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  1. I have a 704 741 feederhouse with JD 443 and a 737 husking bed. Ran across this other setup and thought I might up date. A swing elevator would be nice but I think you have to get in the 880 series IDK. What does this guy have for a setup?? Thanks Keith

  2. You must also look at a few other thing, the economy sucked in the early 80's and im sure as im sitting here that IH's money problems started long before the crash of the 80's. So were they limited on R&D during this time and also limited on what they turned out product wise???it always seem to me that IH was the Dodge of the tractor world, all ya hear is about the problems, ever think maybe its because there are more of them out there than the other brands and that is why you hear about the problem. not cause they are junk but cause there are just more out working we run some of all colors and they all break. but ask a die hard JD guy about his stuff and he will tell ya they are great, just never said a word about it sitting in the shop for 3 weeks with the transmission out
  3. i just saw on tractorhouse that 664 is in colfax ia for sale with mfwd at colfax tractor parts
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