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  1. WaynefromWi

    IH 966 Hydraulics

    Another thought I just had is that there is an oring, or oring type seal in the hydraulic suction above the hytran full level. Some times this oring leaks in some way and sucks in air and causes the hydraulics to lose its prime. If I remember right, the result is what you describe. The cheap cure is overfill the hytran 5 gallons above the full mark. No harm will happen by being 5 gallons overfull. Much cheaper than splitting the tractor to replace a $2 oring. Sorry, I am not a mechanic. Maybe someone else can describe this better.
  2. WaynefromWi

    IH 966 Hydraulics

    I would check that the hytran is full. The dipstick to check is by your right foot by the brake pedal. Proper color, not milky. Change the hydraulic filter next. Good chance the oil is old and contaminated. It is not normal to wait for pressure as you did. If the oil is contaminated, dump it and put in new. I would probably change it even if it looks kinda OK.
  3. WaynefromWi

    Remind your kids "NEVER SWALLOW BUBBLE GUM"

    Double Bubble, bubble gum.
  4. WaynefromWi

    Biiiiiig bird

    Eagles are fairly common here. (central Wisconsin) Usually see several every month. Year before last I had 7 one afternoon in my freshly cut hayfield feeding on the easy to find field mice.
  5. WaynefromWi

    Hydro 84 - Puking out oil breather tube

    "We do lots of low idle, vegetable planting with this tractor." How much is a lot of low idle? Maybe running at idle, and engine not up to temperature, the sleeves are glazed? Might get by with just tearing it down and honing the sleeves?
  6. WaynefromWi

    Hydraulic oil help

    There is a good chance the drivers/users of the truck left the hydraulic pump in engaged, instead of shutting it off between use. When left on pressure the oil shears, sort of homogenizes, and weakens the oil. I've seen 460 and 560 Farmalls that the hydraulic valves messed up and were stuck on pressure do the same thing with new, clean hytran. No moisture involved.
  7. WaynefromWi


    Sounds like the hard working Clark County sheriff dept. They have tracks, witnesses, other information and tell you to be sure to let them know if any other information comes up. and be sure to call them. I'm just not sure what to call them. This was regarding a theft. They talk a good talk, but as soon as they are out the driveway, they already forgot about you.
  8. WaynefromWi

    Smoker's Farming Farewell

    First rate, very well cared for equipment. Excellent.
  9. WaynefromWi

    PTO horsepower ratings

    I worked at an IH dealer from 1973 thru 1976. (Just the parts kid behind the counter.) Many times the shop commented that a 1066 never came off the truck under 140 horse. Many were 160+. They would turn them down to 125-130 until after warranty was up.
  10. WaynefromWi

    Any of you guys have a long beard?

    Oww!! Hope he is proud of himself.
  11. WaynefromWi

    Believe it or not, you know who this is

    It's not Bruce Jenner, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, or …………….. …….
  12. WaynefromWi

    electronic ignition question

    Just some guesses.. Maybe the problem is really something other than the electronic ignition itself? Is the ford running 6 volts and the ignition needs 12? Maybe a coil that is not compatible? Maybe has a resister, or not and should? I put one in an H years ago. Seems I remember it being a squeeze to not pinch a wire inside the distributor.
  13. WaynefromWi

    G706 - need more power

    Do you have a 263 or 291? Could be either. Maybe it was replaced with a 301? If it is a 263, and you want to keep the tractor, rebuild it to a 291 or 301. Replacing the complete motor with a complete 301 would be simpler and cheaper than time, expense and hassle of putting in a diesel.
  14. WaynefromWi

    This guy was great wasn't he?

    Lorenzo, You are not correct on this one.
  15. WaynefromWi

    Leaking radiator

    Just crack 2 or 3 eggs in it. Will get you by for the season. Old Mc giver tv show idea. The eggs will hard boil and the coolant will push the hard boiled to the leak.