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  1. We bought a new world lawn diamondback. Wifey is mowing our berry farm with it, actual grass covered about 7-8 acres twice weekly. It's hydraulic driven. Very responsive and accurate.
  2. Can the steering cylinder on a 585 be rebuilt? My mine is not leaking external, however it seems to be blowing by internally. When driving it has latteral movement, toe in toe out back and forth constantly. The spindle thrust and hub bearings seem tight. We just replaced 3 of the tie rod ends over the last 6-8 weeks. Are these symptoms a cylinder or valve issue?
  3. eljayfahey1@aol.com Dear Sir, I was reading a blog on red power magazine about UB 264 engine. I was wondering if you still had it . I am in desperate need of a power unit engine and would put it to good use. please e mail me and let me know. Thank you for your time
  4. Well it came up, and went back, and snugged right up... No leak? Kind of odd
  5. My 585 started leaking 'exhaust' ? While using it today. The first port from the operator. Is it possible that the O'Ring blew? You can feel it blow with your hand, so I only assume that it's sucking in as well. Do I pull the while nozzle out? RPMs were less than 1500 85° outside... Not working it hard.
  6. I have a UB264 in an orchard air blast sprayer I bought. It was in use 21/2-3 years ago. I intend to convert the sprayer over to 3 pt PTO. Thus I have no need for the engine. It is set up currently to run on either gas or propane. Engine, radiator, fuel tanks, misc parts that go with the engine are for sale or trade as a package. Drive shaft, blower turbine fan, sprayer pump, trailer, framing, control panel, etc not for sale. My main concern is that it not go to waste. I'd trade for implements, ECT?? Make an offer. I'm in NW Arkansas. Send a PM or email HickoryHillsFarms@gmail.com
  7. Noticed on one of your updates that you might be interested in a service manual for the 585 

    I have a complete factory manual avail if you are interested. Send me a pm if you are.

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