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  1. Yeah I’m in Allentown. I got your PM
  2. Hmmm ok so from what I’ve read here it seems like a Deere might be the way to go. I’ll have to keep my eyes open this fall
  3. Wow my biggest takeaway from this whole thing is how hard those drills must pull. I thought if need be I could get away with the 806 on one. Guess I was wrong 😂😂
  4. So those Deere’s actually no till when they’re a bit worn? I like the idea of a full row of no till coulters for doing some residue management at the same time
  5. I don’t have any particular reason to like the Krause aside from them being common around here and looking plenty heavy. I always was onder the impression Deere’s we’re both expensive to buy and expensive to maintain with a ton of moving parts on the openers. The Krause just replace 2 discs and hit the road
  6. Palmerton PA. 30 minutes north of Allentown pa. View through the gap is of the Lehigh Valley about a month ago
  7. Hey guys, I’m looking to get into no tilling beans and cover crops more. The neighbor has a Krause no till drill and is super pleased with it, and just from looking at them they’re definitely really heavy. Anyone have one? How’s maintenance and repairs on them, any known weak spots? ive seen 5200NT and 5250NT drills locally. Any difference between the two or one better than the other? Would a 1486 pull a fifteen footer around on my hills? Pic for reference.... we’ve got hills
  8. After reading all this I’m going to refill them and check in a few hundred miles. We have maybe 5 loads of wheat to haul, then nothing until fall so plenty of time to rebuild if needed
  9. Both drain plugs have magnets in them and had the pieces stuck to them
  10. Both drain plugs have magnets in them and had the pieces stuck to them
  11. 3406 A set at 425 13 speed Eaton sounds like I’ll put fresh oil in it haul what I need to to wrap up wheat harvest and then pull them apart before fall. I guess it can’t be to expensive to get some bearings and throw them back together just to be safe
  12. It’s got a power divider. Rayco suspension. That piece on my finger came out the front rear with the power divider. The rest came out the back rear. With corn prices where they are im not trying to spend more than I have to
  13. Hey guys question for all you truck drivers and mechanics. I bought an 83 kenworth W900, and decided to get some fluids changed. Only hauls our grain 30 miles to the elevator. A few thousand miles a year. After dropping the drain plugs in the rears I found these pieces. I know from the previous owner that they never changed the oil in the last 5 years. You guys think this is an issue or just keep on running? No noises or anything to speak of
  14. Ah I would go buy two brand new belts, of the same brand and size and just tighten that puppy until they’re both tight. If they’re a matched set the tighter one will stretch enough to get the looser one tight. Lots of heavy duty applications using multiple v belts out there, just tighten her down till it’ll take the power
  15. Well it all depends what your composting. Keep in mind these are young hogs or birds!! Only a few months old realistically. Bones get calcified with age, and that is what makes them hard to compost. I speak from experience that feeder hogs will only have the jaw bone and one other( I think in the leg?) left after 6 months. An old cull dairy cow is an entirely different animal (pun intended) when it comes to bone decomposition
  16. I believe composting is proffered if possible, put out 4 foot of wood chips or so, lay in a barn of hogs( what is a barn 2500 I think? And push another few feet of some organic material over the top. Turn it in 3 months and there’s only teeth and a few bones left. Toss it in the spreader and problem solved
  17. Wow that’s a nice one! Great shape yet!
  18. Yeah that was made In an hour or two on photoshop by some moron. I bet if you google “ocean view” or something you find the background pic as well😂😂
  19. Hahaha come to Pennsylvania sometimE probably over half the corn in the state is planted with 6 rows or smaller. And about 75 percent is planted with finger pickup units. Around here we make our money on a good corn basis and keeping costs low. Vac planters are “high tech” lol
  20. I’m guilty of this in an off road haul truck back in my surface mining days. Hit the lever into the detent to lower and took off. Lever must have popped back to the hold position When I swung in to get loaded the Guy in the hoe just shook his head. Sure felt lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut at the safety meeting the next morning.......
  21. Bdse25

    Hi clear

    Saw a lot of stuff go way higher than I expected for full online. Very suprised
  22. Ahhh ok. I was going to say 1000 bucks seems crazy for that death trap. Thanks for the info!
  23. So what’re these things worth. I have a nice one that’s fabricated to bolt on the front of a H. If they’re worth more over a thousand like said above I’ll definitely Get rid of it!
  24. Pulled this out of an 806 3500 original hours that I bought 3 years ago. Air filter had 1981 written on it........
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