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  1. Thanks Doc I’ll try that first and thanks supermpuller if the cleaning doesn’t work I may give them a call
  2. I’m in Ohio so that would be a long way thanks for all the replies
  3. I had a mechanic from case international come out and inspect my Combine and said my rotor was out of balance I’ve heard guys say that they could weld on one side adding weight after they try to find the heavy side and get it back and has anyone ever had any luck trying to do this thanks
  4. Thanks I was going to pull a 1560 John Deere no till drill with it and the dealer said I need to find out what kind of hydraulics the tractor had if it was open then you close the valve on the drill if it was closed when you open the valve on the drill
  5. Can someone tell me if they are open center or closed hydraulic thanks Todd
  6. Maybe head gasket.one time I was disking with my 5488 and radiator tube started over flowing ended up being the oil cooler
  7. I’ll try this thanks guys for your help
  8. Is that a big job trying to switch around
  9. I got a new one still in the box I bought several years ago I’ll have to splice the wires longer because tractor is a top plug in and new alternator is bottom plug
  10. Snoshoe I need to check the belts as far as alternator I think it’s a delco not sure on voltage I think it’s probably around 12 years old
  11. Ksfarmdude it wasn’t too happy about starting first time this spring
  12. I was disking last night and when I turned on the lights the amp gauge went negative but when I got it revd up it went straight up 12oclock wondering if alternator is going bad
  13. Yes it could have easily went to scrap heap
  14. Mine either had the cross pin break one time and the whole thing came out while disking front axle rolled underneath busted the oil pan luckily though the front weights held it off the ground enough it didn’t ruin the crank
  15. Be nice if someone has a picture of it and exactly where its located
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