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  1. Originally called for 10w motor oil for both but HiTran or equivalent will be fine. Should be a lub chart on the machine if it has not been destroyed or painted over. Dennis
  2. Hydraulic is next to fuel tank, rt side. Check with engine off. Torque conv., transmission and rear mainframe is long stick next to seat. Check with engine at idle. Dennis
  3. I think your problem is within the engine and not behind it. Time to drop the pan and see what's up. The D239 has a balancer in the bottom, at least the DT239 did, that is gear driven off the crankshaft. A failed balancer will lockup the engine. There are other reasons for a locked up engine also but without a look inside you will not know. Before spending anymore money on the machine you need to determine what has failed and is it repairable with parts availability today. Good luck with it. Dennis
  4. Nice looking B. Thanks for reporting back. Have fun with it. Dennis
  5. So, Whitney are you saying your machine does not slip anymore? Hope so. They steer nice when adjusted properly. You may just have to disassemble the boosters to determine what you need. I don't remember anything special as far as soft parts in them. A local seal house, if you have one close by could match things up. If you remove and disassemble them be sure to replace the small roll pin in the lever that the small control rod hooks to. They are known to shear and if they do your lever will become hard to pull. I have seen oil turn gray when water is induced particularly in an engine. Could even be condensation. Most machinery dealers have oil sample programs. Pick up one of their sample bottles and have it tested. Doesn't cost much. Hard to throw away 40 gals of oil. AW32 is probably ok for the application. Back in the day 10W oil was used in the bigger machines, 15's, 20's 25's while at the same time hi-tran was used in the smaller machines, td7's and 8's. Same basic components, different division decisions I guess. Have fun. That's good news if the machine is working as it should. Dennis
  6. Whitney, I suspect your slippage could be the steering clutches. Especially the side with no free travel. The clutches need the free travel plus a little for the shoes to grip the disc. The steering clutches are adjusted behind the large pipe plug under the fenders and above the final drives. I believe the operators manual gives a good description of the procedure. Dennis
  7. Thank you Bill. Been past there many times but never to the harvest. Dennis
  8. @mabeusman, Good job checking pressures. They all look good to me. The filter screen along the engine is a safety filter, like you said. Later machines did not have it. The driveline should stall whenever in gear and tracks not moving even at high rpms. If it doesn't, something is slipping. Does the driveline spin in all gears forward and rev. or just one or two? If it rotates in all gears it could be steering clutch slippage. This would probably be unrelated to your oil loss. With engine off, do the steering levers have any free travel? If not the steer clutches may need adjusted. We can go through that if needed. Tell us a little more about what the driveline does in different gears and rpms. Then we will go from there. good luck Dennis
  9. I would say it is time to take some pressure checks of the trans/converter system. If it was only idling and standing still when the oil disappeared I doubt the converter or transmission were damaged because of it. The charge pump however, could have been damaged. If you are trying to run it now and it is slipping because of low pressures, more damage will be done. Parts and service manuals are a big help. There are many threads on this site on the trans/conv's of these machines. The TD15B and C's and TD20B and C's have the same systems as far as troubleshooting. good luck Dennis
  10. Great video's and nice tractors. good job Dennis
  11. Hope it doesn't smell like gear oil or diesel fuel when you are done . Would be dead give away.😄
  12. Thank you for the Birthday wishes. Just clicked off another one. All of you have a good day Dennis
  13. @Dirt_Floor_Poor, Maybe some undercarriage help here for your 250 Dennis
  14. The info is from an engine diagnostic manual from early 80's that covered all the IH engines used in Construction applications back then. Manual # - ISS-1526-5. Good luck with your project Dennis
  15. Mark,. Here is info #2 on the gear.
  16. Pilot Knob shows them. Page 41 http://pilotknobrestorations.com/uploads/3/5/5/6/35569285/catalog_2021-chassis_section.pdf Dennis
  17. Not familiar with the G but I believe the E series had a grease fitting, maybe one for each side to pump grease into the brake hydraulics to release the brakes. Brakes are spring applied and pressure released at least on the E model. Sorry, can't remember the specifics. Been tooooo long ago. Maybe someone else knows more, but here's a start. good luck Dennis
  18. Thank you Bill. From the other side of WA. Dennis
  19. K is 1941. I had a 1942 H, which is a 'L' with some 'K' housings. There can be some lag time, months not years, between casting and assembly. I doubt there is much difference between a K and P unless dates are important to your project. I have a Super M-TA and am glad the housings are of the right date. Have fun Dennis
  20. There are date codes on the castings including the rear housing. They are two numbers and a letter separated with what looks like screw heads. First # = month, second # = day and letter = year. 1945 was letter O, 1946 was P. Not sure where the code is on the housing in question. Size of the code is about 1/2'' by 3''. If you post the code of the housings it can be determine when they were cast. If it were me, and it isn't, I would use the new/used assy if it is a good one. good luck Dennis
  21. Thank you Tony. We hope to make it to the ag expo this year (Feb). If we do and if it happens I will look you up. Dennis
  22. Here are some shots of mine. First pic is how I found it in 2015. It had been residing there for 20yrs. Came complete with stuck engine and flat tires. Finished in 2017. Plowing pic is at a local plow day in 2019. Dennis
  23. Check trans fluid with long dipstick next to seat. In neutral, engine idling. Dennis
  24. Excellent! Thanks for the report. Happy augering. Dennis
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