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  1. A 710 was made in the years for a 1466. Possibly a 720 for later 1466's. I don't recall what year they came out with the 720.
  2. If you are not yet 66 and collecting Social Security, any income over $18,???.?? they will reduce your SS by 1$ for every $2 you earn. Has anyone heard if this stimulus money will affect that? Plus income taxes on it? I signed up at 62, and I was winding down some farm things, and that set me up with some income without offsetting expenses. They got me, and it hurt pretty bad..
  3. We should be OK for a while. Got a lot of 1/2 pairs of socks.
  4. Does it have fluid in the tires? My 966, Year Around cab, loader, 18.4x34 tires with fluid is 16.000lbs..
  5. Do you have a model number? Possible age..? International has been around for a while. Does it have rubber tires , or maybe steel wheels. You need to tell us more. Someone here can help you..
  6. We're not going to die,,, But, about Wednesday when all the school kids and everyone else starts working from home you can expect the internet to die from being overloaded.
  7. ….. A bigger disc would have held you up better..
  8. WaynefromWi

    What is it?

    "Looks like a piston transfer pump to me. Electric motor runs a belt or chain to a lobed shaft that runs the piston to move liquid. " I agree, but I think there are parts missing.
  9. Haul it facing forward so the wind can't tear the doors off. Center the tractor on the trailer, and go a foot or so to the rear. 2 duals on the front deck, and the other 2 on the rear. It should axle out pretty close. If there is fluid in the just the front 2, or just the rear 2, you are on your own..Do you have air gauges on the truck, and trailer to help estimate? Be sure to put a chain over the pivot so it won't try to articulate if you have to brake hard.
  10. An M could have a variety of different heads on it. The serial number won't mean much. It might tell you what it started out with. In the 70+ years since it was built, it might not have many of the original components. If it is important to know, you can do a compression test and get an idea. The only way to know which head is on it is to pull the valve cover and get the part number that is cast in the head. I haven't had an M for a long time, but if I remember right on the front right of the head is a machined flat area with a serial number to match the serial number of the tractor. My memory might be wrong on that.. I'm probably no help..
  11. Ya, I did.. About 1974 on a 1972 Honda CB500. 110 mph it was fine. 118, I thought I was done living.. Probably never been so scared. DUMB ASS Me.
  12. Mike: Does the separator freeze? I had considered getting one, as I do some low dollar painting in the summer, but I thought any moisture collected in cold weather would freeze and damage the separator.
  13. I should have explained more originally, but I needed to stop somewhere. The compressor is a vertical 60(?) gallon tank. The hose exits the tank at about 3 feet from the bottom. The drain at the bottom freezes in November and don't thaw until April. The issue really is that compressing air raises the temperature of the air, releasing the moisture, and then it condenses in the line. I understand that part. It's just every winter I put up with this. I'm sure I am not the only one. Usually after I use it, I connect an unattached coupler to let all the air escape. Still, there is enough moisture to freeze the lines. Wife was late for church this morning.... Her car had a low tire. Thanks...
  14. A few times each winter I have to air up a tire, or maybe blow some dirt off a repair. Air compressor is in an unheated pole shed. Is there any problem pouring a little RV antifreeze, or semi truck air brake antifreeze into the tank to keep the hoses from freezing? I would not run it through the compressor itself. No air tools will be run until warmer weather. Usually I bring the hose in the house to thaw out when I need air, but sometimes I need air and can't plan ahead for it. My main concern is damage to a tire or rubber parts. Maybe I have to keep doing what I am doing.
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