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  1. Now my next question is how much water can come back into engine after shutdown,When I drained the oil it appears as water for about the first 2 gallon,the combine has been sitting for 3 days. I also found a busted top radiator hose, I wonder what caused that to much pressure
  2. I am guessing it’s the oli cooler never changed one.Is there anything in particular involved that would make it difficult to remove and install new or rebuilt one,any pointers appreciated.There is some water in the crankcase as well,I assume when the engine shuts off some water can seep back. Thanks
  3. I sprayed it with Schaeffers moly chain lube and it’s not squeaking now thanks guys
  4. What kind of oil did you use rather what weight of oil I got some roller chain lube in a squirt can maybe that would work
  5. Oh yes I know that from greasing stirrator in a grain bin,lose a grease gun real easy lol
  6. I can try that can you get oil in a sealed bearing
  7. The load of corn idea is probably the best I’ve heard.Thanks
  8. Lol I think I can get on the grain cart and change it
  9. That’s sounds about as easy as it comes.I’ve had this combine for 25 years,this is the first time I have ever had to replace this bearing.Thanks for the reply.
  10. Started squeaking while unloading corn and I know it probably won’t last long.How hard is it to replace the bearing at the end of the unloading auger any hints appreciated thanks
  11. I’ll try what you said about tracing the wiring and checking the voltage.Thanks
  12. And when it raises all the way up it squeals just like when you’re holding tractor hydraulic when implement is all the way up or down
  13. Hi all,My 1680 throat raises on its own if its in automatic unless I hit the raise button up then it will stop.If I have it in manual it works like it should,all this is with or without the head on.Any ideas Thanks
  14. Do they sell directly or do you have to go through a dealer
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