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  1. Bdse25

    New joke

    I think I’ve met a few people who still do that
  2. Bdse25

    gas engine in pickup

    The legendary Chevy v8 is tough to beat
  3. Bdse25

    When deers go feral

    Hahahaha you have a deer problem. Come to east pa and I’ll show you a deer problem. I had 40 acres of beans that we’re mowed off like a lawn mower went through. Nothing to see 40-50 in each field. And we’ve only got 5 acre fields.
  4. Bdse25

    We`re #1 in PA!!!!! Yee Haw!

    Just put that funny red fuel in. It’s way cheaper
  5. Bdse25

    1460 questions

    I don’t have my own lowboy and every time I hire something hauled it seems to go horribly wrong, but you might be right. A lot of these people want 10 k plus for old shitty 1460s. I’d sooner spend a bit on hauling and get a 1660-
  6. Bdse25

    1460 questions

    Thanks for all the replies. Looks doable. Keep in mind I want a 1460 because when a good deal on a planter pops up I want to jump to 6 row. And I want a combine that can handle that. 4-30 is only for the time being
  7. Bdse25

    1460 questions

    Do you know if the 60 series are wider than the 40 series. I’m sure you could go with a 4 row wide but we always use narrow rows
  8. Bdse25

    1460 questions

    So I’ve got a few questions as I ponder upgrading for next year. I know the finals are a bit weak on 1420-1440 so I’d like a 1460. Can you run a 4 row 30 inch head on those machines, how wide are the machines outside to outside. Also I know condition and care is the most important thing but at what point do you start getting concerned about hours on those machines?
  9. Bdse25

    I don't know why she is mad.

    Seen that movie a thousand times and dressed up as Cletus snow himself for Halloween this year. Why don’t they make movies like that anymore?
  10. Bdse25

    Ge stock

    X2. The store that put everyone out of buisiness 100 years ago with the new and innovative marketing gets put out by a store with new and innovative markets
  11. Bdse25

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    We have fisher around here in pa. It would have been a small one if it was. Tough to say from the pic
  12. Bdse25

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    Sure looks like a fisher to me. Spiteful buggers
  13. Bdse25

    Truck navigation ap?

    Like any tech gps has its issues, but I sure like to have it handy. I know I’d be hard pressed to give up google maps
  14. Bdse25

    Another good oldie came on today

    Fwiw that song ends up on the playlist of most country bars around here at some point during the night. I mean, what girl wouldn’t get won over by onion rings and some late night TV