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  1. The Idiots promoting this crap are overpaid and underworked.. with no connection to reality.
  2. This was posted in AgTalk. It shows how out of proportion everything was distorted. How did this cause us to Ransack our Society? Here is the Reality - YouTube
  3. This is the group supposedly behind the hack. Hacker Group DarkSide Suspected of Carrying Cyber Attack on Top US Pipeline Operator Colonial (news18.com)
  4. Quite simple,, it's all in the perspective of the buyer or the seller.
  5. My mistake. I didn't understand your post the way you meant it.
  6. Maybe you should read a book instead of watching TV? If you want to be a hunter, you owe it to your quarry to give 100% attention.....
  7. Well of course.. Using a generator in the back yard is much cheaper than 3500 feet of extension cord, plus you can use the generator to power the mosquito zapper when you are done with the lawn.. And then you still have the generator. Doesn't everyone do it like that??
  8. I use a 5 tine manure fork here. If the rock stays on the fork, it leaves the field.
  9. Try calling Dewy,Screwm, & Howe..
  10. Congratulations. April 24,1976 here.
  11. Your daughter knows her line of work.. I expect she learned some things from her Dad. The acorn did not fall far from the tree..
  12. I'm afraid today's young people won't ever know how good it was, how much better it could have become, and what they missed because of all this BS that is stealing it from them. Young people today, and in the future won't have any idea they missed anything because they weren't allowed to know it ever existed.
  13. You ask a good question. You have been there. Most of us have not. I expect in the near future, many of us will understand the whispers you had to use....As this is a privately owned business sponsoring a platform for our conversations, it is proper, courteous, and just general good manners to follow the rules of the ones paying the expenses of this particular avenue of conversation. We need to keep our conversations in line with meeting their rules. Ya, I am guilty of pushing the boundaries sometimes.
  14. Maybe use a shorter stroke cylinder so the cylinder doesn't bind when in transport position? Or, change the top mounting to be higher to change to angle?
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