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  1. Oh ok. So I guess you don’t have to worry about it until the last cutting then. Does it winter kill easy or can it take a frost?
  2. Isn’t there something about some acid or nitrates or something that becomes an issue?
  3. Bdse25

    Hay prices?

    Good buyers are hard to come by. I usually just haul everything to the auction unless someone wants 5-10 bales. Load up 250, go to the auction, pay 5% commission, and you and the buyer both know you got a fair price. Most important I have a check in my hand 10 minutes later from the auction company that I know won’t bounce. You get burned 2-3 times on a load of hay and that 5% seems like a better deal every minute
  4. Winchester to Winchester or Ex to Ex. You really can’t cross those two
  5. So I wanna know how Far East can it be had?
  6. You have clearly never had to choke down 92 degree hamms pounders at a summer college party. Yuck 🤢
  7. Hahaha mines probably a bit tighter but I’d need to compare to be sure
  8. Wow I’d think you could be spendy and gift wrap a whole case for a fellow RPF member lol
  9. Haha yeah I watched the whole series in a few weeks. Absolutely loved it. Makes you wanna go out and buy a cowboy hat and carry a model 94 Winchester around
  10. Ahh joining sheriff Longmire I see , being from the keystone state I stick with keystone light so I really can’t help ya
  11. Bdse25

    Hay prices?

    Yeah small squares are 200-350/ton in Lancaster County. Big squares stay at the 150-280 range. Round bales......lol they’re a joke. Like anything quality is extremely variable and makes or breaks it in the cash hay market. If you can’t be timely and make quality forage don’t even bother
  12. Tell him your just scouting your fields for lily pads
  13. A classic here was fish line on a dollar bill and yank it away right as they were reaching for it. One time my buddy used a 20, guy saw what was happening stepped on the bill, whipped out his knife cut the line and walked away. My buddy just sat their holding an short length of line with that lost puppy look on his face
  14. So recently I had to attend an orientation meeting for my summer internship in Bloomington, IL. And was absolutely blown away by how dark, deep, and rock free the soil was. Noticing me staring in awe at some dirt and corn stalks a local informed me the area between Bloomington and champagne has the most fertile soil in the world. The thing is that’s not the first time I’ve been told that, I have a neighbor who was to California and claims the topsoils 50 feet deep, heard stories about the Mississippi delta being amazing, know the national corn record was set in soil on the east coast, and have heard many locals claim Lancaster county dirt is the best in the world. All I know is this.......the most fertile soil in the world definitely isn’t on my farm! so where do you folks think the best soil is???
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