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  1. I had something like that happen a few years ago. I thought the problem was something with the water heater. Actually the well pump impeller was going bad. It went on for several months before the pump quit. It was putting small particles, looked like a fungus in the faucet screens, and was causing the toilet valve to to not shut off properly.
  2. It's been 3+ seasons since I have allowed NFL on our TV or radio. Accidentally, I did not get it turned off quick enough a couple times. They were shut down as soon as we realized what happened. I refuse to give the NFL any of my life!! F'em.
  3. May not work here, but I know of an old tightwad farmer put a tube over worn flighting, and inside the old tube. It made up for the ware on both the tube and flighting.
  4. I never considered that. I will look into it. Thanks
  5. I always changed it with every oil change on my 966. (approx. 100 hrs.) A few dollars for the treatment is a lot cheaper than sleeve cavitation. NAPA has the test strips. I never bothered to check the owners manual.
  6. The Vermeer silage kit is only a scraper on the one roll and a frisby/hubcap type of spacer on both sides to reduce friction of the bale on the sides of the bale chamber. The price was maybe a couple hundred dollars then. (1996) Not very complicated and works well.
  7. I had a Vermeer 504 Super I that I put a silage kit in. I bought it used, and did more than 5,000 baleage bales with it. I sold it when I sold the milk cows. Had no real problems with it. Currently have a 504 I (earlier version of Super I)that i could do baleage if I needed to. I paid $2000 for the current baler. A Super I should not cost much more.
  8. We have not heard of this. Plus, this would be against all the isolation BS that is promoted. Likely it is just a rumor floating around. As flakey as our governor is, any rumor is easy to believe.
  9. Here, (central Wisconsin) Speedee and USPS are fine. I don't know how they could be any better. Fedex and UPS have a lot of room for improvement.
  10. Was your old radiator maybe a 5 core and the new one is a 3 core? One truck I had was a '97 International 9300 with a 3406E at 435 HP. Original radiator started leaking, a 3 core, and I replaced it with a 5 core. It was a huge improvement. It is possible you went backwards on cooling capacity.
  11. """The problem with abortion is that it isn't happening to the person getting one. It's happening to the person who doesn't have a choice, the baby. He or she did nothing to deserve the end of their life, and it honestly brings a tear to my eyes to even think of it. (from Minnesota Farmall)""" That is absolutely true, but what really bothers me, is that ended life never had the opportunity to live. That life could have carried the knowledge, ideas, foresight, talent, gumption, fire in the belly, to really be an outstanding person. Instead, just for votes, ( politicians that
  12. Maturity does that to a person... Someday, Vermont Fireman will catch on..
  13. My trucking days were from '86 to '08. Did some other things for a few years in between. Most years were as owner/operator and as my own trucking company. Accumulated around 1,500,000 total miles in the seat. Flatbed, stepdeck, doubledrop, a lot of oversize loads. Those years, it was your logbook DOT was after you for. It was a cat and mouse game. They didn't have remote cameras, computers, satellite/GPS, Elogs, etc. to catch you with like today. It was fun BS'n/lying your way out of a ticket. All you had to remember was they worked by the hour. It's quitting time and they are not paid overt
  14. You might not want to here this right now, but you should tear down the motor to understand what you did mechanically, and why it happened. When my son was about 15 he ran a tractor low on coolant and seized the motor. I was 200 miles away when it happened. He was really upset. Not that I would be mad, but at himself for letting it happen. I said that when we get stuff caught up we should tear it down and see if it can be fixed. Without my knowlege he tore it down, found a lot wrong. Can't be fixed. He called and said what he found---- At 15, on his own. I checked later and he was right on
  15. This happened a couple + days ago. The boy's Dad/Father- whatever he should be called- was a friendly aquaintence with the killer. The killer was at their house earlier that day. The killer has a nasty criminal history. The boy and his sisters deserved a real, enjoyable life. I had tears when I first read the story, and I have them again now. I would like the DAD AND the KILLER stop by here for a conversation.
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