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  1. Here is a 1942 A Farmall that I bought in July, 1992, in Elbert County, GA. After I purchased it, I found that it was in an estate that was being disputed. I finally brought it home two weeks ago - 19 months, later! I got it running, and it runs GREAT - even though it needs to have the carb rebuilt. A potential "show-stopper" is that when I poured coolant in it, coolant ran out from the torque tube, in front of the clutch. It would be a shame to give up on it, because it has great oil pressure. I will have to split it to find out where the leak is. A.bmp
  2. I can't speak for everyone, just for myself. I did not grow up on a huge farm in the midwest - I grew up in hilly, rural Georgia where we used a Farmall A and H to work hay, cotton and perform various other tasks. By 1970, these tractors were already obsolete for all practial purposes, but like I said, we were small scale. I now own two M's, the same H, a Super A, a 706 gas, a International 504 gas and several IH mowers, rakes and a 430 square baler. I grew up around this stuff. There were no other dealers nearby to compete. It reminds me of a happy childhood and a happier time in America. Our
  3. CONGRATULATIONS on the promotion to LTC! He must be mentoring the Afghan soldiers (the Afghan National Army) or the police (Afghan National Police). I returned from Afghanistan in early May, and things appear to have deteiorated since then. The number of casualties in Afghanistan this year has surpassed the number in Iraq, and there are many fewer soldiers / Marines in Afghanistan. Getting even the smallest things accomplished in Afghanistan is a Herculean effort.
  4. HEY! It works! If only finding parts for my 504G Utility were this simple! Thanks for sharing this!
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