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  1. Bdse25

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    I thought this topic was about when to start drinking🤷‍♂️ I just don’t know with Those western pa guys
  2. Bdse25

    When you don't have a horse trailer

    Also notice his mane isn’t blowing in the wind. I’m with ya on photoshop
  3. Bdse25

    Farmall super A with cracked block, What's it worth?

    I’d think you could find another one without a cracked block within 11 hours. That size circle should include a quarter the US
  4. Bdse25

    land prices !

    I have heard stories of families getting 50 year and beyond loans through the church. I just don’t see how they can pay that back milking 40 head. I think the small Amish dairy farmer will be extinct in 5 or 10 years
  5. Bdse25

    USS Hornet

    for sale. Ran when parked, you load and haul. Low hours original rubber
  6. Bdse25

    New joke

    Now that’s hitting too close to home😂😂
  7. Bdse25

    806 head

    Haha I forgot a chain and that was all I had. Notice it’s still over the block- before I wheeled it out I had a friend help support it . Just in case!!!
  8. Bdse25

    806 head

    Well i took everyone’s advice and dug out the engine hoist. Looks like I’ve got one or two burnt valves so off to the machine shop. Thanks for the advice guys
  9. Bdse25

    Birthday parties then and now

    After you got it unfastened that roomy bench seat would have its perks though
  10. Bdse25


    It’s strange that they are required to say my pleasure, it’s just odd compared to “your welcome “ or another common phrase. But I’ll agree that every time I go the line is out the door but I still have my food within minutes!
  11. Bdse25

    Shop door freezing shut

    Heck my house thermostat is at 55. Just toss on some long underwear and it’s perfect The warmer your house or shop is- the colder it feels outside.
  12. Bdse25

    The cattle thread

    Sorry if I’m derailing this thread, just find that area interesting
  13. Bdse25

    The cattle thread

    Interesting. So is there dry land wheat out there then., canola, durum. And just cause I find this really interesting, when you farm a pivot do you farm in a circle or just like a normal square field?
  14. Bdse25

    The cattle thread

    I wish. We drive sprayers and tractors down 6 lane highways with wall to wall rush our traffic. We all live within a few minutes of Allentown which is a lousy excuse of a city. (So lousy billy Joel wrote a song about it) Back to Nebraska. I hear a lot about that aquafir going dry, Is that something you natives actually worry about or just some more end of the world global warming Mumbo jumbo?