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  1. My dealer has 30wt in tutela no1is 15w40 anymore.it used to be no1 for either one or is tutela the same as the old no 1
  2. I had a reman from case ih put in my 5488 last year I’ve been working it like a borrowed mule been running great
  3. I would get a good service manual before I touched that or anything else for that matter
  4. I have nightmares about that
  5. My 1460 auger wouldn’t swing out a couple years ago come to find out the fuse block in the cab was bad they put a new one in from a auto parts store and has worked fine since hope this helps
  6. After you get it going spray the threads on rotor adjustments and the fan as well run it in and out helps keep them from seizing up do this at least once a year
  7. If you’re talking about the breakaway couplers I have the same exact ones on my 1466 and 5488 and there original I believe. It was an option to get the breakaway on the 66 series
  8. That’s what i was told today bane welker is my local dealer
  9. I was told by the dealer case doesn’t carry anymore
  10. Where can I find one does anyone know.thanks in advance
  11. You all gave me a lot of good ideas to check out I’ll see what I can come up with thanks
  12. When in auto mode I sit the head down and it starts going up and down it stays on the ground but it never stops working. I have turned the sensitivity knob doesn’t make any difference.wondering if anyone has any idea
  13. I didn’t know there was a different platform for cab tractors. I guess I’ll forget the extensions thanks for the pictures
  14. I took the cab off my 1466 and put fenders on and would like to put the platform extensions on.wondering if someone could show a picture that would help alot thanks
  15. I wouldn’t know how to act if our 1460 didn’t have some leaks
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