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  1. You could put ih style tips on the bush hog. It keeps people from wanting to borrow stuff when they have to change tips. Just another option.
  2. Short stack gotta get in the barn. Noisey bugger.
  3. I always wanted a 88 series. Saw one at local consignment auction. First thing I looked for was sentry box it had it hooked up. Good enough for me. Got it bought. Kinda scary how much they cost. Hope it lasts a long time.
  4. Dad has a 183 with vibra shanks. Every body here said take 2 of the 5 off run 3 shanks. Helped a lot. Not really an option with Danish tines. So as usual I'm no help. Remember welding some iron to the top of the gauge wheel shanks so the didn't fall out if the clamp loosened up.
  5. Planting millet. 5288 just bought this spring. So far it's been good. Washing radiator for 2 hours made the AC work 10x better. Fine otherwise.
  6. The smaller red one came in the back of a pickup I bought a month ago. The snow finally melted out and there it was. Would that be right for my 666? The big one has been in the shed ever since I moved here. The former owners had a pair of 5088. Figured that's what it's for. I can see ih in the red one can't read the number. Black one 1252111c1. Thanks
  7. I always wondered why they didn't do some thing similar to a 1400 1600 combine style linkage. Way fewer points to wear out. Case was similar on 94 series 2wd axles.
  8. I get jd hyd oil at 10.50 gal. 15-40 at 11.70 gallon. Bring a drum fill it up. I can't remember the name in Huron that makes tanks. I buy grader edges there. Used to be tank and culvert. True North steel seems right
  9. I'm guessing your a farmhand guy. Seems like around here you like one can't stand the other. I love my f 10. Retired neighbor has a nice f25 sitting around when he has a auction I'm going to bid till they say sold.
  10. Dad bought some hubs for his m that take 6 bolt implement wheels. 7.50 16 tires think the rim is too narrow they look pinched.
  11. We weigh live at elevator one block from meat locker. Pay 5 or 10 for a weigh ticket well spent money.
  12. Zach you took the words outta my mouth. Can't find help that's why I bought mine. My help is always hungover . I pay cash at end of the day and put a full cooler on the wagon. Accumulator and grapple is way more reliable.
  13. I have a farmhand 8 pack like that. Mine never worked quite that slick seems like the bunches kinda loose and you get about 7 bales with the loader on the wagon. Straw bales don't work as good tight alfalfa way better. Used a m with f10 narrow front now a 3010 with f10 live pto is nice
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