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  1. three different widths for westendorf 20 series, 40 series and 70 series. i think each is 6 inches wider.
  2. I have a 704 741 feederhouse with JD 443 and a 737 husking bed. Ran across this other setup and thought I might up date. A swing elevator would be nice but I think you have to get in the 880 series IDK. What does this guy have for a setup?? Thanks Keith

  3. I think I have the wl-42 mounts you are looking for. Give me a call at 402 651 1848

  4. They had to pick them up by a certain day didn't they? I would be interested if they would like to sell one. Thanks Keith

  5. Kieth both sets sold on the Purple Wave auction, I think they brought around $200 each. Both sets are still there though, the new owners have not picked them up.

  6. Did you sell both of your WL-42 loader brackets? At that time I was trying to figure out what loaders I was going to sell and what loaders I was going to keep. Now I need a set to fit an IH. Thanks Keith

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