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  1. Would the cab selionoid be part of the problem
  2. Farmall fixer do you mean instead of leaving the wire down on the battery you hook it to the hot side of the cab selionoid
  3. I’ll try cleaning that wire and all of them and I think I’ll put new batteries in.Been my experience once they start going dead it’s time for new ones
  4. Thanks ace I thought of that and maybe put new batteries in too
  5. The batteries were dead so I charged them up and started it.and noticed that the digital tach was acting eradic and when I started to let the clutch out the sentry light came on.Push the clutch in let it out again same thing. All the while the tach is acting weird.I’ve had this tractor for 25 years and never had it act like this.It has to be something electrical. I can shut the tractor off and start it right back up now that the batteries are charged and another thing the alternator doesn’t appear to be charging according to the gauge oil pressure is fine according to the oil gauge.anyone have a clue what it is that’s going on.Thanks
  6. Yes I have a stirator the corn was 18 when we put it in the bin planning on selling it as soon as it dries
  7. Has anyone had experience with air drying corn. I’m in Ohio and we have humidity sometimes in the the 90s at night.I’ve heard guys say to leave fan run continuously seems so strange to me. I could use some guidance if any one knows anything about it Thanks
  8. And no holes where there not supposed to be hopefully lol
  9. My 1466 would do it about once a year same here couldn’t find it because of that
  10. The manual says to change the primary when you notice loss of power or misfire and if that doesn’t fix the problem change the final.Just wanted some feedback from others and maybe different ideas and experience. Or how long do you go.thanks
  11. Make sure you get it put back together right heard a story one time about a guy getting it out of time they said when he fired it up the fingers poked holes where there wasn’t holes before
  12. Mine used to do that sometimes it would be in forward and reverse at the same time I just keep working with it and then eventually it would come out but whatever you do do not just pop the clutch and hope for the best or you’ll tear out the transmission happened to a guy that had a 1086
  13. I have a 1460 as well but yours looks like a new one.I’d like to give mine a new paint job and decals after seeing yours thanks
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