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  1. Sorry for your loss,but you will always have the memories.Good move resucing another .
  2. Happy birthdayto you and IHC5488, have a great day.
  3. Happy birthday.to everyone.
  4. I forgot who is looking ,but an 826 was put on Madison,Wi craigs list this morning. It is not a tractor i have a conection with.
  5. Happy birthday everyone hope you have a great day.
  6. I was told by my tire dealer that truck tire are getting hard to find , No tires coming fron China and high demand from OEM manufactorers. I.m thinking about geting another set of steer tires to put in storage . i just put nem streer tire on a mounth ago.
  7. Hope you guys have a great day and many more birthdays to come.
  8. Happy birthday to everyone celebrating today.
  9. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
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