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  1. Looks like a dandy. Fresh fuel and filters a good start. Is it 'loose'? Here's a link to my 756 project thread; It's a gasser, came with a stuck 291, now has 301 from 715 combine.
  2. Took this apart today, cleaned things up, lubricated and reassembled. It's going to get a new friction washer in the future, not enough time to get parts before Saturday. It is working pretty good now, lever moves smoothly and stays where you set it. I should probably start a list of things to pick up when I go to the parts store!
  3. Here's how I dealt with the rusty tank on my 756, got new sediment bowl at the local farm store. Didn't think about trying Napa. It took awhile to get the rust through the system but seem to be in the clear now. Lived in DL for a short time, really enjoyed the area. Haven't been back in the area for several years, need to go visit friends.
  4. Thanks guys, I'll look into this!
  5. Snowshoe, it's there. I wondered if it might be weak? Going to check the torsion effect on the top spring tomorrow.
  6. Makes perfect sense and I think that may be exactly what's happening. Thanks. Now I just need to figure out how to keep it from doing it.
  7. Working on the 756, top RPM's were a bit low. I've been tweaking things and have the rpm thing figured out, (thanks Kal). However the throttle does not want to stay wide open unless I tighten the friction down HARD. Throttle is way stiffer than it should be. If set where it seems 'right', it backs itself off to about 2300 rpm. Any ideas on how to get it to work nice and smooth and stay set where you put it?
  8. DT Fan


    Harmonic balancer puller should be all you need. Well, maybe a good impact wrench and BFH! I couldn't find mine while working on said 1650, had to go buy one.
  9. DT Fan


    If you get this figured out maybe you can diagnose my 1650?
  10. Used to work with a toolmaker that took great delight in cooking with the heat-treat ovens. Claimed to have made some of his best liver and onions that way. Wasn't there for that one but have no doubt it was good. He had also worked at Titan tire and cooked in the curing ovens there. This gentleman liked to exploit the company anyway possible! He was very good at it.
  11. Been working on shining this thing up a little. It still needs some elbow grease but has improved. Talking with the uncle, he said it started out about like the 826, I don't think it was quite that bad! So here's some pics to compare, including the way I found her.
  12. I have the original center cap for my 756, somewhere. Think it was in the weight bracket when I drug it home. Looked for it the other day, still MIA. If some 'new' money ever starts flowing I'm going to replace the wheel then we'll see if the cap will stay on.
  13. The updates are getting fewer and further between, probably a good thing! Have really been enjoying using this thing. While looking in the parts vault for something Orange, I stumbled on a piece I hadn't put on the 7 yet. Aaron quizzed me about it once. Well the broken bolt is fixed so on she goes. After that it was time for the 20 hour oil change, did the first one after a little less than one hour. It now that it has liquid gold in it, will try to get normal life out of this change. Tractor ride is less that two weeks away. Last year I put my 'carryall' on the 45 for a few provisions. Long story short, removed the SC hitch and with a little help from the adapter kit, it is now fast-hitch. Was even able to do this without changing anything but the mount.
  14. That would be a plus but it's going to be hard to get myself to buy Pennzoil! Glad I still have 2&1/2 buckets of low ash! Cleaned out the local dealer when I heard about this.
  15. Great topic! I have a 4-14" 565 Oliver that I'm going to pull with the 756 this fall. Will set plow for the tractor and give that a try. Tread spacing is roughly set for 30" rows now. Don't want to move the wheels.
  16. As I alluded to in the music thread, broken bolt in the timing cover that holds the alternator mount. Should probably go by a single lottery ticket, odn't usually have luck like this! Did minimal tear-down, was able to get in there with an angle drill. Broke the 3/16" bit, oh-well. Got the easy out in there and it actually backed out! This would have been much easier to fix while the cover was off the engine. This was really bugging me, might have run for years and gave no trouble or alternator might have fallen off middle of tractor ride.
  17. I never priced one, guess I was chicken. Not surprised at the price! My 1460 needed one, rebuilt the one from the salvage machine. So far, so good. Here's a link to my combine thread, may help.
  18. Sunday she went on brush-hog duty. Works pretty good. Really need to get the power washer out, the magic erasers have helped a lot. Taking this on a tractor ride in about three weeks, provided I get my tow vehicle back from the shop!
  19. X-2, check with Ed. There are other options too. not sure if Danny at Dirtboyz works on those or not.
  20. Here's a pic of my 826 with 9.5LX15's. It should handle 3-16's or 4-14's fine I would think. Depends on what you can find.
  21. I'm kind of a 'big' rubber fan, would stay with the 16'9's!!
  22. Worked on the thrust bearing/spindle on the right side. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had envisioned but we're in here and have new parts so in they go. Since the tie-rod was off and was in the worst shape of any of the parts, a quick call to Shiek and we have a new one. Slapped on a quick coat of primer and two coats of red, still just a little tacky when it went on. Took a few pics with the fender off for comparisons sake.They are staying on, may even see if a new skin is available to replace the broken one. Also rubbed on the paint a little with a magic eraser, it really took off the oxidation. Once she was back in one piece I headed to the Coop, filled up with gas and ran across the scale. Any guesses on the weight?
  23. On tap for tomorrow; New thrust bearings and bushings. hope I don't find too many other things to correct in there. Aaron, may be over to see about tie-rod parts. Kind of related to this, got the stuck pistons out of the 291. Hopefully get time to check the block out and see if it's worth keeping.
  24. Too bad it's not here in Iowa! Would have sold already.
  25. Moved some bales Thursday. Doing that revealed the need for new thrust bearings in the spindles. Will change the bushings while I'm in there. I 'think' the spindles and steering arms are good. Probably fix a tie-rod end or two then. Hay is all moved where it belongs for now, time to get the brush hog on and catch up on the mowing! Picture of the old girl working and one of the homemade bale spear that came with the tractor.
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