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  1. When I ran the salvage yard we tried the taper lock. They didn't hold up. The upright broke at the snap ring. If you can get to the spindle before it is welded I use JB weld to fill in the worn spindle and arms splines
  2. Did you check the fuse in the fuse box
  3. Thank you I will check them out
  4. We have a 5140 that when shift the shuttle it slams into gear it don't coast to a stop and then take off like it should, The tractor has been like this since we bought it . Id like fix it so you don't have dig yourself out of the front window when you forget about it
  5. On the top under the valve cover in the middle
  6. The 8777 head was the all fuel head. The 6336 is the distillate head.
  7. We have a 886 in the shop painting it
  8. The short shaft PTO's are out of the 706, 756 & 826 tractors. Do your research before you post.
  9. On the picture above switch the 2 valves (15) around. We just bought a 5120 that wouldn't move and switched the modulation and dif lock valves around and it started moving again.
  10. I have always cut the hose and plugged the lower end going to the suction tube. All the hose dose is make the air captive in the system
  11. I have an aftermarket 3pt just down the road at Ainsworth. It came off of a 656 Hydro
  12. We had a 5250 that would kick out when shifted in to 3rd. The clutch pack seals were leaking. If you messed with it long enough it pull in 3rd. We put a flow meter on and had 1gpm flow out of the 3rd gear clutch pack
  13. Are the disconnect lights lighting in the dash? If not check the bulbs. The lights will tell you if it is the powershift or the suttle
  14. There are 2 different bull gears for the 560 . The teeth are different degrees. When IH rebuilt the early 560's the kits and later tractors were different angles
  15. With the pressure compensated hyd pump teeing into. the pressure port you will get standby pressure. The 3rd line is a sensing line that makes the pump go to high pressure. The MX maxxums have the same 3 line system. You need the power beyond valve to get the pump to onto high pressure
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