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  1. The c175 and c200 use the same pump so I'm willing to bet that's it. Mine was tophat shaped to, guess 48 years of water pressure will do that. Thanks Dunton, didn't expect an answer that fast.
  2. I've got a little 464 gas tractor that needed a new water pump. Ended up pulling the bolts that hold the coolant riser/ elbow to the head thinking it was part of the water pump. The thing was caked with oil and dirt. There's a rubber grommet that pops into a hole on the front of the riser and covers a hole on the backside of the water pump plate. I can't find that little grommet anywhere, not even a picture or part number. I'd like to find the gasket for the riser to the head to, same issue as the grommet can't find it. Someone on here has surely replaced the little ******* before and ha
  3. Makes sense since it has the hour glass symbol next to it but the buttons are dead so it's useless lol. So I found the problem after 2hrs of probing harness connectors. Bought the manual and started going through diag tests. No power at the c1 a2 instrument cluster connector. Look at the wiring schematic and find fuse 25/instrument cluster switched power feeds it. Pull the dash panel off and there's not even a fuse in that slot. Put a new 7.5 amp fuse in and everything works. Said a select few words for the guy that drives it since he pulled the blown fuse and threw it in the
  4. Somewhere I think, no telling where the guy that drives runs it left it. No oil light that I remember but I'll watch for it. I've pulled fuses and left the battery unhooked for a few hours.
  5. I see I see. Nothing is counting or moving when running. Hour meter won't count, clock won't tick, buttons do nothing, tach is stuck at 300 with key just in run and with tractor running. The gear indicator will show when it's in odd gears but when shifted to even gears it'll just show 1st. Tractor is shifting through all the gears though. The neutral and forward indicator lights aren't illuminating but the buzzer comes on when in forward and reverse to I think. It had code 27 for the f/n/r circuit but idk where to check. And diag mode isn't going into self test anymore when you sta
  6. If they're reputable that'll work. It's just hard to tell about all the websites listing manual in broken English. I'd rather have a book but a PDF on a tablet is so much easier out in the field. Another question, is there manual for the early and later years? I'm troubleshooting a digital dash in a later model 120, I've saw earlier models had the analog dash which would do me no good.
  7. Anyone have a PDF version they'd care to share? I'm finding them for 20-50 bucks online but their engrish isn't very good haha
  8. Sounds like a few things. First it needs a charge, second the fan speed switch. The fan switch supplies power to the thermostat switch when you turn the fan on. There's one wire coming off the fan switch to the thermostat, check to see that it has power through all the speeds.
  9. I need to add some snap gauges and a lathe to my collection. Used a set of transfer punches to figure the crank slot is around 25/64’s but I don't have anything to size the inside of the sleeve with. Ooh, the mystical timing pin. Care to pull your calipers out and take a few measurements for me?
  10. Does anyone have one of these? It's used to lock the crank at tdc for injection pump removal/repair. I've hit a dead end online and at multiple dealers looking for it. Is there a aftermarket tool that will work? I've about decided to just have one made if I can find dimensions. Oh yeah, even if a case dealer did track one down it's about $380...
  11. I got to thinking about this a few months ago to. It's not really all that complicated on how the sentry works. I think you could get a Audrino controller and set it up to control the trans. I'm not familiar enough with one to get it going at the moment but someone who is shouldn't have a problem.
  12. Our hx15's blades were rounded off and it just laid the thicker ragweed over. The ragweeds are real bad because the old man doesn't believe in spraying or burning pasture off. Sharpened all the blades to a knife edge and it cuts soooo much better. Sure they've rounded off some since but it's nothing a light touch up won't fix before I start again next year. It shouldn't take 30 min a blade the next go around either since I'm not working with a rounded off cutting edge.
  13. Not just a Michigan thing, we've got a M with cement weights down here in Oklahoma.
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