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  1. Bdse25

    What is it?

    Not like and I’ve ever seen. This widget is way more complex than them things
  2. Bdse25

    What is it?

    Well clearly no one knows....but I’d bet old binder guy still has two hanging on the wall of his shop, and one with original paint !
  3. Bdse25

    What is it?

    Looks an awful lot like scrap metal but it can be tough to tell
  4. Yeah I’ve been around plenty of stackers and crusher conveyors and in my experience the tail is usually crowned, but now that you mentioned it I don’t think I’ve ever taken notice of a crowned head pully. The crown doesn’t have to be much, especially if you can track the belt but makes them run true. I’d bet if you got on factory rubber coated head pulley with some calipers it’d have a crown to it
  5. Bdse25

    New member

    Good to have another PA guy aboard
  6. Bdse25

    So sad to see

    I’m not trying to push any agenda, just trying to give you guys some hard evidence about why I hate urban sprawl and development. Imagine a QUARTER of the ground around you coming out of production in the last 20 years. By the time I’m ready to retire there won’t be any left. If you look at the numbers in the article it’s not small amounts either
  7. Bdse25

    So sad to see

    My bad for not clarifying but I meant in the Lehigh Valley PA. I’ll go back and edit. If you read the article you’ll find the numbers actually come from the USDA census or Agriculture. Seems legit to me, not to mention I can drive down the road and watch warehouses go up as fast as they can
  8. Bdse25

    So sad to see

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lehighvalleylive.com/news/2019/04/old-macdonald-had-a-farm-not-anymore-latest-census-results-confirm-steady-decline-of-lehigh-valleys-agricultural-acreage.html%3foutputType=amp since I was born 21 years ago a quarter of farmland in the Lehigh Valley has been developed. Really a sad state of affairs
  9. Bdse25

    fuel useage

    Yeah in all honesty fuel is pennies on the dollar compared to the rediculis input costs today
  10. Bdse25

    Make of disc

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you need a 4 inch cylinder to lift that thing. Looks aweful heavy
  11. In 800 more years people will look back and read about it and how the folks rebuilt one of their greatest landmarks. These things happen and all you can do is rebuild to the best you can, from all the scaffolding it appears major repairs were needed from the start
  12. I figured you’d be glad, now there’s someone else outside to protect you when you spend the night in the doghouse. Those bigfoots like to cuddle you know. Watch out!
  13. Bdse25

    Landpro JD

    Well there’s messicks, Brinkley and hurst, Hoober, and a bit north Eckroth Bros. All sell IH parts and I believe Eckroth and Hoober have license to sell axial flows but only Hoober sells sprayers
  14. Bdse25

    Landpro JD

    Good for them. I hate the idea of not having any competition between dealers unless you wanna switch colors. At least east PA has a heap of IH dealers left
  15. Bdse25

    Landpro JD

    I don’t know, just heard eastern pa was definitely on their radar for the near future. I think eventually there’ll only be 5 or 6 dealers left in the US. Kinda been the way it’s going. Big operation who knows you HAVE to deal with them. Customer service.....never heard of him
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