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  1. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Thanks Louie, I may need to replace the bushing after all the gear and shaft has been through. I'll let you folks know what happens when I get it pulled apart.
  2. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Hi to all, Thanks for all the advise. I'm now pretty sure that the idler gear is the gear that is jumping up and down. I looked at it again today while I was at Dad's farm. My guess is that the idler bolt is broken and letting the gear move up and down. I plan to pull the front of the tractor off and look at the idler gear. It will have to wait until after hog killing time but I will let you know the result when I find out. Until then, I would like to know if there is a bearing of some kind between the idler gear and the idler shaft? I can see that there is no roller or needle bearing between them but is there a bearing like a rod bearing in there? Thanks, Nelson
  3. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    I'm not sure if it's the pump gear that is moving or the idler gear that is moving. Is it possible for the idler gear to be what is broken and not the pump gear? Is there a bearing in the idler gear that could be broken?
  4. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Louie, Yes, the pump was installed with the shaft installed in the pump. I watched the diesel tech. install the pump and set the timing. He isn't a IH tech. and he was the one who noticed that the pump was stopping and starting while I was turning the flywheel. He didn't know why it was doing that as he isn't a IH tech. but rather an experienced generic diesel tech. From the diagrams you sent me I can't tell what supports the pump gear and holds it in place. Is the pump shaft what holds the pump gear from moving (other than turning that is)?
  5. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Thanks Louie, The pictures are great and very helpful. I see that the idler gear is held on the front of the engine with a bolt, but what holds the IP gear from moving? I only see the pump shaft holding the pump gear in place. Is it possible the slop in the gear train is due to a bad bearing on the pump shaft. I ask this because I had the pump gear cover off with one bolt in the cover and I can move the pump gear up and down almost 1/2" by prying against the bolt with a screwdriver. It looks like when turning the flywheel, at certain points the pump gear will stop turning for a few degrees and the gear will seem to rise up while stopped and then will turn and fall back down. I fear that I'll never get the timing set and stable like that. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  6. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Hi all, I'm back with an update. After replacing the head, and jetting another injector pump the 1966 D282 engine still wont start. I did notice after installing the other rebuilt injection pump, that when turning the flywheel manually with a pry bar, that the pump will turn and then stop and it looks like the idler gear will rise (crawl up the pump drive gear) and then drop with a clunk and then the pump will turn again. Is there some kind of a special gear between the crank gear and the IP drive gear that would let the injector pump stop turning and then start again? Please let me know what the IP drive train is doing with the pump stopping and starting. Thanks, Nelson
  7. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Thanks for the reply everyone. I did send the pump off to a local diesel shop that we have used several times in the past and have had good results from them. I'm sure they rebuilt the pump as per the specs for that pump and not for a 1965 706. As for the fitting at the pump, I disconnected the line at the pump and turned it over a few times and there is a good flow of fuel coming out of the overflow. I also replaced the fitting at the tank with a free flowing fitting and that didn't help either.I did get a new 1/4 copper line and a new collar and put the original fitting back in the tank with no leaks. I called Hoober International here in VA. and they couldn't find anything about that pump either. I'm still waiting for a call back from Hoober from a old tractor tech. that has worked on these old tractors for years. I'll let you know what I find out.
  8. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Hi all, The IP pump on the 1965/1966 Farmall 706 with the D282 engine I have is DBGFC63140AJ.The other two 1963/1966 tractors we have has the DBGFC63120AJ pumps. Is the DBGFC63140AJ pump the correct one for the 65/66 tractor? The other two 706's tractors have the 20AJ pumps. I would like to know if the 40AJ is the correct pump for the 706.
  9. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    I have made sure that it has fuel as I disconnected the return line and it's pumping a good stream of fuel out of the fitting and the top of the pump.
  10. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    I meant to say it dies as if it's out of fuel.
  11. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Hi all, I just got back from working on the 706 with the D282 diesel engine. I received a reworked head on Monday and ran a tap in all the bolt holes on the head and cleaned them all out good. I installed the head and torqued the new head bolts in the correct pattern to 115ft lbs and torqued the injector assembly's to 25 ft lbs. I set the pump to TDC and it won't start. It will start with either but the dies and if it is out of fuel. Every so often it will start and run for about 6 seconds and then slows and stops as if it's out of fuel. I have adjusted the pump timing but that doesn't seem to help. I had a small fuel leak at the fuel tank in the return line and noticed that the return fitting in the tank has a "stack" with a small hole and seems to be a one way valve. It looks to be leaking. Could that have anything to do with the pump output? The other 706's have the DBGFC63120AJ pump but this one has a DBGFC63140AJ pump. Is the DBGFC63140AJ pump the correct pump for a 706 with the D282 engine?
  12. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Hi all, I went to the machine shop today to look at the cracks in the old head.I found that the cracks are only hairline cracks just inside of the small hole where the fuel is injected at the underside of the head. The tech. said that a small crack there is nothing to worry about sense there is no oil or water jackets anywhere near there. What do you folks thing about me reusing this head?
  13. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    We are still chasing a good used head, looking at one in NC. I'll keep you posted and thanks to all for the advice.
  14. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Hi all, After calling Winger several times they now say that they do not have a head. They didn't bother to call and give us this information but we are looking else where to get another head. I may have to get the old head repaired if I can't get a good used one.
  15. 282D engine trouble in a 706 Farmall

    Thanks louie, That is expensive, but my farther called Winger in PA. and they found a good used head for 1300. That is with no seats, valves, springs or guides. I think we are in the same price range here. I'll be sure to keep the other two heads in case we need them in the future. Thanks.