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  1. No corners available that I am aware of for RLS series. I made my own on R150. Turned out ok after a lot of work. Maybe a chev or Ford corner could be modified to work. Dennis
  2. Looks good Brian I am sure you can fix it
  3. Hi Tony, just learned about your health issues. Glad to hear you are doing better and on home turf. My wife has never driven pulling our rv. I think she could but hope it is not necessary under your circumstances. Wishing you well. Dennis
  4. The quick couplers are for checking system pressures. Main press., Converter out pressure and lub pressure. Center one for converter. Can't remember which is which on the other two. Why the two speed lever is missing in action is a mystery.
  5. What dwf said. Powershift has to be in neutral and at idle to shift the hi/lo lever.
  6. Probably fuel pump seals as stated. Memory from over 50yrs ago says hyd pump would leak to trans/conv oil. Rear engine seal usually would leak from engine to convertor rather than conv. to engine.
  7. Here's a pic of some IH Payhauler trucks from 1973. 50 tonners. We thought they were big at the time. Not so much now. Dennis
  8. Just get the bucket off the ground and if it will roll, go for it. Nothing you can hurt on the tractor.
  9. Binderdan has you covered as I remember it. I think late E and G were basically the same except the Cummins engine instead of the DT239.
  10. The late E model TD8's and 125's have a different transmission than the earlier ones. I think s/n 9500 is the break. Poncho's fits in the late group. Sorry I can not remember which port is which, been too long ago. Dennis
  11. Wife and I are planning to be there with an RV. Hoping for a RV space on site. This will be our third Roundup. We toured the combine plant a few years ago. If you have not, try to, it is a great tour. Hope to see you all then. Dennis
  12. Try plugging the IH p/n into Rockauto if you haven't already. You never know what other vehicles may use the same part. They had a lot of items for my R152. Nice looking truck Dennis
  13. Poncho, on late E's, which yours is, they may have plumbed the gauge differently and does not show pressure in neutral. Someone else may know. Not sure about cover but don't think there will be a filter there. When you purchase books, make sure they are for late serial numbers. I think the break is around 9500. Others may know Dennis
  14. The term 'clutch pressure' refers to the transmission pressure, probably the gauge on the dash, you are looking at. It is the normal operating pressure to activate the power shift transmission clutch packs. Dennis
  15. Clutch pressure should be at 180-200 psi +/- at all times. May drop a little at idle when in gear. At least you have it moving. Dennis
  16. Poncho, The suction strainer appears to be plugged with a fibre which would come from steering lining. The little brass wire stuff is from there too. No way to know when it was cleaned last. Once cleaned and new oil you will know more. The driveline is acting normal so far. Dennis
  17. Looks like you have a 1986. I think the last character is a star. *
  18. I see you made it over here to Red Power. Great write ups and looks like some good help here, as I expected. My experience is with IH construction equipment but not so much on the light industrial stuff, like your backhoe. I am watching with interest. Have fun. You have a nice place to do the repair. Dennis
  19. I'm probably not going to be too much help here because I was an office jockey by the time the E's/G's came out and the steer system was completely different from the prior models. But, I believe the brakes on the E's/G's were spring applied and pressure released. Your problem sounds like it could be the valve is not cutting off the oil to the brake clutch pack when in pivot. @Greg Gibbscould be on to something in the valve area rather than down inside. Just some thoughts to ponder. Binder Books may have reprint manuals available if you are without. I have not checked their availability. Also, you are right that your tractor is related to IHC because IH sold the CE line to Dresser in 1982. Good luck Dennis
  20. farmalldr


    Thanks Louie, I thought there were probably others and forgot about the power units. Dennis
  21. farmalldr


    Here is what I can share on D282/DT282. Not sure which may be DT" except I know that TD9 (92 series) and TD9B gear drive were turbo. 560, 660, 706, TD6 (62 series). TD9 (92 series) TD9B, some H30 loaders. Could be others. Dennis
  22. Yep, our Honda has it too. It's that time of year Dennis
  23. Need more detail please. Does it steer ok but the lever pulls hard? Does the lever pull normal but doesn't want to pivot? Did it change suddenly? Also, there are many threads here on steering of the 15's / 20's and loader versions that you can search out. Help is near with more info. Do you have the service manual? Dennis
  24. You have the right p/n per junkandcattle first parts diagram. Could end in c2 instead of c1 though. Think the junk yard is wrong. Dennis
  25. Salam, If I remember right you slide the trans yoke on the spline shaft by itself then install the u joint assy between the yokes and bolt it up. Should be able to do it from the top. Good luck with the yoke repair. Did you try FP Smith in Calif.? Dennis
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