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  1. That is a Farmall A. That magneto is not the correct one. You have J4 magneto that is used on a Cub. You should have a H4 magneto for an A. I believe the biggest difference in the 2 is spark advance. The j4 is 13 degrees and the h4 is 35 degrees. Also the j4 is shorter than a H4. It will probably run with your magneto but not very good.
  2. Call the Brillman company. https://brillman.com/product/ihc-serial-number-d-tag/ I believe they can also stamp your serial number into it too.
  3. Thanks for the replies, nothing wrong with the clutch at the moment but I am planning to drop the belly pump for the input and countershaft seals and usually while in there on H's and M's I pull the pressure plate and check the clutch. I've always found it easier to replace the clutch this way rather than splitting the tractor.
  4. I have changed several H's and M clutches through the belly pump opening. Is it possible to change a 12" Super M clutch disk and pressure plate this way or does it have to be split?
  5. I am looking at a rear mounted check row planter for an H or M. I believe it is either a HM110 or HM210. Does anyone know how to distinguish between the 2 models? Any ideas what years they were manufactured? I'm assuming the 110 was early and the 210 was later? Is one better than the other? Thanks
  6. 48 I bought from original owner about 10 miles from me.
  7. Here is my 42 that was bought new by my grandfather and has never left the farm.
  8. Here is my old 615, I picked it up last spring and drove it 40 miles home. Not as nice as the one in this thread. I'm planning to fix it up and use it on about 20 acres or so.
  9. I need a complete Autolite exciter and exciter belt tensioner bracket. I'm not sure but those might be the same between the tractor and trailer type. I also need a belt guard which I know for certain is specific to the trailer type.
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