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  1. Happy birthday hope it was a great day.
  2. Sounds like reason to get tractor with loader or skid steer.
  3. Tractors, Rusty, focus on tractors
  4. He was thinking that it a one of a kind tractor. He wants to sell it bur dosn't know what it worth.
  5. Talked to a guy at the Hillsboro,Wi trator pull yesterdaywho has one , it came from Arizona, he sayes its a cotton Harveste tractor..
  6. Hope you both have a great day.
  7. Hope you have a great day.
  8. That's great news. Thank the Lord for answering prayers. We will continue praying for a complete recovery and that you don't have the same problem, and for skilled Doctors and nurses.
  9. Driver1

    Favourite Job

    Plowing and chopping corn with the M.
  10. Driver1

    I'm back!

    Wecome back.!!!!
  11. Driver1


    Pickled watermelon rind is one off my favorite memories of growing up, there great. My wife made some for me a couple of years ago.
  12. Todd , prayers sent from Wi. for Eric and family for successfull surgery and recovery. I'm sure yoy willkeep us posted. John
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