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  1. Test your feed. You might not be feeding the proper mineral for you primary feed. Especially calcium. I dump a bag of barnlime in a homemade feeder for my Holstein steers to pick at. It does makes a difference. Also make sure they have enough fiber/ something to chew on to keep them from being bored.
  2. SOS pads (dishwashing type) can help if it is not too bad.
  3. Any body remember James (Jimmy) Skaar, Cottage Grove, WI.. In the 70's and 80's he had a NTPA pulling tractor he called the "SREAMIN NORWEGIEN". An 856 and then a 1066 by the same name. Well, a couple days ago his wife Nola died. She was the NTPA secretary for many years. Her efforts set the background for what the NTPA is today. A class act lady that the world needs more of.
  4. They sell a Roundup 365, and a Roundup Extend at most hardware stores. What I use comes in a quart bottle as a concentrate. It is a blend of Roundup and 1 or 2 other herbicides. Either one keeps the sprayed area almost weed free for the rest of the year. There does seem to be a couple weeds here that it is not affective on. If you really have a weed problem, check what the Railroad uses on their Right Of Ways.
  5. I put new 3 rib Carlisle 11L15 on my 966 a couple years ago. I got them from the local Firestone dealer. They seem fine, and probably would get them again. This tractor gets about as many road hours as it does field hours. I have a loader on it, but only moves 75 round bales a year and plows snow.
  6. One part is US made, and the other is from the land of almost right. American dimension vs metric?
  7. I had a set like that on my 966. They broke the axle clamp bolts a few times and I gave the duals and clamps away. Too much stress for the bolts. Likely the turbo and running about 140 HP contributed to the problem. Mine had 4 tightener clamps per side on the duals, and never slipped. To take them off, I would drive slow in a circle on rough ground and they were off in 30 seconds a side.
  8. Read the plugs. Black is rich and flooding. White is lean and starved for fuel.
  9. Might want to remove the sediment bowl from the tank and see if the inlet is partially plugged. Mine acted as you describe and that was where the restriction was. Running with the choke on helped until it got ahead of the fuel flow. Another thought is that running with choke on makes a rich mixture that can hide ignition problems, such as a bad coil.
  10. This is the response from Fair Oaks. https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=858542&mid=7543417#M7543417
  11. Bitty: Take a few minutes.... many minutes and make sure your boy understands that pumping manure,,, and actually everything in life involves a lot more than what meets the eye. Here is a link to what manure pumping did to a friend of mine. I knew him and his dad through business connections a few years before this happened. Mike and his dad were top shelf careful, knowledgeable,and still this happened. I hope I did the link right. If not google Mike Biadasz. Amherst, Wi https://mikebiadaszfarmsafetyandeducationmemorialfund.com
  12. Is it OK to say that guy is badly disturbed, not exactly the words I wanted to use..
  13. WaynefromWi

    New joke

    Lorenzo, I am going to sleep with a big smile on my face just thinking about all these IDIOTS that are bothered... They are everywhere....
  14. I've found pieces of chains, discs, pto parts, long list. Actually look forward to see what will be next. I once rented a farm that had been owned by a guy that raised beef cows and fed round bales of hay. There is not much that can be worse than plastic round baler twine plugging up your field cultivator. Cuss, Cuss, Swear, Swear double.
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