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  1. New Holland Bale Wagon

    I don’t know if your feeding them out yourself, or selling them. If selling I would look long and hard for a accumutor and grabber. Then you never have to touch them, just stack in barn. Then use grabber to stack them on trailer. Those bale stackers are over 100 grand for an almost new one, and have boatloads of moving parts. I’m not saying they’re not reliable, quite a few used to have them around here but now ALL have switched to accumulators and grabbers. Most guys haven’t stacked bales in years unless the customer doesn’t have a grabber
  2. New Holland Bale Wagon

    Look for a big giant shed you can back them all into. Neighbors had one but always had to just dump in the yard and stack in the old barns by hand. I really think accumulators and grabbers are easier and less cost
  3. Farmall H comfort seats ?

    I have one of each, as well as a 39 model with the channel iron seat support
  4. My beetch today is ....... magazines

    I agree I would rather talk online, but I sell hay, straw and other stuff at the auctions in leola and new holland. Lancaster farmer has all the prices listed so I can decide when to go. Of course then the prices are down when I haul a load anyhow for a dollar a week it’s worth it
  5. My beetch today is ....... magazines

    The classifieds are a pain, but you can buy of sell anything without having to deal with the Craigslist scammers. I list hay, straw grain etc and in2 hours I can be in Lancaster to make deliveries i have bought lots of equipment out of mailbox market adds
  6. My beetch today is ....... magazines

    I’m a fan of the Lancaster farmer. Lots of good stuff in there. And the Amish won’t be transitioning to online anytime soon
  7. Farmall Hs or Ms above P.T.O.shield mounted toolbox ?

    I have one and it’s got a big ihc in the cover so i assume it’s factory
  8. Has anyone been able to do any field work

    Just started plowing today we’re been spreading fertilizer on and off for 2 weeks now. There are going to be a few ruts to deal with but not too bad. Allentown hit the mid 60s today
  9. It may be a bit of a hack job but for 5 grand I would take that to the field. Guys are running much worse stuff than that around here
  10. IH 5100 Soybean Special

    I’m from pa and all the old timers put on all of their fertilizer with a drill. I’ve planted oats with 250 lbs of 19 19 19 in with the seed and no problems I would avoid drills with fertilizer because everything rusts away, i now have an ih 510 soybean special without fertilizer and just put it on with a spreader and harrow it in. I pull a packer behind it and the press wheels have been removed. On the 510 they were more problematic than the 5100. Aside from that it’s an excellent drill. Going down the road can be an issue at almost 16 feet, I built some 5 ft ramps and back it onto a deck over trailer sideways if going far.
  11. open polinated corn seed

    I assume the pvp expires as well. So if I had RR 1 beans from 1995 still in the bin that hybrid and the rr trait would be off patent and could be replanted, right? I know it wouldn’t germinate anymore but that’s not the question I understand the massive amounts of $$$ Monsanto spent on glyphosate resistance warrants a patent for a while, and the new traits are patented. But the old ones must expire eventually?
  12. open polinated corn seed

    Why am I not surprised
  13. Wheat planting question

    If this is corn your talking about it is split row, supposedly gains a little yield but there’s twice the row units to wear out. Google Great Plains yield pro planters and watch some videos. If this is in wheat and there are some rows left intentionally unplanted they are tram lines the seed from two rows is diverted into the rows next door to allow for a sprayer to get through without knocking down wheat. Usually there are tram lines the same size as the sprayer. So every 90 or 120 feet. These are the practices in my area. If it’s something different I’m not aware of it
  14. open polinated corn seed

    I was under the impression the 20 year patent had expired by now on round up ready 1 beans. Meaning if a guy could find them he could legally replant. Maybe those traits have disappeared though
  15. Anybody shoot a 6.5 Creedmoor?

    I shot a buddy’s once. At 450 yds we were ringing the steel every shot. Of course that was from a bench. I can’t recall the brand but it was a custom made bolt gun. He had about every brand of ammo imaginable but seemed to like hornady the best. Probably could have bought a car for the price of the gun and optic i think I’ll keep my 243 - waaaaay cheaper