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  1. You'd think with the fan blowing forward it would suck any under the hood leaks away from the cab. I guess not.
  2. I should buy it then you could come over and play with it. Second thought other way around. Looked at it yesterday not too bad. I cant think what I would use it for but I still think it would be fun to have.
  3. When the relief valve goes off on a 560 LP it really gives you a scare. The tank over the engine gets hot.
  4. That's my 666 the grill was on it when I bought it about about 5 years ago. To bad I hit the feed wagon with the upper grill kinda broke the ih badge and broke some fiber glass. The paint flaking off the hood is from when it started on fire. I repainted the hood then it flaked off where it burnt the old paint off.
  5. Third from the right. With the luxurious hair holding my boy Ricky.
  6. Don't worry I missed it too.
  7. That first picture of the chevy powered B is my neighbors sons machine I watched it built over time. Drove it once. Kinda neat.
  8. Drove my 5288 in last evening. All 6 miles.
  9. J mech is right tdc 1 you do 124 intake 135 exhaust turn it once do the rest 356 intake 246 exhaust. Most 6 cylinders are like this. Except 6-71 detroit I still can't find the intake valves
  10. Get the cheap ones and put sone hard face weld beads on them. Surprsing how long that can last.
  11. Wine em dine em 69 em turns me on then I'll go cut some more. Do what you want.
  12. Clipping shoulders with rowse double mower. Ih 666 for power. And ih heads on mower of course.
  13. Saw this at local sunflower mill. Sitting in the yard had to get out before authorities were called.
  14. Now I wanna check my balancer. After market good or just get oem? Sometimes I wonder if they are one and the same.
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