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  1. Are plug wires crossed that don't show up/not noticed until warmed up and worked harder? 1342 is the firing order. Just grabbing at straws. Maybe restricted fuel coming to the carb? Moisture in the distributor cap?
  2. Possibly a bad coil or distributor cap? Some night when it is blacker than black, start it up and watch for arcing around the coil or cap terminals. Might even be plug wires. If nothing shows up there, a compression test might show a cracked head. I have had all the above happen.
  3. Is it a factory trailer? The wheels, and gooseneck suggest homemade. At $1000 it is tempting if not too bad of shape, and has a good title. I don't think I would do it.
  4. I never had Legos, but I had a real nice "Erector Set" that included an electric motor, and a larger size set of "Lincoln Logs".
  5. For repair, I bought some SHOE GOO at Fleet Farm. It comes in a tube, works good. I think it cost $6 or $7 for the tube.
  6. Hi Doc. Our family farm where I grew up was just a couple miles east of Jim's place. From 1973 to 1976 I was the kid behind the parts counter at Midway Equipment. I worked with Lowell and Wayne Kittleson, and John Olson. There was almost daily updates of the tractor pulling world. It was a good place to be when you are just out of high school.
  7. Bill Gates is just another dumba!! who is overpaid and underworked.. Remember all the people screaming about cloud seeding years ago? Where are they now?
  8. Ha, A lot of truth there.. Funny enough to bring a good laugh and watery eyes.
  9. Martina McBride can sing better, and has class, high class.
  10. Which part of this story is true? What do you want to believe? WATCH: Nurse Passes Out on Live Television After Taking Coronavirus Vaccine (thegatewaypundit.com)
  11. Ha, About 2007, 2008 I broke down with the semi at Hopkinsville and parked in the Home Depot( or like that) parking lot for the night. Got hungry and walked to a Wal Mart about a mile away. They had a24 hr. McDonalds. Apparently they only come out at night. And it wasn't even Halloween..
  12. These guys are highly regarded. Gun Owners of America | The only no compromise gun lobby in Washington. Gun owners.org
  13. Mennonites around here buy brand new tractors, lawn mowers, skid loaders, etc., and have their own steel wheels, or steel with rubber traction pads installed before they use them. Brand new.. Gotta wonder about the factory warranty.
  14. He's incommunicado: He never paid the doghouse phone bill. No internet.
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