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  1. Driver1

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Great news Thank You Lord
  2. Driver1

    Dumb stuff that cost money

    They have to make sure that they have their butts covered so you can't sue so easily.
  3. Driver1

    Happy birthday, Keith Fink

    Happy birthday Have a pizza or an extra scoop of ice cream with that birthday cake after chores.
  4. Driver1

    Why can't I find a job?

    How does he blow his nose? How much noise does he make when he sneezes?
  5. Driver1

    Birthday Boys

    Happy birhtday hope you all had a great day.
  6. Driver1


    Happy birthday to everyone.
  7. Driver1

    Prayers for the outlaws

    Prayers sent form Wi.
  8. Driver1

    Cummins N-14 help

    Update, After i got my truck back i ran for a day and a half when i broke down again.going through town looked in the mirror and could not see the end of the trailer because of all the oil smoke.I finally got to a small right turn lane to pull over and check it out. Just what i feared the turbo failed..I checked with both of my mechanics about driving it the 3 miles to the truck shop, they said to make sure there was enough oil in it and to keep it in gear in case it would run wild.I made it about a mile when i hit a hill the turbo sound changed and i lost power had to grab gears as fast as i could almost made the top of the hill found a paved shoulder pulled over and turned the key off,call the shop to send a wrecker. I sent my wife to the shop that did the oil pump to get a new turbo, she was sent with a new air filter also and with instructions to be sure to clean and check all the air tubes and the charge air cooler for leaks oil and metal pieces. . they found the charge air cooler leaking. So the next morning i went to another one of there locations to get a new cooler. they got started aboit 8:30 and got the truck done at noon. I runs great now.
  9. Driver1

    Happy Birthday NYBillO

    Happy birthday Billand no milkingnow.
  10. Driver1

    today's birthdays

    Happy birthday to all.
  11. Driver1

    recent dairy observations

    I heard that they suspect it was infected from an employee with TB.
  12. Driver1

    1066 #6 cylinder miss

    It'stime to start with fuel addditives, I had an injector stick in my N-14 cummins a few weeks ago . My mechanic told me to add 4 quarts of automatic transmission oil to every fill up of fuel about 200 gallons. I also using Howes fuel conditioner or the oil depending what i have on hand.
  13. Driver1

    Cummins N-14 help

    They got my truck in this afternoon ,drianed oid & dropped pan all ok, pulled the oil pump off gear just spins on drive shaft, pulled a rod bearing cap bearings look good , new pump coming in the morning. I should be running by late afternoon.
  14. Driver1

    My final harvest

    Congratulations Jerry enjoy your retirement.