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  1. Get the cheap ones and put sone hard face weld beads on them. Surprsing how long that can last.
  2. Wine em dine em 69 em turns me on then I'll go cut some more. Do what you want.
  3. Clipping shoulders with rowse double mower. Ih 666 for power. And ih heads on mower of course.
  4. Saw this at local sunflower mill. Sitting in the yard had to get out before authorities were called.
  5. Now I wanna check my balancer. After market good or just get oem? Sometimes I wonder if they are one and the same.
  6. My bracket has one bolt each side not the new x style so I must have the older style. The old bearing was a single row. Maybe you could put 2 single rows instead of the factory one. Why couldn't you buy a cast bearing flange and adapt it to work?
  7. I just put a new bearing on my fan shaft yesterday. Got it from bearing supply in town. 6005 number for bearing. Put it back together and it worked yesterday. Looked like it would be $95 from dealer got it for 20. See how long it lasts. Maybe save somebody some money.
  8. I was putting frontline on the dog had trouble with the package ended up all over me. Didn't get any ticks for quite a while. Stupid joke. Lyme disease goes well with coronavirus.
  9. You could put ih style tips on the bush hog. It keeps people from wanting to borrow stuff when they have to change tips. Just another option.
  10. Short stack gotta get in the barn. Noisey bugger.
  11. I always wanted a 88 series. Saw one at local consignment auction. First thing I looked for was sentry box it had it hooked up. Good enough for me. Got it bought. Kinda scary how much they cost. Hope it lasts a long time.
  12. Dad has a 183 with vibra shanks. Every body here said take 2 of the 5 off run 3 shanks. Helped a lot. Not really an option with Danish tines. So as usual I'm no help. Remember welding some iron to the top of the gauge wheel shanks so the didn't fall out if the clamp loosened up.
  13. Planting millet. 5288 just bought this spring. So far it's been good. Washing radiator for 2 hours made the AC work 10x better. Fine otherwise.
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