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  1. We are wondering where the bestplace to get these two kits is? Any place to avoid? What's your thoughts.
  2. For sale items are not permitted on this site , you need to put your ad in Red Power Magazine.
  3. We found the problem. Number 1 &4 injestors were missing intermittenly.
  4. 1998 IH 9400, n-14 celect+ misses intermittenly on accereration. Since the first of October when this problem started , we killed the algea in the fuel system and ran several tanks of fuel to clean it out, we had the overhead ran,replaced the plugs to theECM,replaced the ECM,thought it might be sucking air ,replaced all the fuel lines ftom tanks to pump, When you do a injector cut out test you can't pick out a bad injector,no check engine light no codes on ECM.. I got it in a different shop now, they are stumped, Any body got any suggestions.Thanks John PS the ECMcooler plate is bypassed.
  5. Salem Tractor parts has Serial # U010699 picture show it intact Ph #877-530--4010
  6. Check Madison and Lacrosse craigs list, Madison one has motor torn down, Lacrosse looks pretty good.
  7. Wow ,That's quite big job. good luck and please keep us up to date on your progress.
  8. Are you planning on bring it to RPRU in Des Moines?
  9. That wagon looks great , you should see about taking it to RPRU in Alabama for a people hauler.
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