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  1. I would like to see video of the same set-up without the spikes to see how bad the slippage was before adding them. It doesn't look to me like they are doing all that much.
  2. We plowed at Prairie City yesterday, took a different rig. Good time! One of the guys on the Orange board was there and shot some video. https://www.facebook.com/100006528580548/videos/644511003826346/ Some stills;
  3. Finally remembered part of this story I wanted to tell. The guy that was selling out was organic. He had a 'weed burner', six row. Got to talking to an Amish gentleman about it, that piece was why he was there. He got it bought, cost him $900. Said he's fighting cockleburrs. Burning is the best way to kill them if you don't spray.
  4. I would guess that is possible.
  5. Alright, finally got pictures of something. I have not a clue, hoping you guys know what it is. Edit; Maybe some kind of leather punch riveter?
  6. Harvest time is in the rear view mirror here. I've got nothing going Sunday, let me know what you need, I'll go have a look. They have acres and ares of parts machines!
  7. I know it's a long ways from you but Colfax tractor has got to have some stuff. Talk to Aaron, 515-674-3001. I'd bet anything they have lots of 806 parts and they do ship everyday. I could go have a look Sunday if you would like.
  8. DT Fan


    Made it to the farm but was still so full I didn't get much accomplished! Looked at a couple things and kind of groaned, decided to wait for another day! Did manage to get tomorrow's plowing rig set-up. It will go on the trailer today. Probably no point in swearing I won't eat like that again. By this time next year I'll be ready. Surprised no one else had pictures of their feast.
  9. I hope I run into that problem next summer with mine! Probably not going to transplant a C123 into it though!
  10. This is kind of a pet peeve of mine. An awful lot of people will just use whatever nuts/bolts are handy. Drives me crazy, taking something apart, say there's 9 nuts. Got the impact and 9/16 socket, get the first 8 off and someone threw in a heavy nut! Now I'm traipsing off to get a 5/8 or 11/16, I can't even remember. Bolts that are too long/short are another big problem as noted in the quoted post. Probably worse is the cotter-pin substitutes! Ok, end of rant. Edit; The astute observer would notice lots of new fasteners on 'my stuff' when they visit. Have a very low tolerance for rusty stuff. I do keep most anything with IH on the head though.
  11. Good to hear he's on the mend!
  12. One of the greatest comedy bits ever!
  13. DT Fan


    I understand you're wanting it to be original but in this case I'd leave the 407 in there! Be my little secret.
  14. Here is a direct comparison between an 856 and 756. I would assume the 06 series is similar. Pretty easy to see the 8 is a fair bit taller. Had I been thinking, I would have measured them.
  15. Good looking machines! happy Thanksgiving to you too!
  16. Well, they look interesting but I have no idea what they sere designed to do.
  17. Mike, the guys he shows those pictures to will never know where he shot it.
  18. DT Fan


    Leftovers are in the fridge, course I had to nibble a little in that process. Going to be miserable all day at this rate! Off to the farm to work some of it off.
  19. DT Fan


    And for desert, a nice Wisconsin Belgian Red!
  20. 600 miles North of me has to be right at the Canadian border! If I could haul it home on the boat returning from fishing?? Doubt if that will work!
  21. DT Fan


    Verdict is in! Fantastic! Better than Mom's, no. Not too bad for a first attempt. Edit; Made the gravy with a mix of potato water, chicken drippings and half and half, with a little bacon grease.
  22. Dale, where are you located? We'll see how bad input costs are next year but I might have a little money to 'invest' by then?
  23. DT Fan


    No idea. That was the best video I could find quick.
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