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  1. Where did you get your pads with the plate on them?
  2. The hitch control valve was stuck in raise position. We got every thing back working and checked all the linkage and didn't find any loose or disconnected. With the tractor not running you can reach in top link and pull draft control sensor arm back and the 3 point hitch arms will move forward about 3/4". Is this normal or does it need adjusted? Thanks, Roy
  3. Disc mowing and 3 pt hitch raised to top will not go back down and lost pressure to hydraulic remotes. Pulled the top link cover and draft control arms are still in correct position. Looking in hole where top link plate was removed with tractor running a stream of hydraulic fluid is coming down from right side of lift cylinder and from above the rockshaft. if you move hitch control arm to lower the stream of fluid starts spraying out with pressure. Moving the remote controls has little change to flow of fluid. What would cause this? Thanks, Roy
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