Injpumped, Are you saying that I can remove the clip and what is left of the idle screw and just seal the hole with a small bolt and washer?
  5. pete23, I spoke to our local diesel shop and he gave that same advice. I did remove the top cover and the E clip is there. I am going to attempt to remove the clip from the top with a pair of hemostats so I don't have to remove the pump from the engine. The problem is finding a replacement screw. I found a site with the screw listed and a part number but haven't heard back from them. I have sent an online request and an email but no word yet. Wish me luck on not dropping the clip into the bottom of the pump. Thanks for your reply!!
  6. Thanks Sparky, I spoke to our local diesel shop and they don't have one and they can't get a new one as the pump has been discontinued. I know someone out there has one that is unusable, I just need to find that person.
  7. I need a idle capsule screw for 986 Injector Pump. I have a 986 that the idle capsule screw has gotten broken off our injector pump. I have no idea how this happened but the screw has broken off and the IP is leaking oil. The Injector pump is working but it's leaking oil from the back of the pump where the idle screw was. I don't need the entire pump as the one I have is good but leaking from the broken idle screw. If anyone has a fuel injector pump that is trashed but has the idle capsule screw I would like to buy it. Thanks, Nelson
  8. That isn't funny folks. My father and I worked very hard in the late 60's to make a run at farming. He worked a full time job and farmed on the side because he loved to farm. I remember seeing him leaving in the early morning or late at night for work for a few hours of overtime at his job to help the family. Many times I have seen him leave our driveway in his 65 Chevy II to drive 45 minutes to work for an hour or two of overtime. We started out with a ford 651, a two bottom plow, a two row planter, a seven foot disk and a two row cultivator. We depended on someone else to pick our crop but the answer was "not until mine is secure". I believe that was the fair answer as one has to look after their own crop first. By that time we may have lost some of our crop due to wet land, wind and wild animals. When dad bought this JD 45 in the early 70"s we could harvest our own crop when it was ready. We made some money in the 70's and added on to the old farm house. We built a full bathroom where there was a half bathroom. I remember we having to wait for a hard freeze to pick soybeans that year and dad and I would take turns sitting in the IH 1600 loanstar to get warm. The rest of the time we were on the platform of the old JD 45. I'm not sure if anyone can understand this but I do hope someone will. Nelson
  9. Does anyone know what the value would be for a John Deere 45 combine? I think it's a 1965 JD 45 combine square back. This is the first combine we ever owned. It has been sitting in our shed for many years. I started it in 1995 and it ran pretty good. It's a four cylinder gas engine. Thanks, Nelson
  10. Missouri Mule, If you have gout, you will know it. If your toe is swollen, red, hot and so painful you can't let the sheet on your bed touch it, then you may have gout. Your joint will swell, be red, be hot and so painful you can't touch it. Trust me on this one. I hope you don't have gout!! I do and it's a plain.
  11. Anyone who was raised in the country knows that eggs and milk are the most perfect foods that have been available from the beginning of time. It's the manufacturers of powdered this and that trying to convince us that their product is better for our health. It's the marketing people for big companies that have gotten "experts" to say that eggs are full of cholesterol (and everyone knows that cholesterol is bad) and can clog arteries. But wait, now there is such a thing as good cholesterol. Where were there "experts" then? Why is watered down milk good for us now? I like the milk from the old days when it would stick to the roof of your mouth because it was so thick and not watered down. These marketing "experts" need to just GO AWAY. I'm a crop farmer and not a dairy farmer, but we are in the same boat. My father grows corn and soybeans and raises beef cows. The next time you buy a steak just think what you are paying for a 12 oz. steak. We get from .99 to 1.25 cents a pound. Where does the rest go? What I'd like to get across here is that farmers of all kinds are getting screwed by the big companies and their "experts" telling what is good and bad for us. My opinion of and expert is this: An ex is a "has been" and a spurt is a "drip under pressure." Let's not listen to them any longer and do what we know is the correct thing.
  12. dale560, I agree, the AC Delco A6 is a great system but no longer made, just rebuilt now. I have been hearing the rebuilds are not good any longer. The newer Denso/sanden is the way to go now, I'm just trying to get this one going so I can try it out. I'm not sure why the pressure safety switch that came with the upgrade kit has such small gauge wire. I just don't see it being able to handle 5A at 12V with 28 gauge wire. I'll let you know what happens going forward.
  13. Thanks MarkG, That's what I was thinking. I don't want to burn up the wiring or cook the safety switch. I haven't charged the system yet and want to do it right the first time instead of doing it twice and buy more parts.
  14. I know this isn't a question about a IH but I know that someone out there has done an ac swap on an AC. It was the AC Delco A6 type and we are installing a Denso 10PA20 type. We have a AC 7060 and we are replacing the original style ac compressor with the new style that AC now sells. The trouble is that I'm not sure how and where to install and connect the over/under pressure switch that came with the kit. The old compressor was a two wire system (one the 12V from the on/off switch in the cab and the other to a over heat thermal switch on the condenser and then to ground) but the new one is a one wire setup. I'm guessing we don't need the over heat switch if we have over/under pressure switch, but the instructions say to install the switch at the drier and wire it up, but doesn't say where the wires from the switch go. Can you or someone you know tell me how to wire the switch in as there isn't currently one there that I know of. Normally I would just wire the switch in series with the 12v wire from the on/off switch in the cab but the wires on the hi/low pressure switch only look to be 24 to 28 gauge and I don't think they will handle the current needed to power the clutch. Thanks, Nelson
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