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    Bar names

    Have heard of that one, friend of mine has ridden sleds there. My favorite, the Sandbar in Detroit Lakes Mn. I suppose a takeoff on the sandbar that divides big and little Detroit lake. Had a ton of fun there in the 8 months I was there.
  2. I have drained a few tires of their calcium. Start with the valve stem down and an appropriate size hose, gravity will get a lot of it. I used a shop vac to get the rest out. It really worked pretty good. Gave the old fluid to an uncle, think he put it on a gravel road for dust control. I'm with you on the dislike of CC, have plenty of junk rims around as evidence. Only one tractor on the farm that still has it, everything else has iron or nothing. Reminds me I need to change the valve cores in the 6080 this year.
  3. BACON!!! Of course it's not just for breakfast, great anytime. Seriously, I don't think I've eaten cereal in 20 years. When growing up I had an uncle that would bring us cream from his milk-cow, put that on some Cheerios with sugar, oh so good!
  4. George Carlin did a great bit on just this thing. Because this is a family site and the language is a little explicit, I'm not going to embed the link. If you want to watch, copy and paste this; George Carlin Expressions and Sayings
  5. Sad at any rate to be that close to retirement and not make it.
  6. I feel like I should know who that was but I'm drawing a blank. Somebody from Maytag?
  7. This just in; It's next year, Is this happening? Really need a good excuse to road trip to Wisconsin, out of spotted cow!
  8. Yeah, them SOB's.... At least the snow got moved.
  9. Agree 100% on the lobbyist thing, would take it a step or two farther. How about a lifetime ban or make lobbying completely illegal? That would change things a bunch.
  10. Brody, I have a two row snap-coupler planter that I hope to get put together someday and use Grandpa and the cultivators on some sweetcorn.
  11. I know people like that too!!! A 'friend' of mine broke my Rock Chucker reloading press years ago. Up until that point I would have thought that impossible.
  12. Osage Orange, or hedge-apple is popular for fence posts. See lots of them in Southern Ia. Here's a pic of why I asked. Lots of wood. Really don't like just wasting resources but sounds like this should just stay where it is.
  13. A WD picture you say? Maybe a 45 pic too. First two are actually the same tractor, second one with corn-picker pedestal. Next is an early Wd. Then 'Grandpa', boght new in '52. Last the 'Narrow Front' 45.
  14. That's it. Definitely staying where it is.
  15. Thanks, kind of what I figured. Not like I have a shortage of firewood. Be less work this way.
  16. Cut a big willow tree down today. Is the wood any good for burning? Maybe I should just leave it in the draw where it dropped?
  17. I think a cousin's 4455 would be the biggest I've run. Pretty sure the uncle's 1466 is making more HP though.
  18. Well, it took all weekend but it's pretty much all cleaned up and put to bed.
  19. I think a lot of my hearing damage came from shoveling ear corn into the hammermill Dad had. Every Saturday, never gave it a thought at the time. Man that thing was loud.
  20. Sorry, can't help. Winters almost over, right?
  21. In the voice of Hawk Harrelson, Eyyesss, you can put it on the board, that tree is down! When I got to the farm today , my nemesis was on the ground! Called a buddy who was interested in some firewood, he came to help. Got 4 (shortbox) truckloads of firewood to the pile. Still have some clean-up, (of course), to do but glad this mostly behind me.
  22. X2!!! I just borrowed one from a friend, don't even remember what I was wanting to find. There was so much steel everywhere I went I just gave up.
  23. Don't know how quiet they actually are, here's my take. I carry earplugs with me at all times, if I start something with an internal combustion engine, they are in my ears. I get reminded every year at work that my hearing isn't too good and is not getting better. There is a line where they won't give you a forklift license. Without that I would have to change jobs, something I don't want to do. I do think the cab on the 10 is a little noisy but I like the view.
  24. DT Fan

    WWII books

    Most of the books I read now are novels, but it amazes me the history lessons in them. Things they never mentioned in high school history classes. Actually thinking back, they didn't do a very good job teaching history at all. Have learned many times as much on my own.
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