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  1. No we’re rural enough but the bigger issue is local landowners who love deer. A lot of old guys who just like to see 30-40 deer out grazing on their farm. Most have no doe hunting posted too🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  2. Your clearly not from my neighborhood. We are absolutely infested with deer. Lose 25 acres of crop annually that’s not even worth combining. Say what you want but I’m patiently waiting for CWD to wipe out the deer. We need some relief from them for all the farmers around here
  3. No not yet. Anyone got any clean Older magnums for sale reasonable? Lol I think we’re gonna have to shop in the Midwest. I can’t afford these East PA prices😂😂
  4. Bitty I also saw a bobcat out there today. And a porcupine. Both kinda rare around here
  5. So what were the early and what are the later MX series? Like a 210 was the series before a 215 right? So if the model ends in a 5 there the newer models. And which were known for electrical issues? Or are all the MX in the same boat there?
  6. So I’m in the market for a new larger machine. Thinking pull my 5200 Krause drill, maybe one day a big baler, tillage, and run a grain cart. Was looking at 5488’s, then started looking at magnums, then the MX series. My question is are the MX really that bad? It seems for a nice 7140 7240 8940 or 8930 you pay as much of more than a MX 210 or 215! I’d rather have something newer if the electric problems Arnt that bad. I know the CAPS fuel system is supposed to be a nightmare but I’ve heard conversions can be done as well. I’m not sure exactly on my budget yet but would rather spend a bit mo
  7. Yeah I’m in Allentown. I got your PM
  8. Hmmm ok so from what I’ve read here it seems like a Deere might be the way to go. I’ll have to keep my eyes open this fall
  9. Wow my biggest takeaway from this whole thing is how hard those drills must pull. I thought if need be I could get away with the 806 on one. Guess I was wrong 😂😂
  10. So those Deere’s actually no till when they’re a bit worn? I like the idea of a full row of no till coulters for doing some residue management at the same time
  11. I don’t have any particular reason to like the Krause aside from them being common around here and looking plenty heavy. I always was onder the impression Deere’s we’re both expensive to buy and expensive to maintain with a ton of moving parts on the openers. The Krause just replace 2 discs and hit the road
  12. Palmerton PA. 30 minutes north of Allentown pa. View through the gap is of the Lehigh Valley about a month ago
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