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  1. I remember when Dad took delivery of a brand new 175 Allis. There was a couple of inches of snow on the ground, probably December. Needed to spend some money before the end of the year? They must have eithered it to get it started, always a typical Allis diesel, hard sterner in cold weather. They don't even have an Allis engine! 2.48 perkins I believe. Much as I love all things Orange, why they could't make them start a little better when under 60 degrees baffles me to this day! Ok, rant over.
  2. Just looked it up the other day myself. After watching that 460 at the county fair pull it had me thinking. Always thinking about building a puller, never have time to get started!
  3. Nice, Nate! A little more stuff for the viewing when I make it up there. 982's are pretty hard to come by.
  4. They have 46 pictures of it!!! Didn't take time to see them all but it looks nice.
  5. Got the camera retrieved from the farm, just enough battery to get the pics on the computer. Really need to get a new phone so I can go back to doing this the easy way! Anyway, pic of the dyno board and some draft horses. They are powering an elevator. Walking in a circle on a device I don't know the name of. Horse P.T.O.??
  6. No on the .38's. Not sure on the .223's but I would bet mine are all loaded.
  7. I wasn't there but pretty sure you are correct. Have heard the Orange guys talk about the gathering at Marshalltown. Red, Orange, and Olive Green are always great shows. I think Orange was 2018, lots of nice tractors and cool implements showed up.
  8. I did take about 6 more pictures right before I loaded the 8 to go home. Then left the camera in the toolbox. I'll retrieve it later today and hopefully get them posted before I go to work. The 135 the 856 pulled on the DYNO held up for high of the show, kind of surprised me. The 1070 Case's owner thought it was going to be higher than the 130 it would up at.
  9. Temperature was down some but still sticky and oppressive. Actually, it was noticeably cooler at the show grounds than 20-25 miles further South.
  10. Like they say on 'The price is right', come on down! Massey Ferguson is feature next year, not sure whats after that. Best shows I remember are IH, Allis or Oliver, Case not too bad either. MM was feature a few years back, think it was pretty good too. If you're ever in the neighborhood give me a shout. Show or no show. I'll give you the nickle tour of the farm and all my junk!
  11. Getting ready to head out for day three of the show, made a special point to make sure my 'brains are in my pocket! I synced the phone and computer this morning. Can't find the contact list on the puter, the one thing I'm concerned with.
  12. I've got a T-shirt with a similar saying on it. Another that says, "I'm pretending to care" or something of the sort. Think Mom got me both of them. Wonder what that means?
  13. Those fertilizer attachments.... I have an Allis two row planter with good fertilizer parts. I used it once, took about 45 seconds to plant my four rows of sweetcorn and about an hour of cleaning to prevent rust! Only did that once. have a guy that wants to buy that planter and I may just sell it to him.
  14. I'll have a look at mine when I get to the farm later today, try to get a picture or two.
  15. Art, I talked to the owner of that disc, said he bought multiple pieces in like condition from the same estate. Good kid, well, he's younger than me so he's a kid, right?
  16. Nice, you don't see a lot of those with 38's, most have 28's or 30's. Mine has 18.4X30's.
  17. That was a great feeling seeing it. Probably half of my contact list is not backed up anywhere, yet. Going to see if I can get the phone and computer to play nice before I head to the show today.
  18. Got done plowing at the power show today. Parked the tractor, talking to a nice gentleman who also has a 45 at the show, reach in my pocket, no phone! This is a really bad feeling. Just sure it fell out of my pocket while plowing, how are you going to find it in the roughly 4 acres of dirt we plowed? I plowed my checkbook under last fall, no money tree has been spotted yet! I Didn't get all that shook up, not crazy about this but I really need to get a new phone and this would get me off the pot. Long story short, left it on the computer desk this morning. Never so happy to see a P.O.S. in my life! May even try to import my contacts onto the puter in case this would happen for real.
  19. 8-6 update; I did not take any pictures today, sorry. Hopefully Aaron did. Well, I know he did, saw him as I was driving the 856 through the parade. Highlight of the day, Farmall 1066 showed up at the grounds! Five and a half hours from home. He was delivering some parts to this end of the world and stopped in. Had a great time talking with him. Also ran into Kal's wife, son, and daughter in law, good to see them at the show. Talked to a lot of great tractor guys of many colors today. Dyno'd both 45's today. The wide front made 45, narrow front 38. This just confirms my opinion that it is a tough dyno. Both of those tractors should be in excess of 50. Hooked the NF on the club disc and disced the plowed ground. Can't tell a nickel's worth of difference in the two tractors. This does make me feel even better about the 856! Maybe Aaron got a picture of the board? Took the NF 45 home. So what's a tractor guy to do? Jump on the 756 and do some brush-hogging! I'm about as caught up on mowing as I ever get this time of year and that's good. Hopefully get some spraying done this week. Think I'll load the other 45 when I get to the grounds in the morning and take it home. Change trailers and go back. Then I can load the 856 at my leisure and go home whenever.
  20. Dude, if I lived up where you do I'd have a sled, or two! I'm REALLY not in love with hot weather but hate snow these days just a little more.
  21. Those 'Day-cabs' are pretty popular around here for hauling grain.
  22. I wish you guys wouldn't even talk about snow!!!! Sweat my +++ off today and that was just goofing off at the power show. We can get snow in October but that is rare. Since I don't have a sled anymore, I'd be ok with snow on the ground from Dec. 20-Jan.10, deer season! Other than that, not necessary.
  23. Wow! There is a graphic representation of rim width! Kind of what I was going for in my post but this represents it better.
  24. A little comparison. The first picture is 16.9's on 15" rim. These are all 28" tires but the effect of rim width should be the same for 38's I would think. Second pic is 16.9's on 13" rim. AC sent thousands of D-17's out the door with this combo. Third is those same 16.9's on 10" or 11", (don't remember for sure) rims. Way to narrow! Fourth are 14.9's on 12" rims. I feel these look and work great. Last is the D-17 with the same wheels/tires as the second pic. It went down the road shortly after that pic but had 14.9's on it then. Hopefully this helps. I built the 15" rims from blanks and rails removed from some junkers. Have another set of 15X28's I'd like to make into Power Adjust, even have 8 rails ready to go. Problem is they were from two different width wheels. Maybe before I die? Edit; For what it's worth, I really like 16.9's on a 656.
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