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  1. I have had both at the same time and the 1466 can put it on a 1086 but it should its a bigger tractor
  2. I was checking my fan belts and one is a little bit looser than the other,I just got them last year and they were a matching set zip tied together, and I was wondering how tight is too tight. Thanks
  3. I used to have a 1086 that had both 540 and 1000 that’s well over 85hp
  4. It will help if you don’t disassemble upside down 😂
  5. Was thinking about putting one on my 14 my muffler is on its last leg.Where is a good place to find one and what size. thanks
  6. Thanks for the help and all the pictures it helps me to see what I’m getting myself into
  7. Same here no problem with caseih mechanical diode in my 1466 put it in around 10 years ago
  8. Thanks for all the responses I appreciate your help
  9. I have a bad leak on the furrow side axle so I thought I would try to change both seals and bearings while I’m in there,does anyone have any pictures of what this animal look like when you tear into it and any advice appreciated thanks.
  10. That sounds like some of my luck most of the time they never heard of or seen some of the problems I have lol 😆
  11. I’ve used shaeffers synthetic blend in my 1466 and 1460 for years I even run it in a 830 jd two cylinder that’s a 59 model
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