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  1. Dear Sir, I was reading a blog on red power magazine about UB 264 engine. I was wondering if you still had it . I am in desperate need of a power unit engine and would put it to good use. please e mail me and let me know. Thank you for your time
  2. Is this for real? If so pm me here.
  3. Well it came up, and went back, and snugged right up... No leak? Kind of odd
  4. My 585 started leaking 'exhaust' ? While using it today. The first port from the operator. Is it possible that the O'Ring blew? You can feel it blow with your hand, so I only assume that it's sucking in as well. Do I pull the while nozzle out? RPMs were less than 1500 85° outside... Not working it hard.
  5. It does have the saddle tank. I'll drain it blow the lines out and check the tank out. Hydraulic oil and clutch dust makes sense. It's been a couple of years since I had the inspection plate off. It could be a slow seep building up over time. Clutch is not slipping however, at least not that I've noticed. But I do not believe that the oil got very deep and it looks clean up inside.
  6. no lift pump. Gravity fed. However i do have an electric pump plumbed in for priming if needed. the inspection cover is the one removed to view the clutch ect. The oil was black motor oil, not hydraulic oil.
  7. I have a case 585 farm tractor with a loader. I was in the process of getting creek gravel from a pile that has been setting for a couple of years that i had had piled up. i was grabbing buckets of gravel running 2-300 yds and dribbling it out on one of the farms road that was getting slick on top. I was running in H-1 traveling back and forth, L-1 to scoop and fill the bucket with. after 25-30 trips it started acting like it was running out of fuel..i leaned back and looked in the tank and it was about a 1/4 of a tank or so? I made a couple of trips and decided i must have a clogged fuel filter. and was going to make one last run when it petered out and died. i didn't try to re start it, i don't like priming issues. when i stepped off, the tractor it was leaning 3-4 degrees to the front left due to the grade. i looked and a steady fast drip of oil had made a puddle which concerned me. this tractor doesn't leave oil spots. it was coming from a 1/4" hole in the frame end or joining of the block on the bottom.???? this scared me some, so i pulled the inspection plate on the spot and 1/2 gallon of black black oil came out...i pulled the dipstick and it showed, clean clear oil, halfway between the MIN-MAX marks....but the oil coming from the inspection hole was very black? after a couple of minutes the oil didn't drip much more, i shined my phone light up in the hole but didn't see anything obvious.. and no leak was obvious like a main seal ect?? Any ideas?? Recent history: i had the injector pump rebuilt, re installed it. changed ALL the fluids..... filters ect...
  8. So theoretically it would work. His has lost compression I guess. Thus he should be able to make the two work.???
  9. I have a guy interested in buying my UB264 engine. He had a truck with a UD264 in it. Does anyone know what the difference is between them? What's the difference between UB & UD?
  10. I have a UB264 in an orchard air blast sprayer I bought. It was in use 21/2-3 years ago. I intend to convert the sprayer over to 3 pt PTO. Thus I have no need for the engine. It is set up currently to run on either gas or propane. Engine, radiator, fuel tanks, misc parts that go with the engine are for sale or trade as a package. Drive shaft, blower turbine fan, sprayer pump, trailer, framing, control panel, etc not for sale. My main concern is that it not go to waste. I'd trade for implements, ECT?? Make an offer. I'm in NW Arkansas. Send a PM or email
  11. Noticed on one of your updates that you might be interested in a service manual for the 585 

    I have a complete factory manual avail if you are interested. Send me a pm if you are.

  12. 585 Injector pump rebuild and Timing

    Update. Sorry it took me so long to update. I finally got the pump back on. It and all the accessories we took off we're back on and it was running in an hour and a half. It's more responsive to throttle changes and seems to be in good shape. We went ahead and changed all the fluids and filters too while it was down.
  13. 585 Injector pump rebuild and Timing

    Got the pump back today. looks great. they gave advice for reinstall.... ill post an update when i get into it. & it cost less than the estimate!!!
  14. 585 Injector pump rebuild and Timing

    Pm me the info. I ordered the ITC? On Amazon
  15. 585 Injector pump rebuild and Timing

    I own several types of pullers, including a T bar type for dampeners ext. It wouldn't move. The hammer worked by creating vibration is what he said. Mute point at this stage. I too hope it goes back together well. I had lots of questions, but nothing was horribly difficult. I just had never been into one before. I ordered a shop book. The pump service outfit I went with is the one that all the other pseudo outfits send them to for rebuild. Let's hope they do a good job.