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  1. That appears to be really nice shape. I bought a 931 CAT loader this spring. I guess it might be a little bigger than that. I have about $3000 in it, with more needed to be spent. Yours is much nicer.
  2. I made one of some steel I had laying around. It does the same thing. The spear is fine, but the way I put the 3 point links wasn't right. It works, but not very good.
  3. You don't have to be on the road to have a blowout. About 2005 or 2006 I had an oversize load/legal weight blow a trailer tire in a truckstop parking lot. I had pulled in, updated my logbook, made phone call, and was walking towards the restaurant when a trailer tire blew. Inside rear dual let go, it blew at least 5 gallons of hard packed gravel. Literally sounded like a bomb went off. It was probably 20+ minutes from the time I parked to when that tire blew..
  4. A neighbor here had his stonewall barn plastered with the same material that is used on the inside of stave silos. Gunite, I think it is called. He did it 30 plus years ago and it is holding well and still looks good. If yours is too far gone, this won't help.
  5. We had some dingleberry call us a few years ago. Tracked his # to Jamaica. He called about 6-8 days straight about the same time every morning telling us we had a whole bunch of money coming our way, plus a new BMW/ maybe Mercedes. I got sick of his _hit and told him I could barely hear him on my cell phone. Told him he should call me on my work phone. I gave him the number of our county sheriff. The dumbass called there, and they told him nobody of my name worked there. He called me back, just to tell me that I must have made a mistake on the number I gave him. I told the retard if he ever calls again, He will be calling the FBI. (Not that they seem to be good for much, but he never called again). We then called the sheriff office and told them what we just did. Got a couple laughs, and the lady said that they have several people in the county that fell for the BS. She said one old lady lost $35,000. She also said there was next to noting they could do to prevent this type of crap.
  6. Real nice.. What paint did you use?
  7. Will this help? Model and Serial Plate Location - Product Help | Whirlpool
  8. I have the twin to that cab on my 966. It'll take a lot more than $500 before I would part with it..
  9. Where do you live? I ain't goin' there..
  10. A "glider" truck is when you have a fresh engine, transmission, and rear ends, but your frame and cab is shot. You buy a new cab and frame and put your drivetrain in it.
  11. This 1 paragraph explains 95% of the freight cost increase.
  12. I had an IH 800 plow for a few years. 9 bottom. It was heavy and used 3 separate cylinders. I did the exact thing you want to do do for the same reason. 2 of the cylinders were 4x8 w/ 2 inch shaft, double acting. On those 2 cylinders I had a couple marked spacers I kept on them for depth stops. I never had any trouble with the cylinders, or spacers.
  13. Those are old IH part numbers. Just keep the grease in them, and they will be around when you are gone. They are cast. If the day comes you smash one on a rock, just replace that part. It is a 3 part bearing,, top, bottom, and the center.
  14. If this disease is really as serious, and as deadly as they make it out to be, you would think all those used masks would be treated as HAZMAT.. Also, all the big box stores (Walmart, Menards, Home Depot, etc.) should have been shut down, rather than leaving them open to be a place to congregate huge numbers of people together. Much less likely to spread a disease through multiple smaller stores (mom & pop type). It sure appears to be an actual disease, but the response is as phony as a $6 bill.
  15. Sorry to hear that. 60 is to young. Funerals have become equivalent to family reunions here also.
  16. The Idiots promoting this crap are overpaid and underworked.. with no connection to reality.
  17. Quite simple,, it's all in the perspective of the buyer or the seller.
  18. My mistake. I didn't understand your post the way you meant it.
  19. Maybe you should read a book instead of watching TV? If you want to be a hunter, you owe it to your quarry to give 100% attention.....
  20. Well of course.. Using a generator in the back yard is much cheaper than 3500 feet of extension cord, plus you can use the generator to power the mosquito zapper when you are done with the lawn.. And then you still have the generator. Doesn't everyone do it like that??
  21. I use a 5 tine manure fork here. If the rock stays on the fork, it leaves the field.
  22. Try calling Dewy,Screwm, & Howe..
  23. Congratulations. April 24,1976 here.
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